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Best To Start And Grow

Best to Start And Grow – Best To Start And Grow To Love The Business You Do

The way that is best to start and grow an online business is the way you mean to step in and carry on. A true statement. Persevere with the human condition as we live in a time where people are creatively over-complicating things.

That stated there are twelve best to start and grow resolutions.

Susanlewis10 Best To Start And GrowIn this post, Susan Lewis takes a light-hearted look at the relationship between the two loves of your life. These being your online presence and your real life presence. That is the online virtual building of your business. The constant injections of time and finance. Additionally The person you are and with yourself. Plus, that person who is an intimate part of yourself… your partner in life [ some action marriage] who knows where true love begins with an instant spark.

Best to Start and Grow Resolutions

These are the twelve most valid resolutions found. Enjoy the lightheartedness and yes as you are laughing. … make notes so that comments are placed at the bottom.

Resolution #1 Make the relationship with your business number one.
Every relationship requires work. You have to be willing to commit the needed time and energy to do it. The first step is to make improving a priority move this month.

Give your loved one the most truly important place in your life. The person in your life should be a top focus of your time and efforts.

However, what this post is about is the relationship with you and your virtual life as you start and grow to love the virtual space being filled.

Resolution #2 Accentuate the positive

Real life relationships are easier to
imagine that the virtual relationship with what we are doing.

Yet how many people starting online with any training course, or business times the virtual will overwhelm you. Some of us make it to the surface and find the tsunami that just hit swept us out way past the land and shore.

As humans on a mission “We are quick to self-criticize and find fault and other shortcomings, but fall short on showing how much we care” [ Sheryl P Kurland who is the Author of Everlasting Matrimony: Pearls of Wisdom from Couples Married 50 years or more].

reachdown-200x134 Best To Start And GrowThe word Autism means isolation. How many of us ion the Autism Spectrum find ourselves bobbing around in the oceans of time and trying despicably to cling to something and stay afloat?

Okay unless your digital device can receive and give freely compliments the next best thing is a human! That human may be within the community you put yourself in. Create a blog or a video, podcast or something people are able to comment on. Place the virtual piece your worked on all over the net. The aim is to receive three compliments in a day from that piece of wonderful work. From today onwards there will be more comments and compliment come forth. But for today the aim is to receive three. After this is done there are three more days to receive three more compliments in 24 hours. Now aim to double this number on a three-day basis. Keep going.

Resolution #3 Schedule a weekly date night
Take a day out. Schedule things over the week beforehand in order to automate.

What you are doing online ANYTHING it’s like creating a life for your business … A very similar process from the conception of an idea through to the birthing, raising and eventual independence and interdependence of family members.

Resolution #4 Have regular relationship check-ups
Experts recommend taking the time to regularly “check in” and check up on how things are going. This also spills over to life in general stuff we do. The goal is to be specific on what’s really going on. By scheduling these regular check-ups the prevention of problems or the resentment from building up just be proactive rather than reactive.

Resolution #5 Be present
Are you truly together, in the flow. Focus on listening to what your intuition is telling you. Actually after a while when things are going into a haywire cycle things blip into overload. To be present within your virtual time is very similar to a person to person relationship. That creates in a quality time. Remove unused and divided attention sh=pans. Therefore put away the iPhones and turn off the TV in order to give your online presence undivided attention.

Watch and see the differences occur in the actions that get the results.

peopleatbeach-200x150 Best To Start And Grow

Resolution #6 Play together
May sound strange but communication with people you meet or reach out to opens the virtual doors to have fun together. yes, what is being achieved online is fun. To be more satisfied in your online relationship …doing what you are doing

Resolution #7 Learn to speak their language
Write with words that uplift people
Words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service and physical touch. By using words that uplift people your niche will be attracted to what you write. They will tune in to feel the ‘love’ and appreciation you are feeling.

Resolution #8 Perform random acts of creativeness
Brainstorming forward starts with a spark of creativeness. For example, write little creative notes. Sprinkle gestures throughout the year to remind you of just how creative you have been over the year. Sticky notes work well.

Resolution #9 Surprise them with gifts
Surprise yourself with an unexpected gift when you have achieved a surprise and made an achievement.

Resolution #10 Get more physical
Online usually means not much physical activity will be happening. Make time and space for exercise. Use things like pulling weeds out of the garden. Mowing lawns. HoolaHooping. Hey even keeping your abode clean and tidy.

Stop making excuses… start exercising

HistoricClockInSydney-2014-133x200 Best To Start And Grow
Inaugural Momentum Day 2014. Historic Clock in Sydney New South Wales. Australia.

Resolution #11 Don’t expect perfection
Nobody is perfect, and that relationship between you and your online presence is perfect. There will be bumps on the road, but keep falling forward.

“constantly visualize the things that make you happy because it creates more potential for the actions.

Resolution #12 Forgive freely
Forgive yourself when you break a resolution (as most people do). One mistake doesn’t mean you have to give up on the resolution: you just recommit to it for the rest of the time you are active online. Especially as you think and grow forward now.

Regardless of whether, the relationship with the online education, training and upskilling is tough, come out if the comfort zone and know you are stronger and the things you do will last longer.

Enjoy these resolution markers as you take these steps to a fabulous new version as the best start and grow period of your life. Welcome in the new and fabulous you.

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Susanlewis10 Best To Start And GrowUntil next time

Stay blessed; know you are loved.

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