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This Thing Called Memories

This Thing Called Memories – Facebook’s Got This Thing Called Memories.

Facebook’s got this thing called memories that keep popping up. Every day of the year last years, and the subsequent years of posted memories pop up ready for you to repost this day.  Rather like the photographic memory of a person.  That is the photographic memories of places, faces, situations and even conversations held years ago held as very vivid memories that brains releases. Especially after a few exposures to the same data. Eidetic memories are also known as photographic memories

Facebook memorizes the pictures and posts that you release. So, just before signing off for the day one day a message came through Facebook.  Another Memory to be shared.  Actually, it was ” a memory” from a few years ago.

Susanlewis10 This Thing Called MemoriesIn this post, Susan Lewis covers this thing called memories plus how the steps you need to complete in order to progress through your training

The amazing thing for me is that five years ago a message was sent. To be truthful an invitation was sent. Then eleven months later into thousands of emails I went.  A place where angels fear to treat… about nine thousand nine hundred and ninety later… it took a week if deleting them in Gmail to find the thing that was driving me mad. The hunch was there was something in there that I was missing…

2goldenrulestolife-200x400 This Thing Called MemoriesIt was simply a second invitation.. and I clicked onto the link. Voila, the most incredible personal journey had begun.

The poor sender has had to deal with so much.   Hopefully, it has been for them as it sure was for me.  Change, to say the least, is something I actually struggled with.  The change meant uncertainty.

Believe to act. Act to believe. Just make the decision and take action today to achieve your dream. Step by step[/caption]

Uncertainty meant putting the toe out of the doorway long enough for the water to be felt.  Thing is water is absorbed.  I could not get my toe back the same way I’d put it out.  Which meant that change had already begun.

Satisfy this thing called memories

Skip a few years. Today is officially four years and three days since I became a member of this community.

Emotions shown is also something that came through.  The ability to weep tears, cry in frustration, yell and scream if my voice wanted too] was something unexpected.  To laugh with sear joy.  To feel like dancing.., which last week meant two hours dancing with material over a meter square attached to a flagpole… ouch those shoulder muscles.

onceyoumake-adecisiontheuniverseconspirestomakeithappenyes-320x400 This Thing Called Memories

What sheer bliss the whole evening was.  Something I’d never thought would have happened except now there is nearly a third October arriving and that will be their years just dancing with different scarves, materials and even just moving with the flow of the music.

The flagpole was being moved from hand to hand.  That confidence just to do this and swirl up and down, round and round and back again… So hypnotically smooth. Just is.

The thought last week as I need a video of this.  And being sad that I could not do both… and the music played on.

Okay, me in front of a camera I am still working on actively doing and liking.  But someone one else videoing that would be a whole different idea.

This thing called memories

Like I stated to myself…. what took me so long to respond? The answer is I do not know. The answer to was all this change worth it… Would you run for the hills when I reply… YES.

Yes. Explore the need to think outside this thing called memories to now put into perspective your own vision and style. As share, the Facebook memories acted as a reminder of my own vision process that started as I viewed a video series. Suddenly all I had been seeking was there in front of me. All that had to be done was to take action. A lot of action.
yourgreatesttest-345x400 This Thing Called Memories
The difference was the virtual key to unlock my mind and open the doors on an incredible journey. Looking back this has been some journey! Would I repeat it? Yes. The answer to was all that has gone on worth it? YES. Would I do this all again? Actually YES. l Would

What was found was that once the dream vision was discovered, the needs and priorities were seen to bring everything together. Breath life into life. Knowing that action starts with creating goals and looking toward the future.

Now there must be nothing stopping this journey. No more excuses, no more shames or blames and self-pitying.

Instead there is Action –> Reaction –> Satisfactions! Each and every step along the way.

Your Life, your success, your fulfillment and your happiness is your duty, your obligation, your responsibility and your privilege to make sure you are present to joyfully catch a ray of sunshine as you fly with the wind behind your back.

Susanlewis10 This Thing Called MemoriesI wish for you so many beautiful memories in your future life as you, and yours, create a “this thing called memories” new portfolio to share.

Facebook Group Susan Lewis Marketing

Facebook Group Susan Lewis – Invite To Facebook Group. Susan Lewis Marketing That Maximizes Actions

Raise the belief of those around you through the knowledge that Facebook Group Susan Lewis Marketing has an attitude that makes a difference to peoples lives and that matters. The attitude of one person impresses on others with their major influences flowing on into other human beings in today’s virtual world.

Learn the most effortless and energy-rich method to engage your apps by believing that.

Susanlewis10 Facebook Group Susan Lewis Marketing
Welcome to this Facebook Group Susan Lewis Marketing post

Join Susan Lewis as she shed light on turning every moment of the past into a highway for personal growth. See how Susan helps you transform your challenges into stepping stones and reminds you that success often depends on how you look at things. As you read how to direct people into the Facebook Group Susan Lewis Marketing you will become aware that there is extra information to note. That is why you should actually become a member of the Susan Lewis MarketingFacebook Group yourself. Plus the fact that it will be great catching up to you. And reading your comments, of course, answering them

People in your audience reach want to find out about you.

More importantly is the Maximizing actions that you do to direct people to places where they freely receive the RSS or other updates. Fresh new content is a wonderful asset for your followers. Paradoxically by supplying this fresh content you build that all-important list. The list gets up to date content with which to
a) Share with their friends
b) Comment and like [ and love heart]
c) Take actions that join them with the community that’s behind you.

Embed Group Invites into emails

Open the Facebook Group up

In the Facebook Group Susan Lewis Marketing, there is in a column on the right an area called “Add Members”. To the right of Add Members is Embed Invite. Click on this and follow the two steps to obtain the Facebook Embed code.

Step 1 Choose the language
Step 2: Copy the code snippet and add this to your autoresponder better yet [ or as well] add the code into the pages or posts sidebar. Just be aware that his code will slow the page uploading time, therefore, its best to keep end result below the bar.

22539818_1922820241317146_2467645769148418079_n Facebook Group Susan Lewis Marketing
Susan Lewis Marketing
Facebook Group · 34 members

app_fb_32_fig_white Facebook Group Susan Lewis Marketing Join Group


Take the actions to push your message out there.

“Susan Lewis Marketing” is right here with tried, true, actionable steps. Report on what works and w…

Please believe you are welcome to connect with Susan Lewis Marketing and start your journey with the assistance of Susan Lewis Marketing. That is the understanding of “Susan Lewis Marketing” Facebook Group.

Commit to the belief that “Susan Lewis Marketing” is the first step in the journey towards the last belief mindset challenge. To be the person who knows their positive attitude has rubbed off on the people who have come in contact with what you posted.

