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Positive Realistic Thoughts

Positive Realistic Thoughts  Positive Realistic Thoughts In 3 Steps

Celebrate brilliant positive realistic thoughts that enhance peoples moods and emotions in these three easy steps. Celebrate with these wonderful, warm and friendly pointers that are set capture the imagination.

In this post, Susan Lewis takes you through three recognizable steps where your potential can be assessed and addressed for Autistic people who want to run a business from home, usually assisted by members of their family. We also have to appreciate those positive realistic thoughts that are needed.

susan-lewis-05 Positive Realistic Thoughts
Susan Lewis

The three main points this post covers are

  • Why interpersonal skills may be hard to work though. Using a well known, very visible untidy room explanation.
  • How families gained real estate within the community. Where is that real estate today?
  • Focus on the positive to find an example of a solution.

Positive realistic thoughts are needed

Let’s be yet positive, realistic . Not everyone has the interpersonal skills needed to work with constantly change. This makes working within a ‘people’ environment like a hot spot of anxiety.  When stress levels climb so to tempers go up things may just start to overload and meltdown.

How then do many people on the Autism spectrum expect to be able to be able to hold down a job, be credible, as well as build out some of the alternatives by themselves?  Yet the wonderful thing is that people do this every day.  The fact many succeed with family and friends help amazes so few people once the shock is worn off.

There are certain traits that stand out. Pigheaded stubbornness is one.  Also known as “there is a perfectionist trait there somewhere!”.  Sometimes the combined learning and doing have become an extremely serious ‘game. Maybe the game is not over. And until that time everything will be gone through with infinite care. Time and time again.

Remember those bedrooms that for years were like a bulldozer was needed? Incredibly messy. Touch anything, disturb the air around it and it was known.

One day there is nothing there. Not even a speck of dust. ” That  game was over.” Two choices remain.  Either the next game started… sometimes. Alternatively, no interest occurred.

Interpersonal skills with others in the workplace may get a little strained.

Positive realistic thoughts change lives

How then do families and communities stay positive? Realistic enough to continue to look after the members within who have the low interpersonal skill and a high concentration span?   Traditionally jobs would be learned passed down from one generation the other. The creatively and flare for the tools and materials seemed to ‘just be right with some family members.  While one would craft, the other would cook, clean, til the fields, run errands and write the books up.

Extended families stretched far into the community and as such real estate and business holdings grew.

Family equity usually means land or real estate.  ‘Real estate’ is a word used associated with the internet and a website.  An official address that people can find you on. In short a dot-com such as this site.

Believeyouare-beautiful-1-188x200 Positive Realistic Thoughts
Know your vision. Start by increasing the”believe in Yourself” mentality

One amazing thing that has happened is that each member in a family has part of the ‘family equity’ and sustainable tools

Let’s look at something small, positive realistic  and very ‘doable.’   Just about everyone, anywhere and at any time, has access to a digital device and the internet. This is part of a suggested solution.

Every person has a talent. Some may like to make graphics.  Take photos.  A sense that another needs a cuppa, a hello, or a smile.  Something that others may overlook if they are not used to, or open to working with families who have autistic adults within.

Others may find terrific quotes that just fit the occasion well.  And yet may not be able to type a word on a keyboard.  Some may have a front of house presence behind the table.  Others are quite happy sprucing.

Positive realistic solutions

Visualize the families with these individual positive realistic thoughts and skills. It establishes an equality sustainable field that can be worked with as a background for this example. Simply because people know working together as families united has been done for generations.

To connect with each other is a basic need. Fulfillment in this basic need has business potential and there is a positive, realistic solution.

What if this extended family was to pull together, pool there talents and skills, Upskill and  market a “today’s positive thought.” Inspirational thought with meanings. Created all on one platform. Is that platform having all the tools, education, upskilling and a huge community for support behind it?

whenyouallowemotionallybankruptencytooccur-200x200 Positive Realistic Thoughts
Action Protection Steps with the emotionally bankrupt

What would it now take to be positive and realistic enough to melt that doubt away? The answer is simple: Promote the business as you build out the business. One of the most positive real solutions I recommend.

For myself, analytics was not something I could enthuse over.  Actually, they were totally avoided if the choice was mine.  Being visual analytical data was a nightmare to process.  Until the new area behind the scenes was opened in trepidation. And there it was.  Beautifully set out in picture format. Also, the analytics was present in the number forms.  The magic of these numbers displayed in such a simplistic set out was not lost.

All those lost invisible pieces of the “put yourself out there and see the data” suddenly took on a life of its own. The direction to correction was sorted like a road map on a GPS target.

With the right tools, anything is possible including understanding, learning the action for traction. The added bonus is helping families for their own communities so that they too can build upon their combined vision with positive realistic solutions.

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SusanLewisandLogo Positive Realistic Thoughts

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What is it about Susan Lewis?
Susan Lewis seeks out those who have to relearn to learn again through trauma-related incidents. Especially those related to the Autism Spectrum OCPD traits [ Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder] through the head injury or injuries of Autism.

Why? The simple answer is Susan speaks from head injury in-depth memory loss of the first thirty-one years of her life. The extent of which remained undetected for nearly a quarter of a century after the truck imploded into her life.  The Autism Spectrum side of life has been quietly active all through Susan Lewis’s life.  Generations of traits have shown. Have been known of all through these families lives.  To say that Susan’ as seen it all may be a stretch of the imagination.  However to believe that what Susan relates to, and shares through her online experiences is a truism.

A second truth is that it is hard to come across someone who a) willingly b) bridges the gap between medical and everyday ‘user’ experiences, c)  is prepared to put these out there; online and openly.

Susan’s mission in life is that Autism As A Gift is to be believed past the level of general acceptance.

The behavior encouraged so as people have both rainbows and stars within their own needs and mindset changes.  Rainbows traditionally relate to the Promise.  And stars…. well everyone is a star within their own right.

Keeping in mind that a vision is a dream with a date on, high energy release and a load of emotions like to be ‘joyful’ to be experienced.

To land on a star needs an arrival time and date, enough fuel, lots of training and preparations. Actions that are consistent and flexible in the approach.  With the belief that achieving this is like chopping up a log of wood. Aim not at the surface, but with the knowledge that actions hits is all the way through.   In fact, you have arrived at the star, landed, the job completed.

In short: Susan Lewis enjoys helping you create and develop your online community.

Look for further information about Susan Lewis here.

