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Building Autistic Communities – Sharing Information About Building Autistic Communities

Sharing Information About Building Autistic Communities has particular energy directed through it. Often people are placed in the situation of advise giving, which is fine. However, have they lived in other people’s shoes. No! They may have walked a similar path though. That life experience is usually hidden in shame or confusion. Would anyone actually believe them if they were told about how the person actually survived these chilling times?

Susan Lewis Marketing will ReachOut to people who feel lost in the world. Opening them up to "internet opportunities." SusanLewisisOnline
The swam has particular significance to Susan Lewis

When Susan Lwwios started in the community she is in it was 2014 July. Soon after Susan asked to be shown how to create a website. At this time Susan had been used to using and sharing what was created on Blogs through other platforms.

Had even created websites in a generic sense via WordPress before. The system has thankfully changed since WordPress arrived on the scene in the early to mid 2000’s. There was a lot to learn and still learn.

Fast forward to 2019 and it’s mid-year. The logo created by Susan in 2014 has unsettled her. Although the Rainbow was then significant as it represents a promise. And promises are made to be kept. There has been world acceptance of the rainbow for other international organizations. Add to this are the significant changes in Susan’s personal world.

Susan had to relearn to learn. The post-traumatic shock had arrived big times after the truck plowed into the vehicle. End result of 31 years of memories had gone out the window. Everything had to be relearned by choice.

Having spent twenty other years pre-computer time in two communities that where reading was not encouraged the communication between members of a community, family and general business was appalling. Paper newsletter was tucked into bags. Not read as parents could not read… especially of the newsletter was not passed on.

Communicating with the parents needed a direct input. Phones were used. it was just a matter of expense and time allotments. Frustration rained.

Then came the emails to parents, community members, and interested parties. Things were much easier.

Skip a few years. The emails in bulk idea had arrived. Bliss is the autoresponder. See the side panel here to register or follow the link in here.

Life became a heck of a lot more simpler suddenly… once the basics were applied to the communications. No longer tiresome but extremely fun People like yourself get the email and I get a few hours up my sleeve.

But back to the Logo. All this change and acceptance of the changes within myself came to a point the other day. No longer able to settle for the old logo created in 2014 a new one was needed. Deeply needed to reflect a significant change within myself.

There was an opportunity cost effect flow on. The choice though was that there was fun creating something that was personal. The love of the swan came through after seeing these serene birds all around ‘the England’ that I visited in the early part of 2019. This one bird also represents a “Move Over I am Here part of the attitude that suddenly appeared on arriving back to Australia.

There was a simple font called Avenue. The “S”: within that looked like a swan. It hit home the changes that had occurred. Although nothing was the same, nor would ever be again, the person that was found has now been recognized and accepted by myself. That person is M.E.> The sum of all ‘M’y ‘E’xperiences.

Welcome to Susan Lewis Is Online – The place where information is to be available for families whose members need to form a family-based community of their own while helping [read investing their time, health, skills, and talents etc] those on the Autism Spectrum – primarily post-Traumatic Shock Syndrom – d-PTSS

Action that Graphix Promise

The whole idea behind when you make a Graphix promise and keep it is related to you here, in this post, by Susan Lewis.

With this post, Susan Lewis takes you through a few significant steps with her own Graphix promise. The initial one as you will read was made a few generations ago.  Initially, the Graphix Promise was to “use the pictures on a computer screen” that was tucked away in a friends main homeschool room. In 2014 the Graphix Promise changed into being able to create these Graphix. Now a third Grahix Promise has been achieved. Most of these stages had become a part of the digital marketing course that the graphix promise bloomed through. Read on to see the story illustrated.

ClipArt Change the virtual reality world

That single promise was first thought of way back in 1991 when Susan first came across ClipArt viewed on a small DoS screen in Bendoc. Officially classed as being in the isolated Victorian Mountain Range [Australia].

To homeschool, her children at the time meant many’line art’ drawings from magazines or books were recreated. Cut out and stuck in school projects. A few years later entered the frustrations that went with photocopying newsletters.

SusanLewisMarketing-ExploreTheVirtualHouse Traits from The Autism SpectrumVirtually the newsletters of today are of the online variety. Yes to the elimination of pieces of sticky tape and glue. Borderlines of one piece of paper on another. The use of whiteout paint in bucket-fulls has been eliminated.

Digital marketing fundamentals and banners are still strong

From 2014 the first logo was created. Actually, as a graphic creation tool, this one just had been updated and was in Beta testing mode.  So experimentation was all the go. And did the learning curve becoe steep! The greater the use the safer things felt to learn more. So more things were experimented with. Learned about . Then implemented.

Defiantly one of the Autism Symptoms in adults is learning to interprets these ‘newer safety zones’ post-traumatic shock impresses on the subconscious mind of the recipient. Typically one of the best ‘energizers Susan found was the emotional satisfaction reward for her own behavior management pulls.

Relate the Graphix Promise to the re-learning curve.

