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Seek small business job

Seek Small Business Job – Reality: To Seek Small Business Job Opening In This Time-rich, Talent Poor World You Must Want To Work For The Man.

Autism’s numbers are rising. Ignore the statistics. Back home there are just days when its all hands on deck. The stay at home parent is important.

Issues that Susan Lewis became very familiar when raising the four children. More is known today on what a teacher or an organization may expect for one child with on the spectrum. Deal with four and that’s a whole different mix.

Ready to seek small business job openings in a time rich, talent-poor so must work for the man world.

Autism is on the rise. No matter what the statistics are the reality is there are days when its all hands on deck. One more suspension from school, another allergies test, someone take this child to an appointment. Issues that Susan Lewis became very familiar when raising the four children. More is known today on what a teacher or an organization may expect for one child with on the spectrum. Deal with four and that’s a whole different mix.

susan-lewis-05 Seek small business job
Susan Lewis

In this post, Susan explores what options today are there as parents with the care of children on the Autism Spectrum look towards their families future. Using the analogy of riding a horse in a race take a few minutes to just read the following experiences from Susan’s online experiences she sort to cope with relearning to learn things [ left over from the truck impact]. Plus her own real-life reactions to the employment options available in today’s world are touched on. Enjoy the alternative Autistic view of the world based on family connectivity where family members may seek small business jobs their autistic traits are creatively suited to.

It’s a new world to seek small business job in

Thankfully the world is a different place now the internet has brought in the digital age. Where Susan’s life previously was in small family-based businesses the removal of a van and transport after a truck impact left its damage was one other thing to cope with.

Indeed the traditional family-owned businesses are the world over – but many are still lagging behind the digital times of today.

A few painful realizations with Susans own digital experiences … had a terrific result.

Recently while absorbing the byplay in a monthly visionary meeting the comment was made about learning to ride one horse at a time. Yes! the comment had been heard before. I’d made video creation, written posts, created somewhere to put the posts, made graphixs, organized syndication, and still was recreating the webpage etc. Then read through and nearly completed a Search Engine Optimization course.

At that point, I began to realize the confusion entered into.

Back to the horse analogy. Given the vastness and depth of the lessons to learn much was learned. Although progress was made there was another side. With to many things happening at once procrastination built on the confusion happening. In came distraction which leads to little focus held onto on one thing.

Another saying: One Man bands take time to accomplish so many things when attempted altogether.

Heading out to the other side of this large continent to travel around for a few weeks the thought to ask someone trusted to be there just in case was acted upon. Mission accomplished. With permission granted a friend who was pretty good at maintaining the organization of the mysteries behind the website, things added a few plugins.

Time went by. Other plugins that are used needed revisiting. Deactivation, deletion along with reinstalling and activation. And of course, the old internet cookies deleted along the way as a maintenance action.

Smile. This is where simple little actions helped with the progressive fun has come into the scattered learning process previously occurred.

joyful_to_help_build_Online_Autistic_communities-154x200 Seek small business jobThe fact that you are reading this still says much for concentrating on communication in the written form. Two of the last few years involved relearning the write. The results have paid off dividends.

Graphixs well that still needs new adjustments re what to, and where to upload pictures from. Include a course on where to place the photos taken, how to take photos, utilize pictures to their best advantage. Next terms course at the local neighborhood center with mum will be an advantage.

Coding…. a different language to me so a little at a time here.

That’s where the inquisitive mind came into play. Having seen so many beautiful sites what was it that they had I was not doing. To find there was more to just adding a picture here, words there, links and that list got longer by the lesson.

Four years ago a lady who had coded through thirty working years suggested that coding was a ‘lesson’ for me to look into. What learns another language? Close down and the mind refusing to jump into the deep end.

As the mind became used to different aspects, connections were made. Surprisingly, every so often that coding stuff intrigued so much that there are now countless notes as to what to put where. For instance, when using the autoresponder to make the basis for a landing page is it Javascript or HTTPs used? Found there was one place for this and another use for that. Further clarification also found that there is a place to embed the list code. Oh! Now that information cleared up a long time other question.

Here’s the big plus: the brain is like an ocean. Not knowing the difference between fact or fiction the brain just absorbs stuff. So every little bit of information it paid to re-ask questions. Having a company with a great support staff, and a huge community where all sorts of answers are able to be asked and different applications are given made an advantage.

[ Yes to check the answers out still is always a terrific option choice]

Sixteen years previously had been like stumbling about in the wild, wild, west of the internet. Since accepting the invitation to come through and look at a marketing series, do the modules and begin four years ago oh bliss. Mind you I had to sort out me first but that’s now an ongoing process.

So back to the coding: One of the added tools sets paid for has a syndication section. Thinking to explore the first one on the list I went. Picked up the thirty character code and put that code where it was meant to go. What? the character disappeared. Over to support .. the characters disappeared. Why? The answer received made sense.

Lifting_This_lid-176x200 Seek small business jobMeanwhile, another query had been answered re the alterations to the foundation of the site. When you change a page structure things get altered. These alterations affect other things like some tracking structures. OH NO. Now that explained so much.

Reaction: Avoidance of doing anything wrong lead to dithering. Procrastion arose from the brain nerves zapping. Get over it. ARRRGH. Previous lessons learned… there is always something to do while something else is reconnecting. So instead of riding the coding horse effectively, the stables were cleaned. Tools found and sorted and hung up in the general maintenance time. To this effect difference codes for small projects were sort. Placed in a website that is easy to reach for reference.

Next step is back to the plugins. Maintenance on the site you are reading from. On that site is a CSS Script Optimizer. Terrific tool just wrong coat for the horse. ie not one that has been tested on the theme of this site. To change the theme is a foundation change. Not going there. Easier to sort out what will match the CSS optimizer here once this one had been deactivated, and then deleted.

Why? Because when the CSS codes have added any update to the site remove the CSS coding. By utilizing the third party app the codes are stored in the app not on the website. Things like the syndication site has a clause within that as long as the code is active on the site the posts published with automatically be syndicated. Otherwise it’ a case of manual upload to the syndication place. Using the rational if this is done for one there will be other places the same.

As this post has shown there are many tricks to learn to ride properly before the horse can even get into the transport trailer to get to the race course and head towards the race gates.

Given the complexity of the internet today how does one person even climb on a horse? Answer: either be very experienced already or have a community that looks after your back.

Susanlewis10 Seek small business jobTo combine a family home based business into such a community is a terrific option to consider. Joyfully invite the family members over that you can trust. Your invitation us here. Open this invitation and all watch it together. More importantly, follow that gut reaction of yours. This is both your own and your families future.

Love to see your comments below.