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Create Multiple Income Streams

Create Multiple Income Streams – Utilize Marketing Strategies To Create Multiple Income Streams Make Mistakes And Forgive Yourself.

Be terrific while you aim to create multiple income streams and Grow. Keep going. Learn, wash, rinse and repeat until everything you need to do, and more is achieved.  Pass the experiences along.

As more people realize that the alternative digital lifestyle involves a blend that ‘gives permission’ to people to create multiple income streams class barriers are drastically reducing.

To have multiple jobs and incomes streams helps to develop skills. Especially based around marketing strategies that are involved in passive income.

Take note of the shortlist for basic individual income streams  that arise from multiple sources below.

1) Real estate Rental Income
2) Investment income…ie Dividends from stocks
3) Retirement Accounts resulting in income
4) Wages and Salaries. What used to be a steady income was earned income
5) Government assistance ie Social Security
6) Small Business income – from particular markets, products, customers, investments or even government grants.

All the above fall into three general types of income.  Namely:  earned, portfolio and passive [ in here is the non-passive income which I really do not understand.]

Susanlewis10 Create Multiple Income StreamsIn this post,  Susan Lewis quickly looks at Passive Income fits as you create multiple income streams. Then introduces these passive incomes streams into affiliate marketing.

Passive income in its Basic format is the income generated even when you are on long non-employment times/leave [Okay… or dead].

To get to this point, some forms of action need to be taken, developed, invested and continued.

Every passive income has cost someone hard work at some time. Decisions based on gut instinct or with full knowledge.

People who travel with their home now a house for rental. Or who have several rental properties all passively bringing in an income? Owning a property means skills, decisions, time and cash need to be invested.

Writing a book and the royalties from the books on selling. Again skills, decisions, time and cash.
The ability to photograph to such a standard the work is onsold through the net. One photo multiple small sales over time add up.

Shareholders who, after purchasing penny shares, find the income stream multiplying as these shares grow in worth. Once more skills, decisions, time and cash need to be invested.

When the aim is to obtain that passive income stream there is more than just skills, decisions, time and cash need to be invested.

What’s the missing factor? A vision, dream, and journey. These are only some of the stepping stones along the way. There the learning, The spacing out of the information. The joyful laughter that overpowers any negatives. Incredibly minimizing the frustration of simply learning… then not connecting moments to something that needs to be done.

An example is writing the posts you are reading. Halfway through the thought came in. Does this post fit within the topic of module two? After all, going through these modules and finding out all the new stuff is what the next one-hundred-and-eighty-four posts are all about. The answer is yes. Sure does connect. Within this module, there’s mention of income from multiple sources.

Here are a few facts about personal choice. Way back when Bitcoin was just under $9.00 per coin. For personal satisfaction, there was a minimum purchase amount of one-hundred that I wanted to have. The money in the bank was fifty dollars short. Thinking there would be time to go back and resave that money already banked got redirected.

By 2014 Jan 6th the purchase price cost $13.77. Some twenty years later…well to sell one Bitcoin is $5,823.64. I’ll leave you to do the maths.

What lessons did this teach? As this happened with several other things gradually the inner belief that I was not to have these things nawed away inside.

Yet there were other people who were teaching me things. The information was handy and disconnected from a perceived reality. Bluntly I’d cowardly adopted the “be like everyone around you” blend in approach.

This happened again when my mother was looking up another company I’d found. The difference was the last letter. By replacing the letter “I” with an “M” mum found a community in 2011. Then a friend who lives about 100 km phoned me up and wanted me to join. Actually, I was having too much fun chasing cents to listen, and believe, in dollars.

Several invites came my way over the years. Then one day five years ago yesterday another invite to the second company [ the “M” one] had come once again. [ Facebook memories helped]. May 2014 another one. This time that invite was taken up. Personally, I’d love to have said the rest is history… Well, it’s been a really interesting journey. One that started with the reformation of what the heck was marketing to do with anything!

But hey… that’s one that we can share when we catch up after you’ve finished the modules as well.

