Expression of Emotions For Good Or Bad

People who wear their heart on their sleeve express their emotions, for good or bad, freely and openly, for all to see.

In this post Susa Lewis relates to these scenarios both as a mother, a community developer and byshear vertu that some of the OCD tendencies are hoarding emotions.. and the side effects there of Susan relates to these through her own Autism Spectrum tinted eyes. Behaviour management works when learned well and is recognised before a downward spiral is jumped into.

Come with Susan Lewis as she takes people through a few things that have helped in opening Susan up so that while building an online business the invisible disabilities have become easier to keep control over.

Visually people do not know that Susan is on the Autism Spectrum. Professionally Susan has been in situations where she was taught the appropriate reactions.  Nurses tend to learn well how to cope with these things in one way.  Shop assistants in another way.  Taxi drivers working all hours have different approaches as well.  As a leader of youth there are other ways.  Online though was a totally different field.

They do not hold back their emotions, for good or bad. They let things get to them easily. There is a possibility of not knowing how to let go of negative feelings and unhappiness.

Therefore, once they fall in love there is an opening for ridicule. People tease them. Make unreasonable demand. The heart brakes. Difficulty hiding the wounds close to the chest, and in privacy, occurs. A bit like a card player not wanting to show their hand yet unable too. Therefore, ‘giving up the game’ and exposing his own bluff.

In life, there are lessons to learn. One is to “keep your cards close to your chest”, which figuratively means not displaying emotions or what the objectives are. And most importantly to make a conscious decision that keeps your harmonic balance. Look for a person whose values and belief system is as close to yours as possible. This allows the Law of Attraction to be a constant.

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Your emotions for good or bad depend on you!

Emotions For Good Or Bad

Through learning these lessons that inner child begins to be protected. In actual fact that innocence becomes locked away, behind mental barriers erected to protect oneself from learned pain triggers.

Things that enhance the chemical release towards pleasure are ‘dumbed down’. Or protectively avoided. The heart either hardens, complete with steel walls or is never on display.

There is a part of the right frontal hemisphere in the brain [ aka the Third Eye or the God Center] that radiates when these pleasure chemical abound. Heightened awareness is compounded. Smiles are found all round.

Dampen down these experiences and the depression center enlarges with a different chemical release.

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Utilize the emotions for good or other. Use them to build your way through to a new life.

Potentially leading to your inner child being a ‘trapped, ignored, over protected, depressed, inner child” within the mind.

My own life experience also had a form of Autistic Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome triggered from a truck hitting my vehicle. Now I had a trapped inner child in a mind who did not even know who it was , let alone recognizing there was someone else in there. Give yourself permission to truly get to know your “self’ and to actually fall in love with that self.

How does one function in the real would with an open heart and a hidden inner child that no longer wanted to stay hidden and escaped

So many things lead me to seeking a link that eventually I chose to help me reestablish what was an annoying void.

Yes, there was confusion, pain, laughter, tears, frustrations that lead into new mindsets, goals, dream formations. And finally, the ‘me’ who I was, along with the ‘me’ that I was, have joined together as a work in progress allowing the ‘Me’ I am today to be present and accounted for……..

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Emotions for good or other are personal developments.


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