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Be Serious Change Your Lifestyle

Be Serious Change Your Lifestyle – Take Up The Challenge To Be Serious Change Your Lifestyle

Personal Challenges show you how to be ‘serious’. Change your lifestyle.  Bring in the challenges as a baseline. Keep one challenge at a time going while you open the mind to new possibilities, chosen pathways, and other ways to grow within yourself.

The logic behind this is that self-growth issues are targeting different lifestyle interruptions.

Susanlewis10 Be Serious Change Your Lifestyle

Hi, I am Susan Lewis.  “To change your life be serious about needing to change your lifestyle”. Sometimes people really need to be in a position just enough for one statement to hit home, penetrate the mind and turn on the light within.

For some reason, the idea of having lots of financial freedom was a foreign idea. However a life of freedom, self-reliance, and total control… now that was a different matter altogether. And that meant acceptance of lifestyle change.

Using well-entrenched blocking mechanisms towards change for one side were also blacking change for a better life. Now that awareness of these factors had crepted in the fourth attempt at sorting out a method of management was another bonus of setting about to finish the nine months that was taken to complete the seven-day boot camp offered through the Digital Marketing Mentors! Hearing of other starting after me and making an income made the determination to stick with this even greater. Sure there were ups, there were downs. The downs lessened though as I learned how to be serious change your lifestyle and simply ask the search engine or the SFM private community questions leaning towards the buyers part of the cycle specific questions. Still, a challenge to progress through.

Time was now to Be Serious Change Your Lifestyle

One day came a forced review. The internet was down for the day. Right then maintenance time started as this part of maintenance had been simply overlooked.

Hard_Choices-200x156 Be Serious Change Your Lifestyle

Sorting out the blog and the videos that go into the blog proved a large challenge. Being slack causes time management issues later on as things get all over the show. For instance, in some undisclosed file, I came across this video. Now the video is connected to the web page, indexed and filed so that it may be shown. Another area was the understanding of tracking systems.

Further, the reaction to using tracking tools meant repetition and organization. I had to be serious. Change your lifestyle by including a behavior system that had been blocked. Remember the transitional change factors being blocked. If the organization worked then the change was happening. Oh, Boy was that a challenge for a person on the High Functioning Autism / Aspergers spectrum. Another thing hard to do is admit that there was a mistake that had been made… by me, all these years. Yes, that is another thing that is hard to do. Relearn from admitting a mistake.

Before things got so messy one of the articles written in Septemeber 2014 and published I had the privilege of seeing on the first page of the search engine. When checking Facebook I typed on Facebook into the search bar. Up came Facebook all on search. And there was me. I thought ” WOW! I’m on the first page of the search engine.” That was amazing and has been repeated often since. How have I done it?

Everything began to move forward

Well, that you’re going to have to find out cause its a secret. No. It is actually a very well known tool being used. The tool is part of the things I have learned how to do as explained when connecting the dots through the Digital Marketing Mentors modules in the Bootcamp program.

justsittingthere-89x200 Be Serious Change Your Lifestyle
Ask How High To Take Off From

Now that understand why you use tracking tools has occurred. Simply you are able to see the flow of where visitors go. How far through a series of posts, videos and so forth. A bit like the gingerbread house story of Hasel and Gretel where they laid breadcrumbs along the way. Effectively tracking is something to do with the breadcrumbs. Tracking, and I, are just starting to understand one another The tools are right there. Knowing that other people have got their heads around tracking there is hope for me yet! Being on the Autism Spectrum there are some things that I find so frustrating.  This little tracking issue concept is one of them. What I do know is that everything is tracked through implanted cookies Therefore to totally trust the process is a relief It’s also a strange feeling just to be able to let this procrastination just go and oh what a terrific feeling as the virtual weight is lifted from my shoulders.

Back to the breadcrumbs analogy to be serious change your lifestyle

Without utilizing tracking tools it’s as though the birds and animals have come behind you and eaten up the breadcrumbs. With tracking tools, you can at least see which breadcrumbs are eaten by which insect or animal. Do the ants just go for the white or brown breadcrumbs. Or do they swarm on the fruit bread and carry that away first? That is the basic concept behind the track. Particularly of split testing.

