Daily Archives: March 11, 2018

Benefit of belief is: knowing it has been done

To just visualize just one benefit of belief knowing it has been done is next to impossible. Why? The answer lies in just how deep is your belief?

There are  mindset skills needed to become a successful online business owner.  One is to have that action takers mindset

In this article … looks at having the right mindset to becoming successful online which is very important if you want to know how to run an online business.

This post’s and video Susan Lewis takes you through a journey of wondering.  Where does the knowledge begin.  The where does the total belief that the original vision  turned from a concept to a thought. Onwards to a vision.

By the time the modules are completed well and truly you’ll get the hang of what your dream is. So that you can begin to follow your own dream you need help. Count this post as help towards where you want to be.

The tools to use are another part of the overall now seen puzzle.

Yes there are the normal fears of what if you don’t have one good enough at writing posts, making graphics, using tracking tools, and evben engaging with other people in the community? It’s your dream therefore its your ‘good enough’ You are of value, unique value. Each step of the way this value and uniqueness is added to.

Personaly I used to have these same fears.  The one day my hair was cut. The lady did not want to do this.  Hey the hair was longer than my arm. and flowed past the finger tips.  Give me the scissors then.  Grab and cut.  Funny as I write this I realised that even then there was an option to bow down and cave into someone else’s fears for my mental Will she regret this action state!.

After that incident two days later a hairdresser friend of mine fluffed up the shaggy “hairstyle”.  Less than a week later the hairdressers property was under sever fire danger and the forest fores ripped through. What would have happen should I have caved down and not made that affirmative statement… and taken ownership of my own action.

By putting everything together only you can do this major challenge.

When people come into this community there are modules to get through. The modules past the initial marketing process are the first stepping stone to master that dream of yours. With understanding, practice and an ‘I can’ turning into a ‘I have done’ this attitude you know your efforts eventually got it right!