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In The Past The Politicians Sent

Past The Politicians Sent –  People Are Not Happy As In The Past The Politicians Sent Others To War And Everyone Else Struggled With Loss

People are not happy as in the past the politicians sent them, and / or their loved ones to war. Then came the depression that always followed. Financial depressions to the effect of everyone losing something. Second one was the quiet depression.  Caused through trauma. In many cases just leaving to go unprepared into the battle-field areas cause trauma.  Back home the loss of family structures had become community structure loss.  The effects of which had the “pebbles in the pond ripples”
In this post Susan Lewis looks into how families within communities are coming together to create a future out of the Government system that gives a sense of purpose, a future and develops an independence of the accepted systems. Giving examples of how the tide has turned and suggests some tools and actions to help people in this situation. Noted also that while in the past the politicians sent  people into these situations the current trend is to give back into the community  something  to aid recovery. Something easily accessed using the internet, that has touched their lives and has been helping others.

Cause And Consequence of the past the Politicians sent…..

Autism-is-like-a-bus-accident In The Past The Politicians Sent
The impact of a gravel track and trailer into my Nissan Urvan in 1991 has tan until 2014 to really start to be sorted out.

Historically when those in power created war situations past the politicians sent ill-equipped people into war. Unlike today’s communication systems even a telegraph a knock at the door sent dread rippling through the homestead. Today those messages are basically the same. Lost in action was just as bad as any other.

 Today’s society has the same effect where people on the Autism Spectrum are concerned. The people who think they are normal are wondering why others within the family chain are getting diagnosed with the Autism Spectrum name tag.   And the numbers per capita are increasingly increasing! Partially because the loose generalisation of “Autism is a conceptual disassociation from what is happening around the person”

Secrets are past. The politicians sent scare tactics out

Secretes are meant to be things of the past where politicians are concerned. Rightly so people  are still concerned about the community structure that is meant to assist their cognitively challenged members independance  and input into society.
Interestingly as the family structure was rebreaking in the early 1970s as women’s rights were being heard all through the world  a family structure was already forming.  Rather than put up with now adult children from returnees that no-one recognised , or knew what to do with medically [other than medicate the person.] the woman were demanding rights far removed from the suffragettes thinking.
rethinktraditionalemployment-243x400 In The Past The Politicians Sent
Employers keep you busy. But, Are you being self productive while being busy?

Actually no: the woman demanded fair and equal treatment. A fair days work for a fair wages packet. families needed certain things… like a roof over their heads. Food on the table.  And money to pay the bills.

Both the family and the country suffered through financial gain as it would help the next generations. What the men were unable to achieve … in stepped the women.
Financial gains and losses. Stock market crashes and ill health one would think that by now the politicians would have got rid of the old ones. The ones who were on the front lines seeing the carnage. But no. Here is just another aspect of keep the slaves to the economy down and kick them while they are there.

Lessons learned from the past with Politicians.

In the not to long ago past past the politicians sent a financial message to the older folk. One that efficiently stated they were not counted as worthwhile to society any longer.
So if you are over, or close to the age of 65 [ born in the error of those that went to fight in the Vietnam War] your are stepping into this new fighting ring. We all know that there are often funds allocated for when changes that are not going to be appreciated come into play.
Hurt_People_hurt_too In The Past The Politicians Sent
Know that you are loveable!

The City of Ryde in conjunction with the Department of Human Services [Center-link] are ‘working together’ because the 2016 pension asset test has started effectively changing the full, or part payments, for the Old age pensions payouts. Planning and prepaying for a funeral is one way to minimise the off shoots for this. It’s a given that one is a way out. However how many funeral and life insurance policies are cancelled by the companies for non payment .

Especially when there are times of financial stress happening. Expect to see free Seminars and information gatherings in order to swallow more of the pensions away. Covering of course the aspects that Centerlink are told to release. Look into the Australian history as to why the age pension was introduced in 1909.  The reason behind this was to meet the needs of people who lived longer than expected.
Also happening was the young men had marched away to war.  Many unable to look after their family members should they have arrived back on the Australian shores.

Politicians values Hidden in the past. 

Post Traumatic Shock was considered a disease.  Something to be hidden under the carpet.  Not ever acknowledged. How times have changed.  Or have they?ptsdisnotabout-400x400 In The Past The Politicians Sent
As time has gone by more and more people are living a fuller healthier life. Well past their retirement time. Oh yes planning and paying for your own memorial will also minimize the Pensioner Assets test requirements.
Many times the belief is that people need to get real. Acknowledge where the weaknesses are and push forward from there. People with a message had little voice.  People with a lot of social clout were not fully aware of what was happening at the social ground floor level.
In the past when politicians retired they were ‘recycled’ into lower political areas such as regional committees. Alternatively into business consultancy. Either way the circle of influence built up over years spread throughout many community areas.
As the intergenerational families kept growing around these community central figures how could a person not become aware of what was happening. As an example in 2000 ” Beyond Blue‘s” pivotal growth came through a retired politician [ Jeff Kennett]
Beyond Blue is there to provide support and information on anxiety, depression and suicide.  Much of this information is found online. Immediate contact is available. Outlying community groups have sprung up.
Similarly Autism groups are fostered under Neighbourhood and Community Houses. The one I went to today had eight chairs around the table in a small room. The conversation flowed.  And it seems that after the school holidays everyone will bring one piece of vegetable.  They go into a cooking pot and soup is made.   The idea is to bring through conversation.  From conversation friendship and support  that moves back through the community.
SusanLewisandLogo In The Past The Politicians SentAnd slowly the online presence will be created  ensuring the community group’s voice creeps back in to the surrounding homes, businesses, and other community events.
Thankfully the internet, and access to a wifi devise, means what you are interested in is fully able to be passionately shared. Other people then can find the support you and others offer.  Even if its a person looking for a free cuppa, a soup and a piece of toast.  Bring on the cook post and BBQ, the conversations starters and simple friendship.  Invite a retired politician as well.

Just take the tools you have and simply put them to work for you.  See the results as pretty fantastic. I think you all will be surprised at how being part of these communities will work for you.

Yes. I want to hear from you! What do you think about this process? Leave a comment below about how helpful you have found past politicians are when sent back into the ground roots of your community.


contradicts the values

Contradicts The Values –   You In The Workforce Contradicts The Values Of Society Because You Are Autistic Or Have A  Head injury. 

In this post Susan shows you how going out there, into the workforce, at times so strongly personally contradicts the values  of many of societies levels.  Because you are on the Autism Spectrum, or have traits that bounce out due to head injuries, does this mean when you independently look after yourself, lead an amazing life full of progression, achieving personal goals and toppling other achievements, you, as a person, have effectively become a non-person in the care system?

Look around.  Think again.  What are the options in order for you to be as supportive as you can be, learn more and give back to society. Tending to the family does take up ‘ working hours’ time so finding a place online where updating  the different online skills,  retraining in integrative levels is a huge testament to the fact that with the right level of access plus enough creative upskilling, hard work, persistence and practice, we all  can accomplish anything we put our minds to. Especially when the option to work together is there.

So get ready for that intensive ground work to start as you both read and link through to this posts and find what is found at different levels to experience.