Observe how that Susan Lewis Marketing Mindset belief has challenged and changed the normalcy of everything believed beforehand.

Simply express this mindset through everything you do. However, it is that you want that belief depth to come through and be seen know that it already is. People see your solution to their pain points. Express that solution in that frame of mind. This caring influence magnifies and comes back to you.

Commit to the belief that “Susan Lewis Marketing” is the last belief mindset challenge. To be the person who knows their positive attitude has rubbed off on the people who have come in contact with what you posted.

Observe how that Susan Lewis Marketing’s Mindset belief has challenged and changed the normalcy of everything believed beforehand.

Simply express this mindset through everything you do. However, it is that you want that belief depth to come through and be seen know that it already is. People see your solution to their pain point. Express that solution in that frame of mind. This caring influence magnifies and comes back to you.

To truly get the hang of what your belief that building a family based business community with members of a wider community “Susan Lewis Marketing ” is a part of you have started on the final frontier in understanding everything is alright,  Now you can begin to follow your own dream of building into the family help, assistance and reliable work ethics of your own family based business community. There are the normal fears of what if you don’t have one good enough? It’s your dream, therefore, it’s you, and your extended families together your ‘good enough.”   Move over in the world! We, as a family community, are coming through.

joining-DBL-wordpress101-200x150 Facebook Group Susan Lewis MarketingTo know you are being shown what to do correctly And as important have people in the know, with current up to date information as to why is this not working right at your fingertips. An amazing feeling.

But putting everything together, it’s still only you can do this major personal challenge.

Here the supporting people worked together to come up with a brilliant solution: form a community of people to assist once you know what your next step of Susan Lewis Marketing belief is part of your solution.

It takes a few tries before you get it right because there is a lot to comprehend with other integrating your new mindset into your growing capabilities.

But that said that’s why going through resources, then choosing to go further, through the modules and out into the online community is a real-life buzz. The modules also take you past the initial marketing process for yourself. These are the first stepping stones so that you master that dream of yours. With understanding, practice and an ‘I can’ turning into an ‘I have done’ this attitude you know your efforts eventually got it right!

Your marketing is now reaching acceptance as a family based business community development. Well done!

Susanlewis10 Facebook Group Susan Lewis MarketingIt’s important that you understand these choice factors as they amplify mindset change basics before you register to attend the online training through here,

So I highly recommend that you take a few minutes ( why not now) to [watch the videos right here]

Love to be there when there is the joyful realization that each of us in this community has your back.


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To Ask, Believe, Be Open To Receive

To Ask, Believe, Be Open To Receive – To Ask, Believe, Be Open To Receive

The secret is to ask, believe, be open to receive and then realize that the next DownUnder SFM Momentum day is fast approaching! And somewhere in there, to have wondered how leaders in our Community, and in the industry at large, seem to generate major success with such relaxed grace? What are their tricks and secrets?

Susanlewis10 To Ask, Believe, Be Open To ReceiveHere’s one Secret. In this post Susan Lewis covers what is The Secret. Plus how The Secret is used within our mindset. The same mindset set for our inner peace and the one that drives our vision. The secrecy behind the secret that brings us joy, happiness, adventures, to name a few is to ask, believe and to receive. As well as the wonder within a personal work pace playtime puts these secret mindset inclusions into an especially important consideration.

Leaders keep that inner fire burning and never let it die down because they know The Secret. Leaders activate their belief in the Secret. The Secret that gets that fire blazing to new heights is shared among many. A few are ready to crack the Secret Wide open. Actively take the actions required. Then with the move forward attitude, that one key of their personal major influence is shared [impressed] on other human beings on today’s virtual world. The ones with the secret cannot tell you how or what will uncover the Secret for you. Mentoring is a privilege given to those taking the actions. The actions start from within each and every person.

There is a saying “When the student is ready the mentor will be asked. But you need to realize that the mentor has been there before. Mentors do not coach. Mentors see that you are ready for the next leg of your journey. May help by pointing to a few loose frayed ends. Wait till these are tidied up and somewhere in the conversation drop a slither of set activated information. When you are ready you will find the way to ask, believe, be open to receive.

BEGIN TO ASK, BELIEVE, Be open to receive as thought its effortless

Learn the most effortless and energy-rich method to engage your apps by believing that The Secret is a live, well and definitely functioning within you.

The secret is a state of mind ready and waiting for when a person needs to change their own self-limiting beliefs. While looking for clarity and support guidelines creativity, motivation often trigger breakthrough ideas.

Make sure the research into the overall audience is sort. With access to the right tools then sift through the target market envisioning the specific niche of people your message resonates with

Life is to short not to be sure your message is totally about providing value.
That’s where the training and upskilling comes into play. So to is the double opt-in process with the automated access to emails used to reach out and keep informed people who apply.

Change information. Data that gives a geographical freedom with the aim to solely inform from scratch. With training, the limiting negative beliefs are challenged. What is shared with you, you try out, adapt and simply pass on.

alife-of-your-own-making-200x150 To Ask, Believe, Be Open To Receive
Life is what you make it. A life of your own making empowers woman. Families and communities begin to prosper.

Take one thing from Susan Lewis’s past and relate that thing into your own experiences online. Doing something you love. That something simply may be creating your own vertical banner for a market stall holder whose busy and time-pressed right in the middle of gluts of fruit and vegetables.

Be realistic of their time management challenges. In that seasonal moment, selling on the product has more importance than finding self-secrets.

The turning point is now to ask, and believe. To be ready to receive. 

On the other hand, a pretty busy stay at home mum may have the time for communication. Open, honest, helpful and to the point communication.

Simply remind people that wishes come true when the video resources have been seen and that gut feeling of this is right for my small families future. Show the stay at home mum there is more to life than acceptance. Developing and expanding that inner belief into a crystal clear vision comes alive when the experience is personal. Triumphant overcomes tribulations.

So during the visits through the Bootcamp, Be Brave, Brand-worthy, and Branch-Out. Come to a share a smile-a-thon event. The background story starts here as this stay at home mum has had lots of practice practicing how to channel this pure energy through into everyday life. That makes an incredible difference to all around you as what has been presented is a solution to the persons pinpoint.

As the modules are entered into there is their bucket list where new items and actions are added. Even could be creating a new SFM profile. To have found a babysitter so she can attend the SFM Momentum day on the Gold Coast 2018 – Momentum Day Down Under – the day where leaders go to recharge!.

Or, while dealing with learning overwhelm bringing in the possibility of recreating the weekly website creation advancement of the reading how to use correct grammar and spelling tools.

Simply to make this mentors program work for you take a test drive for clarity and support.

Right now know where you are going as in the past politicians sent challenges out. One being to survive and financially stand in your own two feet. While looking after family members. Hence the vision of being included as a meaner in the family-based business community.

