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community based family business

Community-based family business face significant impacts from everyday challenges to including ‘like minded family’ into their vision.

Community-based family business face significant impacts should the members work together, know when to run with the gut feelings, how to strategically plan, develop from everyday challenges and include other members of a ‘like minded family’ into their vision.

In this post Susan Lewis steps forward to share what is happening in within her ownfamily as a community based family business begins to get under way moving forward.

Utilize those Community-based family business.members skills.

Seek out various family members with the tendency to be managers, coaches, and head persons  acting together in the community-based family business arena. What ever and whenever someone steps away with a challenge in the attitude happening the business now had a fallback personal plan in action utilizing these peoples talents.

Families are no different to business, school, or even government. Except that there are times where they are able to tap into the hierarchy ties really easily. Usually a blessing.

However, technology today is not what it was yesterday. And definitely is not what it will be tomorrow. How many times has the technological challenge answer been “give it to a younger person.” And you now that when you ask them to show you the “how did you do..” there is that look that follows!

Facilitation helps people to a) come up with a concept. Then they shape the parts of the concept firstly into a vision and secondly into an action plan.

What’s the vision for a Community based family business

The vision now exists for this community family based business. Once a common ‘goal’ the thing itself has expanded rapidly. Now being of such a magnitude that that goal has exploded into lots of smaller objectives. Each objective has multiple facets and within those more actions.
I’ve seen this happen repeatedly as a community developer. Through brainstorming people began to have these brilliant ideas. The trick being to remind people that at this point all that is happening is brainstorming.

Example of a brainstorm was everyone wrote one idea down that fitted in with the reason the gathering was called.
In this case it would be… “help financially support a member of the extended family” This could be for sports or camp activities, medical or health related, or even educational, possibly ongoing work related.

In my family our now eighty-two-year-old mother is still active. Having been teacher and still is a registered nurse she has raised a family of seven children who all fall into the “Youre son / daughter is on the Autism Spectrum category”. No surprises there… except there was a name to the family traits now.

But mum wanted to be employable and employed.  A few years ago there were the markets and festivals to look forward too.  However a health issue chose to make it’s appearance

Reasons why to have a Community based family business

Outside new vague ‘businesses’ took away many of the community based family business identity factors.  The young were showen by the old as the elderly were cared for and past down the traditions.

First there was the fact of ‘”Mum the insurance agencies will not get employers employ you.” Second ” Business want to have underlings who want to do what they are programmed to do!” Third… “Mum how are you going to get there?”

One thing mothers do is continually show their daughters they are in change of their own destiny!

Is you mother actually in control of the Community based family business

Now my mother is after school tutoring a third child who just happens to be suspected of being on the Autism spectrum.

I get to catch up with ‘the adopted family’. The mother of which is a terrific friend [ like a sister but better!]. There is always something happening that draws us further together as business partners.

Slowly an online agency is taking shape. The tools are all online. Time, space and even varying calendar commitments agendas are accommodated all via online tools. For instance in November there is a huge rally as well as four days intensive training and a 2018 Momentum Day to attend.

Who to include in this Community based family business

Again within this agency process peoples individual fields are being sort. feelers are there amongst talented individuals we all know.

In this case a hobbyist  photographer, and someone not scared of talking in front of a camera.  The family ‘camera boffin’.  Plus someone who is terrific at graphics online.

Next another groups of people .. people who love investigations.  Family members with a touch of OCD who leave no stone unturned to get to the best market words, buys, offers, ortools to do the correct poart of the job.

Some are technos [with have coding knowledge], a computer whizz and others love to write.

And of course people who love to cook!  Well someone’s got to feed the creative people of this family when we all get together.

Challenge your own perceptions with a Community based family business

Sounds interesting to you? Come with us as we go through the process of joyfully creating our own ‘community based family business.’ Look for the resources shared made available to you in an email form.
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In short : Susan Lewis  enjoys helping you create and develop your online community.

Look for further information about Susan Lewis here.

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Building The Family Business

Building The Family Business – Leverage The Strengths Of Family To Face Truly Unique Challenges When Building The Family Business

As  families with the Autistic Spectrum traits in members bond together building the family business generally there are real strengths to bring out and develop. The fact that family owned companies face truly unique challenges just means that they must come together and leverage their strengths. For these families in business to include, develop and lead the rest of the family, generation to generation.

susan-lewis-05-80x100 Building The Family Business
Susan Lewis

Hello my name is Susan Lewis.  As a member of a rather large generational family there is an life experience in extended structure.  Sometimes frazzled and frayed and other times that common cause brings people together with the family members.  In this post we are looking at what possible  basic impact working together as family, or a family part,  has on the members themselves. Additionally a few ideas on how to make greater use of a couple of individual people’s skills and place these together to achieve a ‘business oneness’ of team spirit.

Building The Family Business

Curiously remember that while building the family business you are already ahead of other small businesses. Besides already having potential incomes supplying loyal family members their needs families have strengths that many businesses train their means teams to copy.

Five of these are plainly :

  • Strengths in family business management.
  • Next is that the tools of “trade’ may already be on “Loan” to the business from someone within the family.
  • The third thing is that when practices are successfully implemented the performance of both individuals and the family are driven higher.
  • Regards to shareholder loyalty, this is now just a monied version of the bonded loyality already in place.
  • Health family relationships gather strength.

Actually there are other special parts to an extended family businesses.

While building the family business build for the strengths.

Look at two of these strengths to use while Building The family business  look for the strengths of members

Firstly, that all ages, emotional and mental capacities are already blended in naturally. All the finicky Autism Spectrum traits that drive outsiders to the family crazy are already just something that is done.  As an example someone fascinated in lines taking photos of buildings with lines, weird angles and a fresh crisp look and feel to them, may naturally just walk into possible clear traffic lanes while there is oncoming traffic and start taking photos.   Other members are ready for this quirk and ‘stand guard.  Or there may be dyslexic people themselves who spot a spelling mistake, grammar incorrect and automatically correct what is written.  While others just love hunting for a particular word or phrase to use within the post. Once a post is published and ready to share what about all the aunties and uncles, grandparents and teens to comment and share the article on social media sites.

Secondly, the young are looked after by the older generations, while the older ones are looked too by the younger generations. Who else has the time to answer the frustions of someone not getting something taught in Kindergarten. That is how to turn on the computer and wifi devices, while swapping this information eaten  over or around a homemade bunch of goodies or sitting in an ice cream parlor!

