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Finding Self-Secrets

Finding Self Secrets – Finding Self Secrets. One Illusion Of “I Am Not Alone Here.” Sentiments Powerfully Harmony To Changing The World Around. 

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There is an illusion of “I am not alone here.” Sentiments that are powerfully in harmony with the changing world around. To recreate yourself is very personal. Takes time, effort, energy and belief.  Everything is about the self, yet the self always seems to have been never alone.

Looking through this index you will find that Susan Lewis has chosen posts you, the reader, may discover how the road to self-discovery was a bumpy one.  Full of mental, physical and outward changes.  Each impinging upon the heart region.  Then onto a wider, deeper understanding of a simple, spiritual side that leads to more adventures.

Finding self secrets because you can

Susanlewis10 Finding Self-Secrets
Hi I am “Susan Lewis”

These pots finding self-secrets are reflective of how Susan chose to walk the path of her own self-discovery.  By no means a directive towards an understanding for anyone else’s pathway.

One of Susan’s biggest discoveries was the trust she was able to simply open the minds doorway with. From there the ability to ask for help got easier with every task.  The giant step was receiving that help as it came through.  Sometimes even to keep trusting in the wider vision happening. Then when what may have appeared as short-term doubtful situations began to occur simply to turn around and totally believe that ‘Higher Self’ knew what was happening was best for all concerned.

Simply Susan’s ticket to the future was brought, paid for, and was activated. Achieving the fullest promised potential meant to trust the source.  A simple choice to trust took creativeness and achieved beautiful levels of heart, mind and soul togetherness.  Leading Susan to discover the passion held for family based business communities.

To recreate yourself there are many things yet to unwrap. Finding self-secrets often open doors to self-discovery.  Healing starts from within. Then we start finding your true self.  As each new discovery comes to the forefront of old ways of doing things must be pushed aside.  New ways planted within.

Any destructive behaviors, from self-sabotage and self-defeating patterns, to even passive hostility that may lead to severe self-destructive symptoms and traits need to be looked at closely monitored, checked and finally new patterns of behavior found, acknowledged and actioned.

Finding Self Secrets

Self-discovery does not stop here. Self-discovery is like talking that inner child by the hand, picking it up and piggybacking along a lifeline of adventurous journeys.

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Just to open the doorways to a person’s future means more than leaving them in their current comfort zone.  A community if like-minded individuals is needed for support.  Online this support is there 24/7/365 days per year. Enjoy the giving of your name email address so that you too may see what could well be the start of your own personal journey. See for yourself here

Following are finding self-secrets posts Susan Lewis has chosen to create Susan index feature

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In Finding Self Secrets we covered a fraction of “The Secret”, plus added a few links for you to openly work through, with the aim of you further aiding your own growth. What I personally found was whether reading or viewing, even hearing “The Secret” has an able-minded interconnective community available that you are participating in sure was a huge relief to the newly emerging mindset belief.

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With that in mind, the mobile phone here has an invitation for you to watch the resources available. After you have taken the action required to prove you are human and chosen to carry on with the modules this secret world where all the magic is beginning to open up. With patience, determination and focus, plus following instructions what is found are the steps become clearer in each person’s mind as its realized that finding self-secrets is a personal belief system that that person must activate in their own time.

I wish for you to find so many useful ways of using the posts on this authority site as you, and yours, create a “those impactful find facts here” information posts where people trust what you have written is both an honest opinion and the truth.

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