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now take a free test drive for clarity and support

Test Drive For Clarity And Support – Come On Create That Alternative Digital Lifestyle Now Take A Free Test Drive For Clarity And Support 

To create that alternative Digital Lifestyle vision take a free test drive for clarity and support.  In this post Susan opens the door. Come on through. Check out the Digital Experts Academy and the SFM.

In this post Susan Lewis ties in two things .  The first is a reference to the buyers cycle where in today’s digital world the buyers cycle now has two very recognizable parts.  Part A is the customisers cycle and Part B is the buyers cycle part.

The second thing is the value of small family supported businesses having the opportunity to “hands on” explore, talk to others about experiences and finally to have the time to absorb the core values as the see them in action.

See how that little extra motivation  in a very special, positive, supportive learning environment flows into other things being achieved around the communities members.

Tune into the virtual house to test drive for clarity and support

Being a very visual person Susan Lewis uses the analogy of exploring an old house and describes each step of the way using references to an old fashioned house.

The reason for this is that there is a recognisable visual connection into the ‘memories’ of a selected  few people on the Autism Spectrum.  Those with the Autistic trait of being ‘visual ‘ re understanding and retaining new information.  Also for the people with specific head injuries as Susan experienced that were related to the truck impact in 1991. Susans mind needed something familiar to grasp hold of as new information was able to just stay still long enough  so that old memories could start to surface, find the new memory and attach long enough to connect.

To find a Community that has a test drive for clarity and support

The use of an old house where people can connect into the test drive for clarity and support allows a somewhat sense of familiarity.  In this place there are many nooks and crannies also known as special places for a one-on-one conversation to take place. There are many things to look, see and do where as a person looking for information during the test drive  there is time to engage, optimize and expand the knowledge  so that a valued judgement  choice is created by you, for you and taylored directly to you needs.  Just because you know best what will suit you now.   As expected people are executing the options to keep going or to say not at this time, even if they see the value as their personal research is conducted. These action are a big part of the customers cycle.  Whichever choice is made both are progressive clarity and support steps forward for both yourself, your  family, and to the community behind the the private members doors.

Second progressive step is for people who want to go forward. There are no sunglasses that people wear within this house. If an dust moles were found as you were conducting the research… then ask about them.  The time to explore, evaluate  and even the choice to purchase the initial modules comes at your own leisure.  The reason for this is  you would have short-listed what interests you. Selected what three things you are really interested in to find out more about. To have the information, and help, available within this virtual house helps direct your interests in the right direction.

The actual test drive for clarity and support

Asking about clarifications, information on pricing and yes, even discounts come under the buyers cycle.

Feel free to carry one reading as you begin to open the gate and head to the virtual house. And remember to open up the virtual goodies bag that has three resources to get your online presence moving forward.

Why a test drive for clarity and support in this old house

Entrance to this private community is through the front gate, up through the door everyone gets admitted through.  Now we’re in the entry.

From this point the virtual entrance door is still open. And will always be open to you.

While you are here take a free test drive for clarity and support

By the way….Welcome. While your here  choose an “all level test drive”. For clarity and support in the journey of the lifetime.  The entrance way has a library for public viewing the amazing  video resources.  Come in and take a viewing seat.  Watch the videos.  Now some will wait it out.

Sure there is an uncomfortable feeling as no-one knows what’s in front of you.  You are the one that makes the choice to move forward, or to leave your curiosity unanswered and walk away.  Simple as that. I suggest that since you’re already there test drive for clarity and support anyway.

Behind being an empowered individual with the confidence that comes from having the right know-how is knowing you have made sure things are a great fit for you. Knowing this and connecting with what you see in this virtual old house’s test drive …. that’s one of the secret[s] that separates success from disappointment!


Remember the test drive for clarity and support!