Include here the different people going to and from and returning back into the fold.

This was loosely how my family grew up. As I write this post my mother is in school at the local libarary… learning how to make flyers. Having recently moved out of her house she “floats among the relatives.” Then when she is ready goes on to another family member.

Inclusion of all when building the family business

Help revolutionize education while building the family business by giving individuals the contemporary skills they need to make a success of bringing their personal vision to the world.  Unlike traditional education, the community offers more than training curriculums.

We give you a variety of mentorship connection with people who have extensive real-world experience in the areas you aspire to – from Q&A webinars, 24/7 Community channels and book recommendations to live events [ momentum days the world over], Masterminds and Coaching 1-2-1’s. And access to over six thousand courses to complete at your own pace.  The list just gets better.

One of my friends was looking for a tutor for a child. Now while mum does the tutoring of one child, two more children also get to have her time.

Four friends also call her their Mum. Three of these friends have had their own mums pass over. Ones mum is between my age and my mothers . It’s kinda like having a big sister as well as another younger sister included.  And My mum having a younger sister in this country.

With the internet my eighty-two year old mum says hello to her relatives all over the world.

One important question when building the family business

Here’s the question: to be actively building the family business do you need to be a hereditary family business. Well the answer is actually ‘no’. Although it does pay for all within the ‘family’ to be on the same wavelength.

To have such a similar vision under the One vision’ that each has a part to play within that one vision.

What do I mean? Some of the personal vison’s are:

  • to have land that people may come to and develop their gifts and talents.
  • One others is to have land big enough to connect people within themselves and nature.
  • Another’s is to be a beef farmer.
  • That the person they love is free to travel and be looked after by their family members when needed.
  • To bringing out the inner child within each of us in the belief that each uses their gifts and talents online so that none is lost.
  • To make markets a way of life

Older members value when building the family business

When mum has the ‘time’ she answers questions for the whole lot of us about people’s value when building the family business.  She’s seen the lot in her life.  From Swamis and Ashrams, to Church picnics. Communities, communes and city life.  Milking cows, and washing out water tanks, right through to helping starving, and neglected children .  India’s streets and in England, Australia and New Zealand. children , welcomes team and other community members, and makes real life statement about what she reads. Plus there is the added bonus of sharing my posts [ love this idea] and making the flyers that I had been putting off doing.

Additionally the dinner is cooked if one of us is busy doing something else. In a way its very like having only one person shop for all in one store while the other is going to the post office, or parking the car!

At the end of this year is the Momentum Day as well as a course I’m attending. Both mum and another member are taking it in turns to feed the animals and house sit. It’s these type of things that a family business micromanages as natural as can be.

Let’s Start Building The Family Business

Besides sounding plausible, interesting and doable how do people like me start building the family business? Answer: surprising to say that people already have started without even knowing. Families are looking inwards for guidance, and assistance.

Guidance on where do you get the tools, community support and technical know-how to share among the family members and their friends. Assistance in working out the common goals, personal visions. Plus how to mesh all these. and other ‘things.’ together.


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SusanLewisandLogo Building The Family Business

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Working with Autistic Adults


What is it about Susan Lewis?Susan’s mission in life is that Autism As A Gift is to be believed past the level of general acceptance. Families in business  wrap around these aspects.  Support the extended family and an intergenerational extended  community within a community is born.

Keeping in mind that a vision is a dream with a date on, high energy release and a load of emotions like  to be ‘joyful’ to be experienced.

Aim not at the surface, but with the knowing that actions hits is all the way through.   In fact you have arrived at the star, landed, the job completed.

In short : Susan Lewis  enjoys helping you create and develop your online community.

Look for further information about Susan Lewis here.

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Marvelous Crew Behind the scenes

Marvelous Crew Behind – Thank You You Marvelous Crew Behind The Scenes As My Tracking Works

What can people say But Thank You to the marvelous crew behind the scenes.

In this post Susan Lewis speaks about something personal.  Read the post as it unfolds.

Right now I tapped onto the mobile telephone in the right hand column. The one that says ” Tap here for community resources”.  Added my name and email details into the sections. Went to the email to double check just to see if the email went through to the tracking stats as well as the autoresponder. And It Works. My tracking works. I got the email just now.

susan-lewis-05 Marvelous Crew Behind the scenes
Susan Lewis

Here’s why I am excited.

April the 25th I was ten dollars under to pay my monthly reregistration. It was sitting in an associated account and the transfer occurred after the sweep had occurred.

For the last four days I’ve been at it to reset everything up. Four years of tracking out there and I saw a redline through a tracked link. I knew what had happened. The link was broken. But why? That’s when I realised the date. Checked the account. No use crying though. Get on with getting on with things.

Reconnected the Autoresponder with the step by step process that was needed. Drove myself balmy painstakingly going over everything and realising wow there was a lot to remember that was learned, either the hard way trying to do this myself. Or asking for help. A far, far better idea.

Here’s to the Marvelous crew behind the scenes

Must also admit that with this marvelous crew behind the scenes help I’ve learned so much more about my own self in the last for days as well. But that’s for another post. To say the least I feel like I am dancing on the clouds and bouncing around the room as well, while sitting here typing this. And will be doing a few more test runs on the links just for fun over the next few days.

There are so many “Oh No….. Is This Truth? Or So And So Told Me that they read this company is a …..

Yes I checked them out in the first place as well. What happened is that when someone has a superior product, team and work ethic than others rivialy gets the better of people. And virtual whispers are “shared” round and round and round.

Now it would be an opportune moment to capture all those links and keep them for themselves right? WRONG!!!! Would an attitude like that keep together a positive, tightly knit, going places community?

Moreover, I would want to:

      • Bring people into a community that is growing?

      • Yes
        Be safe place to learn how to earn online by:

    Building a home based business while on the go!

    • Proving an educational platform that is affordable to lower income peoples.
    • Continue to training and upskill as necessary actions are carried through to share multitudes of what’s happening out there.
    • Opening, reading and passing around to family members the news of the day [ via email updates].
    • Provide a trusted basis for mindset change.
    • Enjoy to opening up of the relearning to learn processes many on the Autism Spectrum experience. Similarly, so to do stroke and head injury victims.
    • Together believe in a vision that is important to all. Providing a continuation of care for peoples on the Autism Spectrum.

