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Koala Looking To Live

Koala Looking To Live – Koala looking to live in a quiet residential piece of bush land.

A Koala looking to live quietly undisturbed while wanders between trees, eats Eucalyptus leaves and typically sleeps.

People welcome a piece of land to call their own. When natural disasters occur there is a pattern disrupt. At the push of a button people hear immediately. Aid pours in.

Save the Koala looking to live

Koala Looking to live Susan Lewis
Susan Lewis

As land clearing evicts Koalas there is more than just one Koala looking to live.

In this post Susan Lewis has just realised there are Koala’s seeking elsewhere to reside as bulldozer plunders through natural habitat just down the road from where she lives.

There is a “Clearing of the land for expansion of human settlement” occurring. In this case is it to house humans over koalas again?

Sick and Injured Koala’s looking to live

Koalas were living in the bush just at the end of Eureka Crescent/ Ikara Away. Currently there is a bulldozer in that small piece of bushland

Results to the Koalas would include definite loss of habitat. The Eucalyptus trees and the stream life at the bottom of that area. At a guess the trees are about 60 meters tall in some places.

Forget ‘die back’. The ecosystem is a bulldozer plowing its way through the bush. Although excessive defoliation would be one example currently happening… it’s just from the base of the tree up that the defoliation is happening.

There basically is not the amount of eucalyptus trees left in the area to sustain many of the current Koala population as it was. So the stress factor on these Koalas must be quite high at the moment.

And here I am sure that way back in 1991 the State Of Victoria had signed an endangered species, wood chipping , or some other agreement that stopped farmers, private contractors from decreasing the tree population more than ten percent per year. Environmentally the landscape in there has changed. Where to from here?

Where does the Koala looking to live go?

Obviously not between Churinga Drvie, Philip Parade, Nortcoate Road and Ikara Way any more!

As mentioned there is a small stream at the base of this area currently. Winter season is different. If the Latrobe City Council is aware of this happening then and have okayed it so as to six the drainage of the stream etc… the work would have been conducted in a Bush friendly way. The wild life looked after I believe as there would be massive amount s of paper trails happening. Also the local Kurnai Aboriginal Ancestorial Heritage Artificats findings taken into consideration.

What helps a Koala looking to live to survive

Organisations help the Koalas looking to live to survive. People help Koalas survive. You help Koalas survive.

Arriving home one of the versions of this quick note was sent to the list of places at the bottom of this post. Scroll below-

Tonight there was a large animal (Koala I believe) on all fours just looking across the road. The other night there were Kangaroos who usually are around the area silently waiting like statues in the night in the open parkland just opposite. They knew of the destruction already done. There was no place for them now to seek shelter from the farmers guns.

The address is the area between Churinga drive, Phillip Parade, Northcote Road, and Ikara Drive. I had seen a truck with a big bulldozer parked at the side if the road. The time was after the school children would have been arriving at school on the other side of town.

Now it’s obvious that for several days a bulldozer has been “quietly sliding” through this native area of trees.

There is massive damage happening to these trees. Yet the activity is not really obvious as the bulldozer driver is working from inside out. Downing all the trees, some of which are over fifty years old, 50 to 60 meters tall. I’ve lived here 25 years and seen these trees grow from below the road leve to way above the road.

This is the area where the underground tunnels come out from under the Churchill Township.

There are more than just Koalas looking to live in Glendonal

If there is one silvery light coated animal an oncoming car headlights then this was a Koala [Wombat’s have darker coat colors] wandering around lost. Logically where one is, there is bound to be more. Recently I have heard the Koala’s voicing their opinion of bush life in the ‘motorbike sounds’ that come from the koalas that live around that part of the bush.

Please do something. Rehouse the Koalas and save these Koala’s looking to live. This includes the Kangaroos, Wombats, Kookaburras, Galahas just to name a few of the bush population.


Al the end of the page is a place for your comments. Where else to raise the alarm?

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Important places a letter has been circulated to so far.
Australian Koala foundation

Churchill News

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