Tap the phone below for the resources. That journey for you starts now.

tapforresources-200x101 Create Multiple Income Streams
Tap for resources

Live And Breath Helping People Transform In Their Lives

Helping People Transform – The Community Helping People Transform Their Lives In Different Very Personal Ways.

The quote that states to “live and breath helping people transform in their lives” is what we excel at sure is the truth here in this community.

Pre this community: After sixteen very frustrating years, online the syndication of posts was a well-practiced habit. Then a change factor happened.  In came a pattern interrupt.  And an invitation to experience something that Susan had been looking for.  Online education, upskilling, training, and people who could take time with her and show things.  Training that was up-to-date.

And oh the challenges in helping people transform their lives

Susanlewis10 Live And Breath Helping People Transform In Their Lives
Susan Lewis is helping people transform too.

As Susan entered the community there were external things that would keep popping up.  There is an old saying about dealing with the past in order for the future to start. Let’s just say there was a lot to sort out and get into this post.

This post is a quick reflection of the past four years of Susan Lewis experiences.

As ‘Susan Connor’  Susan came in through the marketing videos, the introduction and then the modules. By that stage, the decision was already made. There was just one tiny factor holding her back. The name. Actually, surname.

The divorce had been finalized. The name change was an amicable agreement. There was one thing that neither of Susan nor her ‘now officially’ ex-husband foresaw. The letter to me was personal and of government value. Therefore for some reason, it was placed in someone else’s post box. Took six weeks to backtrack and locate it.

Sitting on the ex-husband’s bench was a letter to myself. That letter had been finally redirected and had arrived the week before in the letterbox. Why? No one knows.

Just waiting for that name change to have a paperweight for it was the longest wait ever felt. Especially when it was thought to have been ‘lost’.

Stuart, the founder of this community, talked about himself, and Jay, [co-founder] as well as the many people backing the community, as the “Live and breath, helping people transform in their lives.”

Explore_this_virtual_house_framed-200x200 Live And Breath Helping People Transform In Their LivesAs the first month, turned in to a second and a third the realization this would be a slightly bigger job than anticipated was definitely making itself be felt. In fact, the feeling was that a virtual house was being built. Paperclip by a paperclip.

The website looped. Was taken down and reinstalled. The writing was on the verge of pathetic. There were so many topics within one paragraph that reading those posts even now makes things easier to cut, delete, rewrite and also create extra posts from. A big learning job has occurred within this one section.

Creating pictures has been fun. Learning and absorbing the analytics… and S.E.O. bits well that has definitely been improved upon with a course last year and the very visually presented analytical tools available.

But, more important has been two other parts of the inner self. The heart has connected to the head and softened a lot of the sharp edges.

The inner-self has grown, gradually accepting the more spiritual side of life.

Okay, a few years ago all I wanted to do was help people help themselves. Not do it for them. Twenty years of being a volunteer in community groups had taught me that if someone wants to have the skills then they must learn for themselves. Basically, this means to show, but not do for them.

Alternatively, believe that trust is a major factor for many people re where their learning is at.

Many people with head injuries or on the Autism Spectrum in any way are far too trusting. The Used Car Sales People within this community than to be isolated, then moved out.

Most I’ve noticed have trouble getting past the modules. The things that are learned and practiced within the community rub off on people. Therefore the standards of behavior have risen drastically. Helped along by the external advertising platforms terms and conditions. Believe me, these are pretty hard to ignore.

Being an online entrepreneur is not easy. What you learn will stay with you for as long as it needs to be there. Add some extra time for pleasurable frustrations as the learning curb escalates.

But underlying everything is either a desire to earn and learn or the desire to succeed in other areas. Sometimes though it takes time.

Give yourself that time to dig deep and find the real you. The challenge for you too to also live and breath helping people transform in their lives gets included in your vision plan.


Grab a copy of the video series.

Open in a separate window

Susanlewis10-69x100 Live And Breath Helping People Transform In Their LivesCongratulations are due.  To live and breath helping people transform in their lives is a beautiful, joyful gift to yourself is well earned. Unwrap those resources in an openness that allow joy in each discovery as you too discover how to live a fuller life within the Autism Spectrum.  To be Autistic, Online and Loving IT.