    What people learn about being part of a Marvelous Crew Behind The Scenes

    There’s a special video about Chris Patterson, a cinema photographifist. Besides the great shots behind the scenes there is a part that just dives things in to four truly marvelous crew behind the scenes segments.

      Snow conditions have to be great.
      You have to have great weather.
      You have to have great athletes.
      And you have to have a great cinematographer.

    Amazingingly marketing your voice out there has the same greatness values. And these are:

      Membership conditions have to be great.
      You have to have a great amount on offer.
      You have to have great staff.
      And you have to have a great members.

    Talking about all those hours of snow shoots the sentiment is similar to what many of us have within the community: “There’s a lot of times you’d call it work, but most of the times you’ll call it fun.”

    Creating a community activity revolving around those you love is so similar to creating both an action packed community around a home business.  All have there ‘megga up’ times.  All have fantastic places that draw you to them.  And all have so many different things to go see, do pe a part of. These include the children learning to play a sport, school activities, adults learning to shop for the first time, finding their first home to be in.  A first day at a job the family are supportive in.  The markets visited.

    tapforresources-400x201 Marvelous Crew Behind the scenes
    Action; One, Two Three :Tap the phone for resources

    See how far you can include all these sorts of interest added everyday things.  Better yet build your own list out Follow through with taking the  action, engaging with family and friends.

    Combine these actions with what I have found to be a very honorable education and training platform who have an absolutely marvelous crew behind the scenes.

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SusanLewisandLogo Marvelous Crew Behind the scenes

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Working with Autistic Adults


What is it about Susan Lewis?

Susan’s mission in life is that Autism As A Gift is to be believed past the level of general acceptance.

The behaviour encouraged so as people have both rainbows and stars within their own needs and mindset changes.  Rainbows traditionally relate to the Promise.  And stars…. well everyone is a star within their own right.

Keeping in mind that a vision is a dream with a date on, high energy release and a load of emotions like  to be ‘joyful’ to be experienced.

To land on a star needs an arrival time and date, enough fuel, lots of training and preparations. Actions that are consistent and flexible in the approach.  With the belief that achieving this is like chopping up a log of wood. Aim not at the surface, but with the knowing that actions hits is all the way through.   In fact you have arrived at the star, landed, the job completed.

In short : Susan Lewis  enjoys helping you create and develop your online community.

Look for further information about Susan Lewis here.

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Build Family Based Business Communities

See As You Build Family Based Business Communities It’s Fun Filled With Quirks, Skill-sets, Openness Levels And Peoples Own Self Perceptions.


Family Based Business Communities

See that as you Build Family Based Business Communities they are fun to be a part of. Everyone has a skill set. Within which there are definite quirks that need to be found. The openness of people is a different matter. Generally people don’t like perceived weakness found.

This post is about little things like a misplaced ‘e’ that can definitely cause communication conflicts.

susan-lewis-05 Build Family Based Business Communities
Susan Lewis

Within this post Susan relates a personal issue that for years had a hidden hold on her creativity. Spelling was a nightmare. Susan and Dyslexia were a pair. The old clunky type writer probably wore out those lead based keys with the constant hours on there just typing out words. Over and over again. Every day two hours a day as a teenager.The handwriting answer was to have messy writing. The OCD answer was to have writing people could read. What a communication conflict.

A few years went by and Olympus had a solution. A typewriter that had a computer memory and white out tape attached. Now business letters could be typed. Computers went of developing to have the little red and green lines for spelling and grammar use.

Emails were yet to be invented. After that social platforms like Google and Facebook. Then Twitter. People who had something to share said it through these social platforms. The simple method of people finding you was to follow the instructions written by the techo who invented the product. Like this was another language to many females. so females were largely left out. Until Pinterest came along. Visual things were easy to share. And every place became really visual. The online language used changed as well.

Companies and brands having a terrific product was one thing. People understanding how to use this product another. The bridging gap to both is still communication. The technical term is Search Engine Optimization.

It is known that Bots file things exactly where they are programmed to do so. Correctly spelt words are filed right ‘here.’ Misspell words are filed in that basement back office over there. Literally “Here’s the key go look for ‘it'”.

Family Based Business Communities

This Family Based Business Communities story goes like this. Susan’s target niche are a specific combination of autistic people and people who have had a vehicle head injury [temporal lobe area] who have. or had, Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome. A result of which there has been a period of total memory loss. The result of which they have had to relearn to learn. Everything! Just like Susan herself had gone through.

With relearning to learn this came easier when there were everyday activities to ‘copy’ and be included into. These everyday activities ranged from lighting a cooking fire in a dual woodstove cooker.  Definitely new experience as there was no memory anchor with which to ‘know’ how to light a match, take the match to the paper for ignition.  Once shown the very old Girl Guide campfire stills began to come back.

Situation where a family member has this loss are made easier to cope when there is that hook to a) grab hold of and b) to find a memory with which to  connect a new one onto.

Social Media in the family based business

In today’s family based business communities the use of social media is higher than ever.

Facebook though is an experience within itself. Depending on the personal views held any platform maybe an adventure. The steps are open a profile. Add a page and then add a group. Fill out the necessary information as you go along. Invite friends and other people there and share content. Grow the audience.etc

Ten days ago one Facebook profile was opened. From that point a page and a group opened. Happily filling these out with the required information, posting posts, connecting the autoresponder to posts hours were spent and the days went by quickly as other places of interest and help were added. The day had come to schedule about six months of triggered scheduled posts and Oh no. It couldn’t be. It was.

Family Based Business Communities

That darn dyslexia. How did I miss the ‘e’ instead of an ‘a. Based is not spelt ‘besed.’

Over the next couple of days every setting was sort within the Facebook settings. Actually there was a lot that had not yet been filled out. Hence the drag on time lapse. Now I had two places filled out and one that was really bugging me. Just because of a ‘e.’

Family Based Business Communities

On the basis that every negative has positives behind the door, yelling at you to be included, out of those two were they groups or pages or one of each. The mind does get sidetracked at times. And very focused other times. What was noticed is there seems to be a hyper focus occurring. Something that has been missing over the last few years is now coming back. So this has been celebrated.

Also found was a nifty little tool to include that amplifies the reach. Woow so that tool meant other exploration work was done somewhere else. How the importance of such a simple little app had been missed is beyond the imagination.