Some things are the way they appear. Finding self-secrets for real is important. That is the inner belief within you that says above all else the secret is to persist

Commit to the time to be the person who knows their positive attitude has rubbed off on the people who have come in contact with what you posted. Know that to Ask, believe, be open to receive is accepted as a normal thing to do.

reachdown-200x134 To Ask, Believe, Be Open To ReceiveWrite however it is that you want. Then virtually be there as people[ your niche] take in your solution to their pain point. Now express that solution in the frame of mind that shows the caring influence magnifies and comes back to you.

Almost there! Just one more step to get your marketing resources that start with a video series for you to discover how you can live a life of joy following a simple digital business system that community-minded people ( and businesses) are using to move towards a life of freedom.

To gain access let’s get you started Fill in this field in order to proceed. The field does come up as needing your details.

Just to let you know, you’ll also receive a few additional emails with more information on growing your education, up-skilling, and marketing business portfolio. Don’t worry, we respect your inbox. So we’ll make the emails packed with extra takeaways for you!

By the time the modules are completed well and truly you’ll get the hang of what your dream is. So that you can begin to follow your own dream, you need may need more help. Count this as the beginning of that help.

There are the normal fears of what if you don’t have one good enough? It’s your dream, therefore, it’s your ‘good enough’ Am I being shown what to do correctly?

By putting everything together only you can do this major challenge.  Just in case you missed the access to the resources simply start here.

Susanlewis10 To Ask, Believe, Be Open To ReceiveThe modules passed the initial marketing process are the first stepping stone to master that dream of yours. With understanding, practice and an ‘I can’ turning into a ‘I have done’ this attitude you know your efforts eventually got it right! Action the ability to Ask, believe, be open to receive.

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Momentum Day 2018

Momentum Day 2018 – Momentum Day 2018 DownUnder Gives A Terrific Energy Release Already. Come See What I Mean.

Momentum day 2018. There’s many uses of momentum days the world over this year.  But the one Momentum Day DownUnder of the year is just around the corner. You willing to experience momentum with example definitely reach out, book the date in the diary.

Susanlewis10 Momentum Day 2018Hi there.  I’m Susan Lewis.  A member of an international community that joins together throughout the world.  Mostly online.  Momentum days and other levels of training.  Right down in scale to simply fun, sometimes work related, Meet-Ups.  Which usually become team related and connected.

In this post there is a quick look at the ‘momentum break out strategy I personally have used with respect to attending the Momentum Day 2018 on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Up to Momentum Day 2018 

Each Momentum Day is an experience of a lifetime that takes on something new every time.   The first one took some planning.  Months of will I? Then an instant light bulb moment of decision accompanied by a challenging mixed up muddled follow through.

Lessons learned real quick.  Make the decision, follow through as though, you are already there. Pack accordingly.

Experience built upon one another as all the years rolled together for the preemptive follow for Momentum Day 2018 really easy.

The year was 2014 and the first inaugural Down Under Momentum Day occurred. Melbourne to Sydney with a backpack and carry all flight bag.  Plus Tent.

2015 that one was easier Melbourne. The thing was just seven days earlier a quick trip to Benalla to help a brother was done.  And one dose of food poisoning later….  Still made it there.

2016 Brisbane And other plane flight and one carry on a board bag.  Hey, packing light was achievable.

2017 Perth.  The tent came with me…. but the camping and experiencing Western Australia was put on hold.

2018  YES. Just paid for my tickets to Momentum day and bounced like a spinning top on the trampoline.  What a buzz.

But this year’s Momentum Day is different.  Markedly different.  Rather than taking up massive of fiddly posts here on the website the primary Diary jottings are being kept updated with Facebook notes.  Using this Facebook link people will be able to follow what’s happening around the planning and everything else that goes on within an anticipatory traverse brain.

Dreamsworkwhenyou-DO-200x200 Momentum Day 2018
Definitely put the work in to make that dream of your work for you

Things like just accepting and experiencing only the positive energy when doing anything. Of course, this also means giving positive uplifting energy as well.

Second thing is to just let what is known as the Universal Energy flow through.  Beautifully when you are uplift within the above action the  Universal Energy does flow through.

Thirdly the acknowledgment that more steps within my personal vision and mission statements are bouncing into place s I write the words “those personal milestones to the vision are relining.”

Underpinning all this was the fact that when I came into this community the emotional upheaval in 1991 when the truck impacted into the passenger side of the van I was just pulling away from an embankment with today was finally connected.  Understanding why there was such a deep memory loss finally made sense fifteen hours ago.

To have experienced this took a few people who had more belief than I had in myself to be there for the person I was from that moment of accepting the invitation that took two years at least for me to see let alone find and open.  From choosing to open that invitation.  Working the way through the modules.  Really doing the work even though its value was just not really connecting.

When a member simply stated ” Do the work.  Finish the modules then come out to play.”  So simple a sentence and so big the release. There was a release of a procrastinate hold the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder [OCD] procrastination had.  The inner child came out to take over. Just the same as that moment of which ticket investment shall I have… The lesson of one moment came into the doing of another.  From the doing the achieving of milestones.

justsittingthere-89x200 Momentum Day 2018
Ask How High To Take Off From

With the business plan created there was now a something to hold onto when times got challenging. You see procrastination is fear driven.  Know where the progress steps are and celebrate those steps.  Bounce up and down, turn topsy turvy you like. Just do the work that is entailed both on yourself, your deep inner self as this will come through in the freedom with which you choose to communicate.

Early on I was asked why I was still here.  Having just made the statement re the business plan stepping stones being an anchor I believe you know the answer as to why you get to put together your own one to present. OOPS, Business plans are very like the structures I had to have in place when running five meeting per week of youth activities.  In the beginning, everything was so all over the place. After a while, as training and experiences were under the belt there were monthly, the term and then yearly plans.  Three years into that planning cycle there were five-year activities being planned. With the current focus point the Momentum Day 2018 that feels comfortable.  The challenge is there are other todo’s converging on everything.

Once again there is a feeling of relief.  That relief also goes into another field.

Most important for myself there is such an inner spiritual belief that this is the correct pathway for myself it’s an amazing feeling seeing another segment of your spiritual path come into play. So by opening up all three areas of my own life the door is opened even further to receive what’s in this amazing life opportunity we all have access too.

joyful_to_help_build_Online_Autistic_communities-154x200 Momentum Day 2018

Now I understand the phrase To Be Fully endorsed open up to yourself. That way you resonate with your inner you. People see this. They identify with what you do and why. Example when this website was begun the posts were about people on the Autism Spectrum finding their inner child. These are two things that are very important to me. My vision was meant to have three points. However, when the ‘community development’ popped up on the last night, where did it fit in? To finish this course that’s been applied for now and happens just the fur days before Momentum Day.

