Tracking your HOT [Help On Tracking] URLGen erated Links

What about tracking apps and tools the micro-business needs?

Reading about tracking apps and their use is way to find out what affiliate marketing systems are all about. The process includes actions being made resulting in those actions being tracked. Tracked because  ‘cookies’ have been encoded into what ‘Hot Links ” were sent out.

Businesses, corporations, newsletter creators, affiliate marketer’s, all need to know about tracking apps. These tools and apps mostly need to be personally purchased, practiced, and trained with. Unless you have direct access to a team of personal coding and programmers.

Still, if you did not have all the tools, the understanding with or how to action these applications the results become hard to measure and to judge.It helps to have access to the integrative  tool sets, knowing what works, and what does not, assists campaign decisions.

Tracking-your-hot-links-stacked-books-400x364 About Tracking Apps
Tracking your hot URLgen erated links with TidyURL as a complementary resource. Enjoy the use ofTidyURL.

Maybe that makes me a bit biased towards a company that supplies everything that is needed to drive the traffic towards ‘high commission sales!’  Think about it!

So far, in the fifteen years on the Internet, this is the only set of marketing applications and tools, I have found fully compatible with one another.  Unlike other companies the big bonus is that you still get to keep the links that come through your hard work.  Therefore, you can choose how and what you are going to market through your list.

Yes. There is a cost to the tracking apps and tools!

These tools are ‘Under One Roof’. Tailor-made to work in conjunction with the demands placed upon them.

On a personal note, I have been testing these to the maximum.  Whenever there is a hitch, the fix-it time is terrific, and things are up and running again shortly after due to a terrific ‘fix it’ team.

However, there are complimentary ones like I started with. Had a lot of fun, actually, really creative fun with. Learning more about tracking apps with each use.  So much so that this is true:  here’s to moving forward with a lot more confidence with

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 About Tracking Apps
Welcome . About tracking Apps… enjoy this resource.

knowing your end results are well worth it.

Now, knowing how to use, and about tracking apps in general has been a terrific complement towards that alternative digital lifestyle arriving sooner.


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