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Specific Details Surrounding Life With Momentum

Visualize all those specific details surrounding life with momentum. The one day where it’s a turning point. Some small insignificant sentence  opens up that whole new you. That moment in time when the confidence you gained through achieving your ideas, and ideals, finally showed the world, and you, who you really were. To know what it took to get to that point.The choices and chances taken with the fight, flight or freeze coping mechanisms.  Where the pathway went. What pathway you have already traveled to get you into your future-self. And what lies ahead as you join forces on collaborations, challenges and each time a door opens.

 Importance of Specific Details Surrounding Life

Together with Susan Lewis let’s shed light on the importance of specific details surrounding life choices. How turning every moment into a highway for personal growth throws you further forward than you ever realised. yourgreatesttest Specific Details Surrounding Life With MomentumThat each challenge is another which helps transform your challenges into stepping stones reminding you that success often depends on how action was taken through the way things were looked at.

Specifically to believe that this journey was about change through personal transformation. To recognise that you are ‘ an opportunity waiting to happen.” You are even now  what is known as lucrative fruit.

Along your journey… accept that you have become that leader in our community who is like a magnet, one who reaches out to others having been invited to guide others on their journey of self discovery. Especially people with a typically invisible ‘perceived disability’  Nearly mid fifties Susan presented visually as normal.  Her speech pattern sounded normal. There were nearly invisible stims and people did not pick up on them. Yet, those who knew Susan was on the Autism Spectrum, and also a survivor of a vehicle impact, could see nothing out of the ordinary.

This is a summarized story Susan’s first Momentum Day in 2014.

Background Specific Details Surrounding Life 

Clinically being taught about, or actually living with , or amongst something invisible pushed forward the importance of background specific details in surrounding life experiences.

According to Susan “Give me a table between me and the other people [ market marketer of old] or a uniform on and then I can be my persona. Avatar of a shop keeper assisting people with their own choices… it’s called work.”

HistoricClockInSydney-2014 Specific Details Surrounding Life With MomentumAlternatively “Give me a meeting time crowd to run and I am fine as there is a position to be in.”
Situationally “Give me perfect strangers that I will never see again and bingo the conversations are usually started by me.”
Next “Put me in a room with people in there and no uniform between me and them and ,………..”
Lastly ” Let me arrive early and observe the people coming through the door gives me a place of peace of mind”
These situations somewhat described this crowded overwhelm / social brain freeze very aptly when Susan later left the main room and entered the foyer. “Run’ the brain yells..
The thing was Susan had already met and spoken with one organiser. Shared a photo taken the night before.  Things were not so strange.  There was something to virtually grab hold of and use to pull herself our if the social ARRRRRh get me out of here situation. Besides the day backpack was back there in the main room.

Create Specific Details Surrounding Life As it happens

Expect me to go into a bar that was not connected with finding my old Taxi Customers and there’s me exposed to a crowd, people, fumes, smoke, energy, moods, hairspray and eyes … noise and distortions of what ever and I spent an entire five days forcing myself to to go closer and closer. Finally on the fifth day one man asked me why I did not go to the bar with the others. [shhhh autism ] Anyway he volunteered to guard me from my fears.
Being the soldier that he is I felt honored to be accepted. Still fitting in had moved from being perceived as hard to being accepted.
However, last year, in Perth there was the comfort of books and coloring in pencils. Now I could be there, and not there, at the same time, whilst familiarizing myself with the ‘peopled’ feeling.
Monach-Butterfies-on-books Specific Details Surrounding Life With Momentum Monarch Butterflies on book used to refocus through crowded space..

That’s when I remembered the notebooks and range of pens [ pencils last year] that I took with me each time Mom day was on. Carried yet not visible in my bag. Some people use a pet puppy toy, a bracelet. A certain cloth for clothing. Or a saying that gets them through this crowded day.

Others have their ‘I am’ here persona.

Specific Details Surrounding Life for others

Let us know, contact me, if this story helps you out the next time you start to think of a group of friendly people you have met though this community present as a sensational trip switch.

Acknowledge Specific Details Surrounding Life

Just remember that there are people at the next event from last Momentum Day. That there will be people there the time after that you now know! Believe it or not …. people like yourself who recognise the new scared and wanting to run ones . Bridge the isolation factors by the invite as you, like the soldier above, take the time to reach out and then move forward into your inner circle.

SusanLewisandLogo Specific Details Surrounding Life With MomentumYou see you are a veteran now. It’s your turn to help the newer ones forward. Let them experience the  love, peace and harmonic happening  these Momentum Days have.

This is just one aspect of putting yourself forward where others have been. The leadership challenge is for you to accept that the choice is, was and will always be your’s, and yours alone to reach out and to help bring someone else through.  Leadership that moves both forwards and backwards.  Backwards to bring them to where you are, and have been.  And forwards through to others who will either agree to be your mentor, friend, accountability partners, or even person travelling on or near the same journey as you.

Move forward with these specific details surrounding life.