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2 Tips For A Thriving, Sustainable Business

Tips Thriving, Sustainable Business – Effective ways to Work Smarter involve learned communications skills efficiency.

Effective ways to Work Smarter involve learned communications skills efficiency. Relearning may take years of proactive practice until learned to do effectively

When things go an alternative pathway two tips for a thriving, sustainable business are here to read. Next is the thought it is so natural an action to rectify, tamper with an action until it’s fixed.

In this post, Susan Lewis takes the reader through a topic transition. Speaking first on one topic then leading you, the reader, into a totally different topic has taken Susan many years proactive practice until learned how to do.

susan-lewis-05 2 Tips For A Thriving, Sustainable Business
Susan Lewis

To do this Susan takes the writing approach that includes the following topics:
* Why relearning to communicated was so important.
* An example of communication confusion explained.
* Help finally accepted.
* How FTP would have made a difference in the outcome
* Mindset twigging.
* Belief versus vision

Early 1990’s Susan was involved in a small family business that had just started to be moving forward fast. Enough to be thought of as a small-time thriving, family business that involved travel up the east coast, and down towards the borders of New South Wales and Victoria, Australia.

Years before entering the community Susan now feels she belongs within, that family business was thriving just stopped.

Susan had a truck impact the vehicle she was driving. A consequence was a what is known as deep [ very deep] memory loss. Basically with years afterward not knowing, or understanding, that anything was missing new ways of learning had to be found, experienced and built upon. Everything learned was gone.

Relearning took years of proactive practice until new situations are learned from. Actions needed to be relearned to do effectively…. all over again.

Take two steps for a thriving,sustainable bussiness

Thriving, sustainable businesses need many forms of updated communication means. An active example of relearning follows.

Writing, videoing, even creating relative graphics, all need to align with our inner purpose before anything really makes sense.

Experience showed that to have a good grasp level of social sharing was terrific. Social sharing does not need to have much writing behind it.

Thing is if the topic was seabirds and the social sharer spoke about elephants the topics are diverse. Therefore confusing to the reader.

Further than this, since the topic was seabirds, and the writer wrote about ten different unrelated things, the continuity of thought was so scattered, anything else a reader may see by that writer is, at best, glanced at or skipped.

Therein lay a big challenge. The challenge was weighing Susan down somewhat. Initially, a system of rewriting the original was thrown together. There were simply folders holding different emails at different stages. Many repeated titles had been eliminated with more to go.

A sharp minded person offered help. Being time ‘wise’ the situation was rectified. Let Susan start again.

what_if_you_fly_my_darling-194x200 2 Tips For A Thriving, Sustainable Business
Dream Big. Aim High. Fly Higher Than Ever Thought Before.

Years before the File Transfer Protocol [FTP] was on a computer. Susan was told, thus came to believe, she would ruin the computer. Backed up months later through an external incident and a shocking loop, external condemnation and finally, someone finding that cause was external of Susan’s timid exploration.

Note that the brain chooses the easier way out simply by feeding fears. To allow the brain to accept those fears just is so limiting.

To have fears installed by someone else who had an ulterior motive was a challenge to get through.  Three years later much as changed.

Twelve months ago this computer was meant to be fixed… but never came back. The new one should have been in place by now. The FTP should have been active and Susan competent in its use. The choice was to keep a self-made promise with which what was the second lot of replacement computer money went into travel, then animal emergency treatment and …. No excuses here. What Susan needed to do was believe that the larger picture was attained. Lesson learned was to totally let go allow the Universal Laws to come on in [ uninterrupted], swirl around and ‘do their thing!’. Of which definitely happens.

Back to the email situation. Growth in ones self-needs a kick start at times.

This is where FTP would have been useful. Why? To work the emails need to be uploaded from the computer. Thus there would be copies. Lesson reinforced.

