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Bounce back and shout joy. This world is full of people who may just becoming to realise there is such a thing as “Everyone is here for a reason. That reason is not for us to know fully about. That person is here even if they just bring happiness into a moment of your day” Like a butterfly landing on a flower, stretching it’s wings and glorifying into the sun rays. You catch a glimpse of that energy and away the butterfly flies.

So to is a smile hard to catch but, given freely your energy glows happily on through. Every single person on the Autism Spectrum brings value into peoples lives. By adding value to someones life, or by helping them solve a problem like 90% of companies do and in return making money only seems a token of output. Yes necessary as our world finds difficulty is exchanging the value of the simple “a simple a day concept”.

KaziraOrphansGraceKyomugisha Bounce back and shout joy
Grace Kyomigisha from Kazira Orphanage. A place where “Everyone Is A Star”. Everyone has a dream. All work together in achieving these dreams

To bounce back and shout for joy is a winning goal.

Further more you could learn how to win in life, and teach others. You win when you keep positive aspirations in your heart, and keep pursuing positive goals.

When you are adding value to someone’s life you are contributing to that person’s life in a meaningful way. This enrichment process is a two way process.

Committees though are there to create a guideline of behaviour, practices, emergency responses, while also setting out guidelines for supportive actions within the overall program. Using the United Nations yearly celebration lists was a tactic often used in our planning.Along with the international, national, state and regions, district and other unit meetings activities planned and supported schedules. At the other end were the youth members, and the adult members progressional approaches to gaining enjoyment from the programs we offered. Should there be qualification purposes then these adjustments were incorporated into the overall planning procedures and time lines. Effectively there was a anything from a twenty year plan of action on a national level where major changes were being brought in. A five year plan in effect on a district level. And a three year plan on a unit level.

Bounce back and shout for joy at the smiles

The members at a lower age group could absorb what are we doing next week in their everyday lives. Add to that what big thing or an activity are we doing this term or month.

Adding value to someone’s life is essential was easier when the child smile just beamed out of their whole being. All those countless hours that went into the making of that one little innocent smile just melted away. Honestly all you could do was literally bounce back and shout for joy.

When you are there , physically in the presence of such an energy lifter is one thing. When you are sitting in front of a computer screen sorting out how to turn that whole lot of work into making money online forget it. Money does not compute. People turn off at the suggestion.

Untitled Bounce back and shout joy
Are you game enough to risk your a change with your comfort zone? Watch these resources to find out!
With social value added you can bounce back and shout for joy

Instead of money factors give the social value. Write the bounce back and shout for joy experiences. In this case the child’s smile . This is something that people both on and off the Autism Spectrum may not get right away. For me I was so use to writing reports I simply wrote reports. Recently I saw one from 2010. I wanted to cry. The report was analytical. I could not even read past the second paragraph. And I wrote it.

Well you have read this post this far. Thank you. The difference in writing styles was shown to me by my mentor within the Six Figure Mentors. Each small step gained there was something else to add. Looking back it seems that within a short period of time the interest diverted into using the GrahixCreator and adding visuals all around the web.This did not matter as these actions were all part of the sales funnel story. So I found out later. By then the sharing patterns were set.

Hear us now as we bounce back. Shout for Joy. And simply smile.
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Simply had I known what I have been shown through the upskilling, training and yes the Mentoring life building the communities would have been far more in the present..

Oh I’m including a simple report for all those emails I never knew how beneficial they were to have on hand from each participant, interested person and even supporters. Enjoy the read as now you too may choose to bounce back and shout for joy.

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