Susan utilizes different aspects of the Autism Spectrum traits, and happenings within her own life, to put forward some points to consider. We all have these and yours will be different as we all are unique individuals

To dream contradicts the values

Lifting_This_lid-353x400 contradicts the valuesThe determination to flourish and bring forward your dream  needs a total commitment of support towards its communities. Communities in turn support families in their determination to flourish and grow.  And family participants support both the families and the communities, as well as businesses.

At the heart of these communities are the families.

Support the families supporting their loved ones and the families benefit and grow.  Unseen family extensions reach far into the community touching and influencing many.

Families that have inner personal growth have a healing presence. Other is the community take note. Relicate. Gradually the communities themselves replenish and regenerate those aspects of life close to their people.

A take over bid contradicts the values of whom?

Hurt_People_hurt_too contradicts the values
Know that you are loveable!

In the past the politicians would send their citizens to another country to colonize it. Which simply meant someones take over bid ptsdisnotabout-400x400 contradicts the valuescontracts the values of another group of people

The purpose of colonization was to conquer the colonized country. The real truth of the wars probably only a few knew. Knowing that people would follow those leaders of leaders. Effectively  it was when to have a ‘job’ meant security for their ‘kith and kin’.

Go forth and multiply contradicts the values

Given carte blanche power that contradicts the values of the people, brings forth a quiet ,active resistance. People who have both, or either Autism, and head injury members have found the support systems gradually reducing. To the point where they are proactive in reestablishing any existing family values.

The benefits of which to ensure family organisational survival of what is seen as the weakest link.  Most anything else simply throws a spanner in the survival and contradicts values .  These families are extremely disappointed and alarmed enough to actively ‘passively’ resist the headstrong charges of being different.

To have that vision contradicts the values of whom

Start building your vision strategy. You simply need a starting point. Look for, and access, people who think outside the box. Once here work out how you alone will be a smarter sharer of the things needed on the internet.

Selfprisionisescapable-320x400 contradicts the values
Self-Prison is escapable.

Seems to unravel a bit that point. Defiantly means repetition and tick the boxes solutions. Day in and day out.

The big companies everywhere are designing things to keep their share holders happy. One thing was to look overseas and literally pay rock bottom prices enabling the third world countries hand to mouth wages.

Meanwhile the populations within their own backyard was finding strife. Communities Health care has been reflective within the local communities of these situations. Families dealing day to day with people on the Autism Spectrum have begun to create a family business utilizing skills within the immediate family basis.

These are some of the reasons why families commit to support their family members and independently do something about it.   Support needs to be given.  Ongoing, every day of the year accessible support  day and night.

To take action contradicts the values

Let’s look at a definition of Autism that contradicts the values of thinkers within the accepted box.

Families that look after their own members were doing this “take action series of steps while operating under the radar”.  Not to long ago that meant not getting noticed, or when someone is in this “what the heck do we do now” situation, they stayed there where very little or no attention is drawn to them.

Not so now.  The internet has morphed these ‘situations’ because they are independant, survivable against all odd and for the most part changing the views of society.  Once hidden , struggling alone these families now have a connection and a similar vision for the care of the Autistic Spectrum person.  Online support systems that deal with family values; not organisation values, have become far more freer with family management information.

Regular Meetups, online and in physical,  are created, advertised, attended and recriciated. Paid for privately or as a matter of a business expense. Not coming under an outside of the family  ‘authority funding’ there are no issues or restrictions.

And the beauty of this methods is simply its all done with family, friends and others within the circle of influence.

As always all opinions and enthusiasm are 100% ours. So when you have the need for a video series for you to discover how you can live a life with joy which involves a simple Digital Business system that community  minded people  [ and businesses] are using to move towards a life of freedom gain instant access by a push of the mobile phone below.

tapforresources-400x201 contradicts the values
Push on the mobile phone for more information

Fill in the details and accept the emails coming your way.

Thinking outside of the box often contradicts some person  personal values because you have some explorators traits in amongst your Autistic Spectrum traits, or have had a  head injury trauma that has started to recede, then you are  making the choice to take back your ‘ticket to your own life’.

autism under the radar

Struggling with seeing the attitude of people in employers shoes is that as long as  autism under the radar everything is alright continues. With so many people looking for some business who understands and accommodates some aspect of Autism so that they may allow you to gain employment employers simply had the upper hand.

Traditional education became costly in more than just course costs. Family time depleted. Travel costs went up. Work hours shrunk. Technology had crept into even the basic of jobs. For instance to access a dump truck at 1am in the morning during a thunderstorm to access the cab of a truck hit the key ring and the computer thousands of kilometers away will do the job for you.

Gradually government reach in communities left. Leaving the what is known as “Autism under the radar.” Government and agency resources  were underserved in populations that are struggling with Autism Under the Radar“.

Change Autism Under the radar direction

Visualize knocking the Autism Under the radar out of the picture by becoming self sufficient.  Choose one thing , something you really want to explore or relearn to learn. Something you can take where ever there is the internet, a passion,  the device to share that passion and people to respond to what you do.. Within this post the example used is the writing of blog posts. Just writing a post is never enough. well check into see include how the blog post take you further towards your vision.

Writing blog posts is an art.  One that some people take to like ducks to water.  While with others time seems to allow slow progressive learning and relearning. People either like it, avoid it. Or  learn to like and appreciate the end results, while seeing the wonderpus improvements. Third category sounds very familiar.

Like any skill creating a blog post that fits the needs of the people looking for the information is one thing.  Getting it to the readers is another section.

When writing a blog post there are three noted points

There are three truly amazing things about writing a blog post.

The first this about writing a blog post is that there is proof that people do take on the big boys and rank right there above them in the search engines.  The world over. Be aware of Panda and Penguin.  And Hummingbird. They may not like your posts in the beginning may not appreciate what it is that takes you past everyone else.  Raising your message to the top of the ‘food chain” to the place the world over where everyone sees you are the authority in your field.

The second is that what this does is gets what you are saying out there.

The third that although there are so many conflicting emotions, concepts and actions as you shed the weight of the world and just get on with your vision isolation is not a means to get this vision achieved.

Which of course flies in the face of being Autistic!  The very meaning of the word Autism is: Isolated.

That is the point : Choice.  One word.  Many directions.  Numerous outcomes.

With Autism Under the radar its time for family take overs

When people type into the search bar things that people with Autism can do from home… and then narrow that inquirry down even further there is a heap of inflammation out there. The question is not what is out there, but what is it you, or the person you are looking for, passionate about!  Start from that point.  Work outwards. Yes work, as in make actions through through belief.

