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Watch Out For The Sign

Watch Out For The Sign – Watch Out For The Sign Cause Customers Relations Often Begin With What Is Posted.

Be aware of what happens as you watch out for the sign of progress as posts are often there in the limelight years.

Susanlewis10 Watch Out For The Sign
Begin With What Is Posted. Here

In this post, Susan Lewis reflects on how media have written, videos, photographs, or a post written and shared, is there forever.

Changes are needed as there is always an opportunity to have to work smarter.  We all have the ability to choose what are our personal challenges.

The picture in this post is a copy of something seen on another platform. The Logo Sign snapped as a person past by.

The saying is very, very apt. Today’s world is not so different from yesterday’s world.   The subtle difference is something cloaked behind the hidden shadows of the past is now brought out into the open.

Maybe the saying.. “where angels fear to tread ” is apt.  But then again being on the Autism Spectrum kinda makes one take on the world and forget what the heck fear actually is.  That attitude is called a pattern interrupt.  Something that Susan has no problem with and has every intention of creating a willy-willy dust storm so typical in the vastness of the Australian landscape.

Many empty acres of Australia need a “little of natures kindness along with the yearly rainstorms that bring relief.

Shed a little light and tonnes of love just because that person is a person in need of simple, straight forward…. love.

Smile. And watch out for the sign of a creative personality at work.

taketheresponsibility Watch Out For The Sign
Take Responsibility For Yourself

Believe that just because a seed is sown you need not be the one to watch it’s growth, but since there is enough manure constantly being shoveled around do you really care to stand in that too?

Love is like manure. To the farmer, it’s sweet and profitable to be standing in.   To the city clicker that is just “shit” on the shoe!

Very poignant is the belief That you, yourself, are the reason you succeed.

That just believing in yourself without knowing who you are, where you have come from, where are heading to, and why you have opened the floodgates to help from various sources empowers both you plus what you’re achievements are.

The very next step is that you have taken on the responsibility for yourself.

An example.  Susan had not been able to trust people for a long time.  Thinking it was more a case of Susan’s on an inability to communicate she tackled that aspect.  There were some slight hiccups still to overcome.

Stuck on something Susan reached out and found someone willing to learn as well. Discussion occurred and terms of the agreement were created. Progress was made. Susan was relieved.

Meanwhile, someone else also offered to help of their own accord did so.  No terms of the agreement were made as Susan fully expected to have an interview to discuss the terms of the agreement.

Susanlewis10 Watch Out For The SignAll the previous work has now gone. It is time to start again.  Remember you are the reason you either succeed or you stand still, take stock, then just move on.

Lesson learned. Watch out for the sign of someone who has just succeeded in a huge lesson of trust.

Remember life is a two-way street.  Often the sower is different from the harvester.