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is our community meetup

This weeks unmissable highlight is Our Community MeetUp

For those of you who weren’t able to attend what is our community meetup this week, there is a facebook page now for members so you can get up to speed and be there next month  Each month our community Melbourne MeetUp  will provide a variety of engaging members to help boost your self confidence.  Arm you with a friendship circle of influence and help to balance out the online are you for reals.

Belief blockers a in ourselves are everywhere. Not always easy to see by others, and especially ourselves.  Working for yourself may at times be very isolating.  Its hard to have your computer get up and just give you a hug without fear of dropping the thing. And should that happen it may be a case of the computer never talking to you again.  Or depending on which foot it lands on you never wanting to talk to it.

The feeling of total isolation has a tendency to rob people of their confidence and self esteem.  Somewhere down the track perismiasm and anger seek into the comfortable mind set of procrastination.  What looked great just got put aside.

Social anxiety in some situations is now brought into the party. Through loss experiences there is a loop developing of less social and more isolation which leads to …. the list goes on. What I found was so many people taking prescribed drugs, or self medications.

The community here is a private community.  All over the world different people were invited to different retreats.  These Black members kept going back for the next retreat. Momentum days, Gold level training and Platinum Level training saw people connecting.  Personally just having a lot of fun and friendship.

Where is our community MeetUp

The community is where people replug  because its where the energy is Our community MeetUps tap into that energy and fun and friendship.   Add to your  list what is to be our community MeetUps.  One lady living in the middle of a very dry part of Australia pointed out that there was no one near her. Started to organise a meet up. Moved house and direction in her own life.  However that MeetUp idea caught on.

A time in our lives that we get to down tools [ leave the wifi devise n though] and head to the Meet Up we connect with.

Where this morning I heard Stuart say “A person who sees a problem is a human being, a person who sees a solution is a visionary, and the person who goes out and does something about it is an entrepreneur.”  The idea that people who connect connect well.  Have balance within their busy lives.

SusanLewisandLogo is our community meetup
The balance further adds to reconnecting with the source.  In this case reconnecting back through the safety net of the community.

You are invited to our community meetup

Everything comes in cycles. Have the insight about doing self work… create your own vision. Do the work, create to the life you want to live.. and be a part , a physical presence at the next Meetup.  Hang on when is our community MeetUp next.

Drop an email to Susan Lewis Marketing, Ask about where is our community MeetUp nearest you.