Meeting people, taking on new experiences can be especially intimidating for any person.  Those within the Autism Spectrum definitely so.  Therefore it is acknowledged there are variables to consider apart from those mentioned below. Should you be looking for more information make contact through here.

so0000071-400x247 autism under the radar

This post is about the direction people find to help them achieve the things they take action on.  Two examples are used. Both a motor bike visualization and the other through an actual  visual metastory.

People online have long ago been aware of the 4 to 1 ratios that exist behind the scene.  So it’s no surprise to hear the reemergence of this information.  In practice  one blog post written just means there is a lot of back work to do.

When people come through whatever learning process they are going through they want to practice.  Society is conditioned on getting things right.  Take a drivers licence.  Lessons start long before the picking up if a book that has the rules and regulations behind the meaning of everything.  Risk takers would jump onto a motorbike and get cracking learning the rules later.  That is in the old days when the local police man knew what you were up to and quietly spoke to kith and kin.   Should that approach not work then when he caught you the book was thrown at you.

Probably cause of all the writing back at the office they had to do to justify their next promotion when numbers counted.

Challenge your Autism. Under the radar is expanding.

breakfreeofthefearorrunwithit-400x240 autism under the radar
Break Free of the FEAR mindset that is For Ever After Running. Or just run with the Other one

Now many people dream of being on that motorbike. Is that idea included on the bucket listed as the  “Riding free into the sunset” experience. What’s happened to knowing just what it takes to set everything in motion?

The picture of a specific motorbike, cut out of bike magazines and collaged around the house.  The list of specific details that are written on just about every surface of the walls around you. Notes on dimensions, quality control, helmet and riding boots.  Licence requirements.  A trip or three of where that bike is taking you.  What your packing.  Who your visiting.  The local and other towens bike ring calendar of events.  Like events and bike shows.

You literally living that vision. In the total belief that everything on that list has been completed.

Sticky notes work well.  Drawing of pictures hang on the wall also serve the same for very visual people.

Thing is a dream is a vision without a date.  This is one visual example of a meta story draw in 2016 when I came home from Down Under Brisbane Momentum Day in 2016.

  1. Myself sitting on a rock, absorbing and enjoying the new memories the time line was three years from the date of the Momentum Day Mediation.  So that makes it 2019 DownUnder Momentum Day. The backpack of past memories acknowledged, learnt from, known to be of the past.  The belief is knowing that Would I do this again: Yes.  Was it all worth it: Yes. The trees standing straight and tall interpreted and many people within my direct circle of influence. Also back up through what someone else stated around 2000.
  2. On my wall there is a picture of three main things.  One is speaking tours re using Susan Lewis Autistic Online and Loving IT [ Information Technology] so that a movement belief that Autism As A Gift is actioned to its fullest potential within less than five years. [ Specific Overview time dated: 24:55 31st December 2023].
  3.  There are the angels drawn that look like birds flying.  These are self explanatory and have already happened. May have worn them out though so think they are looking for a rest.:)
  4. There is one rather strange long legged quirky bird.  No matter how I tried to recreate this creature the wing was broken.  The shape of an upside down heart was there.The wing may have been broken but the heart was not completely ripped into shreds.  It was like the bird was trying and could not fly. So many colors bright and beautiful all through and around that bird.

The picture was only meant to have three things drawn into it.  That bird would made an appearance and stayed put!  Like I referred to the dream is a dream is a vision without a date. A personal belief is that with meta-stories they are strong. Very strong.  To specifically identify and then bind a person within a meta story is like entrapment.  So I drew the flying birds and they looked like angels.

Autism Under the radar Just Got Sprung!

As this post winds up one thing to remember with Autism under the radar is “Make your vision to Be Seen”.  With the vision firmly believed in the focus on the direction your life’s path is going towards is where your attention is.  The taking of action starts right next breath.  As you grab the idea that has just zoomed over the brain and is there to catch.

SusanLewisandLogo autism under the radar
Press this picture to find out more about “Susan Lewis.”

Catch hold of your life, your successes, the fulfillment  and happiness that is your duty to have and your obligation to the people in your life who have helped your succeeded. Most of yourself for being so brave to have continued through, right through.  Each step along the way the success you reach is your privilege to include others with. Just as writing and publishing this post on Autism Under The radar has been a pleasure to bring to you.


Change the mindset to belief

Having the ability to tune into the wi-fi the change the mindset belief  has altered the “What you see is what you look for.” Finally replaced “what you saw is what you looked for” attitude.  Or has it? Deep down are the central layers very few people get to actually ‘experience and touch’  This core beliefs of who you are and where you are going. Ouch because for a minority is there an actual alteration within the visual hyperlinking of the past.

To be graphical about this Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel.  We see beautiful pictures where in the depths of depression what did the artist see.  Like anyone  who has worked through the depression stages  things he knew he used.  Therefore pigments were added to egg yolk. and the mix added to the plaster roof.  Beauty was brought up from deep within.

Change the mindset to belief

In today’s world the structure of the tools we have when the change of mindset belief starts happening are different.  But the effect is the same.  In this post the connection between the why and the result of changing the situation is checked out.

Every_morning_now_we_are_born_again-400x300 Change the mindset to beliefThere are so many social media challenges in both response to the technology changes as well as causing a pull for those same technological changes. This has something to do with the Reticulated Activating System [ RAS] acts as a filter to your brain. It causes you to notice what you want to see. That is what you ‘teach it to see.’  Basically the vision of who you are is important.  What comes after the world “I am” is what is seen by inner self.  When I say I am Autistic people think “Oh poor you” and run for the hills.  That is their perception.

With reference to the “What you see is what you look for” belief versus the ” what you saw is what you looked for”

My belief is that Autism As A Gift is what is known to be.  Yes both sides are known.  Michelangelo suffered severe depression it is said.  The fact that he took the tools he had and painted his frustrations, anger and depths of despair out of himself and turned that into a beauty from within.  In this everyone won.

In a business sense that is knowing your visualizing. This is very trait of  Autism known as a gift!

Change the mindset to belief

Let’s break this change the mindset to a belief down a little more and see where it takes us.

Say a family member is on the Autism Spectrum. Currently safely within the Government’s funding scheme. Several changes may, or maynot affect the supportive benefit allocated to that person.  Also consider that with a new government their usually are new thoughts on funding.

Australia seems t be heading down the line of America.  Some may think this is terrific.  Others want to know more.

Patricia-from-PopCorn4U Change the mindset to belief

Take my mother.  At eighty two one puff of wind and she’ll blow away.  She really wants something to do.  Qualified as both a Registered Nurse and a Teacher she wants a ‘job’.  In her head she knows she can do things.  Also is aware that after an pacemaker operation and a few mishaps maybe she needs a sleep as well.  Needless to say an employer will show her the door.  Their insurance covers will make it impossible to hire her.

Before the pacemaker episode when a relative of mine visited markets  I helped out in the popcorn stall.  Mum made the scarves, suggested the color scheme. Took photos. Rescued me when need be and took over the cooking of the popcorn.

