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Be Serious Change Your Lifestyle

Be Serious Change Your Lifestyle – Take Up The Challenge To Be Serious Change Your Lifestyle

Personal Challenges show you how to be ‘serious’. Change your lifestyle.  Bring in the challenges as a baseline. Keep one challenge at a time going while you open the mind to new possibilities, chosen pathways, and other ways to grow within yourself.

The logic behind this is that self-growth issues are targeting different lifestyle interruptions.

Susanlewis10 Be Serious Change Your Lifestyle

Hi, I am Susan Lewis.  “To change your life be serious about needing to change your lifestyle”. Sometimes people really need to be in a position just enough for one statement to hit home, penetrate the mind and turn on the light within.

For some reason, the idea of having lots of financial freedom was a foreign idea. However a life of freedom, self-reliance, and total control… now that was a different matter altogether. And that meant acceptance of lifestyle change.

Using well-entrenched blocking mechanisms towards change for one side were also blacking change for a better life. Now that awareness of these factors had crepted in the fourth attempt at sorting out a method of management was another bonus of setting about to finish the nine months that was taken to complete the seven-day boot camp offered through the Digital Marketing Mentors! Hearing of other starting after me and making an income made the determination to stick with this even greater. Sure there were ups, there were downs. The downs lessened though as I learned how to be serious change your lifestyle and simply ask the search engine or the SFM private community questions leaning towards the buyers part of the cycle specific questions. Still, a challenge to progress through.

Time was now to Be Serious Change Your Lifestyle

One day came a forced review. The internet was down for the day. Right then maintenance time started as this part of maintenance had been simply overlooked.

Hard_Choices-200x156 Be Serious Change Your Lifestyle

Sorting out the blog and the videos that go into the blog proved a large challenge. Being slack causes time management issues later on as things get all over the show. For instance, in some undisclosed file, I came across this video. Now the video is connected to the web page, indexed and filed so that it may be shown. Another area was the understanding of tracking systems.

Further, the reaction to using tracking tools meant repetition and organization. I had to be serious. Change your lifestyle by including a behavior system that had been blocked. Remember the transitional change factors being blocked. If the organization worked then the change was happening. Oh, Boy was that a challenge for a person on the High Functioning Autism / Aspergers spectrum. Another thing hard to do is admit that there was a mistake that had been made… by me, all these years. Yes, that is another thing that is hard to do. Relearn from admitting a mistake.

Before things got so messy one of the articles written in Septemeber 2014 and published I had the privilege of seeing on the first page of the search engine. When checking Facebook I typed on Facebook into the search bar. Up came Facebook all on search. And there was me. I thought ” WOW! I’m on the first page of the search engine.” That was amazing and has been repeated often since. How have I done it?

Everything began to move forward

Well, that you’re going to have to find out cause its a secret. No. It is actually a very well known tool being used. The tool is part of the things I have learned how to do as explained when connecting the dots through the Digital Marketing Mentors modules in the Bootcamp program.

justsittingthere-89x200 Be Serious Change Your Lifestyle
Ask How High To Take Off From

Now that understand why you use tracking tools has occurred. Simply you are able to see the flow of where visitors go. How far through a series of posts, videos and so forth. A bit like the gingerbread house story of Hasel and Gretel where they laid breadcrumbs along the way. Effectively tracking is something to do with the breadcrumbs. Tracking, and I, are just starting to understand one another The tools are right there. Knowing that other people have got their heads around tracking there is hope for me yet! Being on the Autism Spectrum there are some things that I find so frustrating.  This little tracking issue concept is one of them. What I do know is that everything is tracked through implanted cookies Therefore to totally trust the process is a relief It’s also a strange feeling just to be able to let this procrastination just go and oh what a terrific feeling as the virtual weight is lifted from my shoulders.

Back to the breadcrumbs analogy to be serious change your lifestyle

Without utilizing tracking tools it’s as though the birds and animals have come behind you and eaten up the breadcrumbs. With tracking tools, you can at least see which breadcrumbs are eaten by which insect or animal. Do the ants just go for the white or brown breadcrumbs. Or do they swarm on the fruit bread and carry that away first? That is the basic concept behind the track. Particularly of split testing.

Yes, I’ve had experience anyway. What the SFM Bootcamp course has done is at least four-fold.
a) It’s lead me into other things I had no idea or the realization and the community there is an absolutely amazing community. What they share and what they know is what makes things actually get up and go. Ohhh I’m a poet~!

Be serious change your lifestyle with the belief

Whenyoubelieveyouwillsucceedin-200x120 Be Serious Change Your Lifestyle

It starts with a belief in yourself. Then a knowing that jumping over the hurdles has already happened. Now action these and go past your known comfort zones. I was speaking to a self-made lady who would be in her seventies now. Not in the community. She builds houses, renovates them and then lets them out. Anyway, I was asking her some questions and she just looked at me. Really looked at me and really looked at me. This was in the very early days.

And UMMM. She said “Susan. Take the tools what you got. Part of that’s your experience. Part of that’s your naivety. The other half is the desire to want to do better. Take those tools and prove it works.” That is what I am doing.

But to see where I am on Facebook search in order to discover how you too can live a life of joy through a life of freedom quite possibly the Reach Out lin below is what you have been searching for as well.

l?. You never know because that’s about the tenth page on the search engine that I’ve recently found that I am on the first page of. Wow … After that,  I had to go back and do some other lifestyle change things.

So Look that’s it for now.  I believe that it’s very hard to keep doing what you’re doing when you feel like its the antithesis of your purpose on the planet. ~ Shelia La Beouf

Susanlewis10 Be Serious Change Your Lifestyle

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