Now that the community development is included in the family-based business communities the belief that I am whole again is very dominant.

So’ as soon as those Momentum Day tickets became available they were happily invested in. The terrific thing will be able to just give an open-armed hug everyone who had really stood by me. Holding an arm out so that I could grab hold, bury my toes into the ground and haul up. Plus help others along the way.

tapforresources-200x101 Momentum Day 2018
Tap Mobile Phone for Entry

Like happened to me an invitation similar to this one was opened. Details filled in. Resources for the family based business community received. Come to Momentum Day DownUnder 2018.

There is so much energy at these events you have to be interested in hearing more if you’ve read this far. Truly, I thoroughly recommend these Momentum days. And everything else associated with the company.

Seek small business job

Seek Small Business Job – Reality: To Seek Small Business Job Opening In This Time-rich, Talent Poor World You Must Want To Work For The Man.

Autism’s numbers are rising. Ignore the statistics. Back home there are just days when its all hands on deck. The stay at home parent is important.

Issues that Susan Lewis became very familiar when raising the four children. More is known today on what a teacher or an organization may expect for one child with on the spectrum. Deal with four and that’s a whole different mix.

Ready to seek small business job openings in a time rich, talent-poor so must work for the man world.

Autism is on the rise. No matter what the statistics are the reality is there are days when its all hands on deck. One more suspension from school, another allergies test, someone take this child to an appointment. Issues that Susan Lewis became very familiar when raising the four children. More is known today on what a teacher or an organization may expect for one child with on the spectrum. Deal with four and that’s a whole different mix.

susan-lewis-05 Seek small business job
Susan Lewis

In this post, Susan explores what options today are there as parents with the care of children on the Autism Spectrum look towards their families future. Using the analogy of riding a horse in a race take a few minutes to just read the following experiences from Susan’s online experiences she sort to cope with relearning to learn things [ left over from the truck impact]. Plus her own real-life reactions to the employment options available in today’s world are touched on. Enjoy the alternative Autistic view of the world based on family connectivity where family members may seek small business jobs their autistic traits are creatively suited to.

It’s a new world to seek small business job in

Thankfully the world is a different place now the internet has brought in the digital age. Where Susan’s life previously was in small family-based businesses the removal of a van and transport after a truck impact left its damage was one other thing to cope with.

Indeed the traditional family-owned businesses are the world over – but many are still lagging behind the digital times of today.

A few painful realizations with Susans own digital experiences … had a terrific result.

Recently while absorbing the byplay in a monthly visionary meeting the comment was made about learning to ride one horse at a time. Yes! the comment had been heard before. I’d made video creation, written posts, created somewhere to put the posts, made graphixs, organized syndication, and still was recreating the webpage etc. Then read through and nearly completed a Search Engine Optimization course.

At that point, I began to realize the confusion entered into.

Back to the horse analogy. Given the vastness and depth of the lessons to learn much was learned. Although progress was made there was another side. With to many things happening at once procrastination built on the confusion happening. In came distraction which leads to little focus held onto on one thing.

Another saying: One Man bands take time to accomplish so many things when attempted altogether.

Heading out to the other side of this large continent to travel around for a few weeks the thought to ask someone trusted to be there just in case was acted upon. Mission accomplished. With permission granted a friend who was pretty good at maintaining the organization of the mysteries behind the website, things added a few plugins.

Time went by. Other plugins that are used needed revisiting. Deactivation, deletion along with reinstalling and activation. And of course, the old internet cookies deleted along the way as a maintenance action.

Smile. This is where simple little actions helped with the progressive fun has come into the scattered learning process previously occurred.

joyful_to_help_build_Online_Autistic_communities-154x200 Seek small business jobThe fact that you are reading this still says much for concentrating on communication in the written form. Two of the last few years involved relearning the write. The results have paid off dividends.

Graphixs well that still needs new adjustments re what to, and where to upload pictures from. Include a course on where to place the photos taken, how to take photos, utilize pictures to their best advantage. Next terms course at the local neighborhood center with mum will be an advantage.

Coding…. a different language to me so a little at a time here.

That’s where the inquisitive mind came into play. Having seen so many beautiful sites what was it that they had I was not doing. To find there was more to just adding a picture here, words there, links and that list got longer by the lesson.

Four years ago a lady who had coded through thirty working years suggested that coding was a ‘lesson’ for me to look into. What learns another language? Close down and the mind refusing to jump into the deep end.

As the mind became used to different aspects, connections were made. Surprisingly, every so often that coding stuff intrigued so much that there are now countless notes as to what to put where. For instance, when using the autoresponder to make the basis for a landing page is it Javascript or HTTPs used? Found there was one place for this and another use for that. Further clarification also found that there is a place to embed the list code. Oh! Now that information cleared up a long time other question.

Here’s the big plus: the brain is like an ocean. Not knowing the difference between fact or fiction the brain just absorbs stuff. So every little bit of information it paid to re-ask questions. Having a company with a great support staff, and a huge community where all sorts of answers are able to be asked and different applications are given made an advantage.

[ Yes to check the answers out still is always a terrific option choice]

Sixteen years previously had been like stumbling about in the wild, wild, west of the internet. Since accepting the invitation to come through and look at a marketing series, do the modules and begin four years ago oh bliss. Mind you I had to sort out me first but that’s now an ongoing process.

So back to the coding: One of the added tools sets paid for has a syndication section. Thinking to explore the first one on the list I went. Picked up the thirty character code and put that code where it was meant to go. What? the character disappeared. Over to support .. the characters disappeared. Why? The answer received made sense.

Lifting_This_lid-176x200 Seek small business jobMeanwhile, another query had been answered re the alterations to the foundation of the site. When you change a page structure things get altered. These alterations affect other things like some tracking structures. OH NO. Now that explained so much.

Reaction: Avoidance of doing anything wrong lead to dithering. Procrastion arose from the brain nerves zapping. Get over it. ARRRGH. Previous lessons learned… there is always something to do while something else is reconnecting. So instead of riding the coding horse effectively, the stables were cleaned. Tools found and sorted and hung up in the general maintenance time. To this effect difference codes for small projects were sort. Placed in a website that is easy to reach for reference.

Next step is back to the plugins. Maintenance on the site you are reading from. On that site is a CSS Script Optimizer. Terrific tool just wrong coat for the horse. ie not one that has been tested on the theme of this site. To change the theme is a foundation change. Not going there. Easier to sort out what will match the CSS optimizer here once this one had been deactivated, and then deleted.

Why? Because when the CSS codes have added any update to the site remove the CSS coding. By utilizing the third party app the codes are stored in the app not on the website. Things like the syndication site has a clause within that as long as the code is active on the site the posts published with automatically be syndicated. Otherwise it’ a case of manual upload to the syndication place. Using the rational if this is done for one there will be other places the same.