Then one day there was a change noted.  Shortly after that the rounds for the frequent heart checks and pacemaker candidates for the international experiments started.

Effective,y the message was in order….

To live have a change of mindset.

Which meant for mum to live she needed to be woken up to the fact that she was needed, wanted … she needed to want to live and have that change of mindset.

Now when to comes to technology… she asks the third youngest eighteen year old granddaughter for help when she is in that area.  Or phones up on the phone.

Mum makes small trips between the relatives.  Taking her tablet and laptop with here.  Now we’ve all shown her how too’s for the social platforms over the years. But there has to be something else.

Grinning she emerges for the lounge room[ or her bedroom whilst here] and asks what’s that password again?  You got it she is helping herself by helping me with what I’m doing.

Besides also cooking up a storm in the kitchen whilst I’m writing blog posts on this site. In a few weeks some of the posts on another site will be coming through from her.  There are many stories of where autism traits and awarenesses have been such a bonus.

The funny thing is the muttering that comes from when I dare go into what she was doing as a catch up thing.  I now leave a note on the table where she works in here with me.  Just in case I cause confusion…. and double her workload of thinking!

Change the mindset to belief

Assisting an older relative to know and believe that they are of value is like bringing a stray ray of light within their day.  To have the time, energy and availability of just being their, in respect and quiet care for mode to me is what being Autistic, online and loving it is all about.  Making space and time within both our lives enriches your life as well as you are here reading this far into this post.

Setting out the alternative income and funding strategories takes a lot of time.  Like a new lifestyle, some altered work together as a family ethics come into things.  A new repore with people along with a balanced change to circumstances gives a totally new approach to thinking outside of the box.

So over the last few years as I have found out more about all these different facets of digital marketing this quietly spoken mum has prompted to spur me along with.  Hurry up ‘child’ I cannot live forever!  Okay I’m fifty seven years young and still a child in heart.

SusanLewisandLogo Change the mindset to belief
See more about me through pressing the picture above

So rather than choose to remain in a workforce that does not accept Autism as a gift… my gifts are helping other people spread the joyfully positive attributes of building communities, autistic communities online.  Something that both business and other people on the Autism Spectrum will enjoy exploring , discovering and being associated with.

When you need more information I invite you to reach out and check the contact details which are on the contact page tab above.

Meanwhile cheers for now as you influence in your progress forward to change the mindset belief of those around you.

End Each Day With A Sense

End Each Day With A Sense – To End Each Day With A Sense Of Total Fulfillment  Life Would Be Ideal With Each Day An Adventure

To end each day with a sense of near total fulfillment creates such a realization of fulfillment  the days following look hungry for more of the same energy. Life would be ideal. Each day a new sense of adventure.

Sure is with a family that is rapidly wondering where the magical book  full of every trick to behaviour management techniques for autism.  No matter how old that person is living within the Autism Spectrum the tendency is to rewrite that behaviour fictitious management techniques book every day, in every way

In this post Susan uses a couple of things observed with Autism Children that had a profound influence on each child differently.

To end each day with a sense of wonder.

2goldenrulestolife End Each Day With A SenseAs the children grew older by the time we got home from marketing at the markets we’ld  end each day with a sense how did we get through today.  Often a relief of we all got home.  No extra toys, pets or parts came home with us.

The wonder of having children underfoot while closing the sales endurable.  As fast as the coins came in the requests for ‘something’ arrived. Having taught the children early the value of money coming in we’ld overlooked the balance of money needed to go out to pay bills.

That was until learning about the stocks and shares idea came about.  Once a week the Weekender newspaper was purchased.  Left open on the dining room table. Enquiring minds read then analysed the stocks bull and bear trends.

Notably two children saw the information in different ways.  One algebraic-visually. While the other geometric-visually. Sometimes these slight differences became barriers of communication.

The skills needed when working with other people meant that there were large areas between each person strongly ‘preferred’.

Now end each day with a sense relief.

Once the family were off the market rounds and into a different way of life to end each day with a sense of achievement was paramount.

As adults the development of the skills needed when working with physical products, their care , records of sales compared to what was not there by the end of the day made us careful of stock.  There was still a need to reach customers and build trust.  Yet we had to pack up and move on.  Back next month.

focusonbeingproductive-insteadofbusy End Each Day With A Sense
Be production proactive with your passion for freedom, rather than just busy!

Pen, paper, stamps and envelopes later….We were worn out. As a family we needed to  know how to support and teach children on the Autism Spectrum.  But simply we did not know the ’embarrassing” behaviour even had a name

Then came computers.  Emails, and lists, where specials could be advised about would have made marketing so much easier. Finding out information was such a sense of relief.

To end each day with a sense of knowing.

Consider involving others to get things done and also to end each day with a sense achievement.  Now days to reach customers and build revenue seek out the options that provide the tools, support and community to back the claims up. The one I found has the hosting ability for your agency to build out and expand from. All the while cheer on your achievements and successes.

Develop your own e-commerce and promotion of you own web-design or other home based business. These facilities are especially helpful when the families  of people on the Autism Spectrum are needing to think of future care of these loved ones.

Create a company that understands and accommodates your own autistic needs, that of family members autistic needs, while you aim high, but not for perfection, within your family. No matter what the age each person has the ability to add impact.  Right now my eighty-two year old mum  has left watching one of the how-too videos in the back office and is preparing dinner for everyone, friends and family, here.

Although now there is an evening when she is staying at one of these friends and tutoring their son.  That friends  family [ and mum] claim it’s respite from me!

So its not only the younger ones that need a small family business to enjoy being a productive team member of.  It’s the ability to include everyone.

Find time to either enroll and attend the traditional education places where the small business course online topics like ecommerce web design.  Better yet check into the video series that puts you in touch with your own marketing journeytapforresources End Each Day With A SenseWhen your small home based business uses a simple digital business system, where community minded people just like you, are using all the integrated tool sets to move forwards things really start moving.  [Although I would keep an eye on the cooks in the family]

End each day with a sense that along with each member… all of you are taking their families with them as they all work towards a life of freedom.

Working With Autistic Adults

Working With Autistic Adults – Working With Autistic Adults

Is “The Quiet Achievement!” To Many Categorized Unemployable.

Working with autistic adults in today’s western world where 90 percent of adults with autism are unemployed is “the quiet achievement!”  Unless these Autistic adults can hide the stims to go under the radar employers still run fast the other way.   As soon as the word Autism is brought up many categorized are now considered unemployable in normal wage terms.

On the other hand there are countless employment agencies specializing in finding autistic people ’employment’.  Group employment activities where the employed get paid a strippened of their real value.  This strippened is added to the disability allowance.In total an amount that is below normal living existence levels.

