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In this series of blog posts Susan Lewis challenges you to work out how, and then keep the communication open, honest, helpful and to the point?  The method Susan Lewis uses involves a part of her journey.  One that incorporates both her experiences as a person on, and, with what people refer to as falling into neurobiology trauma and of course living a life on the Autism Spectrum

Neither of these ‘classifications’ define who, or what, Susan is. Except they do make it easier for a common ground to be explored, rendered helpful to others in the same boat, their loved ones, or the carers and officials within people’s lives. Also the general community at large.

Below is an analogy to a personality type.  A used car salesman form of communication. How some communication methods are used to divert [ avoid / cover up] from certain truths. The fact is that seeing this behaviour pattern its always up to you to recognize and act accordingly with grace, poise and pazazz and move forward.

Why have communication open, honest, helpful and to the point

How often has the suggestion to keep communication open, honest, helpful and to  the point been overlooked and warning bells ring as a salesman personality greated on the nerves? Making the information receiver choose to want to ferret deeper.  Essentially to weed out that miniscule piece of information just so you have that Haahahha moment. And hours, upon hours of research have totally made distractions a choice.  Then the early bird window closes and you end up paying more?

what_if_you_fly_my_darling communication open, honest, helpful and to the point
Dream Big. Aim High. Fly Higher Than Ever Thought Before.

When you keep reading through the links incorporated many more rabbit holes to explore become open.  And like all the people on the Autism Spectrum Susan knows that when those loopholes appear to the person on the Autism Spectrum seeing these a) you are now ready to receive the information so b) to receive the information  go investigate.  And the age of the post does not matter because there is something there that your inner self has determined it knows is valuable for you to find. That your mind will grab hold of it, retain and digest this information, probably mislay it when filing and when ready out will come this connective piece to an invisible jigsaw piece.

Build on communication open, honest, helpful and to the point

What Susan has is eight generations of known people on the Autism Spectrum behind her family tree, a wide thirty year plus in various community groups, experienced and professional peoples and mentors to fall back on.

Amazingly when this happens so many things begin to fall into place. Mini distress signals, those meltdown moments, opps another overwhelm of the freeze feeling appear on the seens as just another day in “intellectual paradise’.  Yes all these have been written about from Susans unique and individual perspective.  Note please that Susan is not a professional but has become a different person as she made the choice to face one fear. Take it on, Won over it.  Then another and another. Susan became very well practiced at facing these fears. The award she has is knowing you are reading one of her posts, that you can read it and are enjoying the read.

ptsdisnotabout communication open, honest, helpful and to the point.

Learn to be “communication open, honest, helpful and to the point” 

With communication open, honest, helpful and to the point  it starts early in life there are building blocks forward for behaviour management replication to occur.  Especially in larger family and community environments give a hook for attitudes and tolerances to be learned and opened up too.

As the parents were professionals there was information that was cinfidentail between parents spoken about As a child Susan did not know the difference between a secret and confidentiality. Thus Susan Learned to not tell. Which had definite influence when future incidents happened.

 A bit about where Susan’s journey has come from.

Which includes activating a pain heightening receptors from an extremely early age. Then adding a medical challenge while in the operating table at six years, right through to a truck impacting at thirty-one years old. Memories lost. Resulting in the need to relearn to learn. Which ultimately lead to opening a private community invitation. Communication challenges tackled one after the other.  Now there is the overcoming of the  brain freeze lopp to deal with. aka selective mutism where the bodies perceived threat mechanism of an oversupplied natural Opiate hormone rushes in, freezes everything, traps the mind, and refuses to micromanaging-is communication open, honest, helpful and to the point


Guess what once Susan realised what was happening the Universal laws were demanded to take action. Sure, be creative. The perception of the original threat is less a priority than getting in top of the internal threat of over action.  In short what would you rather gain…. a small amount of freeze time or the loss of a future option that brings forward possible change? Susans personal choice is “Bring on the change.” Change is less scary when your body, mind and spirit is in a natural balance.

Mark Twain once was quoted as saying” Courage is resistance to fear, Mastery of fear, not absence of fear!”

Action: Start with communication open, honest, helpful and to the point

Make a decision. Commit to the outcome. Take the risk. Act on that decision  At this moment in time things change. Instantly know that right now, For Ever Always Right has just become the motto. Your actions, no matter what they are, are known as been right for the moment.

SusanLewisandLogo communication open, honest, helpful and to the pointPut that varsity inquisitive mind to work behind the scenes as you open up the video resources in the series. Choose to progress through the modules towards the discovery of “self” as that dream is finally unwrapped. These three things are what has just started  to open a digital future up for each and everyone of us who get through.  Moving forward into the future by seeing our own calling singing through. Developing and breathing the vitality if taking on a life of it’s own supported with a community of like minded people




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