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Electricity About To Happen

Would You Run From The Electricity About To Happen?

Move Aside. The time Electricity About To Happen is alive wire connection

The absolute value of electricity about to happen is stunning. People, animals, insects, reptiles, even the trees, flowers and everything around you becomes still. Paused and ready to disappear at a shirt moments notice.

Yet electricity is a magnificent force. When there is a thunderstorm, the mighty big lightning bolts flash across the sky. Simply little static electrons rubbing as these electricians orbit around each others path. Like dodgem cars drive by hyperactive party-goers there will be clashes and colliding moments.

In this post, Susan Lewis explains the opportunity cost of experiencing that personal electricity about to happen once again in her life.

Touchpoints With Electricity about to happen

Electricity presents itself as only a sudden, massive surge of electricity as it leaps between the celestial sky and the ground beneath it.

Sometimes the wonder of this flashpoint can be a bit too near. Other times there is a tingling effect. The electrifying awareness that something somewhere is about to happen.

Feel the electricity about to happen

Wild animals know it’s about to happen. Hence the stillness in the bush. Birthing mothers experience the full effect as often these build ups result in the birth of their child. Nikola Tesla who brought electricity generation and innovatively transmission very practical. Plus definitely inexpensive into this world was born during the big electrical thunderstorm.

The awareness of people though usually lasts just a very short time. Empaths have a longer, but still an individual limited personal time of awareness. Some are aware of the build-up for years before. They are watchers. While others just sense that it’s about to happen.

Precursor for the electricity about to happen

Stand outside, in that still air long enough that the skin feels like the hair follicles are standing on end and the electron particles are signaling to the lightening you are ready and waiting to ‘assist them’ to earth.

This is where the triboelectric series comes into play. When dealing with people the static electricity factor Critical point

Scientifically this view of how static electricity works was widely accepted before 2010. Now it’s been discovered that the old wives tales were possibly correct. The irons and chemical processes within our bodies often collide. That collision has now been revealed to cause static electricity.

Determining the effect in our daily lives when there is someone you are to meet, yet neither are ready or know just what is about to happen, those jagged bits need a little sanding down. The absolute value of electricity about to happen maybe for other reasons. Some people need to meet, be smoothed just so another person may be accepted close to them, Alternatively, an investment in time, learning, education or just themselves to connect them to business venture can about to enter their life.

Be aware of the electricity about to happen

Opportunity Cost has absolute value. In a human-potential human relationship are fragile at the best of times. It’s possible to have a relationship that sparkles, shimmers, emits energy and flashes of electricity just with a smile. The alpha and Omega are there between the couple. A bond is so beautiful that people are aware of the electricity before each person walks in the room.

What’s funny is that when your lifestyle is such that you are out of your comfort zone and you are experiencing people seeing this alive energy around you there is no such thing as STATIC anything. Your whole life lights up.

Was it worth experiencing this when in England at Momentum Day? The answer is yes. Would Susan have traveled to different places to experience this again and again? Yes.

The question for you is would you have a driving push to get out of a comfort zone and do what needs to be done in order to experience the changes that came through going to these different momentum days?



Blog Website Slowly

Amazingly To start a blog website slowly became easier.

However, to actually start up a blog, write on it then post what was created was just a little bit harder. Susan has nearly always was camera shy. Susan still is camera shy. Place her behind the camera in a strange town and no one gets in the way of that shoot. She will be their hundreds of clicks on that button later until the ‘perfect one has been captured’

It’s True that Susan soon realized that blog hosting platforms were terrific. Specifically, as long as that was all you wanted for them. They were fine about placing their adds on your website though. Just not the other way around. Then there were those invitations to upgrade and continue to do so.

Develop Your Own Blog Website Slowly

Explore online and find hosting advice that points you through to a 2019 review of the best hosting places. Naturally, WordPress is the platform the standing font of face companies are using. Which leads to checking the monthly rates. Hosting, secured site, domain reregistration, domain hosting Repeat forever dot come.

Years ago an employer had shown Susan How to place an invisible uniform around here. This simply means there was a clock covering the introverted person. A shield of armor for all Autistic Introverted people. By default, once the ‘on’ button was activated Susan Could do anything she wanted too. Including talk to strangers. So taking the plunge in went Susan. Oh boy, what a learning field had just got started.

Problem was this literally was just the start.

The websites were in actual fact one website with subdomains attached to a free blog area. Blog [ now blogger] was different. Each of these could freely be created. Then hosted on Google’s massive servers.

Whichever way that was gone into in the 2005’s and onwards the tools available were either so secret or just not yet invented.