The autistic label has fast become a stock item with which to say we employ people who fit these fancy worded descriptions. When in reality the brain numbing ‘job that suits’ is actually tick the box, pack the box. And the wages are below average livable costs.

Then, later in the mid twenties, the unemployed line just got bigger as the government allowance to employers dries up. Proud parents become frantic as their child’s independence loses its glow.

What’s the difference with working with Autistic Adults today?

The biggest thing with working with autistic adults today is that many have come back into communities. Within the community there is a safety concept.

joyful_to_help_build_Online_Autistic_communities Working With Autistic AdultsIn this post is a life experience of how one person has taken a few of these life lessons of voluntary working with low social, economical, educational leveled children into now freely working with Autistic Adults.

Having attended a book release yesterday she was asked why she was different from the rest of us. Asked why? the answer came back ” You’re so positive and full of life! We need that. Come to our meeting next week.”

Lifting people on the Autism Spectrum into a far greater and more positive mindset is one thing. Having reached a point where again she may give back to the community so that others may work together in a financial capacity is something that will be shared amongst these communities.

The little known story behind working with Autistic Adults 

Growing up in the 1960’s and 70’s life was totally different regarding working with autistic adults.  Families were usually larger, and more community minded.  Everyone in the family was expected to attend either the  lunch,  or the main meal of the day. Organisation of this daily event seemed to be completed with enthusiasm and commitment.

One of the cousins was different. The same but different. Always seemed happy, huggable and to be smiling. Full of trust and brimming with energy.  What is now known as low functioning autism. The smallish town where the parents lived was within walking distance of most of the other relatives. So this cousin had a community where he would work, make friends, and move towards independence, while still somewhat sheltered from the real life.

The rest of us were all the same….. normal. Through that one family of grandparents normal was normal. Normal spread out the world, over to be over one-hundred and ninety eight people, all normal.

As a member of this large, extended multileveled family all the relatives were use to working with autistic adults and children of the same family.

Years later the impact of working with Autistic Adults

Personal impacts of working with Autistic adults started with the impactful recognition of the 1991 truck impact when  a truck hit the vehicle being driven.

People say Autism traits may be ’caused’ by a traumatic incident such as a vehicle accident.  Caused, or highlighted, the answer lies within the person themselves.

Within weeks it was noticed that both sons rocked backwards and forward.  One constantly hitting his head in repeat fashion on the walls. Knowing there was a memory somewhere stored of a similar behaviour this new memory was stored and cataloged as odd.

The other son, and a later addition to the family, autistic like behaviour were noted at primary school.  In our families case Autism Spectrum is in the DNA.  Additionally sever stress throws behaviour modifications out the door.

Sixteen years after the truck impact the eighteen month old son at the time of the impact was diagnosed as falling into the Autistic category.

With that diagnosis, and a little research, the headbanging and mood swings of childhood was understood.  Their uncle described above had these too.

Development of influence while working with Autistic Adults

Another personal trait was the  fierce loyalty in defending others within that child’s circle of influence was finally understood. Where as my loyalty went to the employers. Secondly, while also helping others in your community find a better self was understood. This attitude was long held through the years of small home based businesses as well.

Participating in voluntary work to the extent of literally taking on the world to protect the youth, to give them chances of both being a child, and move toward independence was understood.

Meanwhile giving these children experiences,  while finding the benefits of participating in voluntary work themselve, gave a balance to their ever growing mindsets. Many were adults in a child’s body.

Looking back the children were so like the members of my extended family from the pre truck impact. Suddenly so many things began to make sense.  The world was indeed a strange place.

Working with autistic adults gives you skills.

There are certain skills needed when working with autistic adults. One of these being to recognise that everyone is unique.  Another is an open to opportunities mindset.  A get in there and take action where action needs to be taken.

micromanaging-is Working With Autistic AdultsThe voluntary position needed organisation.  Running the events, activities, ceremonies, fetes, service to the communities, let alone bringing into the daily meeting times what each unit needed to achieve meant micro-managing a five year overall program. Something previously learned before the vehicle impact was micromanaging bookwork, stalls, front of brick and mortar business and stock accountabilities.

People were a different matter. Animals were fun.  People could fall between being beautifully expansive and easy to work with or closed off and cruel.

Looking back to relearn how to cope with these attitudes was definitely a challenging ‘think out of the box’ stuff mindset. So like we were shown with my cousin, look for, and accept the beautiful side within people,  yet be aware and avoid the other.

Working with autistic adults skills begin in early childhood.

When the option is there to start a small home based business it’s humbling to realise that your own children may want to take on the skills what you have built on during the businesses growth. To build around the skills that they have seen and been accustomed to as children.

Starting up with a stock in the box delivered weekly, stacking these on the shelves was fun.

The turnover grew. New lines, repeat orders and special of the month stock delivered.   The containers in the inners were used as ten pin bowls, climbing steps, moved around all over the show.

The outside shed got a bit full. Products became covered in dust.  On the open aired markets weather beaten stock was not attractive.

While working with Autistic Adults helped with keeping the stock presentable. The wages were such that the stock level went down anyway to cover the costs of wages.

It’s the world that’s a challenge when working with autistic adults.

Working with autistic adults who have a common goal starts one step at a time. The first is to have a common goal that helps people reconnect with the collective vision. From that point through a comfortable transition point an individual and very personal transformation begins.

Become part of our efforts by joining  us on this community ….as well.  We’ve got your back!

Having read this far you’ve most likely found this post intriguing enough to wonder what will happen to the relationships you have already built within the circle of influence already around you.  From experience share and show them the relevant and informative video series.

tapforresources Working With Autistic Adults
Tap the mobile phone for the video series

If to be involved with helping others start, set-up and establish their own community online presence is what your about, then this is the platform for you to jump on to.   Everything you need to get started is ready and waiting for you.

That One Amazing Thing That Happens Today

That One Amazing Thing That Happens Today – Look For Digital Marketing Strategies  Where That One Amazing thing That Happens When People Come Together.

If you are looking for digital marketing strategies be aware of that one Amazing thing that happens today when people in this private community come together and share knowledge, skills and trainings.

In this post Susan Lewis shows how gaining of skills and relearning to learn from one area in life leads to fulfilling a vision in another time.

With the organisational skills of previous home based businesses.  The organisation and running Girl Guide Units and training both youth and families. Working, studying community development and family based first hand knowledge of what is considered the cognitive impairments through both the Autism Spectrum traits, and head injuries.  Additionally extended family concepts thrownin. There are many life skills to draw from.

