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Learning, sharing and inspiring for many may be an easy choice, hard situation. You can change and add to the life you lead right now. Remembering that if this change was easy, then many others would be doing this process also. Within this post there are some ideas of how to better start today.  Remembering it’s much harder to build out life on the sturdy rock. But there sure are dividends along the way.

Now_Try_This_One_2 an easy choice hard situation

The ideas are ones that I, Susan Lewis, have been doing for years with the planning, development and actualization of the activities the children of the district and I chose to work together with and for.  Sure it took time, effort and energy.  Guidance and overall supervision.  Noted that what you best do with others you do with yourself as well.

So many wonderful people and ideas out there. Always striving for a challenge. Be open to learning new things.
It’s much harder to build a life on a sturdy rock. It takes sacrifice, persistence, patience, humility, love and faith.

Shot time sacrifice. Long term value.  Focus on playability during down time and in routine places.

In the most distant future people bring forward what the imagination sees. Sit down with pencil and paper. Choose three things. say health, personal and business. Find a paper and pencils. Within these three categories draw where you are at this point. Then draw where you are three years from now.

what_if_you_fly_my_darling an easy choice hard situation

What is happening is the right side of the brain is equalizing the left side of the brain. Why is this important. The left side is the one screeching at you with fear and trepidation. The right side is the creative side. The right side is gagging the left sides noise out so that the future will open the doors to become truth.

SusanLewisandLogo an easy choice hard situationHave a terrifically uplifting dayAdd colour and texture to the “future” picture. The one you own. The one that is happening at your fingertips.


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