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why listen to a teacher who has no

Why listen to a teacher who has no fear?

Take a few moments to catch up on Susan’s “why listen to a teacher who has no fear” !  Read on to fill in the gaps to the question. Visualise the difference between a then, and now, scenario. Finish with the choice to explore the future that’s behind the scenes.

Susan_Lewis_001a-200x200 why listen to a teacher who has noHave a fabulous time to all as you discover how you to can live a life full of joyful freedom with Autism. To simply be Autistic and loving it.

Why listen to a teacher who has no “Oh Poor Me”

Overcoming the “oh Poor Me” factors brought  the point home of why listen to a teacher who has no ability to choose which personal challenges you are to tackle first  The ‘Oh Poor Me’s” are what keeps people in their circle of pity parties. That, and the common circle of influence people get comfortable with.

Took a while to realise that my mental mess was a personal choice. Little by little new experiences of small achievements overcame the self doubt. To see the change for yourself is called empowering belief.  To be the change is empowerment.

whateverthemindcanconceiveandbelieveitcanachieve-Napoleon-Hill why listen to a teacher who has noWhen people follow their passion, the challenge becomes easier to overcome. At the point when I asked for the overwhelm and meltdowns to stop I found a path to find me. Understanding and Knowledge were asked for. Now there is ‘ total Belief’ that this system works. Along the way there were many things to Explore. Freedom from fear was found.

Absorbing the depth and breath of Knowledge brought together so many intangable things …… “Do you know how marvelous this world, and its people, truly are?” is my constant quest to find out.

How well through full use of the internet is one The physical approach to strangers is another way. So I engage in conversations with complete strangers in different ways now.

Interconnecting these , and so much more, into the actions needed to move forward seems to be one flying leap [bigger than large jump] at a time currently.

The need was to seek and ultimately locate people who had experience at being successful.

Back to the voice of: why listen to a teacher who has no understanding

Frankly, when someone has “made it” in the field that has been chosen to explore, still had me wondering ” why listen to a teacher who has no understanding of what I was going through!”  Self-pity was a mindset to overcome. To see, experience the belief that these ‘extra’ bits of life were actually useful stepping stones amazed me. That of course lead to a mental mind set change.

Just the effect to keep up surpassed the required action steps. Way beyond that initial belief carried.  Many people veered away in other directions.  The personal pathways are different for everyone.  When we catch up again its amazing to see the growth.

Visualize to absolute “Oh Wow” factor when a private community was entered into. Open all hours 24/7365 days of the year. Moreover, whose ultimate goals are to pair people with members who have the experience and expertise in field of interest. Further,  to cut through the leading curves – this they succeed in. Then to carry on and teach you what traditional education never will.  What a shocker this continued experience was.

Thats it…why listen to a teacher who has no acceptance of non action

SusanLewisandLogo why listen to a teacher who has no

Explore the resources  behind this link. Discover how you too can live a life of Joyful freedom.  Just to be Autistic [or have autistic traits] qualifies you to have access to these resources. Ultimately to be online and love it is a freedom.

Make a time out time  and visualise three things needed to do in your life before the end of this year.  Out of these three things what one has the most buzz to it. Ask yourself what would happen should the visualization have more details.  Add those details in. Now if you had a teacher who had had no acceptance of mediocrity early in life what would this teacher hint at you doing right now?

Before you run off to carry on your search for more information on how to obtain a  series of high-converting information.  There’s one more thing to consider: whether by changing the inner mindset, as I have done, will help you.  After all, by you to have hung around to read to the end of this post there was something here that you have either wondered at or need to experience for yourself.

Take a few moments to catch up on Susan’s “why listen to a teacher who has no fear” !.