As this post has shown there are many tricks to learn to ride properly before the horse can even get into the transport trailer to get to the race course and head towards the race gates.

Given the complexity of the internet today how does one person even climb on a horse? Answer: either be very experienced already or have a community that looks after your back.

Susanlewis10 Seek small business jobTo combine a family home based business into such a community is a terrific option to consider. Joyfully invite the family members over that you can trust. Your invitation us here. Open this invitation and all watch it together. More importantly, follow that gut reaction of yours. This is both your own and your families future.

Love to see your comments below.

Remind People Wishes Come True

Remind People Wishes Come True – Remind

People Wishes Come True When The Head And Heart Are Thinking Together

There’s a definite time to remind people wishes to come true when the head is ego and the heart is with love are working together.  One gives and the other receives.

That secret dream made as a child that underlines and opens up to something that at one time we dearly wish to have. The opposite is the truth as well what we are so terrified of that will happen. Two sides of the coin.

Susanlewis10 Remind People Wishes Come TrueIn this post, Susan Lewis shares how, as a child, there was both a desire to write, struggling to overcome the odds of ‘spelling’ challenges.

As a child, I desperately wanted to pass a spelling test. Sounds simple right. See the word and spell the word.

Oh If people would remind people wishes came true.

Nope, not many people are around to remind people that wishes come true. Probably because we all grow up and friends move on.

There were two things missing and then a third big player got really involved.
The first was the letters did not make sense. And of course, was written like a b.

The alphabet was terrific. But there were four ways of hearing the sounds. My father came from England. My mother’s family were of Danish and Maori roots. People around were Danish, Germanic, English and of course Maori. All with different intonations, and stresses on the letters sounds. Not forgetting that in the 1960s the television programs were either English or New Zealanders mimicking the English and Scottish accents. And in came the American spelling.

Needless to say, I absorbed the accents, and as one of my sons did growing up just spelled the words fifteen different ways on the page. Something that was a secret had to get recognized!

These days it’s common to hear the words “Oh you’re on the Autism Spectrum right!” Yip.

Although by fifty-eight you would have worked out that there are strange things you do. Like, spell the huge words first and totally flunk the simple words like Kat [cat] Now if schools had only done tests the way I spelled them… from the hardest words to the simplest words that test level may have been encouraging… and fair. For me anyway.

By the time the third son of ours was seven, and he was about to remind people wishes come true.

there was one computer in his father’s house that they could use. That son had taken several to pieces. reconnected the circuits boards and other bits with. Turned on the switches. Learned how to fix the house fuse boxes and knew where the fuse wire was at the shops of which miraculously appeared in the shopping trolley very frequently.

One day this son came home. Having borrowed this you beat up to date computer the week before he helped me with Mum Turn The switch on here and bent down to flick the wall switch on. Thanks were muttered through a smile behind which were gritted teeth!

Following time… the frustrations was all those little green wriggly lines and redone. “Mum that’s the spelling and the grammar checker.” To the question of “Where’s Mum? the answer came…. Mum’s overworking the spell checker”… Gritted teeth again.

Work to remind people wishes came true,

The funny thing was I was helping my mother with the family history. Writing my side of things that I remembered.

Other than I also learned not to type when living near an electrical transformer and a thunderstorm… all the months of work was gone in one fused second.

Through the research, mum had completed apparently Hans Christian Anderson was a few generations back relative. He, it turns out was a gifted writer and probably on the Autism spectrum.

The post started off by mentioning that what you most desire or fear will come to become your truth. After finally knocking the person mindset into shape… on several different areas. I now write on blogs. Along with posts in social media and emails and… Does it matter where? The answer is yes. As what has been funded out that there are different ways to write. To communicate. And to reach out to through the audience and into the cold interest areas into the hot buyer’s cycle area.

Okay, there’s still working on area work to do. But the secret to communication is one step at a time. And at the moment my step is to finish this post and rework a few more posts that really need updating. Rewriting the evergreen posts sure is one way of telling how far the developing communication skill has come. Right now I will remind you, yes me of all people, will remind people that wishes come true! The effort, willpower, actions and determination are only one part of this process.

Susanlewis10 Remind People Wishes Come TrueNext month will be back into the courses and find the time for a writer for communication refresher course.

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Simply Driving People

Simply Driving People – There Was More To It Than Simply Diving People.

Simply driving people to something there is little connection with is old marketing tactics of get out to people the surplus lines. To experience the belief that you are worth someones care is fabulous. The effect is amazing. Totally affects peoples in different ways. A renewed mindset affects choices then made. People trust the people who have a commonality with them. With that commonality triggered new cognitive thought patterns are created. Things happen within.

Well, let’s say sometimes what may seem simply logical to a female mindset, is way out of the ballpark to someone else. Yet other times each person stands there is total bamboozlement and wonder just what the heck happened.

Susanlewis10 Simply Driving PeopleHello.  I’m Susan Lewis. Under the banner of simply driving people this post touches on the topic of ‘proving to people’ the quality, excellence and beauty of ‘an item’ – anything you have the total belief in.

To truly Market something more the giving of value than simply driving people to a product. Be that product something of the old fashioned surplus line variety as just one beacon.  Today there are teams of creative thinkers who far plan around the county company store with their campaigns.

The far thinking strategist has become the preferred employee as they simply create a primmum campaign that is heartfelt, people inclusive, while being far above the gains of a country financial salary.

First of all we look at a how a not very popular car took over a market. Then check into see how using these same campaign steps made progress. Thirdly we dive into the resources available to people in the rural and outback areas of today’s world.

The concept was simple. To reach through “to be the best and brightest to celebrate excellence in data-driven marketing” [ quoted from thedma], be outstanding and prove the cars worth in 2016, plus win the International ECHO Gold Awards was the reward.

The interesting thing was the approach involving the challenge, the campaign objective, execution the stats and the results.

Looks normal so far. So what’s the big deal.  Where’s the driving force?  Every product being marketed out there has the same steps.

This is true. The car people knew the car was the best.  In short the three essential points in the strategy used  is set out like this:

micromanaging-is-200x128 Simply Driving PeopleThe Execution:

To mobilize people toward the brand, create an emotional link.

Focus entirely on the consumer.

Pick a cause to “sponsor”.  Something where both the people and the car company could ‘fight together”.  Something that had strong roots in the peoples market imagination.

The cause was ” Save Valdelinares” A small Spanish town in a crisis period.

Sponsoring Valdelinares transport in this remote area with one Skoda Scout 4×4 gifted brought in employment for one person… the towns official driver.  The flow on effect was the local school stayed open, people then had ease of shopping trips, medical emergencies were covered.  Daily living improved.  Even the rescuing of mountain guides occurred.