Also found was a drawing applications that is to checking out later [ like next week]

Back to the “Dyslexia Spelling ” of the word “Besed”

Family Based Business Communities

Facebook is brilliant. There was a solution. That solution was near the bottom of the Settings page. Simply “Merge the page”.

Merge the page means you are eliminating duplicates of pages. Concentrating the public to one place rather than be scattered all over the show. Probably helps with the analog details. Not sure and not worried about this aspect.

The process involves down loading the contents into your computer. Which , in itself, should have set off alarm bells. There is a four day holding period as when you merge the page the one being merged will loose the content.[ as long as you have a file transfer system between your computer and the Facebook page.  Simply upload into the new area and everything will integrate. Nothing is lost doing it as the procedure requests.

Was it fear based procrastination that stopped the process at that point? No. Realism hit. Being overtired for me is not a terrific way to approach these things.

Right now its the next morning and the new page was created… spelt correctly.

Next step after propagating this page is checking all the links in the auto generator are working re this now merged page. The fun then really begins as on the spread sheets with each email there are the many of correlating url’s. A new organisational tactic that is only a week or two old.

Then again by the afternoon I knew what it was that had been missed. That system for file transfers.

Family Based Business Communities

If you could see the smile on my face as I typed that little action-ed memory out it would be laughable.

Yes sometimes that filing OCD stuff learned years ago when a Relief Ward Clerk at Wellington Hospital has come in handy. When you look after over 30 wards and attached departments that have paper files [ thank you as these days there are the wondrous computers] doctors breathing down your neck, impatient nurses, and everyone forgetting the fact that if one ward clerk is away there will probably be a few more away. I learned the value of “ONE.” I was ‘one’ person.

Second thing I learned was to prioritize, with importance to backup systems. What was important / critical do. Come back later and finish. Completely finish.

Supporting this was the time in the Medical records area. Guess who got to stick the unstuck reports into the paper files when they arrived there. At least they had a system. Learn one system and apply it elsewhere.

Sounds joyishly similar to online learning in a workplace scenario. Find out about passive advertising re the colors used and apply that to the social media platforms. In this case the Facebook front covers. Learn graphix and make videos. Practice SEO and apply that to the script for the videos. Go to “how to give speeches’ and touch on hand and body positions. Add those into the videos as well. Communication is important. Include different categories of words. Fun loving adjectives. Warmth and clarity. Did I mention proof read what you have written?

Importantly that there are other times when to just write the words in your head out and post on a website or comment is appropriate.

The third thing experienced during the years working behind the scenes was the importance of little things. In the lost and found section there was never a things called a “Gold” watch. Was I a qualified jeweller? If I was had I been asked by the board to make a statement of worth of a yellow colored circle of what appears to be metal?

In the Medical records did the stubbed toe remained a stubbed toe. Or was there a foreign object in the toe that eventuated in further medical treatment? Example… while attending the toe a reaction to a protective injection caused a heart attack and the person spent three weeks in hospital care. Where was that bed allocation and other resources used recorded? Did the government then only get requested a stubbed toe payment.

If so is that why there was a shortage of staff everywhere between the Accident and Emergency area and the Coronary Care Units, through to the ward staff… including the ward clerks being shared between two primary wards? Hence why the medical records did not have the time to be processed properly which was why my spare time was taken up with sitting in a basement sticking pieces of paper into the files. Guess who taught the medical staff to claim everything they could out of pure self interest!  Dungeons filled with overflowing filing cabinets somewhere under the bags if test results in an area  stuffed with dust, cobwebs and insects, to this day are not a favorite place to breath in.

Family Based Business

The hospital memory has relevance in the Facebook ‘e’ case. Life experiences do impact on what you do. There was a challenge recognized. When fully awake the next morning a new page was created.[ with a different Facebook cover photo attached. This made which to merge with what far simpler and there was clarity of action rather than intercession happening. Settings went into. merge the page. Yes. That does. Wonders of wonders there it is. Now all that is left to do was bring up the downloaded information and connect that to the new page.

The “e” was like a stubbed toe. Misspellings cause blockages with SEO. I mean who types in ‘Build Family Besed Businesses Communities ‘ when they are looking for “Build Family Based Business Communities”?

Back to the top: Build Family Based Business Communities

SusanLewisandLogo Build Family Based Business Communities

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Working with Autistic Adults


What is it about Susan Lewis?

Susan’s mission in life is that Autism As A Gift is to be believed past the level of general acceptance.

The behaviour encouraged so as people have both rainbows and stars within their own needs and mindset changes.  Rainbows traditionally relate to the Promise.  And stars…. well everyone is a star within their own right.

Keeping in mind that a vision is a dream with a date on, high energy release and a load of emotions like  to be ‘joyful’ to be experienced.

To land on a star needs an arrival time and date, enough fuel, lots of training and preparations. Actions that are consistent and flexible in the approach.  With the belief that achieving this is like chopping up a log of wood. Aim not at the surface, but with the knowing that actions hits is all the way through.   In fact you have arrived at the star, landed, the job completed.

In short : Susan Lewis  enjoys helping you create and develop your online community.

Look for further information about Susan Lewis here.

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In The Past The Politicians Sent

Past The Politicians Sent –  People Are Not Happy As In The Past The Politicians Sent Others To War And Everyone Else Struggled With Loss

People are not happy as in the past the politicians sent them, and / or their loved ones to war. Then came the depression that always followed. Financial depressions to the effect of everyone losing something. Second one was the quiet depression.  Caused through trauma. In many cases just leaving to go unprepared into the battle-field areas cause trauma.  Back home the loss of family structures had become community structure loss.  The effects of which had the “pebbles in the pond ripples”
In this post Susan Lewis looks into how families within communities are coming together to create a future out of the Government system that gives a sense of purpose, a future and develops an independence of the accepted systems. Giving examples of how the tide has turned and suggests some tools and actions to help people in this situation. Noted also that while in the past the politicians sent  people into these situations the current trend is to give back into the community  something  to aid recovery. Something easily accessed using the internet, that has touched their lives and has been helping others.

Cause And Consequence of the past the Politicians sent…..

Autism-is-like-a-bus-accident In The Past The Politicians Sent
The impact of a gravel track and trailer into my Nissan Urvan in 1991 has tan until 2014 to really start to be sorted out.