So as a newbie and doing this for a voluntary organization while experience needed the education to use Susan went back to school. The travel was three hours one way and if she missed the first pick up the bus back the travel time was five hours. Between a family to raise and the children’s father s after work speaking activities plus the further education on his part……

There was not much extra time to be had.

Time was more precious than the capital to invest.

What was being actively sort for was “education. “

Up to date in the now constantly changing online environment. Anything to actually keep up with what was happening out there in online mad mayhem.

All the how too’s were just, and only just, being created overseas. That made sense. The big multinational companies were based overseas.

What eventuated were more female logic programs. Things like facebook and Pinterest Where visuals were the up and coming next big thing. Visuals, for instance, were easier to follow those words based descriptions when you were visually dominated.

So what was the secret to Susans recovery

Being a female brain in a male-dominated world the reading available did not make sense. Add to this recovering from deep Post Traumatic Shock threw many spanners in the works.

What Susan found was a group of people who challenged her mind, That everything starts from one choice is amazing. To this to have had to happen an invitation was sent from a friend online. However, Susan nearly missed her invitation in the email box. That’s why your invitation is just behind the teal green and blue button just below here. Simply push, fill out the details and there is a really valuable time-saving video series.

Experiment how do you start your own website to create your own blog

Thank you, Pinterest for the pictures. Youtube for the glorious set of videos. And thanks be for the communities such as this online education community. Would Susan recommend it for introverts who happen to be somewhere on their post-traumatic pathway? You bet she would.

Start My Own Blog Site Slowly and know what you are doing setting up a blog

Further Introvert and Shy to choose from

TRUST Matter Of A Personal Choice

The Truth Is That T.R.U.S.T is simply a matter of personal choice.

TRUST Is Simply A Matter Of A Personal Choice

-TRUST Matter Of A Personal Choice

First of all to be creative you really need to either a) practice your own version of out of the box thinking and then go and just go break all the rules anyway.

b) be in an environment that celebrates “mistakes” as a pathway for moving forward.

Hello, my name is Susan Lewis. In this post, you have already been introduced to the concept of TRUST. What was found to be fascinating were three different, yet the same, acronyms for the word TRUST. What was found funny has been the TRUST factors headed to over the years of creatively being somewhere on the Autism Spectrum.

The level of trust is earned.

Be aware that people make assumptions. Oh, your a visual thinker, therefore, mathematics is for someone good enough to understand that a bix has another three sides you cannot see. When you are stuck in a box, and you finally become aware of the fact, the sides being something you are really well aware of, the perception of who you are ultimately gets changed.

Employers are different!

Yes, the perception there is whatever you create is theirs. At home, out of the classroom, and in the community, you represent either the best [ often not quite the worst] of the employer.

a matter of "T.R.U.S.T" could be The Route U Should Take! that turns into "This Route U Start Taking"
Are you keeping your family is a hole?

Then you get comfortable.

Suggest new topics of conversation around the work area. Propose new systems and ultra-new processes that are designed to promote new increases in production. Just not at the expense of the worker’s morale

For instance, manually loading-trucks calls for skill. The dangerous part is when the heat increases. On the production line fast-moving items whizz past. And the temperature climb.

Put forth the suggestion that the company has a drink in bottles given out over the hottest two months of the year – the reaction will come to you as a company cost-saving measure.

Increases in productivity and efficiency are going through the roof. So too are the profit margins.

Down goes the morale.

The bosses may not be the fault. The creativity may have gone from the middle management years ago. They are there, after all, to listen to the boss, and do the bosses work for them.

The boss needs to appease the shareholders.

Try a creatively different approach. Create a family-based community. The clearest practical explanation could be a matter of “T.R.U.S.T”

Brilliant Solution: family-based community activities

Take the time, find creative gumption to think outside the box. Master the courage to play to your families own tune. Be creative, with extra that extra zappy sparkle. The family is the stake-holders now. What progress is made does have an effect on their situation.

Reach a goal – celebrate – go out for dinner.

Should you enjoy increasing the community awareness activities -then simply offer to share, share and share some more. Be checky. Just as the workers, owners and even other patrons to make comments on that post.

Of course, there is a need to have tracking on everything that is shared. This way there is a much clearer indication as to which people re attracted top the way your family presents the information. Which medium used goes best with what crowd.

Change your family-based business ideas into a community structure

And should it take you to remove the crucial part of one system to make your system work then do so? Wake up to the truth. That there is a desire to be creative and inspired. Make your own videos. Develop online banners from scratch. Even go further and together create the business type you want to with the education, community and know-base resources.

Now you can see your own boxes, escape from them.

TRUST in what you are doing. There are two options with TRUST.
1) The Route U Should Take!

Better yet B) “The Route You Are Shown … Take. No matter as this route you are taking is a TRUST matter of a personal choice

To trust and be trusted are two different things
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