For the company, Peoples National pride runs emotionally high. Take a moment to realize how emotional the saving of this little known isolated, forced near closing, towns peoples relatives, and extended families would have felt.  Generations of people would have rallied around.  Family ties run deep even in a world where people have become isolated in their UNI family ‘unity’.

Then the campaign behind the sponsoring began. In three months the brand affinity and recognition went up by twenty-five-percent.

What DMA did was set out to ‘prove by the doing’. Therefore they looked for a cause to “sponsor.”  DMA humanity won.  Enough said.

With the gift of the Skoda Scout 4 x 4 the people of Valdelinares mindset changed. The belief that they were important enough for a company to have humanity and care was so important they were able to pull together.  To do more than just go through the motions while survival was looking as bleak as it was.  Valdelinares are weather tough. Just like the people in both rural and outback Australia.  The lifeline was something practical that pulled families together. Further, that bound the tight-knit, yet fraying, the framework of their community.

slmDream003-98x200 Simply Driving PeopleHaving lived in the isolated parts of The Strzelecki Mountains aka The Snowy region in a small town of Bendoc Victoria, Australia, the moving down to a rural town of Churchill twenty five years ago it’s been easy to meet the ‘weather tough people’ while I was driving taxis.

Later as the dogs and I walked early mornings these same peoples age and health was simply driving people crazy. Some actually liked the idea of moving into towns.

Survivors need more than pride to place a meal on the table.  They need support and the choice to back up their decision making.  The internet has made this possible in many ways.  The phone is a lot easier to carry than the CB radios.  The weather is on hand. The phone calls and keeping a check on the family.  Sharing the daily tasks and even making on the spot inquires are literally at a touch of a button.

Underneath everything though is more than the determination to survive. There is a belief that the next generation in the family based business with keeps their roots in within the families community.  This often happens as the grand-children arrive, and is helped on as the children approach their mid-life.  Of the family farm is still there the next generations have the ability to make that choice.

model-t-200x172 Simply Driving PeopleEither way the determination that something is not going to get the better of them is so deeply rooted in many of the farming life that they do come back.  The natural arrival back simply driving people towards modern concepts and influences the surrounds life flow.  Many who have connected with affiliate marketing belief that this a large difference is made.  But how to farm, run a family and have time to train has previously held people back.  Not anymore.

Sheer determination that learning something like affiliate marketing is just not going to beat anyone from a farming family life is known about.  ‘Once you ‘live the life” you pick up on things. Even as a participatory onlooker it often takes one to know one. That deep inner connection is there somewhere. For why else would someone connect within something like this. The simple logic is that diabetics understand some of the issues of diabetics. Farming families understand farmers and their families the world over.

In today’s world simply driving people who live the land are already E-commerce entrepreneurs.  You know what it takes and who’s got what it takes to engage and activate an e-commerce platform.

The same goes for people who run micro-businesses knowing they will be learning by mistakes [ often] yet are prepared to make one after the other to move forward.

People who are looking to do more than just build that alternative digital lifestyle. People who need to give back to the farming life and community they were raised in need the active, working resources to help them make the choice to focus in on providing that social worth a family based business community appreciated.

tapforresources-200x101 Simply Driving People
Tap for resources

Over time the farming as that family based business creativity creates focused areas where country companies login into the online world.

Once that move is made, the digital training platform has been found that you are comfortable, with what is stopping you moving forward one module at a time? Your own pace. Your own speed.

Should you have missed the link above it’s right here so you too may simply drive people to your services, community business… or even family members to a homecoming.

Note the link opens in another page.

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Reference Credit given to the DMA International

Included Tools And Apps To Use

Included Tools And Apps To Use –  Practice With These Included Tools And Apps to Use.

Get Strapped in and prepare to utilize these value-driven integrated toolsets and apps.  Open the other compartments in this virtual toolbox to find your self-busy exploring all sorts of new fang-dangled features.  Join other friends along with your fellow community members and get dialed into the exciting things that are coming online.

The team behind the scenes have been very busy getting more things programmed in.  Look see and enjoy as this is only the beginning. The journey to the next level has only just begun.

In this post, Susan Lewis gives you some quick pointers about this optional features in your virtual toolbox and provides an interesting link you may also like.

Being a member of the DBL the following integrated tools and apps are included for your use.  Noted, that some may have a thirty-day trail.  

DigitalBusinessLoungeoncds-200x172 Included Tools And Apps To Use
4 CDs titled DBL Digital Business Lounge. A key through to terrific apps and tools for marketing.

Digital Business Lounge.

A key through to terrific apps and tools for marketing.

 The creative team who have put together these tools.

Digital Writers

What a way to go.  Expert writers are writing your copy for you in exchange for a small fee per post dependant on the level of writing you require.

Domains [ unlimited]

That is right.  Make as many as you can handle. The monthly membership fee covers this privilege.

Domain Transfers

Bring is Domains from other hosts.  No charge

Email hosting

Signing off an email with a nonprofessional looking email is a let down for many affiliate marketers and Professionals. Rounding off the hard-won correspondence has a definite edge when you can sign it as your name and own hosting. 

Email Tools

How many places allow you to redirect the platform your are sending emails or replying to the emails from?  Redirecting your emails through your ‘own’ signatory emails account is an edge that you have with this tool. 

Email accounts 

Have as many as the level your on permits.  Then choose a selection of primary accounts that the emails will be streaming through.  Assists well with autoresponders as one share the message and the other receives the emails. 

GraphixCreator Available 

graphix-creator-white-check-here-jpeg-200x200 Included Tools And Apps To Use
Rather than hit the picture mobile phones deserve to enjoy their Link through requests. Therefore the Click Here has been replaced with Check Here and the link is just below.

The quick, easy, user-friendly, tool with which to create 3d or 2d visuals.  Use these

creations on sites either as buttons, banners, choose your visuals, Upload your own or use the GraphixCreator background, add-ons and pictures. Either way, these visual effects can then become gifs, e-books, placed through your blogs and v-blogs, anywhere and everywhere you care to place them.  Yes even on the WordPress101 site of yours hosted in the Digital Experts Academy.

Lead capture tools

Starting off with the creation of your LeadCapture Pages through the thank you pages’ your funnel is created. Using tools within the Digital Business Lounge  [SimpleTrakk ]and the Six Figure Mentors [My Link Generator, TidyURL]

Also with a connection to one of the lists of autoresponders available the double opt-in the European Union [EN] insist up you are ready to go.