Historically when those in power created war situations past the politicians sent ill-equipped people into war. Unlike today’s communication systems even a telegraph a knock at the door sent dread rippling through the homestead. Today those messages are basically the same. Lost in action was just as bad as any other.

 Today’s society has the same effect where people on the Autism Spectrum are concerned. The people who think they are normal are wondering why others within the family chain are getting diagnosed with the Autism Spectrum name tag.   And the numbers per capita are increasingly increasing! Partially because the loose generalisation of “Autism is a conceptual disassociation from what is happening around the person”

Secrets are past. The politicians sent scare tactics out

Secretes are meant to be things of the past where politicians are concerned. Rightly so people  are still concerned about the community structure that is meant to assist their cognitively challenged members independance  and input into society.
Interestingly as the family structure was rebreaking in the early 1970s as women’s rights were being heard all through the world  a family structure was already forming.  Rather than put up with now adult children from returnees that no-one recognised , or knew what to do with medically [other than medicate the person.] the woman were demanding rights far removed from the suffragettes thinking.
rethinktraditionalemployment-243x400 In The Past The Politicians Sent
Employers keep you busy. But, Are you being self productive while being busy?

Actually no: the woman demanded fair and equal treatment. A fair days work for a fair wages packet. families needed certain things… like a roof over their heads. Food on the table.  And money to pay the bills.

Both the family and the country suffered through financial gain as it would help the next generations. What the men were unable to achieve … in stepped the women.
Financial gains and losses. Stock market crashes and ill health one would think that by now the politicians would have got rid of the old ones. The ones who were on the front lines seeing the carnage. But no. Here is just another aspect of keep the slaves to the economy down and kick them while they are there.

Lessons learned from the past with Politicians.

In the not to long ago past past the politicians sent a financial message to the older folk. One that efficiently stated they were not counted as worthwhile to society any longer.
So if you are over, or close to the age of 65 [ born in the error of those that went to fight in the Vietnam War] your are stepping into this new fighting ring. We all know that there are often funds allocated for when changes that are not going to be appreciated come into play.
Hurt_People_hurt_too In The Past The Politicians Sent
Know that you are loveable!

The City of Ryde in conjunction with the Department of Human Services [Center-link] are ‘working together’ because the 2016 pension asset test has started effectively changing the full, or part payments, for the Old age pensions payouts. Planning and prepaying for a funeral is one way to minimise the off shoots for this. It’s a given that one is a way out. However how many funeral and life insurance policies are cancelled by the companies for non payment .

Especially when there are times of financial stress happening. Expect to see free Seminars and information gatherings in order to swallow more of the pensions away. Covering of course the aspects that Centerlink are told to release. Look into the Australian history as to why the age pension was introduced in 1909.  The reason behind this was to meet the needs of people who lived longer than expected.
Also happening was the young men had marched away to war.  Many unable to look after their family members should they have arrived back on the Australian shores.

Politicians values Hidden in the past. 

Post Traumatic Shock was considered a disease.  Something to be hidden under the carpet.  Not ever acknowledged. How times have changed.  Or have they?ptsdisnotabout-400x400 In The Past The Politicians Sent
As time has gone by more and more people are living a fuller healthier life. Well past their retirement time. Oh yes planning and paying for your own memorial will also minimize the Pensioner Assets test requirements.
Many times the belief is that people need to get real. Acknowledge where the weaknesses are and push forward from there. People with a message had little voice.  People with a lot of social clout were not fully aware of what was happening at the social ground floor level.
In the past when politicians retired they were ‘recycled’ into lower political areas such as regional committees. Alternatively into business consultancy. Either way the circle of influence built up over years spread throughout many community areas.
As the intergenerational families kept growing around these community central figures how could a person not become aware of what was happening. As an example in 2000 ” Beyond Blue‘s” pivotal growth came through a retired politician [ Jeff Kennett]
Beyond Blue is there to provide support and information on anxiety, depression and suicide.  Much of this information is found online. Immediate contact is available. Outlying community groups have sprung up.
Similarly Autism groups are fostered under Neighbourhood and Community Houses. The one I went to today had eight chairs around the table in a small room. The conversation flowed.  And it seems that after the school holidays everyone will bring one piece of vegetable.  They go into a cooking pot and soup is made.   The idea is to bring through conversation.  From conversation friendship and support  that moves back through the community.
SusanLewisandLogo In The Past The Politicians SentAnd slowly the online presence will be created  ensuring the community group’s voice creeps back in to the surrounding homes, businesses, and other community events.
Thankfully the internet, and access to a wifi devise, means what you are interested in is fully able to be passionately shared. Other people then can find the support you and others offer.  Even if its a person looking for a free cuppa, a soup and a piece of toast.  Bring on the cook post and BBQ, the conversations starters and simple friendship.  Invite a retired politician as well.

Just take the tools you have and simply put them to work for you.  See the results as pretty fantastic. I think you all will be surprised at how being part of these communities will work for you.

Yes. I want to hear from you! What do you think about this process? Leave a comment below about how helpful you have found past politicians are when sent back into the ground roots of your community.


autism under the radar

Struggling with seeing the attitude of people in employers shoes is that as long as  autism under the radar everything is alright continues. With so many people looking for some business who understands and accommodates some aspect of Autism so that they may allow you to gain employment employers simply had the upper hand.

Traditional education became costly in more than just course costs. Family time depleted. Travel costs went up. Work hours shrunk. Technology had crept into even the basic of jobs. For instance to access a dump truck at 1am in the morning during a thunderstorm to access the cab of a truck hit the key ring and the computer thousands of kilometers away will do the job for you.

Gradually government reach in communities left. Leaving the what is known as “Autism under the radar.” Government and agency resources  were underserved in populations that are struggling with Autism Under the Radar“.

Change Autism Under the radar direction

Visualize knocking the Autism Under the radar out of the picture by becoming self sufficient.  Choose one thing , something you really want to explore or relearn to learn. Something you can take where ever there is the internet, a passion,  the device to share that passion and people to respond to what you do.. Within this post the example used is the writing of blog posts. Just writing a post is never enough. well check into see include how the blog post take you further towards your vision.

Writing blog posts is an art.  One that some people take to like ducks to water.  While with others time seems to allow slow progressive learning and relearning. People either like it, avoid it. Or  learn to like and appreciate the end results, while seeing the wonderpus improvements. Third category sounds very familiar.