Yes, I’ve had experience anyway. What the SFM Bootcamp course has done is at least four-fold.
a) It’s lead me into other things I had no idea or the realization and the community there is an absolutely amazing community. What they share and what they know is what makes things actually get up and go. Ohhh I’m a poet~!

Be serious change your lifestyle with the belief

Whenyoubelieveyouwillsucceedin-200x120 Be Serious Change Your Lifestyle

It starts with a belief in yourself. Then a knowing that jumping over the hurdles has already happened. Now action these and go past your known comfort zones. I was speaking to a self-made lady who would be in her seventies now. Not in the community. She builds houses, renovates them and then lets them out. Anyway, I was asking her some questions and she just looked at me. Really looked at me and really looked at me. This was in the very early days.

And UMMM. She said “Susan. Take the tools what you got. Part of that’s your experience. Part of that’s your naivety. The other half is the desire to want to do better. Take those tools and prove it works.” That is what I am doing.

But to see where I am on Facebook search in order to discover how you too can live a life of joy through a life of freedom quite possibly the Reach Out lin below is what you have been searching for as well.

l?. You never know because that’s about the tenth page on the search engine that I’ve recently found that I am on the first page of. Wow … After that,  I had to go back and do some other lifestyle change things.

So Look that’s it for now.  I believe that it’s very hard to keep doing what you’re doing when you feel like its the antithesis of your purpose on the planet. ~ Shelia La Beouf

Susanlewis10 Be Serious Change Your Lifestyle

There’s a subscribe button. Make sure you push that. Love your comments. Adore your feedback. The birds are getting noisy. Catch you later. See ya.

Kow more about the Digital Marketing Mentors Reach Out Here

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Best To Start And Grow

Best to Start And Grow – Best To Start And Grow To Love The Business You Do

The way that is best to start and grow an online business is the way you mean to step in and carry on. A true statement. Persevere with the human condition as we live in a time where people are creatively over-complicating things.

That stated there are twelve best to start and grow resolutions.

Susanlewis10 Best To Start And GrowIn this post, Susan Lewis takes a light-hearted look at the relationship between the two loves of your life. These being your online presence and your real life presence. That is the online virtual building of your business. The constant injections of time and finance. Additionally The person you are and with yourself. Plus, that person who is an intimate part of yourself… your partner in life [ some action marriage] who knows where true love begins with an instant spark.

Best to Start and Grow Resolutions

These are the twelve most valid resolutions found. Enjoy the lightheartedness and yes as you are laughing. … make notes so that comments are placed at the bottom.

Resolution #1 Make the relationship with your business number one.
Every relationship requires work. You have to be willing to commit the needed time and energy to do it. The first step is to make improving a priority move this month.

Give your loved one the most truly important place in your life. The person in your life should be a top focus of your time and efforts.

However, what this post is about is the relationship with you and your virtual life as you start and grow to love the virtual space being filled.

Resolution #2 Accentuate the positive

Real life relationships are easier to
imagine that the virtual relationship with what we are doing.

Yet how many people starting online with any training course, or business times the virtual will overwhelm you. Some of us make it to the surface and find the tsunami that just hit swept us out way past the land and shore.

As humans on a mission “We are quick to self-criticize and find fault and other shortcomings, but fall short on showing how much we care” [ Sheryl P Kurland who is the Author of Everlasting Matrimony: Pearls of Wisdom from Couples Married 50 years or more].

reachdown-200x134 Best To Start And GrowThe word Autism means isolation. How many of us ion the Autism Spectrum find ourselves bobbing around in the oceans of time and trying despicably to cling to something and stay afloat?

Okay unless your digital device can receive and give freely compliments the next best thing is a human! That human may be within the community you put yourself in. Create a blog or a video, podcast or something people are able to comment on. Place the virtual piece your worked on all over the net. The aim is to receive three compliments in a day from that piece of wonderful work. From today onwards there will be more comments and compliment come forth. But for today the aim is to receive three. After this is done there are three more days to receive three more compliments in 24 hours. Now aim to double this number on a three-day basis. Keep going.

Resolution #3 Schedule a weekly date night
Take a day out. Schedule things over the week beforehand in order to automate.

