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Did you know that in history many inventors passed away leaving the world a dream creation that investors would give their eyes teeth for and that no one knew what to do with it just lying around? Did you know that in today’s digital age the same things are happening?  Did you know the what is usable today is obsolete in one days time?

Imagine if there was a system where today’s lessons and skills were able to be builton upon, regularly updated where the members can spend time getting to know w the basics, complimenting them.  Making muck ups.  Have a support network of like people to talk and discuss all manner of updates and actions.

The target was to have a dream creation created, published

and handed in.


Learnandtraindistpliedonipod-400x267 A Dream Creation And A Comment For Your Focus
Updating skills and knowledge challenges? Fill in some spaces with updated Training, Marketing, and Lead Generation Methods. And so much more is thrown in as bonuses as well.


As October 2014 began to meet September panic was in the air.  Where was the “focus” everyone needed to do, have done and

presented by now? Now the time between starting the Six Figure Mentors BootCamp in May and Actually finishing it was getting ridiculous. Nearly four months had crept by.  And yet the Business Consultant was fantastic.  The thing was, having made the appointment do you think I could find the actual date to cancel it with.

Just was not going to appear.  My fear of failing I was panicking.

Literally “not seeing the wood for the trees”. Someone could have taken me into the Australian Bush where the loggers have just cleared the coup and I would have sworn there were still trees about!  Probably as the loop of fear was just running out of control!  Having experienced the whole gambit of emotions what was I going to do?  At that point in my life, the stress and anxiety factors were such that Autistic meltdowns were a daily occurrence.    Great! As the High Functioning Autism was ready in conflict with the Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome factors that I was dealing with.

Actually as these two mentally fought it out, I just kept falling to sleep.  An already familiar occurrence with the Autistic ‘Overload’ switch tripping. Something that I was regularly doing since October 19th, 2012. Yip this body of mine would just plain close down of its own accord. The attempt to heal.  And back I would go again into the BootCamp.

Focusanddreamonthebeach A Dream Creation And A Comment For Your Focus



SixFigureMentorsman A Dream Creation And A Comment For Your Focus
Introducing the Six Figure Mentors through here

Having found your focus.

You, like myself and many others, can move through into the community.  Participate in the other learning levels. Have fun with the Six Figure Mentor community challenges as your knowledge, abilities and understanding of marketing, in general, and particularly Affiliate Markets is put into practice. Unlike many places of learning, this one gives out the same as it gets back.  Meaning if you are interested in videos then there is the theory – adapted to your level or intended level.  More importantly though is the support, conversation and friendship that one receives behind the doors of the Digital Business Lounge. The Six Figure Mentors side of things you have already partially experienced as you progressed through the Bootcamp.

or this one

Find out more: HIT here 

A bit obvious I want your attention just then right.

Did I get your action?   I see you on the other side then, will I not!

In total, the 6figurementors BootCamp was worth every muttered word, shed a tear and the warnings of the sleep alarm. To actually have A Dream Creation has given me that focus my Autistic creative, self-needed, and still does,  to this day, every day of my life.

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Susan Lewis here. I will see you on the other side 

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