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Choice Becomes So Natural An Action – Isolated By Choice Becomes So Natural An Action Behavior Systems Are Created With Consequences Accepted As Patterns Of People’s Life.

To chose to be isolated by choice becomes so natural an action that major systems and behavior patterns are created. People, families and communities reap the consequences of what has become accepted community behavior patterns. Associated are other the formation of individual peoples perspectives on life in general.

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Susan Lewis

On the basis that people are pack animals with entrenched behavior and customs Susan Lewis takes you through a scenario that had a major impact on her own life. Thankfully, using this situation as a pinnacle point of change recognition, many lessons learned. There was one solution that jet propelled her through into where she is currently. That pointer is one shared towards the bottom of this post.

Why wait until choice becomes so natural an action?

Knowing when to accommodate the specific enterprise until the choice becomes so natural an action that it is not a choice at all….Without going into lots of fiddly details choices are made. Even inaction is a choice. So too is avoiding the issues and other procrastination methods.

As a member of the SFM community there was an application process. Through that application process the invisible fluid like pieces of information began to take shape. There was so much value seen and experiences in so short a time the choice to invest in herself was always there. Investing in myself to find myself, and continue with a digital education, was such a natural choice things just started to move forward.

Understandably there is a greater value and commitment to providing the best possible education to the members like Susan and everyone here that has kept people here. Plus the 6,000 plus Lynda courses.

These are some of those not so fiddly reasons why people make the choice to become lifetime members at the higher levels.

Choice becomes so natural an action it’s involuntary.

There is a trait in people’s characteristics that has extremes that are introverts and extroverts the choice becomes so natural. An action that once again somewhere in the middle people are still finding that they have tendencies at one end and some at the other. With a whole lot in the rest of the areas between. Take an introvert who has developed a perceived inner strength. That inner strength grows in depth. Then one day something happens and they become the focus of something. Again there is a desire to be that person at all times. Slowly this inner shy person gets hidden away.

There is a reverse of this also. A person who has become strong because there was nowhere else to go. Caring for people over and over again makes a person appear to be strong. Something happens. The world is turned upside down and spins out of control.

While the pieces are sorted out and put back together that person may appear shy and retiring. Alternatively angry and gruff. In extremes the coping mechanisms are either quietly or loudly in your face headstrong. AKA passive or aggressive behavior bringing out many of the autism spectrum traits.

During both these descriptions there is a non-connection between the head [logical thinking] and the heart [ spiritual thinking] otherwise known as Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome.

Combine this with a streak of independence. Read stubborn streak- it’s a closer description of the truth.

Now choice becomes so natural an action.

To reach a point in life where that person realizes that no matter when they are, they are always going around in circles. Knowing what they really want to do is help people. So that they never have to go through what they went through in the entry to the digital world.

For Susan this started in the late 1990’s as the only internet access was through the local library connected to an educational facility.

Put it this way coding was considered not for females. Therefore, what was learned had to be deciphered then translated so it had meaning.

Coming into this community was a huge relief though. Especially as Susan connected to one of the ladies at the support desk [ who happened to code herself]

Through various friendships developed Susan began to reach out. Eventually learning how to ask questions. While others met her half way guiding Susan even further.

Several things have happened in the last month prior to writing this post. The first was asking for help with the Autoresponder. What a mess. The second was the inability to catch up with people she knew.

The third was asking a lady at the Customer Loyalty Team. This lady connected Susan with another lady. An interview to find out what was wanted occurred. Although the lady had not done before what Susan was wanting she wanted to find out how to do this. Which was done according to Susan’s end result guidelines. A terrific job was done.

Results as choice becomes so natural an action.

Neither of them knew there was a couple of steps left out. But more on this later.

The lady had gone away for the weekend. But the end perceived result was achieved.

In Between all this a friend came back and said they would help. Agreeing to this and reaching the lady were two different things though.

Arrh What a mix up was happening. But by this stage Susan was accepting that what she needed and what she wanted were two different things.

What she needed was to get things sorted, to focus and streamline everything she was doing in order to get the cookies flowing by and to do the work required.

The second person knew this. Probably tearing their hair out at Susan’s ‘I want this working 100% attitude’ [also called procrastination]

Its widely known in the affiliate marketing circle “do the work and let the system work for you”.

To make a choice becomes so natural an action.

Over the last few days Susan’s acceptance of what she wants to do and what she needs to do are two different things. Primarily back to front.

That comes of not realizing that you are constantly giving. Not receiving. Not receiving is rude. Rude to both the other people within your life and to what people widely acknowledged as the the Universal Laws and Principles.

It took someone else to reach out, offer help, then cut to the chase and firmly show Susan this. No comment is being made as to why Susan went in thinking to leave a note nearly four hours before an appointment to fix this beforehand. Only to realise things had already changed and no note re save the template positioning was able to be left. The next day to return only to promptly brake something while checking to see if it was true.

Ho Hum. That’s life. Full of change. Susan learned to either continue to fight it or accept it.

Noted when a choice becomes so natural an action

Back to that comment about the giver being the receiver for once. Someone said that to someone else, who passed it on to Susan who agreed with them. Now months later Susan had to work through a loss while accepting that someone’s giving when they knew better what she needed.

When you ask for help let go and accept that help. Let it come in abundance. Add the extra on top, all around and all through.

The strength of a person is in the receiving. Being able to receive and be in a place to demonstrate receiving generously to others.

As you have read Susan had found a group of like minded individuals who have helped and mentored her as she worked her way through the levels, the education, training and challenges.

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What is it about Susan Lewis?Susan’s mission in life is that Autism As A Gift is to be believed past the level of general acceptance. Families in business  wrap around these aspects.  Support the extended family and an intergenerational extended  community within a community is born.

Keeping in mind that a vision is a dream with a date on, high energy release and a load of emotions like  to be ‘joyful’ to be experienced.

Aim not at the surface, but with the knowing that actions hits is all the way through.   In fact you have arrived at the star, landed, the job completed.

In short : Susan Lewis  enjoys helping you create and develop your online community.

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