The simplicity of this ‘pull’ was knowing the end graphix result would be worth the learning curve.

The learning curve was steep as this was really the first tool ‘played with.’ was fabulous. Gimp and three others were great. The experience was that what you learned off one you did on another.

The frustration was some graphix platforms ‘did not compute’ with the computer hosting one I like to use.

The Graphix Promise of Visual power is to be seen.

Overall there’s power in visuals. Its a quiet and subtle one. The call to action is directed by the eye. The one remembered was a dog asleep. Nothing spectacular but look closely and the call to action was the food bowl. Empty. With the brand name sitting on the packet next to the bowl. Even describing this that picture is right there in front of you. When you are familiar with dog food in packets on the shop shelf what colored one did you see in the empty dog bowl suggestion just now?

Dog, or not, the next time you are at a shop subconsciously there you are noticing dog food in packets remember the post you have just read. The power of visuals has a strong pull.

Respect the graphix promise as you use the tool.

So, Susan found that the first logo was all about the promise of understanding both herself. Through understanding herself, Susan understood also what was happening within her life. At times the use of the graphix created filled in the yearning to have simple beauty in place.

A myriad of rainbow promises where everyone was a star occurred. Creating the graphic needed to share quotes, to take the time to create ‘Moving Forward” statements in the form of front covers for the platforms.

Research, then implement the micro-used, very impactful Search Engine Optimizations skills of just these visuals. The same ones that literally built the bridge between sinking, or walking over the troubled waters.

Susan chose to get creative.

The situation is one where there were no local offers of support.

All the carefully created support offered by agencies dealt with the opposite situation that Susan’s family member found themselves in. End result was enforced isolation from the life that had been outgoing, had social and employment responsibilities and was lived before.

“Do the work.’ Find something worthwhile to loose yourself in. Totally enjoy yourself.  Susan found creative release here.

Actually, a virtual community of people who utilized the tools sets was there. The common denominator was what, and how to use these tools in order to create : Used The GraphixCreator to make Susan Lewis Marketing Banner. NowReachOut. Find Susan Lewis Marketing for your Affiliate Marketing education, training, toolsets while the development of the family-based community develops

Creative Graphix promise has a force of its own

So you can learn to do what becomes a creative force within you. That learning became a connection with pencils and paper at one stage. Traveling around became videos and photographs. Along with the pencils and paper. That stuff that starts to become locked up within you, the things that embarrass other people who are now awkward in your company, as you are flying against the deeply held views that people have grown comfortable by.

Just go in, use the tools, answer or ask questions. Click off. Come back again and again. You are welcome.

You are what you choose to accept.

Choose to be known for the fact you action your talents and gifts.

That you are known for what you do, not what is happening around you, my friend, is so powerful to someone who finds that there is a community that’s personal comments are outcome-based is remarkable.

In this case, it’s all about how you tackled that Graphix outcome to get the visual result.

ReachOut to Susan Lewis
Susan Lewis

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Traits from The Autism Spectrum

Traits from The Autism Spectrum – Work With The traits from the Autism Spectrum

It is strange , but then again not so particular. Sometimes these transition from the Autism Spectrum come home and bite you. That is  until you either remove their influences or just work within them, to obtain the better way of doing things.

These two extreme components separated are by their own different variables. Activated according to the intricate position of things between whichever extreme triggers points are activated today – unless you consciously override that behavior acceptance mindset pattern.

Take for instance what Susan Lewis has been doing for the last seventeen months. Late in December 2017, Susan decided enough was enough with this site. There were things that needed fixing. And even though the opportunity cost financially considered a was a high-risk aversion tactic Susan decided to go against the flow. Instead, she set out to find out for herself what was not working. Then share constructively that information.

The result has turned out that with a load more information at her fingertips several gaps in the framework were found. Therefore there were two basic choices. Ignore the gaps…. or build a structure between the edges and simply go on forward from that point. Basically both these methods were consciously acted upon until the answers were there. Tangible actions were completed.

Every day there was a Voila moment … Something suitable, pleasing and definitely workable for Susan to know the need was being fulfilled. Was happening on a day by day discovery path

Three step pathway

Largely there now is a three-way division between two principle areas and an added bonus.

Firstly there are family-based communities that just want to utilize the integrated toolsets. Say to create a load of family photos and share these on the net. Different quotes, funny happenings, stories, videos, and what has happened to or at the meet and greats. Maybe to make a banner, or logo for a family event or the header all through the media “real estate” that is being established.

As an instance this link of Susan lewis Is Online. A place where Susan gradually goes over the different things online that are able to be done. One topic at a time that has started with what’s behind using the Twenty-Sixteen theme on WordPress.

Susan Lewis Marketing will ReachOut to people who feel lost in the world. Opening them up to internet opportunities.SusanLewisisOnline Included are the topics like creating a banner, using different pictures, making videos and other visual bits and pieces.