Working from left to right along the navigation bar just follow the instructions.  By the time you have completed the Lead pages and Thank You part of your campaign the inclusion of tools such as WordPress101,  SimpleTrakk, GraphixCreator, TidyURL and YourTubePlayer. Included as well, one of the ‘may be connected with” Autoresponders  Along with the possibility of Digital Writers writing your copy.

Link management tools

With so many included tools and apps to use  utilize and find out just how simple to use these can

Unleshtherestraints-133x200 Included Tools And Apps To Use
Hiding your potential is a waste. Unleash Your Potential

be one would think that with the range already covering

  1. Branding
  2. Cloaking.
  3. Forwarding,
  4. Link Shortening
  5. Masking.
  6. Redirecting
  7. Sharing
  8. Tracking and Statistics

there would be nothing left to create.  That is the wonder of the program developers.  There are always new things arriving.  That is one definite way to unleash that hiding Digital Entrepreneur from within.

“One Click” Domain Registration

Choose the name and check the availability.,  Pay with your credit card. Wait and then the Domain name is yours.

Simple “One Click” WordPress installation.

Sort out the Domain, choose a premium theme, follow the simple instruction [install] and there you have it.  One Premium Sit installed.  Now the site needs to get ready for use with your assistance, please.

Premium Site Themes

So many sites in the virtual catalog from which to choose from. Simply pick, check, install and use.


Choose a theme, filling the boxes. Upload a picture.  Create a thank you page. A simple little plugin where you pull your lead capture pages across to your website and under your domain. The URL reflects this connection rather than a third party one.  Assists with upload and compliance requirements as of the time of writing [ Aug, 2015]


A dynamic three-part application that campaign tracking links and codes are created. 

Used in conjunction with SimpleLeadCapture, My Leads, and My Links [Within the Six Figure Mentors]


TidyURL-complementary-left-200x160 Included Tools And Apps To Use
Presenting the complementary TidyURL The WordPress Link Management Plugin displayed as a CD case

Can be a stand-alone widget application directly connected to the WordPress account. Or the TidyURL itself.  There are four parts to this. The 301, 307 redirections, a lead social bar and the registering of a URL post that is being logged through your system.  Either a plugin for you to have tailored through to your sites name or one that is generic within the SixFigure Mentors marketing tools.

Unlimited Sites and Installations

One hosting site that will house and host all your web-pages. And all your business clients web-pages. You do the math when compared to hosting multiple sites through other platforms.

Video Hosting [ coming soon]


Having chosen the theme… what goes within it? Simple step video tutorials interconnected with the Digital Experts Academy Levels of Training, The weekly webinars, Micro-Learning reskilling and updates, The Six Figure Mentors basic training’s. WordPress 101 is only the beginning of a relationship between you and your website.


ytp250x250 Included Tools And Apps To Use

I-want-I-want-these-marketingtoolsnow-163x200 Included Tools And Apps To Use
I want these marketing tools now

This plugin allows you to manipulate your YouTube  videos from within the WordPress dashboard. Videos are a heavy drain on broadband and uploading drags the page loading process slower. YourTubePlayer is a layer that you place about the picture.  The picture is simply the link through to the video.

A made to measure idea allowing one area to customize with the sites coloration and presentation effects. you simply choose the styling to match your content or video theme. Then customize player controls, autoplay, among the range of controls.

Your Unique, so too, are your needs and results…

I’ll say it now there is two ways of coming into the lounge.  The first is through  the community, The way I came through.

The second is  or directly through the lounge

Discover how you can live a life of joyful freedom with the outcomes these tools correct use gives you.

Opens in another page

And Not just because Susan Lewis Recommends it.

But, because you are impressed with the Digital Products.  Or, alternatively, just choose to have great quality tools at your fingertips.

Utilize the Tools and Apps that are included within your daily virtual life. With these included tools and apps to use even my results astound me.

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People Everywhere Get Bullied

People Everywhere Get Bullied – People Everywhere Get Bullied So Find The Complete Emotional System.  Feel Good Now.

In this day and age, people everywhere get bullied. The amazing thing is the confidence, escorted in by the belief within themselves when supported by a group of like-minded individuals.

Susanlewis10 People Everywhere Get BulliedIn this post,Susan Lewis introduces the fact that ‘Being Bullied’ is an emotional area. A highly explosive emotional area. There are two examples included. One with a young lady named Chloe. The other with someone Susan personally knows. Just the topic of being bullied is an emotionally private situation. This in mind there are three parts and two links on this page.

One is a closed snippet.

The other is about Chloe’s story. Oh is this one an amazing outreach of support.

Finally where Susan herself found a community that is bigger than the solution to Chloe’s special day.

Trust is a two-way street.

Trust involves a communication process. To have listened to the same request [ over and over time] and not acted upon it creates frustration. Finally, the other person may break and do something that actually may, or may not, depending on their character, the mindset they have. Plus the value that person puts on what they ultimately are teaching you.

Take a look at the empathy development. Up until about two children absorb the learning by copycat mode. At about four the empathic tendencies begin to come through the child’s behavior.

Many Autistic people either have empathy development or they simply don’t have empathy. At the extreme psychopaths have an empathy void.

One practical demonstration of empathy learning

Elmowithgrina-200x200 People Everywhere Get Bullied
Toy that came from a purchase.

Parents and carers know the feeling of a child that keeps playing the continuous game of lego. After a while enough is enough. Outcomes the rake, a big box and an indoor shovel. Simply rake the toys up, scoop them up and place them in the bin as the driver of the rubbish truck is approaching.

Now deal with the temper tantrum, tears, or the abuse that erupts simply by not responding.

You the adult in the situation have the power, the toys are gone and the room is now safe to walk on the floor within. Especially at night when the lights are off the heater is on and the window for some strange reason is wide open as the night before that lego block dug deeply breaking the sole of the foots skin when the block was stood on.

This is a situation that as a parent of a child that was diagnosed as Autistic during a time of no-one really knew what that meant in the practical sense. What the parent knew was Occupational health and safety…. and when enough was enough having warned the young people about what would happen if the room was not cleaned up

However, in order for safety to be there, any blocks left on the floor were removed. Which simply meant the family heirlooms were disposed of. Now both boys were unable to play. One had played on the rooms table and the other played with the majority of the blocks on the floor.  Who then continued to play lego and leave them on the floor?

There is a saying one bad apple in the bunch may ruin things for everyone else. But is the apple bad or just not connecting to the concept of fair and equitable responsibilities and play?

Now, lets look at Chloe’s unexpected support structure

Just-one-grumpy-man-125x200 People Everywhere Get Bullied
Grumpy old men fed up by visual triggers

Schools are pressure pots for acceptable behavior development. Whats not dealt with properly in one area festers and magnifies out into other areas. Sometimes following from the cradle, through school, and into the workforce. Two things basically happen. The person experiencing the bullying accepts it and internalizes their struggles. Each person has some ‘bad’ habit that they wrestle with.  Overeating / undereating.  Too much alcohol, too many sugary foods.  Over-exercise or under-exercised. Too much study…not enough study.

