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Life experience involves change

Knowing  YOUR driving force comes through comes through life experience, involves change, challenges and celebration times.  We all need a little reminding of this to keep blazing forward when things get tough.

In this post Susan Lewis explains how sorting out the bucket list is a testament to the fact that with organising your ideas into a list is the beginning of  upskilling, hard work, persistence and practice. The bucket list serves as a springboard reminder notice if great achievements and challenges to cone. Definitely we can accomplish anything we put our minds to.

Are you ready for motivational booster bucket list ideas to get aligned some intensive joy and fun with the final outcomes.  Look around what you work woth as to where you want to be. Recognise that …..

Life experience involves change.

Accepting the fact that life experience involves change as a necessary part of growth. The motivation  helps move stagnant thought process.

Change factors also influence what, and where people market. The routes that the marketing may take. What works in one situation may work in another given situation although slightly altered. Basing future dreams upon only those experiences is a limitation.

Lifes-a-rollar-coaster-ride Life experience involves change
When Life is a Roller coast why wonder there the off stop is? Hold on tight and enjoy the experience.

Knowing what you have already done in your life, what you wanted to do with as well as what you would like to do still with the time left why avoid the additions of creativity and flair. As well as your own wishes desires and ambitions when you create your personal bucket list.

With a bucket list Life experience involves change 

See what happens when life experience involves change and a 101 bucket list.

How then can you market yourself to achieve what it is you actually want to do. That one thing you ‘personally’ have dreamed about.

Yes, Life teaches people many things. Remember life teaches us change – Go Google your dreams.

Keep on with creating all those dreams experiences and changes you want to have recognized as life experience involves change from personal challenges explored.

sun catching the gum tree leaves

To have the sun catching the gum tree leaves as you take time out during the sun set for a walk with the dogs is something a woman in business needs to have.

Yet when a person first starts with the online business start up bundle the time, and energy, it takes to learn all that needs to be learned… or does the ‘all’ of it need to be learned. And the answer there is “no”.

The sun catching the gum tree leaves needs catching.

Take  a walk as the sun catching the gum tree leaves waits to be videoed.

Remember that although this is an online education there is little reason to think like a person used to attending traditional class rooms and sitting exams.

The only exam through online entrepreneurial schooling is really the same as a traditional one.  Get out there, muck it up, learn from mistakes, seek a coach, a community and if there is the opportunity a mentor. Listen to them, Follow instructions and move forward. Constantly move forward.

tapforresources sun catching the gum tree leaves
Online pockets of learning through here

Eventually the outside draws you back out there where the sun is catching the gum tree leaves and reminds you there is a life to live.  Go live the life you choose to work towards as well as digitally up-train and reskill.  This is one purpose of online education be somewhere where your tool of trade helps you out.  That smart phone is only smart with you opperting the on and off button.

Choose where you are going to spend the travel time because your online stuff is functioning well and the finances are there already.rolling in.

Spend time in the sun catching the gum tree leaves or dancing in the beach under a full moon with your digital appliance as you syndicate the contents of the video you have just created.

Seek Your SuperPower

Search And Seek Your SuperPower

Jim Kwik had a brain injury when young that made learning difficulties  a block to moving forward.

Years later another brain injury. The result was a twist of overcoming what the brain conceived before in the first brain injury.  Now Jim  sort, found and created an easy to learn technique quest for 25 years.

Two brain injuries later he now asks….. the question “How are you Smart?” Challenging people to both seek your superpower as well as ‘show your superpowers’ as you discover your pathway through.

Take up the challenge to seek your superpowers .

Start today ti seek your superpowers.  Not tomorrow, next week or another challenge away.  Start today to place these superpowers to great use.  To benefit first yourself , your family and of curse the community a and circle of influence you are in.

This community though is the community where after a brain injury and definitely needing to relearn to learn my own self was sourced out! Come on through and see for yourself our community for thirty days as you seek your superpowers.

discover proven online marketing

The day was fast approaching  that people will discover proven online marketing education,. Where training would be easily obtainable, affordable and prove worthy of the time spent learning all that needed to be learned.

discover proven online marketing

Open up to discover proven online marketing skills. Instead of standing n the sidelines wonder how people in the Online Affiliate Marketing industry at large seem to just keep generating major success’s with such relaxed grace reach out and ask them.  Be welcomed in to a community where these people are. See for yourself that these leaders keep an inner fire going and they never let it go away.

When something new they make the decision based on gut feeling based on their ” fit with my “x” and “Y”. In this post Susan Lewis looks at online education within a private community. Having been one of the “lost” online people herself this community has really been investigated, analyses and taken to pieces.

