Everything has its time and place.  As life progresses on so ro do the changes.

Continuinity with changes  in real life also make aware people realise there iare constant changes happening in virtual life. There has to be or nothing could create a frustrated Artifical Intellengce mind so much as standing in a stagnant stukkness.

Keeping up with the times us DigitalBloggers. The old version has been placed aside and the new version is here to stay.

DigitalBloggers is just one lace where members of the SFM community may choose to write.  Primarly access opens from the Student mebership level right through to the Black Membership  level.


The front page of which reads


A Modern, Simplified Blogging Platform that includes Done-For-Your Sales Resources 

Be Orginial, Be real, Be Inspired – Let YOUR Voice Shine Out”



The old version has given way to the new version.  I for one am really happy as well


The Official Blog of Susan contact details on Digital Blogger’s


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