Training, education, knowledge, and skills place are 4 keys to the  community behind all the connectivity actions with the Digital Business Lounge users[DBL] , the Digital Experts Academy [DEA]  and the Six Figure Mentors [SFM].


To be told to “Create something extraordinary with the 6 Figure Mentors 90 day challenge is the same as “God” saying “Go forth and Multiply”.  Yet when I think about how the combination of the  the diversity of people now within the DBL, DEA and the SFM  just boggles the mind as to what may be coming forward within these 90 days [ till the 29th December 2014]

Rational is in the meanings of the words.  Check the words out for yourself.
Create: A verb: Develop in mind or physically
Something: Noun and pronoun: an unspecified thing.
Extraordinary: Adjective: Strange and wonderful

Now here is an open question : does this video [when I find it that is] fit the meaning of the instructions?

In the beginning the social value and self-worth come from with you. They are part of you. Your own acceptance that you have skills, knowledge and maybe part of the answers from which others can learn from. It is at this point the methods that you then utilize and create a ” push / pull’ effect, driving the traffic towards what you are saying the increase in the self worth and social value is exponential. Now to harness theses and other factors is your choice. It involves setting the basics enabling you to appear to make effortless decisions on the run, to appear that you know what you are doing – flawlessly.

The choice is simple…

A) do what I did and that was alone and by myself. Never getting the understanding to receive all the answer. Always having to spend hours just doing one thing [ research what was meant]

B) join with me as part of an online holacrastic [flatline] management team where we all gain what we set out to do through the support of helping each other. After all the community that is behind these names is creating something extraordinary.  People who have previously misunderstood the whole vision  for a myriad of reasons can now purchase part of this wonderful opportunity.  I am telling you this as many larger business have not past the invitation scrutiny the back office places on the applicants invited.