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Creates Unexpected Entrepreneurs

Creates Unexpected Entrepreneurs – The Extended Self Creates Unexpected Entrepreneurs All The Time As The Behind The Scenes Work Is Done

Eureka moments are just beautiful. Getting that online ‘IT’ is just like flash flooding. IT creates unexpected entrepreneurs in all fields. It’s just a matter of capturing the moment, harvesting the energy and switching on the belief in the vision.

People know the power of the voice. The internet voice is nothing different – other than the virtual spaced delivery. Off Putting a this is the fact is as people push into who they are other aspects magnify. Where one person has a simple light bulb moment of clarity other people may just about get it! Practice has a hand in connecting any bits thought unclear before. Suddenly this all creates unexpected entrepreneurs that go forward.

Susanlewis10 Creates Unexpected EntrepreneursIn this post Susan Lewis will show the connection between a parent of a person on the High Functioning Autism Spectrums need to allow their child to develop into a job with the belief that this further creates unexpected entrepreneurs skills in the making. Yet the unnerviving truth is that parent often still has one more fear. What if ….happens! Have I allowed for…? When this… happens have we created a big enough family based safety zone?

Let’s look at the case of a High Functioning Autistic trait… that of a complex puzzle solver. Afterwards move through to getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time in a way that they are going to understand and move forward with.

Anthony Pease and puzzles go together. From an early age if it was a complex puzzle, or a puzzle, Anthony had it solved. Anthony now solves clients comlex software hiccups. Now to other people complex anything is a standoff. You either stand still and puzzle things out… or they run off.

What makes Anthony fit well into this area of ‘work’ is the meticulous process behind which he utilizes that Identifies software glitches. Then simply helps the client resolve them. How? Did solving puzzles at a young age help? Developing the skills, understanding and belief that the answer was the Anthony’s technical ability, precision and affinity for repetitive tasks created a pathway towards fitting this perfect job. Anthony’s hallmark traits with the High Functioning Autism were harvested by a business that harnesses the strengths of those whose brains function differently. In this environment Anthony, the skills that go into puzzle clarifications and the mixed up puzzles that clients present is found to be in a great employment situation.

Hard_Choices-200x156 Creates Unexpected EntrepreneursWhen this article link was written Anthony was twenty years of age.  Technology has a way of superseding the average person’s skill levels. Which is why people hunt out the companies with the best and brightest workers!

Alright let’s try again. Business need to keep up with clients therefore having on hand uptodate information, statistics and an elevated social profile is what’s needed!

The growing number of influential data based service companies are growing exponentially.

One last time… companies are here to stay forever. Therefore employment will always be found.

With so many parents subconsciously always on edge re their child’s High Functioning Autism traits flipping into the behaviour managed outcomes parents, having watched their children’s struggles through school, social life, finding work, to keep that workflow and later family life in balance are still quietly wondering the what if’s. What if when the adult child wants to move forward? Knowing the company has a contract for the next several years that owns the creative processes connected to why the employment in the first place.

How to include within the development of an aside business with out the employment aspect conflicting? The answer always comes back into this area:

What would happen when a family based business community based around the future self funded family business is developed?

A family down the road from where this post is being typed out has one son sitting in a second country developing software for the plowing of fields in mountainous areas of Europe. nothing strange about that, except the whole process is automated. From the seed choice to the eventual harvest.

Discover how you can live a life full of joy with Autism. Just to be Autistic, online and loving it as a family involved in the creation of that simple digital business system so many High Functioning Autistic families are utilizing to further the business growth.

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