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need to be super efficient when you

Transform those obstacles into challenges and explore the growing need to be super efficient.  In this post Susan shows you how curiosity  verses a challenge tool on a new light bulb moment that lead into growth.  Growth with with herself, her online presence and slowly into an alternative online presence.

Susan_Lewis_001a need to be super efficient when youThis meant turning some of those autism spectrum defining moments into “get out there and do this” situations.  The twist that helped Susan achieve this is mentioned as well in this post.

Recognise the need to be super efficient when you look back

Was there a need to be super efficient  when for years I took photographs effectively creating a barrier between myself and the world?   Then just stored them on the computer!

In 2014 I went to the Inaugural Momentum day in Sydney.  Which meant people.  Crowded in a hotel large room. Smells, vibrations, energy, light and constant thinking patterns. A overwhelm in the making was on the horizon was the old belief. Must admit there were times this was so close to being true again.  However, there were people in that Momentum day experience who quietly and efficiently looked after me. People I had only met online to that point.

Their need to be super efficient made my experience so well worth while there is anticipation for each years Momentum day as a stepping stone since..

empahtyistobeabletowalkingsomeelesesboots need to be super efficient when you
Before you jump the gun think about the other person. Where they have come from, the situation they are within. Would you then do the same?

In Sydney the pub smell was over powering. However on the last evening of the four days extra training a few people had realised the mental battle.  So they invited me in.  Again looked after and shielded me.  Although I was not able to be there long their help has been so wonderful I have not forgotten the feeling of being included… even when I only drink iced water or soda water.

Each year has been a greater freedom and inclusion experience.  Now there are new things to constantly look forward to.  Such as meetups togo to. And today’s one is in Melbourne. In a pub.

In Sydney not going to the pubs in the evening I went walking or catching the Manly ferry. Photos all sorts. That meant I was is disassociated to the crowds going by.  Kind lost within a crowd.  Hence the picture from Sydney of the Christmas Lego display above or the Sydney Opera House.

need to be super efficient when you present online

So often people gloss over the need to be super efficient with what you present.  You personality comes though what is presented online.  Having given an example of how isolated I was from people as I struggled with post traumatic shock and eventually came through the other end Imagine what my writing was like!  Yes I could have stuck with just visuals. BUT the need was there to communicate in other formats and I needed something designed to powerfully overcome a financial situation.

Joining these all together and what an outcome.  I learned to create different forms of pictures. Then made a Gif.   Shot videos with my now fourteen-year-old camera. One I was used too. All the time while learning the in and outs of online upskilling.  Creating a decent website is a challenge being tackled a little more each month.  When you’ve made one make another.

SusanLewisandLogo need to be super efficient when youThe writing has overflowed into the emails and syndication processes.  And right now the next thing to cincour is reaching out, friending and  through personal emails welcoming people like yourself onboard.

A the moment though to make this process learning easier


is the email to contact me on.  And with the need to be super efficient when you are expecting a business reply…. I will reply.



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