What you are doing online ANYTHING it’s like creating a life for your business … A very similar process from the conception of an idea through to the birthing, raising and eventual independence and interdependence of family members.

Resolution #4 Have regular relationship check-ups
Experts recommend taking the time to regularly “check in” and check up on how things are going. This also spills over to life in general stuff we do. The goal is to be specific on what’s really going on. By scheduling these regular check-ups the prevention of problems or the resentment from building up just be proactive rather than reactive.

Resolution #5 Be present
Are you truly together, in the flow. Focus on listening to what your intuition is telling you. Actually after a while when things are going into a haywire cycle things blip into overload. To be present within your virtual time is very similar to a person to person relationship. That creates in a quality time. Remove unused and divided attention sh=pans. Therefore put away the iPhones and turn off the TV in order to give your online presence undivided attention.

Watch and see the differences occur in the actions that get the results.

peopleatbeach-200x150 Best To Start And Grow

Resolution #6 Play together
May sound strange but communication with people you meet or reach out to opens the virtual doors to have fun together. yes, what is being achieved online is fun. To be more satisfied in your online relationship …doing what you are doing

Resolution #7 Learn to speak their language
Write with words that uplift people
Words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service and physical touch. By using words that uplift people your niche will be attracted to what you write. They will tune in to feel the ‘love’ and appreciation you are feeling.

Resolution #8 Perform random acts of creativeness
Brainstorming forward starts with a spark of creativeness. For example, write little creative notes. Sprinkle gestures throughout the year to remind you of just how creative you have been over the year. Sticky notes work well.

Resolution #9 Surprise them with gifts
Surprise yourself with an unexpected gift when you have achieved a surprise and made an achievement.

Resolution #10 Get more physical
Online usually means not much physical activity will be happening. Make time and space for exercise. Use things like pulling weeds out of the garden. Mowing lawns. HoolaHooping. Hey even keeping your abode clean and tidy.

Stop making excuses… start exercising

HistoricClockInSydney-2014-133x200 Best To Start And Grow
Inaugural Momentum Day 2014. Historic Clock in Sydney New South Wales. Australia.

Resolution #11 Don’t expect perfection
Nobody is perfect, and that relationship between you and your online presence is perfect. There will be bumps on the road, but keep falling forward.

“constantly visualize the things that make you happy because it creates more potential for the actions.

Resolution #12 Forgive freely
Forgive yourself when you break a resolution (as most people do). One mistake doesn’t mean you have to give up on the resolution: you just recommit to it for the rest of the time you are active online. Especially as you think and grow forward now.

Regardless of whether, the relationship with the online education, training and upskilling is tough, come out if the comfort zone and know you are stronger and the things you do will last longer.

Enjoy these resolution markers as you take these steps to a fabulous new version as the best start and grow period of your life. Welcome in the new and fabulous you.

If the content of this post has been of interest do not forget to let us know your opinion and share on social networks with friends and family. How to do that?

Click on the best to start and grow the message below to discover how you can live a life full of joy with Autism. Make sure that you get the next video in the series on how to get in into another circle of influence so you may get out of where you are now and rewrite your life.

Once again please share this with people who you think will benefit from this message.

Susanlewis10 Best To Start And GrowUntil next time

Stay blessed; know you are loved.

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Best To Start And Grow


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What Do PTSS People Do All Day

PTSS People Do All Day –  Be Surprised What Some

Post-Traumatic Shock Syndrome ( PTSS) people do all day

A person’s ability to simply work, or perform day-to-day activities, let alone how to relate to their family, friends and work colleges is affected when Post Traumatic-Shock Syndrome [PTSS] enters the life of someone.

In short, Post-Traumatic-Shock Syndrome has different behaviors observed. Some may be straight away and others just hide under the surface until something else [ small or large] just burst the covering and like a wound needing to be cleansed everything erupts. People with long-standing PTSS have been known to have other challenges develop. Common ones such as depression, anxiety, and alcohol or other substance misuses. Each of these all impact on relationships and every day living. Depending on peoples own personal beliefs of what is ptss. People do, all day, every day, some remarkable things as they are challenged with mini repetitive aftershocks.