Susan Lewis Marketing will ReachOut to people who feel lost in the world. Opening them up to internet opportunities. SusanLewisisOnline

Start by sharing with family

The family members that know the value and need to use the tracking, creative tools, create that blog that has all this on it.This link to the ultimate creator’s platform is available. Hit it.

Even if it’s only to check who has opened to read the family, or community, groups information that month.

People the world over-utilize the common platforms in the country they reside in. Some families have members in countries were the popular social media places in one country are not used in another country. With the medium of the internet, there must be some way to communicate at the push of one button. That is opened the world over in that persons real-time. While not having a hosting platform decide what a person wants to see and be apart of.

Follow the necessary steps

To use the next tool [below] the sender at least knows the relatives and interested community members are shown that they have a choice to see the email. The world over emails is at least received. Just check the alternative folders if you’ve missed one. Simply white list the emailers address so those emails are now received. To be updated and informed means you have opened, read and note the content in the emails. To be kept up to date open the emails daily.

At the beginning of this post, it was mentioned traits from the Autism Spectrum. It’s not so much that “everything” has to be perfect. But how do these things work? What happens once this is done. Will this banner fit into that area?

The answers came as opportunity costs challenges

The opportunity cost comes down to an investment in time. Plus the pleasure of doing the best with what creative talent. Use the tools that are here while stretching your own boundaries.

What used to really get to Susan was the amount of family or community members that stated… either “why didn’t you tell us that ” [When know you had] Or “I didn’t know this was happening”… when the newsletters you painstakingly created and printed went home. Later to be found in school bags or under beds of children.

It’s now known that the direct ‘person to person’ contact to those who needed to know would have been so much easier with emails. Especially with the tracked links within. Now you would know who had opened what, read through and clicked on the links.

Now came the automation connection

Something to know here that connects everything together is the autoresponder. Link here to Susans one that helps you Create An Online Autistic Community.

Susan Lewis Marketing [ this site] aim is to be there for people [ like you] who are actively looking for help with their marketing skills. People who are prepared to do the work within themselves. An active family team or by themselves, as themselves. People that both want, and need, the education behind the actions that they are taking. Add to this huge mindset growth openings as they travel through the different levels learning how and what to do with the business side of the community the family is developing. And for this, you connect into here –

Once you have added your name and email address check through the daily email series that Susan has been putting together for you. Open the links and find a world of information just waiting for you to connect with. Do the same with your interests. Just invite friends, relatives, co-workers and people that go to the same interest groups you attend to link up with you as you have with Susan Lewis.

Connecting, amplifying the result and utilizing these integrated toolsets has been so worthwhile that Susan Lewis definitely recommends its use.

Just Deal With It – Today Just Deal With It Ask For Support

Surprisingly it’s been repeated by people to just “deal with it!”

Then Surprise when the ‘benefactor of that advise’ reacts in an unthought of way!

Hello. In this ReachOut post, Susan Lewis shares a small part of a time of someone answered this way.  Unexpoectidlky out came a creative fulfillment… pictures

ReachOut To Susan Lewis - Online, Autistic and Loving IT.
ReachOut To Susan Lewis

There is a wide held belief that until you have paid back the universe the universe will keep dishing the same stuff your way. The payment may be for something that has been buried deep down in the subconscious. Covered over and has dust, cobweb’s and a few other optional extras there as well.

Something thinks it’s comfortable and does not want the change. Where we know that change is good. One change brings with it another change. Then the doors open.

More change is to come through.

At about this time some people feel the rising signs of panic, here comes a meltdown anxiety attack. The last thing you want to hear is “Deal With It!” even if it’s not outrightly stated.

Look at the term ‘responsibility’. Being responsible for what happens in your private life overflows into what happens within your public life. Online is public.

Example: Back-up everything you do online.

Pictures and all.  Back up to the cloud, extra USB’s and hardrives.

When writing a post you can check the automatic backups held for viewing. Also, back up the website. The Import/Export buttons are a real boon with this step. Also, the hosting platform ‘holds’ you content for a certain time in their ‘back storage room.” At least the company where mine is hosted does this for me. Thankfully.

Surprisingly it’s this security

… when the panic mode button is ‘red hot’ from my own doozies, panic written emails, and a few of my own choice words plus videos of what’s happened.

Therefore my “deal with it” has toned down to “Oh Heck! Hey, support people…. Help please.” Sure they will remind me to clear the cookies. While I do that they’re looking right into the world view that I need not even consider panicking over or doing.

ReachOut To Susan Lewis - Online, Autistic and Loving IT.
ReachOut To Susan Lewis

 That’s how I deal with it…

I contact the ultimate creator’s platforms support people.  Just as I did a few minutes ago.  My new Banner… I shrunk it.  I now have a button and not a banner.  MMMM I can use a great button.. Somewhere like in the autoresponder?

Meanwhile I’ve asked for help.  It could be that I’ve stored it somewhere or hit some button, or something.  The support is terrific

To choose to deal with what you don’t know today just hit scroll, and enter.

Have a look for yourself.  Start today to enter this area.