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Simply Driving People

Simply Driving People – There Was More To It Than Simply Diving People.

Simply driving people to something there is little connection with is old marketing tactics of get out to people the surplus lines. To experience the belief that you are worth someones care is fabulous. The effect is amazing. Totally affects peoples in different ways. A renewed mindset affects choices then made. People trust the people who have a commonality with them. With that commonality triggered new cognitive thought patterns are created. Things happen within.

Well, let’s say sometimes what may seem simply logical to a female mindset, is way out of the ballpark to someone else. Yet other times each person stands there is total bamboozlement and wonder just what the heck happened.

Susanlewis10 Simply Driving PeopleHello.  I’m Susan Lewis. Under the banner of simply driving people this post touches on the topic of ‘proving to people’ the quality, excellence and beauty of ‘an item’ – anything you have the total belief in.

To truly Market something more the giving of value than simply driving people to a product. Be that product something of the old fashioned surplus line variety as just one beacon.  Today there are teams of creative thinkers who far plan around the county company store with their campaigns.

The far thinking strategist has become the preferred employee as they simply create a primmum campaign that is heartfelt, people inclusive, while being far above the gains of a country financial salary.

First of all we look at a how a not very popular car took over a market. Then check into see how using these same campaign steps made progress. Thirdly we dive into the resources available to people in the rural and outback areas of today’s world.

The concept was simple. To reach through “to be the best and brightest to celebrate excellence in data-driven marketing” [ quoted from thedma], be outstanding and prove the cars worth in 2016, plus win the International ECHO Gold Awards was the reward.

The interesting thing was the approach involving the challenge, the campaign objective, execution the stats and the results.

Looks normal so far. So what’s the big deal.  Where’s the driving force?  Every product being marketed out there has the same steps.

This is true. The car people knew the car was the best.  In short the three essential points in the strategy used  is set out like this:

micromanaging-is-200x128 Simply Driving PeopleThe Execution:

To mobilize people toward the brand, create an emotional link.

Focus entirely on the consumer.

Pick a cause to “sponsor”.  Something where both the people and the car company could ‘fight together”.  Something that had strong roots in the peoples market imagination.

The cause was ” Save Valdelinares” A small Spanish town in a crisis period.

Sponsoring Valdelinares transport in this remote area with one Skoda Scout 4×4 gifted brought in employment for one person… the towns official driver.  The flow on effect was the local school stayed open, people then had ease of shopping trips, medical emergencies were covered.  Daily living improved.  Even the rescuing of mountain guides occurred.

For the company, Peoples National pride runs emotionally high. Take a moment to realize how emotional the saving of this little known isolated, forced near closing, towns peoples relatives, and extended families would have felt.  Generations of people would have rallied around.  Family ties run deep even in a world where people have become isolated in their UNI family ‘unity’.

Then the campaign behind the sponsoring began. In three months the brand affinity and recognition went up by twenty-five-percent.

What DMA did was set out to ‘prove by the doing’. Therefore they looked for a cause to “sponsor.”  DMA humanity won.  Enough said.

With the gift of the Skoda Scout 4 x 4 the people of Valdelinares mindset changed. The belief that they were important enough for a company to have humanity and care was so important they were able to pull together.  To do more than just go through the motions while survival was looking as bleak as it was.  Valdelinares are weather tough. Just like the people in both rural and outback Australia.  The lifeline was something practical that pulled families together. Further, that bound the tight-knit, yet fraying, the framework of their community.

slmDream003-98x200 Simply Driving PeopleHaving lived in the isolated parts of The Strzelecki Mountains aka The Snowy region in a small town of Bendoc Victoria, Australia, the moving down to a rural town of Churchill twenty five years ago it’s been easy to meet the ‘weather tough people’ while I was driving taxis.

Later as the dogs and I walked early mornings these same peoples age and health was simply driving people crazy. Some actually liked the idea of moving into towns.

Survivors need more than pride to place a meal on the table.  They need support and the choice to back up their decision making.  The internet has made this possible in many ways.  The phone is a lot easier to carry than the CB radios.  The weather is on hand. The phone calls and keeping a check on the family.  Sharing the daily tasks and even making on the spot inquires are literally at a touch of a button.

Underneath everything though is more than the determination to survive. There is a belief that the next generation in the family based business with keeps their roots in within the families community.  This often happens as the grand-children arrive, and is helped on as the children approach their mid-life.  Of the family farm is still there the next generations have the ability to make that choice.

model-t-200x172 Simply Driving PeopleEither way the determination that something is not going to get the better of them is so deeply rooted in many of the farming life that they do come back.  The natural arrival back simply driving people towards modern concepts and influences the surrounds life flow.  Many who have connected with affiliate marketing belief that this a large difference is made.  But how to farm, run a family and have time to train has previously held people back.  Not anymore.

Sheer determination that learning something like affiliate marketing is just not going to beat anyone from a farming family life is known about.  ‘Once you ‘live the life” you pick up on things. Even as a participatory onlooker it often takes one to know one. That deep inner connection is there somewhere. For why else would someone connect within something like this. The simple logic is that diabetics understand some of the issues of diabetics. Farming families understand farmers and their families the world over.

In today’s world simply driving people who live the land are already E-commerce entrepreneurs.  You know what it takes and who’s got what it takes to engage and activate an e-commerce platform.

The same goes for people who run micro-businesses knowing they will be learning by mistakes [ often] yet are prepared to make one after the other to move forward.

People who are looking to do more than just build that alternative digital lifestyle. People who need to give back to the farming life and community they were raised in need the active, working resources to help them make the choice to focus in on providing that social worth a family based business community appreciated.

tapforresources-200x101 Simply Driving People
Tap for resources

Over time the farming as that family based business creativity creates focused areas where country companies login into the online world.

Once that move is made, the digital training platform has been found that you are comfortable, with what is stopping you moving forward one module at a time? Your own pace. Your own speed.

Should you have missed the link above it’s right here so you too may simply drive people to your services, community business… or even family members to a homecoming.

Note the link opens in another page.

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Reference Credit given to the DMA International