Thankfully not everyone has experienced the challenges of not quite getting it! But to those who have this experience they know that learning and relearning something over and over again until overwhelm finally leaves and maybe now something will connect and all the pieces fit together so she can then move forward.  In short this is a safe community to learn through, work towards monitoring the skills shown, learned and taught.  Yes it does take time, energy, gumption and an ability to action what you have learned.  Those who experience the most ‘ease’ are people who know how to a) listen, b) follow instructions and c) are teachable.

discover proven online marketing

When people discover proven online marketing this definitely an asset worth achieving with the tools you already have?.

cowwarrcountrykitchenowners discover proven online marketing
A couple who relocated and formed the Cowwarr Country Kitchen produce. Worth their weight in Gold Dust too.

Years ago there were not a lot of technical things online for everyone to comprehend. Different life skills on markets brought practice in drawing the crowds into the spoken topic when selling the balloons. The finding out and gentle probing was from the nursing background. And the sheer cheek and ‘whatever’ came from the taxis I had been driving. The commanding of the attention was from the years of Girl Guide leadership. These skills were talents [ x factors].

Finally the knowledge of being complete and  good enough has sunk in.  Right on the verge of a digital revelation.  E-commerce has fast taken hold.

discover proven online marketing and Jump a few years forward.

Before mobile phones came out there was that urgent need to communicate   Now ‘every man and their dog’ has a mobile phone. Most people have some form of internet connection as well as a camera within that mobile phone. Find out how to use these things and then put them to use.

Where learning at a traditional school left something to be desired the digital age is now the Artificial Intelligence age..  And people want this education.  Their time or the finance.  .  The technology was changing rapidly.  People’s attitudes and what actually people needed to obtain were leading the way.  In one way by putting ourselves forward had  forced the consciousness of the broadbands to take actions.  The power is now firmly in the people’s hands because they have discovered proven online marketing and have the results to prove it.

In this day and age, changing your perception is your future.  To be Autistic and love it with defiente joyful results that open the doors to a digital online business that people on the Autistic Spectrum do us is worth sharing. Welcome to…. the refreshingly streamlined online Business System that puts all the cutting -edge tools and practical know-how for successful Internet income generation at your fingertips. We have your covered from the beginner to advanced entrepreneur. Leading digital coaching specialists dedicated to your success.



Emails are scrumptious

Emails are scrumptious simply as they reflect a part of yourself.  But how does the word scrumptious fit into the email mix?

The definition of scrumptious simply means : very pleasing, especially to the senses.  Susan Lewis Marketing shows people who are on the Autism Spectrum  and probably lost online when it comes to expressing emotions, even every day events, through the heart.

Susan views online life through living it while also being  on the Autism Spectrum.  What was yet to be discovered in the emails received. ? The color and vitality of life seemed to have gone every time an email was either read or created,.  Emailing is such a big part of affiliate marketing  it was actually painful being the same as everyone else.

As the site was developed, [ and crashed], and the Platinum course worked through, Susan began to find herself.  She found the love of colours was very active within the senses.  These blues were  electrifying beautiful.  Yet on the restful side..

tapforresources Emails are scrumptious
Add email and name for resources that help push through the marketing clutter.

.The stark whites of backgrounds annoyed the eyes and would make the eyes sore.  Add to this the emails were a challenge.  So the challenge was placed at the bottom of the que to complete.  Yes Procrastination it its best.

The one day a color chart was spotted. Along with the words “background color.”  A week later there was a choice of three background colors.  The connection to passive advertising was finally made. And the rest is history as they say.

Now opening up the emails area to spend concentrated time writing something for you to receive, take the time to open and read and follow through on has become a pleasure to create.  Overtime the realisation that emails are amazing. So yes!  Emails are scrumptious.



designed to powerfully overcome

Did you know you’re designed to powerfully overcome those brain freeze and loop moments? Those moments when there is a toss up between the heart and mind. The heart needs to yell the answer loudly. But is deafened and side-swiped because the brain just froze and set off the loop circuit. In this post Susan Lewis visually touches on moments  such as these as she leads you through examples through to a solution that is working for her.

Strategically designed to powerfully overcome Brainfreeze Moments

Create the space of acceptance that allows your “self’ to have a life designed to powerfully overcome those spotlight freezes.  The ones where all the eyes reflect is a shutter clicking over. Someone states “hey I’m coming over to”…. zoom your brains there checking out the protective casing. Cracks , dents, fistulas, splinters..nothing to report back. Check again.  All the time your ‘self’ is jumping up and down want to attract the attention.  Your cool.   There is nothing to freeze about.  Get a move on and answer the statement. And time ticks away.