Susanlewis10 What Do PTSS People Do All DayThis post is pone in the current series of how people already on the Autism Spectrum deal with Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome. Theirs, or relatives, as they spend their ‘spare’ time building their online business.

In this post, Susan Lewis includes you with the post-traumatic shock, aka ptss, people do all day along with shares a day in the life of having the time to look after an older family member so that the quality of life is improved. Additionally why it is important to that family member to be a part of the online community.

You will also find how a forward moving community has brought change into the lives of others and yes there is the invitation with which you enter, look around and find things out for yourself.

PTSS People do all day when appointments always occur

What would you be doing with your day as each day draws closer to spring? This morning it was beautiful and this afternoon the rain has started.

There is an eye operation near the end of this month. Between this mornings appointment at 9.30 am, and now 3.30 pm, there has been time to take my mum to the hospital preadmission clinic, lunch and blood test clinic. For this appointment, there are medications to change. Paperwork to sort out to take to another doctor on Friday [ two days away]. The time at the hospital was taken up by one nurse, another nurse, a doctor, nurse and finally the pharmacist.

Believe me by the time the pharmacy door was closing mum could hardly wait to get something to eat. The choice of being a real fast food or the better fast food. The Chinese takeaway that had a sit-down meal was fabulous and very appreciated.]

With PTSS people Do all day changes occur?

Why am I explaining this day to you? Well first off, its fun having a happy mum. Secondly, we tend to start off life with dependence. Then go into independence. As adults with the family, there’s a change of dependence and independence mixed in with interdependence. Later in life there comes the phase of dependently being interdependent for as long as that person wants to be.

PTSA occurs as wellptsdisnotabout-200x200 What Do PTSS People Do All Day

The kids leave home and what now other than the empty nest syndrome. Somewhere there the realization that a job is needed. For me, that ended up being as an independent driver driving for a local taxi company. The plan was to also go to University – which I did do and came out with a Post Graduate Certificate of Community Development. That took three years to find out the level of my Voluntary Community Work with youth group was cross-credited was higher than a Diploma. Here’s me thinking it was just a little certificate qualification.

Relate this to thinking you’re going for a pushbike certificate and finding out your actually qualified for speedway motorbike racing.

Why did I not know this was even possible. The Post Traumatic Syndrome Amnesia sure made a mess up of the information wiring.

Bluntly, the thoughts were I just was not worthy of this responsibility recognition. Moreover, the pressure was on at work to give more time to the driving. After all, you are a relief driver.

What was found when two drivers had heart attacks no one else put their name down to drive. Instead, they went on holidays. I drive more. Longer time periods. The money went into the bank account. My health nosed dived as there was no relief for the relief driver.

So many people have connected into this scenario. Waking up to the fact that they too can go to upper education fields on Government grants. Only to find that no one wants to hire them. Being fifty, and female, was just not a hiring feasibility. For my mind sake, this was the last straw. Six months after leaving the taxis there simply was no savings left. Besides, the body had closed off from the mind and sleep was all it needed at that time. Other than more sleep.yourgreatesttest-172x200 What Do PTSS People Do All Day

Keep active PTSS People. Do all day activities.

This is where my mother entered back into my life. Driving herself to and from her home in another town she cooked and cared for the garden. Sometimes the only thing I could do was enjoy the food and go back to bed. My own body was turned off from being awake. By 2014 things were a little different. The swimming, bike riding, running and everything was terrific and the mental capacity was sharpening.

That’s when I came across an email. The same one that is posted below. Opening this email there were marketing videos. Two weeks of these were like overwhelm. Actually, it was me constantly playing these videos that took two weeks to get through them. Marketing how-toos that finally answered so many questions that had laid dormant throughout the time from the head injury being sustained until that time period in May 2014. Not had I just looked at a couple and gone This Is For Me the full entry for the second part of the modules would have cost less as there is an early bird grace period. By the time I was into the modules wow was their an overwhelming phase.

To know that this overwhelm phase was expected for was an eyeopener.