The beautiful things while flying to Perth in 2017 was sitting next to a younger lady typing away for the business she worked for. Seemed so simple. Knowing that the correspondence schools to isolated places in Australia utilize the FTP. Then the other day hearing of another new person in the same community Susan is with who constantly uses FTP. To have someone offer to take Susan step by step through the use of FTP.  These small things reinforced the vision of efficient use of the time, equipment, and social platforms emails that steam through the systems used

The belief is to have a new computer with a large enough memory, and the skills, that utilize the FTP properly.
This part of an overall Vision is to have a lightweight laptop first by 2018 October 1st. Further, a computer and a mobile phone by 2019 March 1st. The details of which will be sorted out in the next few days.

The bigger part of the vision: Showing lost people how to joyfully build an alternative lifestyle. To build family based Business communities leveraging already made education, training, up-skilling and community platforms.

tapforresources-200x101 2 Tips For A Thriving, Sustainable Business
Make this truth BE REAL. Send Me the Resources NOW

Changes to a comfort zone take hard word, courage, not to back down, and mindset change. Biggest is to accept that there is help with the best outcomes in mind given. Steps to change your own outcome a) add your name to video resource list, b) watch the videos, c) take the next step and d) keep in touch.

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Social Media Will Never Be The Same Again

Never be The Same Again – What’s the perfect match for the system when things will never be the same again!

Would you believe things will never be the same again once this post is read? Understand this as joyfulness is like a running water. Touch that level of happiness, be surrounded in joy … feel the energy.

Life is systematically already built around each and every one of us to never be the same again.

That stated there is a perfect match for the system you choose to put yourself in front of.  The match comes partially from the knowledge and belief. The rest just boils down to two things

Reach for the sky, but start from the bottom and the social media will never be the same again.

Add stick-ability, plus just get out there and do what it takes.

Susanlewis10 Social Media Will Never Be The Same AgainIn this post, Susan Lewis takes these outcomes one step further.  What does it feel like to walk the journey, even step by step in the beginning as new skills and mindset become an inter-grated system within yourself?

Inter-grate the tools, the knowledge and the activities that you have.  Step by step may sound boring when the internet is a ‘single window on the world’ that will when used correctly connect so many family members into helping each other. In these days a family that used to be so big in breadth and depth. In today’s world, a ‘family’  may only be a group of friends. But once that connection is made much more is able to be achieved.

Too many people either on the Autism Spectrum, diagnosed or not, are in danger should they choose to lose their happy place within.  Thing is that happy place has many benefits the public at large craves for.  We see the magic in birth, the bubbles in the waterfalls.  We hear the chimes from far away.  Or watch the dog, or children, romp around in an overgrown field of daisies.

Would you believe it when you to find out just how simple it is to share the information around the view you have of the world will never be the same again.

Instead of giving it away… to a world that would take it from you… usually by you agreeing to something… why not work together, earning the money from one thing so that those who you truly believe will benefit from the gift you have then to freely give.

What you have within you is truly precious.  Let’s work together as a family based business community each and every group of us.

tapforresources-200x101 Social Media Will Never Be The Same Again
Tap for resources that brought Joy [and hard work] into my world
So show your family and friends the videos in the marketing series.  Utilize the information as a basic brainstorm instrument. Tap the phone below and get sent your families first video

Simply connect with me.

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Suggested Ways To Enhance Life Skills

Suggested Ways To Enhance Life Skills – Suggested Ways To Enhance Life Skills Is To Be Creative With Time Available.

Sounds really strange but one of the suggested ways to enhance life skills is to be creative with time available.

Does this mean a) multi-task or b) simply just focus on one thing at a time.  So each morning treat the days as though you are ‘Born Again”  Then go out and do what matters.

susan-lewis-05 Suggested Ways To Enhance Life Skills
Meet “Susan Lewis”

This is the second post, Susan Lewis checks into suggested ways to enhance life skills within a refreshingly new series. Specifically, in this post, Susan touches on just one of the suggested ways to enhance life skills.