Second thing: the behavior trigger occurs that releases the pent-up anger. These are two of the opposite end of the behavior scale. Both need not have happened. Once happening then its time to recognize a few basic facts.

The spiral may be stopped. The steps to these are fourfold
1) Understanding what and why these things may be happening.

On the part of the Autistic person do they understand what is being said to them that triggered the initial reaction of the unacceptable behavior. Of not make the connection very open and plan. Put in place proactive steps. Celebrate the successes. Remove reactive actions.

2) Belief in yourself. With a community behind Chole, this young lady is on the threshold of adulthood. Chloe stated, ” The bullying had a bad effect – it made me feel left out and alone….” I had no one to talk to about it and worried if I said anything it would get around …. It would have a long-term effect on me”

As it turned out the One-hundred-and-twenty-six bikers escorting Chole to the prom made a big impact on Chloe.  Chole grew with the backing and support of the actions that support non-bullying. However, there was more to the escort story than just that point.

3)Have the knowledge connected, checked off and acted upon.

Inthe-right-liferaft-200x160 People Everywhere Get BulliedIn some people, there is an “Oh Heck I’m going down throw me a life buoy reaction”. This annoys other people drastically. After trying unsuccessfully by simply asking, the last action may be just to make a point. Remember the cleanup of the lego blocks on the floor annoying the parent above. Same things here just a different variety mix. The extent of which is dependant on the hidden behavior traits of the other ‘offended’ person. The saying “I love you but your actions open me up and the worst comes out in me” and into safety, that person now retreats to. Now they may breathe without the fear of feeling claustrophobic. Everyone has a breaking point.

4) Holt other people’s behavior in the tracks. Online when something like this happens people find out. Naturally, people take sides. Cyberbullying has been known to get out of hand. The best way to deal with this is two ways. Grow from the experience and share the growth. The second is be candid. Realise what part actions happened that you chose to do to drive this send a person to their action.  Admit to the destructive behavior on your part. Now having learned the build-up triggers, change the mindset. If possible obtusely apologize. Just move forward. Leave things alone… you are after all adults.

The basis of this post is how does one tell the difference between the trigger points of a series of events that trigger actions and reactions. The honest answer is… you. Your choice of reaction is up to you.

Should you be the one effectively teaching someone something, and that person has constantly annoyed you, then the ideal situation is to recognize the fact that the other person has not comprehended or learned the lessons yet. Ask them / remind them about the stimming behavior management process. That their repetitive actions [this choice is up to you] have to stop forthwith. This is the telling point.  Be aware that they may have missed the connection until you have pointed it out to them. Divert their attention long enough. Ultimately be happy to have closed down and walked away.

The funny thing is that the other person will respect what it is they have put you through as they were going through an extreme within their life…. once they connect the pieces together.

Susanlewis10 People Everywhere Get BulliedAlways be aware that actions are a choice made. They will deal with the fallout as best as they can and also move through another phase of trigger pointed very focused learning.

When you meet, greet, hug and enjoy the changes. Just forgive. Time, circumstances and actions tend to change people.

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Creates Unexpected Entrepreneurs

Creates Unexpected Entrepreneurs – The Extended Self Creates Unexpected Entrepreneurs All The Time As The Behind The Scenes Work Is Done

Eureka moments are just beautiful. Getting that online ‘IT’ is just like flash flooding. IT creates unexpected entrepreneurs in all fields. It’s just a matter of capturing the moment, harvesting the energy and switching on the belief in the vision.

People know the power of the voice. The internet voice is nothing different – other than the virtual spaced delivery. Off Putting a this is the fact is as people push into who they are other aspects magnify. Where one person has a simple light bulb moment of clarity other people may just about get it! Practice has a hand in connecting any bits thought unclear before. Suddenly this all creates unexpected entrepreneurs that go forward.

Susanlewis10 Creates Unexpected EntrepreneursIn this post Susan Lewis will show the connection between a parent of a person on the High Functioning Autism Spectrums need to allow their child to develop into a job with the belief that this further creates unexpected entrepreneurs skills in the making. Yet the unnerviving truth is that parent often still has one more fear. What if ….happens! Have I allowed for…? When this… happens have we created a big enough family based safety zone?

Let’s look at the case of a High Functioning Autistic trait… that of a complex puzzle solver. Afterwards move through to getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time in a way that they are going to understand and move forward with.

Anthony Pease and puzzles go together. From an early age if it was a complex puzzle, or a puzzle, Anthony had it solved. Anthony now solves clients comlex software hiccups. Now to other people complex anything is a standoff. You either stand still and puzzle things out… or they run off.

What makes Anthony fit well into this area of ‘work’ is the meticulous process behind which he utilizes that Identifies software glitches. Then simply helps the client resolve them. How? Did solving puzzles at a young age help? Developing the skills, understanding and belief that the answer was the Anthony’s technical ability, precision and affinity for repetitive tasks created a pathway towards fitting this perfect job. Anthony’s hallmark traits with the High Functioning Autism were harvested by a business that harnesses the strengths of those whose brains function differently. In this environment Anthony, the skills that go into puzzle clarifications and the mixed up puzzles that clients present is found to be in a great employment situation.

Hard_Choices-200x156 Creates Unexpected EntrepreneursWhen this article link was written Anthony was twenty years of age.  Technology has a way of superseding the average person’s skill levels. Which is why people hunt out the companies with the best and brightest workers!

Alright let’s try again. Business need to keep up with clients therefore having on hand uptodate information, statistics and an elevated social profile is what’s needed!

The growing number of influential data based service companies are growing exponentially.

One last time… companies are here to stay forever. Therefore employment will always be found.

With so many parents subconsciously always on edge re their child’s High Functioning Autism traits flipping into the behaviour managed outcomes parents, having watched their children’s struggles through school, social life, finding work, to keep that workflow and later family life in balance are still quietly wondering the what if’s. What if when the adult child wants to move forward? Knowing the company has a contract for the next several years that owns the creative processes connected to why the employment in the first place.

How to include within the development of an aside business with out the employment aspect conflicting? The answer always comes back into this area:

What would happen when a family based business community based around the future self funded family business is developed?

A family down the road from where this post is being typed out has one son sitting in a second country developing software for the plowing of fields in mountainous areas of Europe. nothing strange about that, except the whole process is automated. From the seed choice to the eventual harvest.

Discover how you can live a life full of joy with Autism. Just to be Autistic, online and loving it as a family involved in the creation of that simple digital business system so many High Functioning Autistic families are utilizing to further the business growth.

Tap here

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