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Building The Family Business

Building The Family Business – Leverage The Strengths Of Family To Face Truly Unique Challenges When Building The Family Business

As  families with the Autistic Spectrum traits in members bond together building the family business generally there are real strengths to bring out and develop. The fact that family owned companies face truly unique challenges just means that they must come together and leverage their strengths. For these families in business to include, develop and lead the rest of the family, generation to generation.

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Susan Lewis

Hello my name is Susan Lewis.  As a member of a rather large generational family there is an life experience in extended structure.  Sometimes frazzled and frayed and other times that common cause brings people together with the family members.  In this post we are looking at what possible  basic impact working together as family, or a family part,  has on the members themselves. Additionally a few ideas on how to make greater use of a couple of individual people’s skills and place these together to achieve a ‘business oneness’ of team spirit.

Building The Family Business

Curiously remember that while building the family business you are already ahead of other small businesses. Besides already having potential incomes supplying loyal family members their needs families have strengths that many businesses train their means teams to copy.

Five of these are plainly :

  • Strengths in family business management.
  • Next is that the tools of “trade’ may already be on “Loan” to the business from someone within the family.
  • The third thing is that when practices are successfully implemented the performance of both individuals and the family are driven higher.
  • Regards to shareholder loyalty, this is now just a monied version of the bonded loyality already in place.
  • Health family relationships gather strength.

Actually there are other special parts to an extended family businesses.

While building the family business build for the strengths.

Look at two of these strengths to use while Building The family business  look for the strengths of members

Firstly, that all ages, emotional and mental capacities are already blended in naturally. All the finicky Autism Spectrum traits that drive outsiders to the family crazy are already just something that is done.  As an example someone fascinated in lines taking photos of buildings with lines, weird angles and a fresh crisp look and feel to them, may naturally just walk into possible clear traffic lanes while there is oncoming traffic and start taking photos.   Other members are ready for this quirk and ‘stand guard.  Or there may be dyslexic people themselves who spot a spelling mistake, grammar incorrect and automatically correct what is written.  While others just love hunting for a particular word or phrase to use within the post. Once a post is published and ready to share what about all the aunties and uncles, grandparents and teens to comment and share the article on social media sites.

Secondly, the young are looked after by the older generations, while the older ones are looked too by the younger generations. Who else has the time to answer the frustions of someone not getting something taught in Kindergarten. That is how to turn on the computer and wifi devices, while swapping this information eaten  over or around a homemade bunch of goodies or sitting in an ice cream parlor!

Include here the different people going to and from and returning back into the fold.

This was loosely how my family grew up. As I write this post my mother is in school at the local libarary… learning how to make flyers. Having recently moved out of her house she “floats among the relatives.” Then when she is ready goes on to another family member.

Inclusion of all when building the family business

Help revolutionize education while building the family business by giving individuals the contemporary skills they need to make a success of bringing their personal vision to the world.  Unlike traditional education, the community offers more than training curriculums.

We give you a variety of mentorship connection with people who have extensive real-world experience in the areas you aspire to – from Q&A webinars, 24/7 Community channels and book recommendations to live events [ momentum days the world over], Masterminds and Coaching 1-2-1’s. And access to over six thousand courses to complete at your own pace.  The list just gets better.

One of my friends was looking for a tutor for a child. Now while mum does the tutoring of one child, two more children also get to have her time.

Four friends also call her their Mum. Three of these friends have had their own mums pass over. Ones mum is between my age and my mothers . It’s kinda like having a big sister as well as another younger sister included.  And My mum having a younger sister in this country.

With the internet my eighty-two year old mum says hello to her relatives all over the world.

One important question when building the family business

Here’s the question: to be actively building the family business do you need to be a hereditary family business. Well the answer is actually ‘no’. Although it does pay for all within the ‘family’ to be on the same wavelength.

To have such a similar vision under the One vision’ that each has a part to play within that one vision.

What do I mean? Some of the personal vison’s are:

  • to have land that people may come to and develop their gifts and talents.
  • One others is to have land big enough to connect people within themselves and nature.
  • Another’s is to be a beef farmer.
  • That the person they love is free to travel and be looked after by their family members when needed.
  • To bringing out the inner child within each of us in the belief that each uses their gifts and talents online so that none is lost.
  • To make markets a way of life

Older members value when building the family business

When mum has the ‘time’ she answers questions for the whole lot of us about people’s value when building the family business.  She’s seen the lot in her life.  From Swamis and Ashrams, to Church picnics. Communities, communes and city life.  Milking cows, and washing out water tanks, right through to helping starving, and neglected children .  India’s streets and in England, Australia and New Zealand. children , welcomes team and other community members, and makes real life statement about what she reads. Plus there is the added bonus of sharing my posts [ love this idea] and making the flyers that I had been putting off doing.

Additionally the dinner is cooked if one of us is busy doing something else. In a way its very like having only one person shop for all in one store while the other is going to the post office, or parking the car!

At the end of this year is the Momentum Day as well as a course I’m attending. Both mum and another member are taking it in turns to feed the animals and house sit. It’s these type of things that a family business micromanages as natural as can be.

Let’s Start Building The Family Business

Besides sounding plausible, interesting and doable how do people like me start building the family business? Answer: surprising to say that people already have started without even knowing. Families are looking inwards for guidance, and assistance.

Guidance on where do you get the tools, community support and technical know-how to share among the family members and their friends. Assistance in working out the common goals, personal visions. Plus how to mesh all these. and other ‘things.’ together.


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What is it about Susan Lewis?Susan’s mission in life is that Autism As A Gift is to be believed past the level of general acceptance. Families in business  wrap around these aspects.  Support the extended family and an intergenerational extended  community within a community is born.

Keeping in mind that a vision is a dream with a date on, high energy release and a load of emotions like  to be ‘joyful’ to be experienced.

Aim not at the surface, but with the knowing that actions hits is all the way through.   In fact you have arrived at the star, landed, the job completed.

In short : Susan Lewis  enjoys helping you create and develop your online community.

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