Elite is the pivotal point in SFM

The satisfaction of knowing that to position as a member at Elite is the pivotal point in SFM has always been any SFM’ers to choose to do.

With the purchase of Elite, or Elite Plus (if purchased within a certain time frame) the Elite Membership is the key towards other things. Firstly the Elite membership allows access into the Digital Experts Academy. There are two extras with access to DEA.

Remember in order to access the extra payouts the Elite Membership level is a necessary. So to is the continued Elite membership ‘active’ status a requirement. On the flip side once you have attained any one, or all of these DEA levels, you are a life time member with the one time payment.

Why choosing to be Elite is the pivotal point in SFM

A persons choice  is based on their understanding as to why Elite is the pivotal point in SFM.

se0000008 Elite is the pivotal point in SFM
Is there really a choice to be made?

Even if the choice is to remain at the Essential Membership level you still have access to the lifetime DEA level trainings you purchased. Keeping the back office in the ‘know’ there maybe the option to have extended time frame payment measures. Simply ask. Or it becomes your choice is to forgo the extra payouts until the repayment of the Elite payment. Remembering this system is a two tier system. Further understanding of why Elite is the pivotal point in SFM follows.

The danger here is anyone you have within your team who upgrades, comes in at a Elite Membership Level, and your not a current Elite Member,  the payouts are now halved for the Elite membership. The fact that being an Elite is the pivotal point in SFM is explained within the sales contract, as well as each time you enter into the Resellers area looking for information on what each level has to offer.

Where as at the DEA level the minimum requirement of being an Elite member it is ‘dreamed’ that you have chosen not to receive the DEA payout. Simply you played at a higher level leaving money in the table.

Still Elite is the pivotal point in SFM

The life time membership of DEA is a terrific thing as there is an acknowledgment that life’s little hickups may happen while each member actions their bucket list. The acknowledgement comes in the form of the Elite membership is for twelve months. From each time of payment.

SFM aims to gives you the tools. at the level for which you have chosen to purchase. From which you then choose what to do with these tools. Where some people prefer to keep their tools shiny, lean clean and unsoiled, other’s will get them dirty, learn how to use them, loose a few, find a few. Learning every day in every way possible. Others in the school yard have hissy fits and blame everyone else.    We’ve all come across these tendencies within people.  Our choice is who we want in our own circle of influence. Hence the  SFM Community is 24/7/365 days of the year.

keys-e1484388874867 Elite is the pivotal point in SFM
Work the keys to open the lock. The walk through the opening of he door.

Collecting like minded people as you move through life happens.  Some leave going to other schools.  While other people may choose to go to the other school for extra training, get the training and remain loyal to both. But they choose to focus on building one using the skills learned from both life and anywhere else.

So much is the relief finally finding the keys for living a full life of freedoms being “Autistic, Online and Loving It’ sharing this point is made easier.

>> The key ingredient is through here !  <<

Summing up Elite is the pivotal point in SFM

SMer’s have experienced much to get to where they are currently.  They know that success comes in at many levels.  Driven by both the persons actions and the determination to change their circumstances  paving the way for more change. All this is balanced on the amount of personal growth .the action taken as well as the foundations laid.

Elite Membership is the pivotal point in the  SFM payout system for the both the SFM reflect where you have chosen to have  placed yourself within for the DEA experiences such as openings, further education, training, upskilling and, would you believe it responsabilies

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