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Encounter another attitude to living life

Drill Narrow and Deep attitude to living life in the clouds is commonly encountered.

Popular Mechanics tell us that to drill super straight hole in objects you position the drill bit tight into the corner of the jig and bore your hole. That like a drill press you can set the depth of the hole and change the angle of attack.

This statement now makes sense as just recently the dead bolt key went missing. Before going to Brisbane Momentum Day the room was locked. The key safety away and off on the yearly adventure momentum day city exploration I went. Arrived back home and no key to be found to the locked room.

I-callenge-me Attitude to living life
The power of the future is an awesome force to be activated. Start now.

A drill was used to break the lock and yet the lock still heald. Until the angle of the bore changed. Not through the door knob but through the actual place where the locking device was housed.

Exploration of  attitude while living life became fun.

SBLBootcampaq-80x100 Attitude to living life
Go ahead. Set new goals with a specific purpose in mind.

Bootcamp is like that. Organisational skills were regained as supported within a community I was able to “explore myself.”  Many actions and reactions drilled narrow, yet deep. At multiple depths and using multiple angles.  Bootcamps are designed to change and open a person up to new ways of looking at the world around you.  And this one really did just that with regards to Autistic people and business or committees.

With a total loss of memory left over a truck impacted in 1991 my brain was up to the point where it needed a challenge.  That challenge was to find out who I actually was.  From there where was I going with my life rather than just floating from one experience through another.

Changed attitude. Living life after Bootcamp

At first the bootcamp course did not matter where the ‘figurative holes’ were drilled. Memories either escaped or took shelter once again. Sometimes the memories were just under the surface or hidden deeply. Drilling long holes in the clouds of the past can be tricky because the drill bit wanders and you come up in the wrong place that actually is the right place to be in at that moment in time.

SusanLewisandLogo-100x100 Attitude to living life
Build awareness about change as you read Susan’s about me page

Yet making that decision to proceed through the modules was a secondary one based on my own need… one of having an attitude to living life knowing myself.  That was one of my own experiences.  What wild ones will an experience like this be for you?

Just in case you missed that change attitude to living life it’s right here.

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