Be creative, look for challenges, decide of the end result that is a part of the bigger solution to someone’s problem.  For example, when I came into this community I owned a digital camera.  That camera had not been used for about five years.  And prudently I needed a picture to put into a post.  MINE.

Once that was achieved a new tool was in Beta testing mode.  The comment was ” who can bust it” … Which unknowingly I apparently rose to the occasion with.

Next, there was a video challenge.  Well, that video challenge meant 90 consecutive days of videoing.  In that time the ‘video’ CCing the transcript was done.  Dubbing and cut and splicing the pictures. Keyword optimizing the scripts… which was fun as I could not stick to the scripts.

Compiled Suggested Ways To Enhance Life Skills

A part of the community access to many integrated tools sets is a graphix tool.  From that tool, at times combining the outcomes with other tools new pictures emerge.  The use of each part of the tools sets brings what still seems an unlimited amount of variations.  Change the background or add different abstracts to the original and again such a variety.

The brilliant thing is within the different sub-communities the talent mass just keep getting bigger, and better.  Strangely as the lessons are learned, practiced and refined in one area of online challenges there are other pieces with personality and mindset involvement that are also expanding.

As people, we look at the people at the top of the ‘food chain’  Look at what they are doing and quietly … with much frustration copy what they are doing.  And wonder why this is not obtaining the same results.

Every_morning_now_we_are_born_again-200x150 Suggested Ways To Enhance Life SkillsThe most relevant scenario that is put to this is someone watches the most experienced racing car driver.  But they have a push bike.  By the time the motorbike races are all won in their category maybe the lessons of practice until each part is learned and has some gains in itself.  Maybe, by the time that person gets behind a wheel some road sense is there.  A car is wider, bigger and heavier than a motorbike.  Therefore to enhance life skills and experiences between the motorbike experiences and the racing car drivers ability it is understood there are much basic learning, practice and constant actions that test the ‘learners’ metal.

A comment that went something like this was made: rather than ask someone who is fully active in their field why not ask someone who is just above your level. Now the experienced motorbike person is at the learning phase again. The road rules are relearned. Motorbike and Car motors are compared. Tires are changed. A theory test is resat. When passed a driving instructor comes into the passenger seat. Where ever the learner goes questions are asked of friends, relatives, other people and work colleges.  That way both people, the learner and the one with experience, grow.

So far, typically, no-one is an experienced Racing Driver.  But should that day come then the learner driver asks, absorbs,  learns and actions.  Truly it is amazing on just how many people seem to quietly check the progress of the learner driver.

Bring to life the suggested ways to enhance life skills

When the mind is open the Universal Laws recognize this as a place to head too.  A poster, radio announcement of something becomes available.    Maybe the retiring racing car driver is sitting down at a fast food place waiting for someone, and the person who just has his new car [ and drivers license] is there serving the tables.

People that meet once recognize the fire in the belly.  That’s the inner drive reaching out to the more experienced person.  At that point in time simply grab the moment in time opportunity.

With that analogy as one of the suggested ways to Enhance Life Skills explained.  Follow the gut instinct.  Commit to the time to be the person who knows themselves. Whatever it is that you want then be that and express it. This magnifies and comes back to you.

Reconnect with your dreams and your personal transformation. Discover how you can live a life of joy that involves a simple digital business system that community-minded people  [ and businesses] are using to move towards a life of freedom. Be it driving the car they most want to. Supporting their favorite race track. Taking their family to the speedways.  Creating their own motor-cross vehicle.

Transformation just doesn’t happen. It takes a plan and a support system. The community that’s waiting to help with your education guide is full of top wisdom, tips, exercises, and success stories to inspire an old dream or create a new one

Check out a teaser of whats inside.

tapforresources-200x101 Suggested Ways To Enhance Life Skills
Grab What’s Available…Tap Mobile Phone Above For Resources

Just one more point to this quick post.

