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Included Tools And Apps To Use

Included Tools And Apps To Use –  Practice With These Included Tools And Apps to Use.

Get Strapped in and prepare to utilize these value-driven integrated toolsets and apps.  Open the other compartments in this virtual toolbox to find your self-busy exploring all sorts of new fang-dangled features.  Join other friends along with your fellow community members and get dialed into the exciting things that are coming online.

The team behind the scenes have been very busy getting more things programmed in.  Look see and enjoy as this is only the beginning. The journey to the next level has only just begun.

In this post, Susan Lewis gives you some quick pointers about this optional features in your virtual toolbox and provides an interesting link you may also like.

Being a member of the DBL the following integrated tools and apps are included for your use.  Noted, that some may have a thirty-day trail.  

DigitalBusinessLoungeoncds-200x172 Included Tools And Apps To Use
4 CDs titled DBL Digital Business Lounge. A key through to terrific apps and tools for marketing.

Digital Business Lounge.

A key through to terrific apps and tools for marketing.

 The creative team who have put together these tools.

Digital Writers

What a way to go.  Expert writers are writing your copy for you in exchange for a small fee per post dependant on the level of writing you require.

Domains [ unlimited]

That is right.  Make as many as you can handle. The monthly membership fee covers this privilege.

Domain Transfers

Bring is Domains from other hosts.  No charge

Email hosting

Signing off an email with a nonprofessional looking email is a let down for many affiliate marketers and Professionals. Rounding off the hard-won correspondence has a definite edge when you can sign it as your name and own hosting. 

Email Tools

How many places allow you to redirect the platform your are sending emails or replying to the emails from?  Redirecting your emails through your ‘own’ signatory emails account is an edge that you have with this tool. 

Email accounts 

Have as many as the level your on permits.  Then choose a selection of primary accounts that the emails will be streaming through.  Assists well with autoresponders as one share the message and the other receives the emails. 

GraphixCreator Available 

graphix-creator-white-check-here-jpeg-200x200 Included Tools And Apps To Use
Rather than hit the picture mobile phones deserve to enjoy their Link through requests. Therefore the Click Here has been replaced with Check Here and the link is just below.

The quick, easy, user-friendly, tool with which to create 3d or 2d visuals.  Use these

creations on sites either as buttons, banners, choose your visuals, Upload your own or use the GraphixCreator background, add-ons and pictures. Either way, these visual effects can then become gifs, e-books, placed through your blogs and v-blogs, anywhere and everywhere you care to place them.  Yes even on the WordPress101 site of yours hosted in the Digital Experts Academy.

Lead capture tools

Starting off with the creation of your LeadCapture Pages through the thank you pages’ your funnel is created. Using tools within the Digital Business Lounge  [SimpleTrakk ]and the Six Figure Mentors [My Link Generator, TidyURL]

Also with a connection to one of the lists of autoresponders available the double opt-in the European Union [EN] insist up you are ready to go.

Working from left to right along the navigation bar just follow the instructions.  By the time you have completed the Lead pages and Thank You part of your campaign the inclusion of tools such as WordPress101,  SimpleTrakk, GraphixCreator, TidyURL and YourTubePlayer. Included as well, one of the ‘may be connected with” Autoresponders  Along with the possibility of Digital Writers writing your copy.

Link management tools

With so many included tools and apps to use  utilize and find out just how simple to use these can

Unleshtherestraints-133x200 Included Tools And Apps To Use
Hiding your potential is a waste. Unleash Your Potential

be one would think that with the range already covering

  1. Branding
  2. Cloaking.
  3. Forwarding,
  4. Link Shortening
  5. Masking.
  6. Redirecting
  7. Sharing
  8. Tracking and Statistics

there would be nothing left to create.  That is the wonder of the program developers.  There are always new things arriving.  That is one definite way to unleash that hiding Digital Entrepreneur from within.

“One Click” Domain Registration

Choose the name and check the availability.,  Pay with your credit card. Wait and then the Domain name is yours.

Simple “One Click” WordPress installation.

Sort out the Domain, choose a premium theme, follow the simple instruction [install] and there you have it.  One Premium Site installed.  Now the site needs to get ready for use with your assistance, please.

Premium Site Themes

So many sites in the virtual catalog from which to choose from. Simply pick, check, install and use.


Choose a theme, filling the boxes. Upload a picture.  Create a thank you page. A simple little plugin where you pull your lead capture pages across to your website and under your domain. The URL reflects this connection rather than a third party one.  Assists with upload and compliance requirements as of the time of writing [ Aug, 2015]


A dynamic three-part application that campaign tracking links and codes are created. 

Used in conjunction with SimpleLeadCapture, My Leads, and My Links [Within the Six Figure Mentors]


TidyURL-complementary-left-200x160 Included Tools And Apps To Use
Presenting the complementary TidyURL The WordPress Link Management Plugin displayed as a CD case

Can be a stand-alone widget application directly connected to the WordPress account. Or the TidyURL itself.  There are four parts to this. The 301, 307 redirections, a lead social bar and the registering of a URL post that is being logged through your system.  Either a plugin for you to have tailored through to your sites name or one that is generic within the SixFigure Mentors marketing tools.

Unlimited Sites and Installations

One hosting site that will house and host all your web-pages. And all your business clients web-pages. You do the math when compared to hosting multiple sites through other platforms.

Video Hosting [ coming soon]


Having chosen the theme… what goes within it? Simple step video tutorials interconnected with the Digital Experts Academy Levels of Training, The weekly webinars, Micro-Learning reskilling and updates, The Six Figure Mentors basic training’s. WordPress 101 is only the beginning of a relationship between you and your website.


ytp250x250 Included Tools And Apps To Use

I-want-I-want-these-marketingtoolsnow-163x200 Included Tools And Apps To Use
I want these marketing tools now

This plugin allows you to manipulate your YouTube videos from within the WordPress dashboard. Videos are a heavy drain on broadband and uploading drags the page loading process slower. YourTubePlayer is a layer that you place about the picture.  The picture is simply the link through to the video.

A made to measure idea allowing one area to customize with the sites coloration and presentation effects. you simply choose the styling to match your content or video theme. Then customize player controls, autoplay, among the range of controls.

Your Unique, so too, are your needs and results…

I’ll say it now there are two ways of coming into the lounge.  The first is through the community. The way I came through.

The second is directly through the lounge. The link I took is below.

Discover how you can live a life of joyful freedom with
the outcomes these tools correct use gives you.

Opens in another page

And Not just because Susan Lewis Recommends it.

But, because you are impressed with the Digital Products.  Or, alternatively, just choose to have great quality tools at your fingertips.

Susanlewis10 Included Tools And Apps To Use
Find out about Susan Lewis

Utilize the Tools and Apps that are included within your daily virtual life. With these included tools and apps to use even my results astound me.

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