Finally your brain releases itself. You start to breath in deeply and realise that moment has been lost.  And there’s the all to familiar ‘fools failure flag’ waving again!

A moment designed to powerfully overcome your fear factors

Recognize your are designed to powerfully overcome the sparrow farts.  You know the ostrich that followed you around as it dragged you back fumbling on its weak rubber legs.As your growth has occurred from the challenges you’ve taken on that BIG bird shrunk with every confidence belief you found. Eventually only leaving a small defeathered embarrassed sparrow.  Whenthe sparrow fell of its purch it left behind an odour de grace!  [AKA a sparrow fart]

Be aware that now there is no way to justify that split second timing as the old reinforced belief of one day you might just be lucky enough has no legs to stand on.  No toe nails to grip hold of anything.

designed to powerfully overcome

Remember the fact that you are designed to powerfully overcome  the fear that someone you may know [ love even] who knows already those unlocked gifts, talents, insight and understandings you hid from yourself.  The only one who was blind to all these beautiful gifts was the driver  within the brain who refused to address the challenge of “Self” in the first place.

The one who states… ” Thank  !!! I don’t have Autism!”

Well from personal experience after you have finished module three send a note to Irene and request to join the video challenge.  The community embraced the video challenge idea.  They know its not designed to be a piece of cake.  The community challenges are designed to powerfully overcome………. no to know the bird off its perch, then  clear out any smells left behind, while you get on with getting on!

Develop a brand that the world

Develop a brand that the world

Develop a brand that the world wants to know about as that brand is what your heart resonates with.  In this post is a video with instructions to follow your heart; not your brain.  Which is really interesting to do as people in general learn from an early age to engage the brain…. the logic side, rather than to enjoy the love side.  The heart felt side of their personality.

To develop your brand it’s more than a picture, such as a logo, and pretty colors.  A person’s personality comes through.    Look at the development of your website and all the things that the syndication of your message flows through onto.  Your brand is a balance of your You and the X, Y and Z factors.

Go ahead and develop a brand that the world resonates with

Susan_Lewis_001a Develop a brand that the worldPeople resonate with the truth. So to develop a brand that the world sees means there needs to be a truth within that comes out.  The heart tells visitors when the truth is not forthcoming. This truth factoring is doubly important as you develop a brand that the world wants to hear about.  That brand is a part of you.  Your “self”.  The freedom to bring your “me” forward pulls at you constantly.

For me I was disconnected from reality after choosing to not want reality to come through. Okay, a truck came through the van I was driving and I came back to earth.  The policeman finally came to the window and stated ” You’re dead!” Which I had been.  Before that moment I was so unsure of who I was, who the person in the vehicle was that shook me [ oldest son who was three] . Who anyone was.  However I had strong memories of the impact and absolutely nothing else. Soon found that to have a a life there are only two rules.

From that moment my brain ‘played’ dead.Twenty-three years later this community that I had just joined ran a course to discover your “X, Y And Z”.  Okay I took longer than the normal person.

Now as that reconnection has helped uncover so much about who the person I am was/am.

The steps now are happening. I have been burning my mental boats and a new bucket list is developing. Things that were just not connecting during my missing years have been zooming through connecting. Mental depth sounders have found invisible pieces together within the head.  Now they are working to pull together the heart.  Its a course that I, Susan Lewis truly recommend.

What Do I Owe you For This?


Develop a brand that the world

It is really so important that when you develop a brand that the world wants to know about make sure that the brands message conveys a unique value position to customers. Something that the people who are attracted to the brand feel, know and understand. Noted there is no quick fix until the path becomes clear.

Over the years how I know myself has changed,  Certain things have not changed but they have a different value number now.

For instant there is still the belief in the “promise and the rainbow” and everybody is a star.  Yet there is an amazing realisation that I am not always right. Nor is the bid to control everything because my world then was outside the box and in a void. Do I have to have the Obsessive- compulsive traits flare up-yes they are still there. That’s the headstrong part of my brain change shifting into balance.  In a book by Albert J. Bernstein Ph.D called “Emotional Vampires ” there on the last page are three comments.  The emotional vampires are the trait’s of Autism

a) You, not the vampires, are in control.

b) Strength comes from connection.

c)  Safety means facing your fears.

Safety develop a brand that the world knows.

