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Look For Joy When Starting Their Online Business

Look For Joy When Starting Their Online Business – When You Have Autism Look For Joy When Starting Their Online Business

People look for different things, all of which has a unique value to themselves. People on the Autism Spectrum basically just the same as others as they too have to reach within and look for their own joy when starting their online business. Although there are a few unique challenges. Some set out to look for joy when starting anything. Yet why specifically look for joy when starting their online business?

Even when starting their online business growth they just see the growth, a potential solution that puts the spark back into family and working relationships. Altogether a significantly better solution in comparison to the predetermined “tick the box”  category of a joy. When starting their online business way of life. Understand that working for someone else may mean the immediate “pay the bills” feeling is a relief.  Then the ceiling is lowered of what you can and is not allowed to experiment with.

In this post, Susan Lewis takes you through why many people who fall into the Autism Spectrum categories are struggling week to week to survive and wondering if anyone else feels like this narrow experience in life is all there is.  Susan has written how she shares the others have found this to a huge thing to get through. Here is a way out that works and has worked for her since she was shown the basic method. And then enlarge it to suit her very visual and literal mind.

To visualize Joy When Starting Their Online Business

This may seem a strange way of being positive when you are struggling week to week but this is what I do. The method works but there is a twist to create the joy. When starting their online business people need to work on bringing the joy within them out into what they are doing online.

Started off that every few months I brought home a cardboard box with shopping inside. One wall of which I drew on. Two pictures. One on left and one on right.

The one on the left is grey lead and the one on the right is in color [ pencils, crayons, …] Having very visual Autistic traits re-learning or remembering things these visual things are important to work with

The left is an outline [ no details] of what one thing is like today. The current one has a computer screen and an empty cup [ no coffee] as car registration is due, gas, electricity and taking mum [82 years]two trips to appointments, totaling 800 km by the end of the week.

The right has color. Three things on my horizon to do by the end of a chosen time period. On the back is a plastic ziplock bag.

This picture is placed where I see it every day. The ones that have been completely dealt with are in a box. Currently only have one hanging there as today I draw the next one.

Under this current one, where no-one else sees it, will be a small plastic bottle with a slit cut [ towards the opening at the top into the top]. The spare change goes into that bottle.

When I have saved fifty dollars plus the cost of a piece of card from the news agency I purchase the card and cash the coins into a note. The fifty dollars now goes into the ziplock bag.

Look for joy when starting their online business one meta-story at a time

Note the two long trips are actually coming out of this reserve. This is how I reward myself for a success. And these successes add up. The physical evidence is that the pictures drawn are now on white cardboard brought from the news-agency. Plus there are places to see once a year. For instance, the Momentum days that have been in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and a destination yet to be released.

On the trip to Perth, the lady I was sitting next to was working. having had the FTP on one computer that simply wore out I knew what I was ignoring seeing. So during a break, I asked what it was she was doing. And that’s when I realized just how many people would use this program throughout the world. Right Then was not a game changer. What was a game changer was realizing that other peoples negative comments about my capabilities had been taken on? This then affected how I do things online.

For instance, the cities around the world want you to advertise their places of interest, Therefore each place has free wifi. So to do major fast foods and large shopping malls. Sports stadiums and even the Guesthouse I was staying in Perth. The concept is simple. Do the work off-line. Get everything ready to upload and tap into the wifi signals. Essentially this means no fiddling around connecting to diagonals or updating payment plans for the internet usage. Deal with the situations and go forward from that point.

The Metastory Vision being drawn today will have this new computer system. Drawn and added to over time as more information comes to light. One computer system that is now being replaced asap.

look for joy when starting their online business

The now quite large FTP [ File Transfer Program] will be programmed into. It is my belief that I will be competent at this File Transfer Program system. Besides having someone nearby who is proficient with the system already who will show me on my new computer system… Oh and he builds computers.

Looking within the community Dashboard there are two very basic starts off videos. More  Lyndia course selections as there are courses somewhere within there with over 6,000 social media courses.

Since I write blog posts there will be photos and bits so the note is replaced by the blog posts URL.

The thing why this works is called financial discipline. Made easier by the fact that when you add to the collection there is a positive belief that that thing has been already obtained. It feels like a cheat should the bottle be touched for any other reason. … yes even to clean the thing of dust! cause of not adding to the upwards total when I go to the shops.

Show people how to look for joy when starting their online business

Think about the overall joy when starting out.  When was the last time you set out to do something totally random for yourself?  This time though there are the practical day to day small steps that have been shared.

Is it time to feel that fresh spark of joyfulness again?  Give it a go. Start off by using the Pass-It-Forward with achievable micro-acts of kindness success steps to yourself. As you achieve each step of the way include others to something simple, like eating an ice block from a carton while sitting in the park.

Lift someone’s stress and restlessness,  even for a moment… show them how to look for joy when starting their online business by including others in your successes.

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