Susan takes you through a camping example  how just living with an opening mindset and relearning to learn has a profound influence on the next few generations.  Constantly upskilling, training, testing out new things, revising old things, recycling ideas and adapting these concepts brings forward the belief that we can accomplish anything online we put our minds to. This induced when “Soul Sisters” get together, unite with one vision… something that has input from many peoples talents, gifts and knowledge.  Is very doable as well as includes members of the family who need care, inclusion, expressions with the ability to socially share

Take action with that one amazing thing that happens today

Referencing a memory where as leaders the girls were shown to go camping they needed to know how to pitch a tent.  How to remain safe with things stored away.  Coat hangers made of wood hanging down and used.  To do this took more than luck  It took practice.  Then out would come the know how, followed by the belief, as one person started to show another something they knew how to do. Each girl would trust in their intuition, and to an extent their training as they gathered wood.  Knew where the string and twine was.   Took their open mind to take a chance with opportunities that presented themselves. And learned two basic rules….2goldenrulestolife That One Amazing Thing That Happens Today

Next camp these skills and teachings were revisited.  Onward taught.

So the girls learned to Dream Big. Now that one Amazing thing that happens today  is these girls are adults with children. Stopping to pass the time of day and slipping in a thank you for showing them how to roll with the destiny until they are on the other side of their current reality.  These ladies that were once children of a mental mindset that needed opening reflect the  personal challenges they have overcome  in the ability to choose a better life influence choice range for their children.

Recognise that one Amazing thing that happens with practice

Today the thought was ‘Woweee’ that one Amazing thing that happens today when someone spends time going over something that was foreign to you and you tried to understand what was going wrong.  Attacking things head on. Upside down.  Back to front.  Creatively testing  and creating a mess every which way.

Spending time combing the internet.  Looking for videos that speak the same ‘speak as you do”.  Until the realisation once again hits home.   Help is in this Community.

Back to the drawing board.  Slightly woser is to how to pick yourself up after falling forward and landing in various messy mud puddles.

Hard_Choices That One Amazing Thing That Happens TodaySomething to write home about are the choices made and actions taken.

Yet when that person is helping you things seem so clear.  The test is when you have to go forth and do it yourself.  Hang on, did not this step go before that step.

The relief rather than constantly being on anxiety level hyper is incredible.  Even sourcing out the underline  [ look below] just because I love having an underline proper piece of code that is an ‘underline’ in these blog posts.  Something so small is like a nugget of gold.

Where as currently I’m on another site fiddling around with  pages structuring.  Sure there is two sites open and step by step the process is being done.  The difference is that to have got this far is amplifeied through the belief that what is done for one site is doable for another.  Even the anticipation of conquering other WordPress themes is looking adventurous.

That One Amazing Thing That Happens Today

With so many unprecedented  steps forward happening it seems we are now in a world where people know that when they have full belief in the outcome everything and anything is possible

Here’s to progress as  that one amazing thing that happens today that seperates the past and moves everyone forward into the future.

How can people from all parts of the globe get together like a family with a common theme.  Well the internet has made this very possible.  There’s one person who has six friends and one older relative. Let’s call them ‘Soul Sisters’. These females are aged between eighty-two and twenty-six who have Autism aspects and traits within their families. Three have family members at home who are in their childhood.  All these adults have come together with their skills, knowledge and a common need.  Each has tangled with a someone who has psychopathic tendencies in some way, shape or form. These Soul Sisters have survived. Are fantastic organisers. Have a common financial need. Will support each of their ‘Soul Sisters’ while developing this agency concept.

While one writes blogs, another has the selling sites. There is a social side hunger.  Three are very graphic. All are, or have someone at home who is on the Autism Spectrum. Three have had brain injuries through vehicle accidents.

By pooling the resources and the workload suddenly there are books to be produced.  Graphic designs through templates, business cards introducing the people under one roof. Pamphlets professionally produced. And a team of people able to attend expos and shows on a rotational basis.

Three create websites from templates.  Four make videos and five write well.  Two live on farms that are twenty hours solid travel away from each other. Yet at a flick of a switch these people are able to connect via digital devices to attend a meeting, laugh, catch up, look after their families, while cooking, washing and doing other daily chores.

Here’s that one Amazing thing that happens to be so wonderful

And this step further builds on the belief the agency has arrived.tapforresources That One Amazing Thing That Happens Today

Tap on the phone to be included

Where its taken three years to finally connect to who I am it took only a brief sentence in late 2014 for the vision of an agency to solidify into something real.  Everything from that moment on was one step closer to creating this agency.

The agency concept was part of a bigger vision.  During the time of community leadership there was little interaction with computers  until the tenth year.  Then it was a case of basic WORD.  The internet via mobile phone usage in smart phone was so foreign. Today the generation  of digital natives are way more competent.  To go in and once again shake, rattle and roll with the agency destiny  is a wonderful vision on the very point of being.

Interconnection with other people was that one amazing thing that happens today!

By the attachment of community development  with online continuous  fundraising stability is in the making.

Once you know what your dream is, is there anything in you mindset that wants to stop you?  If so get rid of that mindset.  Fill the gaps in with a new vision.  The difference between a dream and a vision is the vision has a time dated and imprinted, that adds to the velocity and value actions are taken.

Paying Back Government Sponsored Student Loans

Viewing the world through a persons eyes as they realize they are paying back Government sponsored student loans on a “forever’ timeline is easier to do when you have been in this position.  To be Government indebted usually means there is an invisible yolk around the neck.  To truly see through eyes that have been there, done that!  is to realise there is a huge gap between those a) wanting the education, to b)  those now actively becoming further indebted and c) to people working at paying back Government sponsored loans .

Be fair paying back Government sponsored Student loans

Between the Government ‘fairly’ wanting the cash back into their coffers recycled enabling  still others to line up in the que of people needing that precious loan.  To the business  wanting to capitalize on the newly qualified. Employ a person uncertain of the workplace highrackie.  One who has little processed interaction, ie an innocent graduate of that higher education, who really has no clue of their own dollar value to the employer.

A startup employee who has minimal personal respective time versus a graduate, who has experience to knows what they are after to fill their vision.  The people who make the effort now vying for achievement recognition that is different for everyone of us.

Integreaty-is-back Paying Back Government Sponsored Student LoansOne rhetorical hook of a questions is the old often stipulated with that invisible ‘sigh” inferring whatever we want it to be. Usually is “Is all this loan verses education advancement and effort worth it?” The following post is one based on personal experience.

This post is about seeing every step as a turning point where every moment is turned into an alternative highway for personal growth. One stepping stone at a time to transform challenges into sand where since molehills stood. To jar the mind into knowing that success often depends on how you honor what is owed and how then people actually look at things.

Paying back Government sponsored Student loans

Stop for a moment, relook and reassess the attitude towards paying back government sponsored student loans.  The honorable thing is to accept  that loan needs to be paid. Then to work the butt off until the loan is paid.

Wait on a minute.