Like any skill creating a blog post that fits the needs of the people looking for the information is one thing.  Getting it to the readers is another section.

When writing a blog post there are three noted points

There are three truly amazing things about writing a blog post.

The first this about writing a blog post is that there is proof that people do take on the big boys and rank right there above them in the search engines.  The world over. Be aware of Panda and Penguin.  And Hummingbird. They may not like your posts in the beginning may not appreciate what it is that takes you past everyone else.  Raising your message to the top of the ‘food chain” to the place the world over where everyone sees you are the authority in your field.

The second is that what this does is gets what you are saying out there.

The third that although there are so many conflicting emotions, concepts and actions as you shed the weight of the world and just get on with your vision isolation is not a means to get this vision achieved.

Which of course flies in the face of being Autistic!  The very meaning of the word Autism is: Isolated.

That is the point : Choice.  One word.  Many directions.  Numerous outcomes.

With Autism Under the radar its time for family take overs

When people type into the search bar things that people with Autism can do from home… and then narrow that inquirry down even further there is a heap of inflammation out there. The question is not what is out there, but what is it you, or the person you are looking for, passionate about!  Start from that point.  Work outwards. Yes work, as in make actions through through belief.

Meeting people, taking on new experiences can be especially intimidating for any person.  Those within the Autism Spectrum definitely so.  Therefore it is acknowledged there are variables to consider apart from those mentioned below. Should you be looking for more information make contact through here.

so0000071-400x247 autism under the radar

This post is about the direction people find to help them achieve the things they take action on.  Two examples are used. Both a motor bike visualization and the other through an actual  visual metastory.

People online have long ago been aware of the 4 to 1 ratios that exist behind the scene.  So it’s no surprise to hear the reemergence of this information.  In practice  one blog post written just means there is a lot of back work to do.

When people come through whatever learning process they are going through they want to practice.  Society is conditioned on getting things right.  Take a drivers licence.  Lessons start long before the picking up if a book that has the rules and regulations behind the meaning of everything.  Risk takers would jump onto a motorbike and get cracking learning the rules later.  That is in the old days when the local police man knew what you were up to and quietly spoke to kith and kin.   Should that approach not work then when he caught you the book was thrown at you.

Probably cause of all the writing back at the office they had to do to justify their next promotion when numbers counted.

Challenge your Autism. Under the radar is expanding.

breakfreeofthefearorrunwithit-400x240 autism under the radar
Break Free of the FEAR mindset that is For Ever After Running. Or just run with the Other one

Now many people dream of being on that motorbike. Is that idea included on the bucket listed as the  “Riding free into the sunset” experience. What’s happened to knowing just what it takes to set everything in motion?

The picture of a specific motorbike, cut out of bike magazines and collaged around the house.  The list of specific details that are written on just about every surface of the walls around you. Notes on dimensions, quality control, helmet and riding boots.  Licence requirements.  A trip or three of where that bike is taking you.  What your packing.  Who your visiting.  The local and other towens bike ring calendar of events.  Like events and bike shows.

You literally living that vision. In the total belief that everything on that list has been completed.

Sticky notes work well.  Drawing of pictures hang on the wall also serve the same for very visual people.

Thing is a dream is a vision without a date.  This is one visual example of a meta story draw in 2016 when I came home from Down Under Brisbane Momentum Day in 2016.

  1. Myself sitting on a rock, absorbing and enjoying the new memories the time line was three years from the date of the Momentum Day Mediation.  So that makes it 2019 DownUnder Momentum Day. The backpack of past memories acknowledged, learnt from, known to be of the past.  The belief is knowing that Would I do this again: Yes.  Was it all worth it: Yes. The trees standing straight and tall interpreted and many people within my direct circle of influence. Also back up through what someone else stated around 2000.
  2. On my wall there is a picture of three main things.  One is speaking tours re using Susan Lewis Autistic Online and Loving IT [ Information Technology] so that a movement belief that Autism As A Gift is actioned to its fullest potential within less than five years. [ Specific Overview time dated: 24:55 31st December 2023].
  3.  There are the angels drawn that look like birds flying.  These are self explanatory and have already happened. May have worn them out though so think they are looking for a rest.:)
  4. There is one rather strange long legged quirky bird.  No matter how I tried to recreate this creature the wing was broken.  The shape of an upside down heart was there.The wing may have been broken but the heart was not completely ripped into shreds.  It was like the bird was trying and could not fly. So many colors bright and beautiful all through and around that bird.

The picture was only meant to have three things drawn into it.  That bird would made an appearance and stayed put!  Like I referred to the dream is a dream is a vision without a date. A personal belief is that with meta-stories they are strong. Very strong.  To specifically identify and then bind a person within a meta story is like entrapment.  So I drew the flying birds and they looked like angels.

Autism Under the radar Just Got Sprung!

As this post winds up one thing to remember with Autism under the radar is “Make your vision to Be Seen”.  With the vision firmly believed in the focus on the direction your life’s path is going towards is where your attention is.  The taking of action starts right next breath.  As you grab the idea that has just zoomed over the brain and is there to catch.

SusanLewisandLogo autism under the radar
Press this picture to find out more about “Susan Lewis.”

Catch hold of your life, your successes, the fulfillment  and happiness that is your duty to have and your obligation to the people in your life who have helped your succeeded. Most of yourself for being so brave to have continued through, right through.  Each step along the way the success you reach is your privilege to include others with. Just as writing and publishing this post on Autism Under The radar has been a pleasure to bring to you.


End Each Day With A Sense

End Each Day With A Sense – To End Each Day With A Sense Of Total Fulfillment  Life Would Be Ideal With Each Day An Adventure

To end each day with a sense of near total fulfillment creates such a realization of fulfillment  the days following look hungry for more of the same energy. Life would be ideal. Each day a new sense of adventure.

Sure is with a family that is rapidly wondering where the magical book  full of every trick to behaviour management techniques for autism.  No matter how old that person is living within the Autism Spectrum the tendency is to rewrite that behaviour fictitious management techniques book every day, in every way

In this post Susan uses a couple of things observed with Autism Children that had a profound influence on each child differently.

To end each day with a sense of wonder.

