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Remind People Wishes Come True

Remind People Wishes Come True – Remind

People Wishes Come True When The Head And Heart Are Thinking Together

There’s a definite time to remind people wishes to come true when the head is ego and the heart is with love are working together.  One gives and the other receives.

That secret dream made as a child that underlines and opens up to something that at one time we dearly wish to have. The opposite is the truth as well what we are so terrified of that will happen. Two sides of the coin.

Susanlewis10 Remind People Wishes Come TrueIn this post, Susan Lewis shares how, as a child, there was both a desire to write, struggling to overcome the odds of ‘spelling’ challenges.

As a child, I desperately wanted to pass a spelling test. Sounds simple right. See the word and spell the word.

Oh If people would remind people wishes came true.

Nope, not many people are around to remind people that wishes come true. Probably because we all grow up and friends move on.

There were two things missing and then a third big player got really involved.
The first was the letters did not make sense. And of course, was written like a b.

The alphabet was terrific. But there were four ways of hearing the sounds. My father came from England. My mother’s family were of Danish and Maori roots. People around were Danish, Germanic, English and of course Maori. All with different intonations, and stresses on the letters sounds. Not forgetting that in the 1960s the television programs were either English or New Zealanders mimicking the English and Scottish accents. And in came the American spelling.

Needless to say, I absorbed the accents, and as one of my sons did growing up just spelled the words fifteen different ways on the page. Something that was a secret had to get recognized!

These days it’s common to hear the words “Oh you’re on the Autism Spectrum right!” Yip.

Although by fifty-eight you would have worked out that there are strange things you do. Like, spell the huge words first and totally flunk the simple words like Kat [cat] Now if schools had only done tests the way I spelled them… from the hardest words to the simplest words that test level may have been encouraging… and fair. For me anyway.

By the time the third son of ours was seven, and he was about to remind people wishes come true.

there was one computer in his father’s house that they could use. That son had taken several to pieces. reconnected the circuits boards and other bits with. Turned on the switches. Learned how to fix the house fuse boxes and knew where the fuse wire was at the shops of which miraculously appeared in the shopping trolley very frequently.

One day this son came home. Having borrowed this you beat up to date computer the week before he helped me with Mum Turn The switch on here and bent down to flick the wall switch on. Thanks were muttered through a smile behind which were gritted teeth!

Following time… the frustrations was all those little green wriggly lines and redone. “Mum that’s the spelling and the grammar checker.” To the question of “Where’s Mum? the answer came…. Mum’s overworking the spell checker”… Gritted teeth again.

Work to remind people wishes came true,

The funny thing was I was helping my mother with the family history. Writing my side of things that I remembered.

Other than I also learned not to type when living near an electrical transformer and a thunderstorm… all the months of work was gone in one fused second.

Through the research, mum had completed apparently Hans Christian Anderson was a few generations back relative. He, it turns out was a gifted writer and probably on the Autism spectrum.

The post started off by mentioning that what you most desire or fear will come to become your truth. After finally knocking the person mindset into shape… on several different areas. I now write on blogs. Along with posts in social media and emails and… Does it matter where? The answer is yes. As what has been funded out that there are different ways to write. To communicate. And to reach out to through the audience and into the cold interest areas into the hot buyer’s cycle area.

Okay, there’s still working on area work to do. But the secret to communication is one step at a time. And at the moment my step is to finish this post and rework a few more posts that really need updating. Rewriting the evergreen posts sure is one way of telling how far the developing communication skill has come. Right now I will remind you, yes me of all people, will remind people that wishes come true! The effort, willpower, actions and determination are only one part of this process.

Susanlewis10 Remind People Wishes Come TrueNext month will be back into the courses and find the time for a writer for communication refresher course.

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