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Benefit Of Belief Knowing it has Been Done

Benefit Of Belief Knowing It Has Been Done – Over One Meter Of hair Cut Off Had A Massive Benefit Of Belief Knowing It Has Been Done .

There is a massive advantage that comes with the Benefit Of Belief Knowing it has Been Done, that finally the action was taken. A new me showing to the world took some getting used to though.

Illustrated in this post is how a person gets to the point of knowing the old must go to make way for the new. In this case by Susan Lewis’s story behind the simple cutting off of over a meter length of hair. The coping mechanisms of change, radical change that subsequently  helped bridge a head injury trauma.

I’m going to cut to the chase because I know someone had with me years ago when I was trying to figure out how I could run my online business more efficiently that all it took was the belief of the action being already done. That all I had to do was reach continually forward and into the vision created that was mine.  That I carried of the  future. In part this was to publish a  Blog post every day no matter what!

What’s the benefit of belief knowing it has been done

Let’s start at that frustration point which really was a reflection of something internal. Called procrastination aka ‘for ever always running’.Procrastination was just another name for FEAR.

In working with a business consultant , there were a number of things he pointed out that I could be doing better, but the one that stick out the most, and that I still carry with me to this day, is the importance of ACTION of the system that I had set up.

It may seem a little obvious, or maybe a little vague, but I’m telling you , once you learn what a system is at its very foundation, and once you realize how important they are to running a business to it’s full potential, you’ll wonder, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without actioning that system to its fullest capacity.  As a newbie concentrating on ‘one cut’ at a time and building out to another while maintaining the first. There was a process and like a baby it would take concentrated absorption, following of instructions and she copy cat falling forward moments.

As you read the benefits of belief knowing it has been done points below visualize one very fed up female in total shock. As the thought crossed her mind and there she stood putting her point across to the original source and saying NO.  Okay the “On the Autism Spectrum ” part had me putting my point of view across. It was too dangerous cutting my own hair when I could not see at the back of me!  And so I asked a friend to do this the next night. Listen to the video and enjoy the uncut version… the whole story as it unfolds may have you smiling Joy and in laughter.


Benefit Of belief Knowing It Has been Done



The short and extended into the next steps version is as follows:

The instruction. Then the actual asking. The action of arriving was done. The hesitation / doubt on someone else’s part [ read circle of influence]

My choice to follow through: “Here give me the scissors.” Grab the hair and CUT. Then handing back the scissors . Their shock … my relief.

That part of job being done.

Next hairdresser friend where both Mum and I had haircuts.

Few days later choosing to go
1) On woman’s master mind [ every 2nd week for gold level and up]

2) On Visionary call was great.

3) JJ’s Wake up call Friday afternoon [ midnight where I am though]

4) Making new video series and posting on appropriate dedicated to site Youtube channel.

5) Sharing through the community.

6) Sharing through Facebook and G+ and Twitter and Instagram

7) Adding video onto Susan Lewis Marketing Blog posts with the tool specifically provided for maximum advantage.

8) Adding to Aweber emails

9) Several other places.

10) And utilizing the ongoing Page Engage benefits of the Pro account.  I’m truly loving this facit of syndication action.

The-sumofyourattitude Benefit Of Belief Knowing it has Been Done
Action through a click here entry into living a life to joyfully build your own online life.

Why the benefit of belief knowing it has been done feels great

Really it boiled down to the simple benefit of belief. Knowing it has been done had  everything boiled down to Attitude, Action, and Relief that the action was done, NEXT thing to do…is….

There has been one thing overlooked so far in this post. In the afternoon an hour before the truck impacted into the vehicle Susan was driving she  caught hold of a self reflection in a window.  That was  February 1991.  Nearly a quarter of a century later, in October 2014, events triggered a moment in time when Susan finally in a situation where she ‘saw’ who she was. A reflection caught in a mirror as a camera button was pressed caught Susan off guard. Typically the Autism Spectrum total dislike of being photographed was ever present.

That photo was actually needed as a profile photo. Another Autism trait is the hypersensitivity to people touching her hair. And so the hair grew.  And grew. And grew some more.  Although sut away by the hand length  every so often only three times had someone other than her mother cut Susan’s hair.  Then in four days a friend [also a long time friend and relative] was asked to cut the length off.

The initial cut turned out to  be Susans or nothing would have gone forward.  A seamstress scissors chopped the hair off once the initial cut was done.  A few days later a hairdresser friend fixed and fluffed the remaining hair.

A few weeks go by and while on a misbehaving video call Susan saw her image flash on the screen.  Shock. Horror. Instant panic and another freeze moment.  Susan’s eyes were staring back at her. In 2014 the eyes were that of a lost person.  While not remembering the the effect of the eyes this time the view taken in was more about the other person also on the screen. How things had already changed.   In 2014 there were weeks of frozen moments trapped in torment. In  2018 what seemed like an instant of frozen time.  Then move forward.

A few weeks later the recognition that there was indeed a new person revolation catching up to who was this person with a higher level of confidence now presenting herself to the world.  And  the Oh heck I need a new profile photo.  That decided asking a graphic artist friend to simply take the photo.

The future benefit of belief knowing it has been done unfolds

In late December 2016 the decision to review the Susan Lewis Marketing site was chosen as part of a 90 day challenge.  Nearly two and a half years later that revision to be completed  has changed so much. Drawing In the person behind the scenes.  Reviewing her vision. Opening her up to actioning the flow of opportunities that are inline with the vision of a caring peoples agency showing people that care for those who are lost within a relearning to learn system. Primarily people like herself who are on the autistic spectrum, as well as those who have cognitive processing damage.

While each step of the way  more work seems to pile in  there are so many things to have gratitude for its a different type of overwhelm.  One that seems to be like  playing in a bubbly mud puddle.  Sure the over things may get a bit worse for wear.  [ Really clothes in the playground!]   But so what.  There are now other people helping by gradually skilling up and doing little bits or larger bits with confidence.  Together these are being pulled together.  This overwhelm is like full of rainbows, bubbles, stars and gold dust.  Even a fluffy bunny or two.  It’s a long story shared with the those who are part of the agency team… and the support people behind the scenes  through the online education, training upskilling community that I’m a member of.  All these people are priceless.

Love to hear your thoughts on all this as I recognize that from one potently focused, very decisive physical actioned ‘carry through’ has emerged the me who was hiding behind the last physical aspect of my ‘self’ [ read jumped out into view]

Sharing with Joy as I look back from my future vantage point and know that anything done has been worth it as the Benefit Of Belief Knowing it has Been Done is a total relief growth in ‘move forward’ point.