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Momentum Day 2018

Momentum Day 2018 – Momentum Day 2018 DownUnder Gives A Terrific Energy Release Already. Come See What I Mean.

Momentum day 2018. There’s many uses of momentum days the world over this year.  But the one Momentum Day DownUnder of the year is just around the corner. You willing to experience momentum with example definitely reach out, book the date in the diary.

Susanlewis10 Momentum Day 2018Hi there.  I’m Susan Lewis.  A member of an international community that joins together throughout the world.  Mostly online.  Momentum days and other levels of training.  Right down in scale to simply fun, sometimes work related, Meet-Ups.  Which usually become team related and connected.

In this post there is a quick look at the ‘momentum break out strategy I personally have used with respect to attending the Momentum Day 2018 on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Up to Momentum Day 2018 

Each Momentum Day is an experience of a lifetime that takes on something new every time.   The first one took some planning.  Months of will I? Then an instant light bulb moment of decision accompanied by a challenging mixed up muddled follow through.

Lessons learned real quick.  Make the decision, follow through as though, you are already there. Pack accordingly.

Experience built upon one another as all the years rolled together for the preemptive follow for Momentum Day 2018 really easy.

The year was 2014 and the first inaugural Down Under Momentum Day occurred. Melbourne to Sydney with a backpack and carry all flight bag.  Plus Tent.

2015 that one was easier Melbourne. The thing was just seven days earlier a quick trip to Benalla to help a brother was done.  And one dose of food poisoning later….  Still made it there.

2016 Brisbane And other plane flight and one carry on a board bag.  Hey, packing light was achievable.

2017 Perth.  The tent came with me…. but the camping and experiencing Western Australia was put on hold.

2018  YES. Just paid for my tickets to Momentum day and bounced like a spinning top on the trampoline.  What a buzz.

But this year’s Momentum Day is different.  Markedly different.  Rather than taking up massive of fiddly posts here on the website the primary Diary jottings are being kept updated with Facebook notes.  Using this Facebook link people will be able to follow what’s happening around the planning and everything else that goes on within an anticipatory traverse brain.

Dreamsworkwhenyou-DO-200x200 Momentum Day 2018
Definitely put the work in to make that dream of your work for you

Things like just accepting and experiencing only the positive energy when doing anything. Of course, this also means giving positive uplifting energy as well.

Second thing is to just let what is known as the Universal Energy flow through.  Beautifully when you are uplift within the above action the  Universal Energy does flow through.

Thirdly the acknowledgment that more steps within my personal vision and mission statements are bouncing into place s I write the words “those personal milestones to the vision are relining.”

Underpinning all this was the fact that when I came into this community the emotional upheaval in 1991 when the truck impacted into the passenger side of the van I was just pulling away from an embankment with today was finally connected.  Understanding why there was such a deep memory loss finally made sense fifteen hours ago.

To have experienced this took a few people who had more belief than I had in myself to be there for the person I was from that moment of accepting the invitation that took two years at least for me to see let alone find and open.  From choosing to open that invitation.  Working the way through the modules.  Really doing the work even though its value was just not really connecting.

When a member simply stated ” Do the work.  Finish the modules then come out to play.”  So simple a sentence and so big the release. There was a release of a procrastinate hold the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder [OCD] procrastination had.  The inner child came out to take over. Just the same as that moment of which ticket investment shall I have… The lesson of one moment came into the doing of another.  From the doing the achieving of milestones.

justsittingthere-89x200 Momentum Day 2018
Ask How High To Take Off From

With the business plan created there was now a something to hold onto when times got challenging. You see procrastination is fear driven.  Know where the progress steps are and celebrate those steps.  Bounce up and down, turn topsy turvy you like. Just do the work that is entailed both on yourself, your deep inner self as this will come through in the freedom with which you choose to communicate.

Early on I was asked why I was still here.  Having just made the statement re the business plan stepping stones being an anchor I believe you know the answer as to why you get to put together your own one to present. OOPS, Business plans are very like the structures I had to have in place when running five meeting per week of youth activities.  In the beginning, everything was so all over the place. After a while, as training and experiences were under the belt there were monthly, the term and then yearly plans.  Three years into that planning cycle there were five-year activities being planned. With the current focus point the Momentum Day 2018 that feels comfortable.  The challenge is there are other todo’s converging on everything.

Once again there is a feeling of relief.  That relief also goes into another field.

Most important for myself there is such an inner spiritual belief that this is the correct pathway for myself it’s an amazing feeling seeing another segment of your spiritual path come into play. So by opening up all three areas of my own life the door is opened even further to receive what’s in this amazing life opportunity we all have access too.

joyful_to_help_build_Online_Autistic_communities-154x200 Momentum Day 2018

Now I understand the phrase To Be Fully endorsed open up to yourself. That way you resonate with your inner you. People see this. They identify with what you do and why. Example when this website was begun the posts were about people on the Autism Spectrum finding their inner child. These are two things that are very important to me. My vision was meant to have three points. However, when the ‘community development’ popped up on the last night, where did it fit in? To finish this course that’s been applied for now and happens just the fur days before Momentum Day.

Now that the community development is included in the family-based business communities the belief that I am whole again is very dominant.

So’ as soon as those Momentum Day tickets became available they were happily invested in. The terrific thing will be able to just give an open-armed hug everyone who had really stood by me. Holding an arm out so that I could grab hold, bury my toes into the ground and haul up. Plus help others along the way.

tapforresources-200x101 Momentum Day 2018
Tap Mobile Phone for Entry

Like happened to me an invitation similar to this one was opened. Details filled in. Resources for the family based business community received. Come to Momentum Day DownUnder 2018.

There is so much energy at these events you have to be interested in hearing more if you’ve read this far. Truly, I thoroughly recommend these Momentum days. And everything else associated with the company.