2goldenrulestolife End Each Day With A SenseAs the children grew older by the time we got home from marketing at the markets we’ld  end each day with a sense how did we get through today.  Often a relief of we all got home.  No extra toys, pets or parts came home with us.

The wonder of having children underfoot while closing the sales endurable.  As fast as the coins came in the requests for ‘something’ arrived. Having taught the children early the value of money coming in we’ld overlooked the balance of money needed to go out to pay bills.

That was until learning about the stocks and shares idea came about.  Once a week the Weekender newspaper was purchased.  Left open on the dining room table. Enquiring minds read then analysed the stocks bull and bear trends.

Notably two children saw the information in different ways.  One algebraic-visually. While the other geometric-visually. Sometimes these slight differences became barriers of communication.

The skills needed when working with other people meant that there were large areas between each person strongly ‘preferred’.

Now end each day with a sense relief.

Once the family were off the market rounds and into a different way of life to end each day with a sense of achievement was paramount.

As adults the development of the skills needed when working with physical products, their care , records of sales compared to what was not there by the end of the day made us careful of stock.  There was still a need to reach customers and build trust.  Yet we had to pack up and move on.  Back next month.

focusonbeingproductive-insteadofbusy End Each Day With A Sense
Be production proactive with your passion for freedom, rather than just busy!

Pen, paper, stamps and envelopes later….We were worn out. As a family we needed to  know how to support and teach children on the Autism Spectrum.  But simply we did not know the ’embarrassing” behaviour even had a name

Then came computers.  Emails, and lists, where specials could be advised about would have made marketing so much easier. Finding out information was such a sense of relief.

To end each day with a sense of knowing.

Consider involving others to get things done and also to end each day with a sense achievement.  Now days to reach customers and build revenue seek out the options that provide the tools, support and community to back the claims up. The one I found has the hosting ability for your agency to build out and expand from. All the while cheer on your achievements and successes.

Develop your own e-commerce and promotion of you own web-design or other home based business. These facilities are especially helpful when the families  of people on the Autism Spectrum are needing to think of future care of these loved ones.

Create a company that understands and accommodates your own autistic needs, that of family members autistic needs, while you aim high, but not for perfection, within your family. No matter what the age each person has the ability to add impact.  Right now my eighty-two year old mum  has left watching one of the how-too videos in the back office and is preparing dinner for everyone, friends and family, here.

Although now there is an evening when she is staying at one of these friends and tutoring their son.  That friends  family [ and mum] claim it’s respite from me!

So its not only the younger ones that need a small family business to enjoy being a productive team member of.  It’s the ability to include everyone.

Find time to either enroll and attend the traditional education places where the small business course online topics like ecommerce web design.  Better yet check into the video series that puts you in touch with your own marketing journeytapforresources End Each Day With A SenseWhen your small home based business uses a simple digital business system, where community minded people just like you, are using all the integrated tool sets to move forwards things really start moving.  [Although I would keep an eye on the cooks in the family]

End each day with a sense that along with each member… all of you are taking their families with them as they all work towards a life of freedom.

Paying Back Government Sponsored Student Loans

Viewing the world through a persons eyes as they realize they are paying back Government sponsored student loans on a “forever’ timeline is easier to do when you have been in this position.  To be Government indebted usually means there is an invisible yolk around the neck.  To truly see through eyes that have been there, done that!  is to realise there is a huge gap between those a) wanting the education, to b)  those now actively becoming further indebted and c) to people working at paying back Government sponsored loans .

Be fair paying back Government sponsored Student loans

Between the Government ‘fairly’ wanting the cash back into their coffers recycled enabling  still others to line up in the que of people needing that precious loan.  To the business  wanting to capitalize on the newly qualified. Employ a person uncertain of the workplace highrackie.  One who has little processed interaction, ie an innocent graduate of that higher education, who really has no clue of their own dollar value to the employer.

A startup employee who has minimal personal respective time versus a graduate, who has experience to knows what they are after to fill their vision.  The people who make the effort now vying for achievement recognition that is different for everyone of us.

Integreaty-is-back Paying Back Government Sponsored Student LoansOne rhetorical hook of a questions is the old often stipulated with that invisible ‘sigh” inferring whatever we want it to be. Usually is “Is all this loan verses education advancement and effort worth it?” The following post is one based on personal experience.

This post is about seeing every step as a turning point where every moment is turned into an alternative highway for personal growth. One stepping stone at a time to transform challenges into sand where since molehills stood. To jar the mind into knowing that success often depends on how you honor what is owed and how then people actually look at things.

Paying back Government sponsored Student loans

Stop for a moment, relook and reassess the attitude towards paying back government sponsored student loans.  The honorable thing is to accept  that loan needs to be paid. Then to work the butt off until the loan is paid.

Wait on a minute.

 Ask: does the Government think like me, an employee, or is the Government thinking like a business?  Governments think like businesses.  Governments have to.  Primarily because there is only a certain amount of cash flow to go around.  Admit it…business support each other.

Business primary aim is its stockholders. Keep the stockholders happy.  Efficiently so too is the Governments. Here’s the crunch… a Government’s stockholders are the businesses

Now take another look at that student loan. The one that has people stuck in a job that consumes their time and deleats the quality of life.

By the time the people who are repaying the paying back to the Government sponsored student loans by going to work, this tends to swallow up more of the wages than was anticipated and for longer than you thought possible.

Keeping any monthly payments at a reasonable level is only one of the factors to consider  with any countries Government sponsored student loan.

Four ways of paying back of Government sponsored Student loans

There are four ways that are convenient and efficient for all involved when you need an out of the student loan situation.

  1. The first discover another way forward which is what we have in this post.
  2. The second is to die [ not a great option ].
  3. And the third escape from the country never to return.
  4. The fourth to reinvent the wheel. Run a side business that slowly becomes a JOB in disguise. But hey pass enough turn over and the loans that are now business related may become a tax deduction [possibly].

The first and fourth ones have been dominant experiences of mine.

Ways of paying back of Government Sponsored Student Loans

The second has occurred when truck impacted into the vehicle I was driving in 1991. At a time when the business was moving forward.  There were zero loans of any type. Without the loans to pay back, though life was definitely one of a certain amount of freedom. The truck impact brought with it a major set of disconnect into exploring a sense of self, all by itself.

