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Having the ability to tune into the wi-fi the change the mindset belief  has altered the “What you see is what you look for.” Finally replaced “what you saw is what you looked for” attitude.  Or has it? Deep down are the central layers very few people get to actually ‘experience and touch’  This core beliefs of who you are and where you are going. Ouch because for a minority is there an actual alteration within the visual hyperlinking of the past.

To be graphical about this Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel.  We see beautiful pictures where in the depths of depression what did the artist see.  Like anyone  who has worked through the depression stages  things he knew he used.  Therefore pigments were added to egg yolk. and the mix added to the plaster roof.  Beauty was brought up from deep within.

Change the mindset to belief

In today’s world the structure of the tools we have when the change of mindset belief starts happening are different.  But the effect is the same.  In this post the connection between the why and the result of changing the situation is checked out.

Every_morning_now_we_are_born_again-400x300 Change the mindset to beliefThere are so many social media challenges in both response to the technology changes as well as causing a pull for those same technological changes. This has something to do with the Reticulated Activating System [ RAS] acts as a filter to your brain. It causes you to notice what you want to see. That is what you ‘teach it to see.’  Basically the vision of who you are is important.  What comes after the world “I am” is what is seen by inner self.  When I say I am Autistic people think “Oh poor you” and run for the hills.  That is their perception.

With reference to the “What you see is what you look for” belief versus the ” what you saw is what you looked for”

My belief is that Autism As A Gift is what is known to be.  Yes both sides are known.  Michelangelo suffered severe depression it is said.  The fact that he took the tools he had and painted his frustrations, anger and depths of despair out of himself and turned that into a beauty from within.  In this everyone won.

In a business sense that is knowing your visualizing. This is very trait of  Autism known as a gift!

Change the mindset to belief

Let’s break this change the mindset to a belief down a little more and see where it takes us.

Say a family member is on the Autism Spectrum. Currently safely within the Government’s funding scheme. Several changes may, or maynot affect the supportive benefit allocated to that person.  Also consider that with a new government their usually are new thoughts on funding.

Australia seems t be heading down the line of America.  Some may think this is terrific.  Others want to know more.

Patricia-from-PopCorn4U Change the mindset to belief

Take my mother.  At eighty two one puff of wind and she’ll blow away.  She really wants something to do.  Qualified as both a Registered Nurse and a Teacher she wants a ‘job’.  In her head she knows she can do things.  Also is aware that after an pacemaker operation and a few mishaps maybe she needs a sleep as well.  Needless to say an employer will show her the door.  Their insurance covers will make it impossible to hire her.

Before the pacemaker episode when a relative of mine visited markets  I helped out in the popcorn stall.  Mum made the scarves, suggested the color scheme. Took photos. Rescued me when need be and took over the cooking of the popcorn.

Then one day there was a change noted.  Shortly after that the rounds for the frequent heart checks and pacemaker candidates for the international experiments started.

Effective,y the message was in order….

To live have a change of mindset.

Which meant for mum to live she needed to be woken up to the fact that she was needed, wanted … she needed to want to live and have that change of mindset.

Now when to comes to technology… she asks the third youngest eighteen year old granddaughter for help when she is in that area.  Or phones up on the phone.

Mum makes small trips between the relatives.  Taking her tablet and laptop with here.  Now we’ve all shown her how too’s for the social platforms over the years. But there has to be something else.

Grinning she emerges for the lounge room[ or her bedroom whilst here] and asks what’s that password again?  You got it she is helping herself by helping me with what I’m doing.

Besides also cooking up a storm in the kitchen whilst I’m writing blog posts on this site. In a few weeks some of the posts on another site will be coming through from her.  There are many stories of where autism traits and awarenesses have been such a bonus.

The funny thing is the muttering that comes from when I dare go into what she was doing as a catch up thing.  I now leave a note on the table where she works in here with me.  Just in case I cause confusion…. and double her workload of thinking!

Change the mindset to belief

Assisting an older relative to know and believe that they are of value is like bringing a stray ray of light within their day.  To have the time, energy and availability of just being their, in respect and quiet care for mode to me is what being Autistic, online and loving it is all about.  Making space and time within both our lives enriches your life as well as you are here reading this far into this post.

Setting out the alternative income and funding strategories takes a lot of time.  Like a new lifestyle, some altered work together as a family ethics come into things.  A new repore with people along with a balanced change to circumstances gives a totally new approach to thinking outside of the box.

So over the last few years as I have found out more about all these different facets of digital marketing this quietly spoken mum has prompted to spur me along with.  Hurry up ‘child’ I cannot live forever!  Okay I’m fifty seven years young and still a child in heart.

SusanLewisandLogo Change the mindset to belief
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So rather than choose to remain in a workforce that does not accept Autism as a gift… my gifts are helping other people spread the joyfully positive attributes of building communities, autistic communities online.  Something that both business and other people on the Autism Spectrum will enjoy exploring , discovering and being associated with.

When you need more information I invite you to reach out and check the contact details which are on the contact page tab above.

Meanwhile cheers for now as you influence in your progress forward to change the mindset belief of those around you.

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