 Ask: does the Government think like me, an employee, or is the Government thinking like a business?  Governments think like businesses.  Governments have to.  Primarily because there is only a certain amount of cash flow to go around.  Admit it…business support each other.

Business primary aim is its stockholders. Keep the stockholders happy.  Efficiently so too is the Governments. Here’s the crunch… a Government’s stockholders are the businesses

Now take another look at that student loan. The one that has people stuck in a job that consumes their time and deleats the quality of life.

By the time the people who are repaying the paying back to the Government sponsored student loans by going to work, this tends to swallow up more of the wages than was anticipated and for longer than you thought possible.

Keeping any monthly payments at a reasonable level is only one of the factors to consider  with any countries Government sponsored student loan.

Four ways of paying back of Government sponsored Student loans

There are four ways that are convenient and efficient for all involved when you need an out of the student loan situation.

  1. The first discover another way forward which is what we have in this post.
  2. The second is to die [ not a great option ].
  3. And the third escape from the country never to return.
  4. The fourth to reinvent the wheel. Run a side business that slowly becomes a JOB in disguise. But hey pass enough turn over and the loans that are now business related may become a tax deduction [possibly].

The first and fourth ones have been dominant experiences of mine.

Ways of paying back of Government Sponsored Student Loans

The second has occurred when truck impacted into the vehicle I was driving in 1991. At a time when the business was moving forward.  There were zero loans of any type. Without the loans to pay back, though life was definitely one of a certain amount of freedom. The truck impact brought with it a major set of disconnect into exploring a sense of self, all by itself.

Resulting in a continuous  disjointed action replay.  Over and over again. Until something would give and the mind allowed the blockage of things through.  Usually resulting in high alerts for meltdowns, or major overloads. These in turn resulted in sleep attacks.  Later what was found to be a form of ” Brain Function Freeze.”

Honour The Paying Back Of Government Sponsored Student Loans

By doing the honor of  Paying Back Of Government Sponsored Student loans there probably are tax advantages. Through the creation of a business, especially one that helps throughout the community, there are great advantages.

tapforresources Paying Back Government Sponsored Student Loans
Click on the Mobile Phone Above for the 7 day Video series

Why not pay it forward one more time to the benefit of the people in your community.  Consider this:

If you want your fellow relatives, friends and community members to gain benefits of you taking on that loan you are indebted to paying the loan back.  Then you have to create jobs for those people who are either finishing, going through or waiting for higher education.

Now what happens to the people if the community that supports them is able to reach out and teach, show and include different aspects of education, training and upskilling in the interim.

Make The Best of Paying Back Of Government Sponsored Student Loans

One thing that makes sense with the paying back of government sponsored student loans is to create the best advantage point you can and go through with actioning the dream all the way to the end.

That’s where the seven day video series comes in real handy.  And in this video series you will see with your own eyes the basic steps, gain a knowledge basis, that all affiliate marketers need to use as a starting point towards building that desired knowledge basis. A stepping stone towards their desired lifestyle. The video series you are about to see is incredible.

After watching the video series some of the people I now have reached the lifestyle they desired quickly.  Using their skills, and talents to the best of their ability.  Others have taken another digital lifestyle approach.

SusanLewisandLogo Paying Back Government Sponsored Student LoansBlaze a trail of inviting other change-makers and visionaries who are passionate about making a change  as they take the bold action and make a major fast forward thinking change on the world. While you discover how you can live a life of joy with a digital business as person on the Autism Spectrum.

Click this to get registered now

Page does open in another window

To have that enjoyable aspect in life as you achieve your lifestyle choice is amazing.

2018 Maffra Mardi-Grass

Wellington Shire Council has a gem right in the heart lands.  The Rotary club hosts the yearly Maffra Mardi-Gras that pulling in towns people, families and visitors, stallholders and interested parties.

Right on time the street parade starts from the western side of Johnson Street towards the eastern end of Maffra Central.  Down the road comes the floats, sometimes with clowns, horses, and definitely with big trucks, loud cars, school children, kindas,  and intergenerational clubs that include the Country Woman’s Associations, Boy Scouts and  Country Fire Association, the Gippsland Vehicle club..

Maffra Mardi-Gras Street Parade 2018

Engaging activities keep on keeping on through out each year.  Book signings, morning teas, Op-Shop fashion parades all run via the organisations entrants committee.

Entrants are supported by the organisation they are representations fundraising committee.  .Thus the integration of life values are past down generation by generation. Each stepping up to the mark.

Any entrepreneur will take time to tell you that a vital factor to any successful business is a great brand that stands out from the crowd.   Having the backing of a committee needing to send their members off to conferences, support other members  in ongoing certifications, means committee and organisation [ your brand ] puts itself out front.

Yet many business’s themselves struggle to compete in the noisy online space, no matter how much they spend, or throw about.  Simply because they haven’t figured out how to push their brand out there.

Entrepreneurs know that the brand which stands that test of time earns consumer loyalty isn’t only about the sleekest looking website – the biggest thing is ti come from a place of genuine integrity that flows through their entire business.

Often its the businesses looking to support the community.  What if in turn the community can support the up and coming talent, pre-train [ or retrain] the returns to work scenarios of young moms, or older parents easing their way back into the workforce?

In the twenty years as a volunteer in another town there was always the necessity of fundraising.  People with talents came and went.  The university education was touted as “better go somewhere else” as well as the mines and forestry closing off, one by one.  So many families , good, hard working families, were split up, only to go their separate ways.  The farmers also were undergoing family and traditional changes.  As the population shifts happened the farms became bare.  The skills went elsewhere.

Nominally the survivors of the bush fires and then the floods did not stay around for long either.

Always on the back of the leaders of youth minds were there had to be a better way.

Take a little extra motivation into each fundraising activity with all the resources that come your way.

Tap into the ongoing previous years resources.  Continually get your fundraising marketing aligned.

Thats where what I do comes in handy.  Combining the community development with online education, training and upskilling with the ability to engage in generations of family enterprises, talents and know hows.

Where community still develops that connected togetherness.

The beauty of this method of fundraising is all is accountable. Everything is above board.  The skills the community absorb benefit near everyone online, and their families.  And  best yet the marketers may well take this on and include it into their lifestyle as well.

Finally a way for the towns folk to be one up on the marketers, brining the finances back into the town.

Susan Lewis shows people how to develop their community strengths by turning  the communities weakness and threats into a moving forward motion of calls to action!

You’ll definitely want to tune in so simply register here.

And if your a fan of hers make sure to spread the love and leave her a review in the comments section.

Noted that I do not have all the answers, or that I know all the online in’s and out’s as I am not a technical professional.  But I a, willing to put forward the years of  community and business experiences with a lifetime of family interactions re fundraisings.

One last thought : as this online community is huge , international and running 365/ 24 / 7 I really would love to be there when there is the joyful realisation that each if us in this community have your back.