Grab What’s Available…Tap Mobile Phone Above For Resources

susan-lewis-05 Suggested Ways To Enhance Life Skills
Meet “Susan Lewis”

The best way that has come forward to reach a growth potential was to 1) reach into family based business communities and work with these people.  The range of different people out there is phenomenal. Grab What’s Available…Tap Mobile Phone Above For Resources

2) Tap into the resources, fill out the required details and a response will come to you.  Then soon after a series of emails.  Besides the videos, the emails are filled with all sorts of material.  Places to look into.  Shareable information.  Tools to use and incorporate into what you are doing.

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Create Your Own Experiences Right Through Here

Experiences Right Through Here – Challenged To Create Your Own Experiences? Right Through Here Was where This Incredible Journey Began.

You know things sometimes take time to connect even when people are very aware that new experiences right through here exist. Some people would just roll their eyes and attempt not to mutter further at this statement.

susan-lewis-05-160x200 Create Your Own Experiences Right Through Here
Susan Lewis

Hi there, my name is Susan Lewis.  For the last four years since joining this community, there have been massive amounts of relearning going on.  Connecting together the pieces of a massive invisible jigsaw called life.

In the marketing training, we’re shown to carry the experiences right through. Here there is so many steps by steps modules the temptation is to just skip a few.  Please give the time to see each piece through.  Each tie revisiting occurs it’s like “why did I not get this before!” Or do that.

Why do I say this… well it’s an experience to go through and come out the other end.

Part of that experience was learning how to keep on track when communicating.  Which to this day is a challenge still!

Just-one-grumpy-man-125x200 Create Your Own Experiences Right Through Here
Grumpy old men fed up by old habits

Let’s get down to the ‘Why’ part of this post is written. Near the end of 2014 an announcement was made by Stuart, one of the founders, involving an agency within a new business lounge.  This new platform would host a toolkit of social media tools that when all working coherently make life so much easier. Suddenly to see the dream within a vision become so much closer was real.

With so much happening in the world of Susan Lewis, I was so sure of the opening dates being last year.  However, the lounge is here now. The doors are wide open and I’m loving access to the pro-version.

Meanwhile, all the basic information and training has been updated.  Beginning at the beginning entry point.

Hint on how to avoid Overwhelm… go back to the beginning and re-orientate yourself once again.

Build onto experiences right through here

Meanwhile to build onto new experiences right through here, over the last few weeks, the scheduling of posts has come back in force. Add the planning behind the scheduling of posts.  Suddenly the bullshitting into doing the work suddenly jumped up and was identified.

Itstimetowhattellme-200x200 Create Your Own Experiences Right Through Here
Now the student is ready the teacher is found. Begin to explore.

Oh heck! The written posts are all over the place. The topics are scattered. The progression of information flow is rather mish-mashed. The management of the mental state has just flashed up.

When you are ready the teacher will come. How do you know when you are ready. the answer is your awareness creeps up then explodes as your mind moved into that enhances the state of awareness. It’s like your driving along and suddenly the neon sign flashes up. Sometimes you’re moving forward in another lane and the opportunity to change momentum has to be put on hold for a while. Other times that flow of energy has brought you right where you need to be once again.

Right here is a state of being present. Connecting into being. That being is organization. Even writing this the mind is clamoring for … perfection. Maybe any OCD will just have to celebrate the organizational breakthroughs as they occur. Hey, the inner child will have fun pulling at any of the OCD narcissistic traits… Like an ‘over-organized cleaner-up policeman’ on footpath control.[Enjoy the analogy.]

To get into good habits the saying goes in thirty-one days the habit will be frame-worked. In three months the habit will be old hat. Here’s the bite. In six months time to the date will have another personal birthday go by. So once this post is posted that leave one out of one-hundred-and-eighty-eight-posts to post. Nope, there is a countdown going on here.

Bright fresh experiences right through here

Tomorrow’s post will be one-hundred-and-eighty-seven- creative ways to share the modules, experiences, hard yaccka, fun videos, the integration of best practices and strange things quite literally that happen [ this is me we are using as a guinea-pig here].

Susanlewis10 Create Your Own Experiences Right Through HereWhatever happens within the six-month date… those daily posts will have been released. Finally, by you following these posts already you will have become familiar with what one person revisiting these new modules will have experienced.