Define what  can PTSS people do all day to move forward

reachdown-200x134 What Do PTSS People Do All DayNow though things have changed. Thankfully there is even more of the introductory range available. Massive information chunks. In a way a bit like an iceberg. You may see the tip but boy what lies underneath is huge.

Why is this information being shared?

The answer is simple. Over the last four years, this community has both challenged, yet supported my growth. The change in mental mindset was not the only thing that happened. The changes that put me into alignment, head to heart have been like rainbows, fairy dust, blastoffs and impressionable.

 PTSS people. Do all day what is needed

MMMmmmm you can see there is some of the very visual me creeping into this post! from a person who had no memories [ aka Deep Post Traumatic-Stress Syndrome] to a person who is willing to go into a crowd as herself, a person who can handle having a hug given, and shared, with a laugh and smile that apparently lights up peoples day that outward shell of a person I apparently appeared to be to the person I am now.. Well, when you connect through the emails resources and move through the modules remember to connect with me.

Also, please remember, that these things are only a small, significant part of what I have experienced, actioned, cried in frustration over not understanding then diving into anything and totally messing something up while fixing [?] something else, over the past four years. So far I’ve crashed the sites, missed payments, removed tracking links, forgotten to use the grammar and spell checker… which only shows that dyslexia won too many times. Now I’m a pro-member in the DBL so it’s included in the price of this. Added bonus that tool works on more than one computer. Oh, Bliss.

As PTSS people do all day something to keep them busy

At the beginning of this post I explained that six years ago I finished in the taxis, in between times, I now have the time to care for my mother. In between times both she and I are creatively working towards going to the Gold Coast in late October and early November 2018. We’re going anyway. With mums sight back she can then really operate the computer and tablet she has. Even help with what I am doing. This gives her a reason to get up, feeling as though she too is worthwhile in the working world, and active so she has been telling me.

Mum at eighty-two has been a school teacher, and at last count, still has her Registered Nurses qualification active. So why will people not employ her! she asks.

When you have a parent who is this frustrated at having skills, a scattered family, and there are basic online things that they can do to help it becomes very feasible to create a family based business community. Well, all this stated what is it that actually helps keep my sanity levels in tow as I discovered a simple business plan that actually has made me see the joy and discovery of a life of freedom.  Having become a member of this private terrific community I’ll simply share the autistic community entrance to the community that has made so much difference to my life.

Susanlewis10 What Do PTSS People Do All DayEnjoy the actions you take as these steps to a fabulous new version of family freedom begins to be created. Welcome in the new and fabulous you.

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Help For Memories To Be Restored

Help Memories Restored – Help For Memories To Be Restored

The Question is more than how to help memories be restored. Rather its a matter of finding a person who has survived something many people are still too closed off from. Someone who has lived through this memory finding and addressing the process that is willing to take the time to explain how did they come through post-traumatic memory loss. Additionally, will their memories retention process help me of someone else know what to possibly expect! This is where “Susan Lewis” experiences in life are here to tap into for help. Memories restored are treasures beyond many peoples belief.

Susanlewis10 Help For Memories To Be RestoredThis post by Susan Lewis is in-depth, but I hope you see the importance of including time to raise the chemical balance of serotonin in the daily life. more importantly, to take the time to weed the garden, go to the beach, walk the dogs, prune the garden. Play with the children in the park. Generally, to get out from behind the screens and go somewhere you can just be happy. Further, to help memories restored as Serotonin also is known to have a terrific effect on the waistline as well.

Together let’s shed light on turning every moment into a highway for personal growth that helps transform your challenges into stepping stones reminding you that success often depends on how the action was taken through the way memories are affected by the levels of chemicals within our bodies.

The amazing thing is that in four hours today there are three in-depth posts written. ready for publication in an hour. However, in the next ten minutes, this one will be published.  The garden will start to be sorted out grass around the tires wise.

Short term memories seem to be stored at the synapses. A synapse is the end of one nerve shaped in a cup for that loosely hold the tail of another nerve. Between the head and tail is a ‘thin area where the chemicals float though. Basically, the connection between neurons [ brain cells] This is a rough basic description from years ago nursings basic biology lesson training.

In those days neuroscientists had the belief that memories were stored in the synapses.

