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Contradicts The Values –   You In The Workforce Contradicts The Values Of Society Because You Are Autistic Or Have A  Head injury. 

In this post Susan shows you how going out there, into the workforce, at times so strongly personally contradicts the values  of many of societies levels.  Because you are on the Autism Spectrum, or have traits that bounce out due to head injuries, does this mean when you independently look after yourself, lead an amazing life full of progression, achieving personal goals and toppling other achievements, you, as a person, have effectively become a non-person in the care system?

Look around.  Think again.  What are the options in order for you to be as supportive as you can be, learn more and give back to society. Tending to the family does take up ‘ working hours’ time so finding a place online where updating  the different online skills,  retraining in integrative levels is a huge testament to the fact that with the right level of access plus enough creative upskilling, hard work, persistence and practice, we all  can accomplish anything we put our minds to. Especially when the option to work together is there.

So get ready for that intensive ground work to start as you both read and link through to this posts and find what is found at different levels to experience.

Susan utilizes different aspects of the Autism Spectrum traits, and happenings within her own life, to put forward some points to consider. We all have these and yours will be different as we all are unique individuals

To dream contradicts the values

Lifting_This_lid-353x400 contradicts the valuesThe determination to flourish and bring forward your dream  needs a total commitment of support towards its communities. Communities in turn support families in their determination to flourish and grow.  And family participants support both the families and the communities, as well as businesses.

At the heart of these communities are the families.

Support the families supporting their loved ones and the families benefit and grow.  Unseen family extensions reach far into the community touching and influencing many.

Families that have inner personal growth have a healing presence. Other is the community take note. Relicate. Gradually the communities themselves replenish and regenerate those aspects of life close to their people.

A take over bid contradicts the values of whom?

Hurt_People_hurt_too contradicts the values
Know that you are loveable!

In the past the politicians would send their citizens to another country to colonize it. Which simply meant someones take over bid ptsdisnotabout-400x400 contradicts the valuescontracts the values of another group of people

The purpose of colonization was to conquer the colonized country. The real truth of the wars probably only a few knew. Knowing that people would follow those leaders of leaders. Effectively  it was when to have a ‘job’ meant security for their ‘kith and kin’.

Go forth and multiply contradicts the values

Given carte blanche power that contradicts the values of the people, brings forth a quiet ,active resistance. People who have both, or either Autism, and head injury members have found the support systems gradually reducing. To the point where they are proactive in reestablishing any existing family values.

The benefits of which to ensure family organisational survival of what is seen as the weakest link.  Most anything else simply throws a spanner in the survival and contradicts values .  These families are extremely disappointed and alarmed enough to actively ‘passively’ resist the headstrong charges of being different.

To have that vision contradicts the values of whom

Start building your vision strategy. You simply need a starting point. Look for, and access, people who think outside the box. Once here work out how you alone will be a smarter sharer of the things needed on the internet.

Selfprisionisescapable-320x400 contradicts the values
Self-Prison is escapable.

Seems to unravel a bit that point. Defiantly means repetition and tick the boxes solutions. Day in and day out.

The big companies everywhere are designing things to keep their share holders happy. One thing was to look overseas and literally pay rock bottom prices enabling the third world countries hand to mouth wages.

Meanwhile the populations within their own backyard was finding strife. Communities Health care has been reflective within the local communities of these situations. Families dealing day to day with people on the Autism Spectrum have begun to create a family business utilizing skills within the immediate family basis.

These are some of the reasons why families commit to support their family members and independently do something about it.   Support needs to be given.  Ongoing, every day of the year accessible support  day and night.

To take action contradicts the values

Let’s look at a definition of Autism that contradicts the values of thinkers within the accepted box.

Families that look after their own members were doing this “take action series of steps while operating under the radar”.  Not to long ago that meant not getting noticed, or when someone is in this “what the heck do we do now” situation, they stayed there where very little or no attention is drawn to them.

Not so now.  The internet has morphed these ‘situations’ because they are independant, survivable against all odd and for the most part changing the views of society.  Once hidden , struggling alone these families now have a connection and a similar vision for the care of the Autistic Spectrum person.  Online support systems that deal with family values; not organisation values, have become far more freer with family management information.

Regular Meetups, online and in physical,  are created, advertised, attended and recriciated. Paid for privately or as a matter of a business expense. Not coming under an outside of the family  ‘authority funding’ there are no issues or restrictions.

And the beauty of this methods is simply its all done with family, friends and others within the circle of influence.

As always all opinions and enthusiasm are 100% ours. So when you have the need for a video series for you to discover how you can live a life with joy which involves a simple Digital Business system that community  minded people  [ and businesses] are using to move towards a life of freedom gain instant access by a push of the mobile phone below.

tapforresources-400x201 contradicts the values
Push on the mobile phone for more information

Fill in the details and accept the emails coming your way.

Thinking outside of the box often contradicts some person  personal values because you have some explorators traits in amongst your Autistic Spectrum traits, or have had a  head injury trauma that has started to recede, then you are  making the choice to take back your ‘ticket to your own life’.

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