Resulting in a continuous  disjointed action replay.  Over and over again. Until something would give and the mind allowed the blockage of things through.  Usually resulting in high alerts for meltdowns, or major overloads. These in turn resulted in sleep attacks.  Later what was found to be a form of ” Brain Function Freeze.”

Honour The Paying Back Of Government Sponsored Student Loans

By doing the honor of  Paying Back Of Government Sponsored Student loans there probably are tax advantages. Through the creation of a business, especially one that helps throughout the community, there are great advantages.

tapforresources Paying Back Government Sponsored Student Loans
Click on the Mobile Phone Above for the 7 day Video series

Why not pay it forward one more time to the benefit of the people in your community.  Consider this:

If you want your fellow relatives, friends and community members to gain benefits of you taking on that loan you are indebted to paying the loan back.  Then you have to create jobs for those people who are either finishing, going through or waiting for higher education.

Now what happens to the people if the community that supports them is able to reach out and teach, show and include different aspects of education, training and upskilling in the interim.

Make The Best of Paying Back Of Government Sponsored Student Loans

One thing that makes sense with the paying back of government sponsored student loans is to create the best advantage point you can and go through with actioning the dream all the way to the end.

That’s where the seven day video series comes in real handy.  And in this video series you will see with your own eyes the basic steps, gain a knowledge basis, that all affiliate marketers need to use as a starting point towards building that desired knowledge basis. A stepping stone towards their desired lifestyle. The video series you are about to see is incredible.

After watching the video series some of the people I now have reached the lifestyle they desired quickly.  Using their skills, and talents to the best of their ability.  Others have taken another digital lifestyle approach.

SusanLewisandLogo Paying Back Government Sponsored Student LoansBlaze a trail of inviting other change-makers and visionaries who are passionate about making a change  as they take the bold action and make a major fast forward thinking change on the world. While you discover how you can live a life of joy with a digital business as person on the Autism Spectrum.

Click this to get registered now

Page does open in another window

To have that enjoyable aspect in life as you achieve your lifestyle choice is amazing.

Melt that Doubt Away

Melt that doubt away …by a very specific message process [ called a metastory].

Through having the belief in your vision, make the meta story to make sure there are no barriers. Even to overcoming physical limits as you reach the summit.

Have the passion, the belief and the ‘get go’ to melt that doubt away.  How: Focus on the end goals. Replace what you already know with faith and the belief that “what you believe in will keep it’s promise”.

Together, with Susan Lewis, let’s shed light on turning every moment into a highway for personal growth that helps transform your challenges into stepping stones that remind you that success often depends on how action was taken. What action is taken is done  through the way things are personalized and thus looked at.

What will melt that doubt away

Every_morning_now_we_are_born_again-400x300 Melt that Doubt Away
Set out and achieve past those perceived boundary limits you carry.

Take a little extra motivation into your life and melt that doubt away. as you grab hold of  exactly what it is today opens up to be.

Just do whatever it takes to live your best life. Encourage people to dream again. Best yet to make that dream into a vision.

Then know you wholeheartedly believe that vision has come true.  Not the “fake it til you make it” untruth.  But to totally be able to see the time line, the progress steps that were planned for, and to take those steps one at a time until everything is done. Along the way to fully celebrate even the little pick me up successes.  Thats where a bucket list is really handy as ticking off these is one thing but achieving the replacement as well is out of this world.

That stated let us look at some of the processes that have helped many people just melt that doubt away.

To help people find their way online a flurry of online programs were released.  Are continually updated and released.  Some on platforms that are very creative with their clientele and readership. Other restrictive. Its the being a member of a community that has experience and is in the knowing where to look and what to post that is important.

To have caught on to the melt that doubt away information sooner

However long people like myself searched there was a connection challenge.  The time was not right. The  unspeakable just happened and the car repairs have…

tapforresources-400x201 Melt that Doubt Away
Tap the phone above to see and experience some of the melt the doubts away experience begin

Yet once the invitation to ‘the program’ finally arrive in my email box the “melt that doubt away’ energy was just ot there.,  There was no need.  There was total belief, and  relief, that the necessary program had been finally found.

Over three years later what was opened up in that email was an open invitation through to what is cutting -edge process with a specific, proprietary formula that helps you really dig to the roots when it comes understanding and expressing your WHY ie your values, mission and purpose.

The kindness of people held melt that doubt away.

To only believe it, that this would melt the doubt away,  only when you have experienced  these factors would have left so much unexplored and appreciated.

Knowing that there are so many community members to work with you to define these principles behind the ” X,Y and Z” factors has both helped and pushed forward all the personal opening to total growth in so many areas. Then to translate them into a visual representation which twice became a unique, authentic digital brand presence.    Yeah I outgrew the first personal value statement.

Has there been a development of  a unique brand that the world want to know about… yes. As proof ‘You” are reading this post.

There were struggles? Yes.  There were also challenges that became so much fun and had such a positive ongoing effect that to look back onto  made some very recognisable worthwhile dents in the journey.

My question to you is when do you want to start to develop a brand that the world want to know about?

Soft sweat words melt that doubt away

Look within yourself and be really honest with yourself.  What is your vision for three years time  As important is what are you prepared to give up to gain that vision.

Be fulfilled. Go out and conquer the day. Be cheerful that there are terrific experiences that just build the energy around you. Be only to ready to believe in that

Be proud of the achievement and believe you did a terrific job out there taking the action to whatever your goal was.



Melt That Doubt Away

By the time the vision has become that physical reality anyone can see where the process of melt the doubt away became a reality.

Now everything is as it should be. To be so specific even where you are standing now there was nothing left to to chance. Every decision made was be the right one. Everything fits together. You know the event in its intimacy. Everything is in alignment.  And best yet is that all those unknown variables that were like invisible fluid like jigsaw puzzle pieces are now complete interlocking visual dream descriptions. You are looking back, seeing them right now as completed.  Know how this achievement feels.  Live it. breath it.  Be that achievement.

Maybe the mental health challenges we all come across  move aside a little.  Maybe we see through clearer eyes and the fatigue and frustrations take a step back. Look around and see how different your today is from your yesterday.  Great isn’t it!

With the total belief there are no reserves. No retreats. No regrets. Each moment that melt the doubt away moment occurred there has been an incredible moment of such an incredible connection.

At anytime there is a comment bursting forth about how you melt your doubt away enjoy making that comment here.



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With The Achievement Of Your Aim Do Your Eyes Light Up

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