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Struggling with seeing the attitude of people in employers shoes is that as long as  autism under the radar everything is alright continues. With so many people looking for some business who understands and accommodates some aspect of Autism so that they may allow you to gain employment employers simply had the upper hand.

Traditional education became costly in more than just course costs. Family time depleted. Travel costs went up. Work hours shrunk. Technology had crept into even the basic of jobs. For instance to access a dump truck at 1am in the morning during a thunderstorm to access the cab of a truck hit the key ring and the computer thousands of kilometers away will do the job for you.

Gradually government reach in communities left. Leaving the what is known as “Autism under the radar.” Government and agency resources  were underserved in populations that are struggling with Autism Under the Radar“.

Change Autism Under the radar direction

Visualize knocking the Autism Under the radar out of the picture by becoming self sufficient.  Choose one thing , something you really want to explore or relearn to learn. Something you can take where ever there is the internet, a passion,  the device to share that passion and people to respond to what you do.. Within this post the example used is the writing of blog posts. Just writing a post is never enough. well check into see include how the blog post take you further towards your vision.

Writing blog posts is an art.  One that some people take to like ducks to water.  While with others time seems to allow slow progressive learning and relearning. People either like it, avoid it. Or  learn to like and appreciate the end results, while seeing the wonderpus improvements. Third category sounds very familiar.

Like any skill creating a blog post that fits the needs of the people looking for the information is one thing.  Getting it to the readers is another section.

When writing a blog post there are three noted points

There are three truly amazing things about writing a blog post.

The first this about writing a blog post is that there is proof that people do take on the big boys and rank right there above them in the search engines.  The world over. Be aware of Panda and Penguin.  And Hummingbird. They may not like your posts in the beginning may not appreciate what it is that takes you past everyone else.  Raising your message to the top of the ‘food chain” to the place the world over where everyone sees you are the authority in your field.

The second is that what this does is gets what you are saying out there.

The third that although there are so many conflicting emotions, concepts and actions as you shed the weight of the world and just get on with your vision isolation is not a means to get this vision achieved.

Which of course flies in the face of being Autistic!  The very meaning of the word Autism is: Isolated.

That is the point : Choice.  One word.  Many directions.  Numerous outcomes.

With Autism Under the radar its time for family take overs

When people type into the search bar things that people with Autism can do from home… and then narrow that inquirry down even further there is a heap of inflammation out there. The question is not what is out there, but what is it you, or the person you are looking for, passionate about!  Start from that point.  Work outwards. Yes work, as in make actions through through belief.

Meeting people, taking on new experiences can be especially intimidating for any person.  Those within the Autism Spectrum definitely so.  Therefore it is acknowledged there are variables to consider apart from those mentioned below. Should you be looking for more information make contact through here.

so0000071-400x247 autism under the radar

This post is about the direction people find to help them achieve the things they take action on.  Two examples are used. Both a motor bike visualization and the other through an actual  visual metastory.

People online have long ago been aware of the 4 to 1 ratios that exist behind the scene.  So it’s no surprise to hear the reemergence of this information.  In practice  one blog post written just means there is a lot of back work to do.

When people come through whatever learning process they are going through they want to practice.  Society is conditioned on getting things right.  Take a drivers licence.  Lessons start long before the picking up if a book that has the rules and regulations behind the meaning of everything.  Risk takers would jump onto a motorbike and get cracking learning the rules later.  That is in the old days when the local police man knew what you were up to and quietly spoke to kith and kin.   Should that approach not work then when he caught you the book was thrown at you.

Probably cause of all the writing back at the office they had to do to justify their next promotion when numbers counted.

Challenge your Autism. Under the radar is expanding.

breakfreeofthefearorrunwithit-400x240 autism under the radar
Break Free of the FEAR mindset that is For Ever After Running. Or just run with the Other one

Now many people dream of being on that motorbike. Is that idea included on the bucket listed as the  “Riding free into the sunset” experience. What’s happened to knowing just what it takes to set everything in motion?

The picture of a specific motorbike, cut out of bike magazines and collaged around the house.  The list of specific details that are written on just about every surface of the walls around you. Notes on dimensions, quality control, helmet and riding boots.  Licence requirements.  A trip or three of where that bike is taking you.  What your packing.  Who your visiting.  The local and other towens bike ring calendar of events.  Like events and bike shows.

You literally living that vision. In the total belief that everything on that list has been completed.

Sticky notes work well.  Drawing of pictures hang on the wall also serve the same for very visual people.

Thing is a dream is a vision without a date.  This is one visual example of a meta story draw in 2016 when I came home from Down Under Brisbane Momentum Day in 2016.

  1. Myself sitting on a rock, absorbing and enjoying the new memories the time line was three years from the date of the Momentum Day Mediation.  So that makes it 2019 DownUnder Momentum Day. The backpack of past memories acknowledged, learnt from, known to be of the past.  The belief is knowing that Would I do this again: Yes.  Was it all worth it: Yes. The trees standing straight and tall interpreted and many people within my direct circle of influence. Also back up through what someone else stated around 2000.
  2. On my wall there is a picture of three main things.  One is speaking tours re using Susan Lewis Autistic Online and Loving IT [ Information Technology] so that a movement belief that Autism As A Gift is actioned to its fullest potential within less than five years. [ Specific Overview time dated: 24:55 31st December 2023].
  3.  There are the angels drawn that look like birds flying.  These are self explanatory and have already happened. May have worn them out though so think they are looking for a rest.:)
  4. There is one rather strange long legged quirky bird.  No matter how I tried to recreate this creature the wing was broken.  The shape of an upside down heart was there.The wing may have been broken but the heart was not completely ripped into shreds.  It was like the bird was trying and could not fly. So many colors bright and beautiful all through and around that bird.

The picture was only meant to have three things drawn into it.  That bird would made an appearance and stayed put!  Like I referred to the dream is a dream is a vision without a date. A personal belief is that with meta-stories they are strong. Very strong.  To specifically identify and then bind a person within a meta story is like entrapment.  So I drew the flying birds and they looked like angels.

Autism Under the radar Just Got Sprung!

As this post winds up one thing to remember with Autism under the radar is “Make your vision to Be Seen”.  With the vision firmly believed in the focus on the direction your life’s path is going towards is where your attention is.  The taking of action starts right next breath.  As you grab the idea that has just zoomed over the brain and is there to catch.

SusanLewisandLogo autism under the radar
Press this picture to find out more about “Susan Lewis.”

Catch hold of your life, your successes, the fulfillment  and happiness that is your duty to have and your obligation to the people in your life who have helped your succeeded. Most of yourself for being so brave to have continued through, right through.  Each step along the way the success you reach is your privilege to include others with. Just as writing and publishing this post on Autism Under The radar has been a pleasure to bring to you.


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