However so much more research has gone through. David Glanzman conducted some of the research and here is a snippet of what was stated regarding the loss of memories that might be able to be restored. when the shock hormone is released.

“long-term memory is a function of the growth of new synaptic connections caused by serotonin …. As long-term memories are formed, the brain causes new proteins that are involved in making new synapses [ to be produced] If that process is disrupted – for example by a concussion or other injury – the proteins may not be synthesized and long-term memories cannot form. ( this is why people cannot remember what happened moments before a concussion.)

frustrated-and-overwhelmed-200x111 Help For Memories To Be RestoredFurther reading has the suggestion that …” the memory is not in the synapses but… we think [the memory] is in the nucleus of the neurons. As long as the neurons are still alive, the memory will still be there, which means you may be able to recover some of the lost memories … [ this information in connection with Alzheimer’s research]

” the belief of Glanzman is that traumatic memories [ and others] could be restored when the synapses regrow.

Altered: In 1997 there was a study that identified a cellular mechanism in Alphasisa. Aphasia’s plays a critical part in learning and memory.
In a nutshell, there is a protein called N-methl D-asartate, or NMDA, receptor enhances the strength of synaptic connections in the nervous system and plays a vital role in memory and certain kinds of learning.

Thank you to Glanzman and the coauthors of the study that includes Shanping Chen, Dlancal Cai and Kaycey Pearce.  Together you have released some of the pent-up frustrations.    Meaning that further searching from this article brought me to one that explains serotonin.  And the fact that serotonin is the chemical called the happy chemical.  Related to the sun chemical.

From memory, I have a garden out there that has been yelling at me to go fix it.  Currently, it is lightly raining again as we enter towards spring.  The grass around the tires that hold the garden within is growing and needs pulling out.  The vegetable garden is covered in weeds. and the roses need to be pruned again.  Plus when I think of the months of winter the early morning frost has now gone.  Welcome, this rain.  So the garden will be attached to each day.  The dogs are to be walked early morning so we catch the sunshine.  When did this stop.  About when a very near neighbor came screaming out at me threatening me.  My choice was to stay away, get this site sorted out and I simply forgot to go outside again.

Wow to have the time to be up in the morning and welcoming back the sunshine.  The garden in shape before I head up to Momentum day Gold Coast Australia 2018 in November.  Yippee. Like me get up and “yell” out loud ” I am back on track”. Watch things flow as these patterns of positive mindset behavior are reset.

ptsdisnotabout-200x200 Help For Memories To Be RestoredPeople who have gone through the memory loss of any type who then come through into this community where training, upskilling and relearning is theirs.  At all hours and through all contingencies.  They learn through the challenges of community active participation.  Yes, their active participation members get a shock at first as new memories development are linked to old ones.   Active participation frees their mind up to new challenges. The seeing of other members responding, growth and even frustrations in the way to solutions is taken on board. Suddenly things tend to just connect.

That caring attitude to offering the solution that was looked for morphs into a caring influence which in turn magnifies and comes back to you as followers, leads and to some extend apps.

To know you are being shown what to do correctly And as important have people in the know, with current up to date information as to why is this not working right at your fingertips. An amazing feeling.

Putting everything together, it’s still only you can do this major personal challenge. It takes a few tries before you get it right because there is a lot to comprehend with other integrating your new mindset into your growing capabilities.

But that said that’s why going through resources to discover how you can live a life full of joy with Autism.  To simply be on the Autistic Spectrum now and love it.  Use the simple digital business system Autistic Communities and  Online Business owners are using to live a life full of Joyful freedom.  Simply grab the copy of the video series.  You’ll also get to meet Stuart who tells you the truth … that digital marketing is not fast and easy.

Let’s get started by choosing to go further, through the modules and out into the online community is a real-life buzz. The modules also take you past the initial marketing process of yourself. These are the first stepping stones so that you master that dream of yours. With understanding, practice and an ‘I can’ turning into an ‘I have done’ this attitude you know your efforts eventually got it right!

Susanlewis10 Help For Memories To Be RestoredI wish for you to find so many useful ways of using authority sites information as you, and yours, create a “that impactful find fact here” information.  The type that people trust what you have written is both an honest opinion and the truth.

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