Some posts may be long while others are just a picture, a small antidote to share. A way of doing this or that. While others you may get slightly longer than this one.
Come along for your own trip forward while you create your own experiences right through here

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Pretty Busy Stay At Home Mum

Pretty Busy Stay At Home Mum – Pretty Busy Stay At Home Mum

Life does get pretty busy when you’re the stay at home mum caring for other people – professionally or as a stay at home parent. And all lined up for a day to be by yourself and do what needs to be done.

susan-lewis-05-160x200 Pretty Busy Stay At Home Mum
Susan Lewis

Ever have just one of those days when surfing the net is a challenge to thinking! Susan Lewis is my name.  This post is about a similar situation to what many people are finding as they contemplate having to have some ’employment ‘ record behind them.  Enjoy the light-hearted read.

What can you say in a few words at four-thirty am but URRRGH  that flu and cold combination was waiting for me to get home day before yesterday?  Not only that the thing wants to keep me company as I am come surfing the net today.

Why enjoy the stay at home mums day?

Then those remembered days of having to face people over bedpans, dinner messes, making beds, and trying to be cheerful with a croaky voice setting income flooding back.

To often be in the situation where the ‘external’ paid opportunities slipped further behind as one of the four children  needed ‘a stay-at-home moms day.”   One in particular due to suspension days off.  Yip Autism Spectrum behavior management overload days [aka suspension]. Although it is now terrific to know that teachers/students who smoke, wear heavy perfumes, are accountable less and less for being trigger agents to unknown behavior eruptions verses overload meltdowns.

Give me the net experience today and between periods of sleep, happiness will be achieved!

Explore_this_virtual_house_framed-200x200 Pretty Busy Stay At Home MumToday end will see that virtual house being built to have come one step closer.  The foundations have now been laid. The roof is already on. The external walls are there as well.

The internal wall coverings are going on on the piece at a time.  Today is a quiet day.  Not banging sawings or measuring. Too much noise with that activity.

Instead, this ‘today’s’ stay at home person will experience: the net is being surfed.

Actually, the Plugins are being sorted.  If you have not got to know me yet.. things are done one step at a time someones, then so many things are started another time.  Literally, the habit is to search to the nth degree and then sort out the mess.

This in mind the latest and greatest PlugIns have been searched.  And I got confused.  Did you know there re three-hundred pages of plugins to search?  Which when you find one on the first page leaves two-hundred and ninety-nine to still search.  Take the step.  Invest in your site. Invest in yourself.

Solved the problem of unfinished searching.  One: get rid of the interruptions.  Hence start when you are awake and no-one else in.  Not even the dogs want to go out for their twice-daily walks just yet. And the sun is still asleep!

Two: Start at the back and work your way forward.  Wow, some of these plugins are over twelve years old.  Which makes sense as these are WordPress plugins and WordPress is…

Which leads me to another point. Boy! This has WordPress changed.  Way back, in the beginning, there were WordPress sites that were utilized for the Girl Guide Units events and weekly meetings held.  The idea was to connect with the parents, friend, and businesses around. Some of the older Plugins would have been fun to have on the site. Along with an email registration form.  So much easier to keep people in the “What’s happening information” loop.

That said before those next two-hundred-and-fifty-nine pages of PlugIns go get sorted out there is an easy way of keeping up with the information on how people on the Autism Spectrum are connecting together as a family based business community.    Log in once through here [ tap the phone].  We’ll catch up in a couple of days… I’ll be winter bug-free by then.  Oh, bliss I can go back to bed when the sun gets up and sleep this off some more.

tapforresources-200x101 Pretty Busy Stay At Home Mum
Tap For Videos,

Pretty Busy Stay At Home Mum s know that to find a moment in time just to relax  Time like those spoken above when you really don’t want to do something as you decided to note the symptoms that are slowing the days flow down.  It’s time to get inspired.  Go for a walk. Whatever you choose to do be in the flow.  Master these with an amazing energy perspective focus.  Find something to be humorous about and laugh.

