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Community-based family business face significant impacts from everyday challenges to including ‘like minded family’ into their vision.

Community-based family business face significant impacts should the members work together, know when to run with the gut feelings, how to strategically plan, develop from everyday challenges and include other members of a ‘like minded family’ into their vision.

In this post Susan Lewis steps forward to share what is happening in within her ownfamily as a community based family business begins to get under way moving forward.

Utilize those Community-based family business.members skills.

Seek out various family members with the tendency to be managers, coaches, and head persons  acting together in the community-based family business arena. What ever and whenever someone steps away with a challenge in the attitude happening the business now had a fallback personal plan in action utilizing these peoples talents.

Families are no different to business, school, or even government. Except that there are times where they are able to tap into the hierarchy ties really easily. Usually a blessing.

However, technology today is not what it was yesterday. And definitely is not what it will be tomorrow. How many times has the technological challenge answer been “give it to a younger person.” And you now that when you ask them to show you the “how did you do..” there is that look that follows!

Facilitation helps people to a) come up with a concept. Then they shape the parts of the concept firstly into a vision and secondly into an action plan.

What’s the vision for a Community based family business

The vision now exists for this community family based business. Once a common ‘goal’ the thing itself has expanded rapidly. Now being of such a magnitude that that goal has exploded into lots of smaller objectives. Each objective has multiple facets and within those more actions.
I’ve seen this happen repeatedly as a community developer. Through brainstorming people began to have these brilliant ideas. The trick being to remind people that at this point all that is happening is brainstorming.

Example of a brainstorm was everyone wrote one idea down that fitted in with the reason the gathering was called.
In this case it would be… “help financially support a member of the extended family” This could be for sports or camp activities, medical or health related, or even educational, possibly ongoing work related.

In my family our now eighty-two-year-old mother is still active. Having been teacher and still is a registered nurse she has raised a family of seven children who all fall into the “Youre son / daughter is on the Autism Spectrum category”. No surprises there… except there was a name to the family traits now.

But mum wanted to be employable and employed.  A few years ago there were the markets and festivals to look forward too.  However a health issue chose to make it’s appearance

Reasons why to have a Community based family business

Outside new vague ‘businesses’ took away many of the community based family business identity factors.  The young were showen by the old as the elderly were cared for and past down the traditions.

First there was the fact of ‘”Mum the insurance agencies will not get employers employ you.” Second ” Business want to have underlings who want to do what they are programmed to do!” Third… “Mum how are you going to get there?”

One thing mothers do is continually show their daughters they are in change of their own destiny!

Is you mother actually in control of the Community based family business

Now my mother is after school tutoring a third child who just happens to be suspected of being on the Autism spectrum.

I get to catch up with ‘the adopted family’. The mother of which is a terrific friend [ like a sister but better!]. There is always something happening that draws us further together as business partners.

Slowly an online agency is taking shape. The tools are all online. Time, space and even varying calendar commitments agendas are accommodated all via online tools. For instance in November there is a huge rally as well as four days intensive training and a 2018 Momentum Day to attend.

Who to include in this Community based family business

Again within this agency process peoples individual fields are being sort. feelers are there amongst talented individuals we all know.

In this case a hobbyist  photographer, and someone not scared of talking in front of a camera.  The family ‘camera boffin’.  Plus someone who is terrific at graphics online.

Next another groups of people .. people who love investigations.  Family members with a touch of OCD who leave no stone unturned to get to the best market words, buys, offers, ortools to do the correct poart of the job.

Some are technos [with have coding knowledge], a computer whizz and others love to write.

And of course people who love to cook!  Well someone’s got to feed the creative people of this family when we all get together.

Challenge your own perceptions with a Community based family business

Sounds interesting to you? Come with us as we go through the process of joyfully creating our own ‘community based family business.’ Look for the resources shared made available to you in an email form.
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