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Why Look a gift horse in the mouth when you have a tracking gift to share?

To have access to a tracking gift to share is a huge bonus. Should your viewers decide they really would like this complimentary gift then when they hit the link at the bottom of the page fill in the box there [ looks like this one] accept the seven

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A Tracking Gift for solutions RIGHT here

videos and receive the tidyURL as a

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Thanks to another tool called the GraphixCreator the free gift of the TidyURL link shortener is presented by clicking the note under the picture “Look 4 solutons – Join Today”

It really is that simple!!!

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So many of us know the feeling of “Why bother with all the tracking stuff.  living to wonder why they listened to the voice whispering….”You’ll remember what post in whichever campaign you are currently creating. After all the information is here today and gone tomorrow.”  This answer is not right.  We all found that out at some stage.

Especially if you are new to marketing… even if you want to know the letters or posts sent to family members have been opened. If you’re in charge of newsletters getting to carers… just another thought for the use of the tracking side of theTidyURL.

TidyURL is a multi-dimensional form of tracking.

At the end of 2014, I replied to a tweet.  Only to get a comes back that the tweet was sent out in January 2012..  Yet that information in 100 characters was still out there and floating about into the search engines [ where I found it] and twitter accounts [where it was replied back through].

While talking to the original author of that tweet the comment was made that the tweet had traveled far and wide.  Many people had responded.TidyURL is a multidimensional form of tracking just right for tracking those wondering tweets.

Imagine had that tweet been part of your branding campaign.  Just 100 characters traveling the world endlessly sending people your way!

Here is just some of what you can do with TidyURL.

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Presenting the complementary TidyURL The WordPress Link Management Plugin displayed as a CD case

Ever come across those annoying URLs that just will not fit on one line and stay within a box?  Using this plugin you have control over how long your URL is going to be.  Added to this you also have the ability now to keep a track of how many people are “actioning” your URL they have now found. Again very handy for marketing purposes.

Using the redirect and permanently direct to facilities again assists with the re-writing the insanity of the net’s messy data filing system. Cloaking the URL allows for various uses of the same URL.

For the pro users, there is also the Social Bar facility which hovers over your page or post and directs people to your social sites or a particular page or post.  Depending how you have this set up in the widget or as you use the TidyURL redirected link you create.


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May your day be beautiful.  With your marketing results to follow suit.

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Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett.

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