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Incredible Journey Starts

The Incredible Journey Starts with that email!

Answering an email became a time where one incredible Journey Starts. A lifetime of experiences, along with sixteen years online lead to now. Even though in reality I actually knew nothing to have comparison  with the learning, action and momentum gathered here today.

With The Ability And Freedom To Choose


So the Incredible Journey Starts a few years ago

Choice Ignites as an incredible journey starts

Within choosing to start this incredible journey came a choice. The ability to choose this pathway, pushed forward pains to deal with. Deep hidden things long pushed down and thought to be under lock and key.

Deal with those to see many things now on the edge of fruition. It has been an interesting road to start along. The original destination was a ‘financial freedom’.  Okay still working theough to this fact.

Asked if I would do this all again? Was it all worth it?  The answer is YES.

That incredible journey starts with the first step…. to choose

The third step was involved a bucket list. Progress through the modules gradually changed as a  bucket list was created.

Fourth was that discovered dream. Included was the ‘simple’ methods of measurement‘  Researching developing communities adaptations while increasing an online presence. In itself this brought forward the need for Susan Lewis Marketing. Experience taught that there were better ways to reach an audience. But what was my audience!

Conformation that incredible journey starts

Know that that group of people had opened and actioned the required steps.  Simple ones such as watch this read this newsletter, video, complete this form. Send back this information. RSVPs even to events being planned, organised and catered for. Action starts with creating personal goals  and constantly looking forward to the future.

Action –> Reaction –> Satisfaction Only!

Your Life, your success, your fulfillment and happiness is your duty, your obligation, your responsibility and your privilege.

Taking this journey is still one of the most incredible decisions of my entire life.  Literally it started by pushing a banner as below. Watching the videos and making that action decision to press on through the modules.  Complete and finish all of the modules.

The  BANNER is  the ticket to an incredible journey Starts with the ability to choose to take a peek at the resources, then move through the modules and well say hello to each other once again on the other side.

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