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Pattern Interrupt Behaviors

Pattern Interrupt Behaviors – Pattern Interrupt Behaviors Herald Change.

Every day, hold out for the pattern interrupt behaviors. These may prove to be your “change the pace” call of the wild screaming at your core you. Routines are something that keeps the momentum going.  One step at a time.

New patterns and mindsets of behavior are taught every day when we are goring.

Susanlewis10 Pattern Interrupt BehaviorsIn this post, Susan Lewis simply walks you through some homegrown behavioral-psychology and nero-linguistic influences to peoples attitudes.

Generational learning carries through during the time my mother went to University in the early 1970s one of the topics was behavioral Psychology.
In that area, mum brought back concepts of pattern interrupt.

Years later another family member brought into the family neuro-linguistic programming.

Both behavioral psychology and neuro-linguistic programming use their techniques to interrupt and change patterns of behavior.

That is the use of a pattern input to redirect the attention inwardly enables that person to see themselves far clearer. Therefore changes happen as each part is reflected. The result is a mindset change.

Overwhelm Pattern Interrupt Behaviors

What-bis-actually-being-said-inb-an-advertising-campaign-200x196 Pattern Interrupt Behaviors
What is actually being said to what is being implied in any advertising campaign in important

As people begin to come into this community overwhelm has a terrific chance to occur. To choose not to stay in the comfort zone takes a big leap of total faith.

Again a pattern interrupt is a definite challenge. Zones in to change a person’s state of strategy in dealing with everyday life. Know we’ll have behavior patterns that are habit sequences or just mental pathways.

The shock to the preconceived systematic behavior is known to be a way to induce trance.

Stop right there people who experience post-traumatic shock experience what Susan Lewis felt as a “brain freeze loop.” The everyday activities of being on the road traveling through the much of the Eastern side of Australia were rudely interrupted when a truck imploded into the passenger front corner of the van Susan was driving.

One entire family was put into a road accident shock state. Although as a family help was requested for hospitals, medical field, school teachers and councilors there was very little come forward. Nine years later through a series of blessed incidents, the file and photos were finally returned.

The only thing that was to mean anything significant took another fifteen years went by.

Largely any deconditioning that had been going on was from the early memories of as a child whose family had foster children learned through absorbing how a mother who questioned the medical fraternity.

Pattern interrupts are powerful.

The comfort zone gets massively disrupted. Feathers fly, internal structures get very rickety and virtual loose boards to fall.
Constantly the internal, the external and the things you work with get reviewed. As momentum moves you forward in one area it felt like I was always running around frustratingly patching things up. This site is one of those things. In Jan 2018 a site review began. And that site revies followed the how the heck does I communicate with people. So from learning to create a website and connect the front page to the back page and bits in between the communications skills I had ‘lost’ as a consequence of emotional impacts from the vehicle accident, I began to put me together. Then the communication together. Now the virtual house together.

And slowly my eighty-two-year-old mother needs assistance on many emotional, at odd times some physical and emotional levels. This is a privilege to be a part of mums later years.

The mind that controls everything is radically challenged as life, laughter, freedom, and love creep into the every day outlooks once again. Another chapter of life has begun. There’s so much that may be virtually done in today’s way of life.

Step Into Pattern Interrupt Behaviors

I believe a web page should guide you in its design, and that the website’s future should remain authentic, and respectful, towards your inner vision. While you follow trends that work for you recognize that the extended family may become a part of the family based business community that has begun to be set out. There are tailor-made solutions that update every moment of the day.

Mum has gone back to learn how to use a computer. Now I have business cards being made. Pamphlets as well. Generously meals are cooked for other people as they come to learn how to do the web things needed into pattern interrupt behaviors as they push interests out there.

Slowly these people are including others into an activity group with the idea to use the tools, knowledge, and platforms online to their own advantage.

Digital technology has made it possible to explore the avenues suggested here.
It’s up to you. Be the clincher here. Think outside the square.

Susanlewis10 Pattern Interrupt Behaviors
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