Be at peace as you go forward and develop a brand that the world really needs to know you by.  Should the pathway through to the branding of you appear frightening to you as you will definitely connect to your heart then take that pathway.Be happy, finally be a peace, and come out to play.  On hand to support you every step of the way is this community. It’s big enough to support you to in finding your U as you develop a brand that the world needs.

Savvy End Results

What is YOUR driving force to transform your marketing into Savvy End Results? We all need a little reminding of this driving force to keep blazing forward when things get tough. When you pin-point your purpose you have your path towards those savvy end results.

Be Savvy To The End Results

by doorways opening in our mindsets the options are to move forward. All any of us needs to do is simply step forward  reach out, take action and create the savvy end results needed.

Open up make those dreams become a visualization

Syndication sure had a lot to do with the end results.

With the right bucket list know-how

With the right bucket list know-how there’s never a better time to sort out how to become an online business owner who just happens to be on the Autism Spectrum! In this post, Susan Lewis, who just happens to be on the Autism Spectrum herself, utilizes the creation of videos after learning how to place words on her pictures.  Actually next came the cutting of the background from the photos.

 With the right bucket list know-how

To know that anything new can easily seen daunting the community ran challenges. Joining into the video challenge several times over the years so many new standards and systems were tried out.  Different challenges, one after the other, over the next few months, then years needed more and more graphix created. At least the tools, support and backup services are brilliant.

Work with the right bucket list know-how

In order to have creative marketing just keep on track with the right bucket list know-how employed. When creating graphixs and videos the ticked off boxes came all in a rush.  Suddenly that new activity grew, ballooned out and sometime was finally finished.  Still if you looked for the flaws there were a few. Alternatively there were so many achievements gained that by keeping notes of progress the growth was measurable . The finally product started to leek absolutely like a terrific creation.  Next time and the time after that things just continued to look better.  Other activities around the photographs being turned into pictures to add media to the blog posts was being developed.

Now there is further training in the ‘What do I do with them”

    Cut, slice, dice, add to and utilize, trim down and see what can happen with this tool or that one.

Keep track of where you are with the right bucket list know-how.

To be resourceful with the right bucket list know-how helps as time management guide as time seems to disappear when under intense focus.

It’s  when I had finished the new micro-educational training, then the Elite level training  the realisation that I’d wanted the knowledge and this sure is throwing it at me!  Kind like a starving book worm in the old fashioned library!!

    Knowing that the job was to catch up on the video and actually create the posts, spread the videos around. and respond to emails while making autoresponder messages all within a day.  Phew that seemed daunting. And again the list on the bucket list was getting shorter.  The achievements list was getting higher..

Seems like hard work. Although being organised meant trimming many things out of the way. Yes more off the bucket list.

Achieve with the right bucket list know-how just get cracking

Working with all these new things I was reminded about the bucket list that was slowly reducing in size as things got worked through.   Ultimately with the right bucket list know-how things really do get done one tick at a time success is countable.  So the achievements have been as simple as creating a photograph with words on it to catching a plane and taking photos of the clouds.. from above.

By achieving one step at a time each new creation caused me to develop a brand that the world wants to know about.

The tools, know how and other resources that made so much joy are here.  Click the link here for more information.

When you’re with the right bucket list know-how things seem to brighten up as another achievement gets marketed off the list.

the ceremony will begin

People love ceremonies and want to know when the ceremony will begin. Association behind the day to day lives bring in bling.  Take ceremonies that have jewelry. Some cultures have scarves for headwear, neck attire or dancing. People with similar interests go and visit other countries that have similar activities.

Untitled the ceremony will begin
Game enough to risk change with your comfort zone? 

Take belly-dancing for instance.  Before any ceremony will begin the people need to be the part.   All the scarves, bells and coins that jangle as the belly gyrates. People want to learn plus absorb the culture.  Tickets are purchased for the flight and off they go.  They absorb the culture, bring home a new view, and apply these thoughts and feeling through what happens at home.

Take St Lucia for instance as a place to change your outlook and change your life.  An island paradise where anything is possible.

People from the world over arrive  there. Some with their business partner or partners.  This is what is possible when you have worked hard for the financial side of things and live in with the knowledge of what it is you are to achieve. Business within a tropical paradise setting. What a way to release creative juices and encourage brainstorming through to a new unthought of solution within the island that is full of interesting ceremonies. Life is full of joyful ceremonies.  The ceremony will begin each time, every day and at times all day.

Knowing that people travel the world over visiting far away places as a rest and recuperation, detox from family, friends and others time. What difference did the idea of  living a life of time freedom make to you just then? Find out the start steps.

Actually why wait? The choice to take those first steps where the ceremony will begin  is right through here.