Even when you are that pretty busy stay at home mum there is one thing I wish for you. So many beautiful memories in your future life as you, and yours, as you discover how you can live a life of joy while a life of freedom is searched and acted on.

The community member who sent me an invitation still believes this community has so much vibration behind it.  That belief sure passed onto me and the community grew wider around the world. So just in case, you missed the link above    Here it is again!

Susanlewis10 Pretty Busy Stay At Home Mum

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Finding Self-Secrets

Finding Self Secrets – Finding Self Secrets. One Illusion Of “I Am Not Alone Here.” Sentiments Powerfully Harmony To Changing The World Around. 

Welcome to the page where finding self-secrets main posts are indexed for all to view.

There is an illusion of “I am not alone here.” Sentiments that are powerfully in harmony with the changing world around. To recreate yourself is very personal. Takes time, effort, energy and belief.  Everything is about the self, yet the self always seems to have been never alone.

Looking through this index you will find that Susan Lewis has chosen posts you, the reader, may discover how the road to self-discovery was a bumpy one.  Full of mental, physical and outward changes.  Each impinging upon the heart region.  Then onto a wider, deeper understanding of a simple, spiritual side that leads to more adventures.

Finding self secrets because you can

Susanlewis10 Finding Self-Secrets
Hi I am “Susan Lewis”

These pots finding self-secrets are reflective of how Susan chose to walk the path of her own self-discovery.  By no means a directive towards an understanding for anyone else’s pathway.

One of Susan’s biggest discoveries was the trust she was able to simply open the minds doorway with. From there the ability to ask for help got easier with every task.  The giant step was receiving that help as it came through.  Sometimes even to keep trusting in the wider vision happening. Then when what may have appeared as short-term doubtful situations began to occur simply to turn around and totally believe that ‘Higher Self’ knew what was happening was best for all concerned.

Simply Susan’s ticket to the future was brought, paid for, and was activated. Achieving the fullest promised potential meant to trust the source.  A simple choice to trust took creativeness and achieved beautiful levels of heart, mind and soul togetherness.  Leading Susan to discover the passion held for family based business communities.

To recreate yourself there are many things yet to unwrap. Finding self-secrets often open doors to self-discovery.  Healing starts from within. Then we start finding your true self.  As each new discovery comes to the forefront of old ways of doing things must be pushed aside.  New ways planted within.

Any destructive behaviors, from self-sabotage and self-defeating patterns, to even passive hostility that may lead to severe self-destructive symptoms and traits need to be looked at closely monitored, checked and finally new patterns of behavior found, acknowledged and actioned.

Finding Self Secrets

Self-discovery does not stop here. Self-discovery is like talking that inner child by the hand, picking it up and piggybacking along a lifeline of adventurous journeys.

Oneclaimnow1 Finding Self-Secrets
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Just to open the doorways to a person’s future means more than leaving them in their current comfort zone.  A community if like-minded individuals is needed for support.  Online this support is there 24/7/365 days per year. Enjoy the giving of your name email address so that you too may see what could well be the start of your own personal journey. See for yourself here

Following are finding self-secrets posts Susan Lewis has chosen to create Susan index feature

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In Finding Self Secrets we covered a fraction of “The Secret”, plus added a few links for you to openly work through, with the aim of you further aiding your own growth. What I personally found was whether reading or viewing, even hearing “The Secret” has an able-minded interconnective community available that you are participating in sure was a huge relief to the newly emerging mindset belief.

tapforresources-200x101 Finding Self-Secrets
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With that in mind, the mobile phone here has an invitation for you to watch the resources available. After you have taken the action required to prove you are human and chosen to carry on with the modules this secret world where all the magic is beginning to open up. With patience, determination and focus, plus following instructions what is found are the steps become clearer in each person’s mind as its realized that finding self-secrets is a personal belief system that that person must activate in their own time.

I wish for you to find so many useful ways of using the posts on this authority site as you, and yours, create a “those impactful find facts here” information posts where people trust what you have written is both an honest opinion and the truth.

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