The behind the reception desk scenes are people [ alias sales team] who will ultimately know what suits you.  Yes there is an ‘art to deciphering cognitive processing and the sales people are there to help make sure you are a right fit for the community.  Think of a onsite  tailor suiting the person to the clothes or the clothes to the person is the question.  Like all clients you are the person with the personal say for yourself. The fellows manning the reception desk represent the entry access through to the rest of the establishment.

Many may have listened to others tell them that  “the time is not yet right”.  For you though ; once the ‘are you a robot’ minimal sum is paid the  next step happens.

Another doorway to move forward is opened. In this area are modules. Complete the modules, questions and everything that is in front of you.  Oh by the way during the 30 day test drive for clarity and support go through everything you can.  During these modules there are tools to help you through the choosing what is right for you and your future circumstances.

tapforresources now take a free test drive for clarity and support
Click here to begin to experience joyfulness with the community and business outcomes.

Connecting into a refreshingly friendly community helped me remove the isolated and alone feeling has both given and received support. Amazingly being able to help give someone else a leg up is confidence in your own abilities grows helps you grow one step further.

Test drive for clarity and support and enjoy yourself

When you take that free thirty day trail the possibilities for you are made realistically within reach.

Honestly, in a busy day, I often wondered just how much more I could fit in. Weaving the 1 -2 minute lessons into the coffee breaking further helped finding out how to tap into the booming digital economy. Gaining momentum with the special bonus Digital Skills Platform is further propellent to ‘gaining a broadcasting presence’.




Today head towards tomorrow

Start Today Head Towards Tomorrow

Empower Yourself Today Head Towards That Tomorrow like with a total belief surpassing those wildest assertions. Watch the influences on other people’s attitudes as you move onward.

Susan_Lewis_001a-200x200 Today head towards tomorrow
Brought to you by “Susan Lewis”

When education revolution gives individuals contemporary skills the need to make a success brings that personal visions into the world.

To have seen a video where the graceful acceptance in the dealing with possible inter-generational cultural differences and belief systems brought a new awareness of something far greater than the feminist movement.. The video was made with regard to the position of younger females developing their own visions while in the workforce. This vision was to be a professional business person. While being an involved mum, and wife, at home.  The video portrays a quite empowerment of all people.  One where limitations are a thing of the past.

Today head towards tomorrow

Visualize working together today as all of you head towards tomorrow. Changes are meant to happen in order for society to move forward. With this inter-generational film of two women work together, clash and realign as the changes of old and new work and life beliefs are recognised. .  One older more traditional in dress and class systems.  A determined business owner trapped in the cycle of what people think they think and want.

alife-of-your-own-making-400x300 Today head towards tomorrow
With a life of your own making … it empowers women, men, families, and communities to move forward.

The younger woman who in stepping out and away from the ‘proverbial acceptable behaviour line knows that with the right mindset aims and family support to develop her own future is a must. The younger obviously pregnant, business minded woman is ready to greet the world.  Run her business and  have time for her family.

Be positive today, Head towards tomorrow with A smile.

Each acknowledged a life of their own making and together moves on.The way the video runs see the upwardly mobile woman did not get bitter, frazzled or stressed. By knowing she is doing right for her child, her clients and herself these encompass many of the wider family values of today’s working from home world.  It empowers women today to head towards tomorrow. To step into their future with  a positive past and connections.

Room is left to engage gracefully between intergenerational work, social and cultural forces.

Revolutionize today. Head towards Tomorrow Minus Old Restrains
SusanLewisandLogo Today head towards tomorrow
Start Today Head Towards Tomorrow. See more about Susan Press This Picture

Tune into the motivational booster video resources. Get your marketing aligned. Help revolutionize education by giving individuals the contemporary skills they need to make a success of bringing their personal vision to the world.  Unlike traditional education, the community offers more than training curriculums. We give you a variety of mentorship connection with people who have extensive real-world experience in the areas you aspire to – from Q&A webinars, 24/7 Community channels and book recommendations to live events [ momentum days the world over], Masterminds and Coaching 1-2-1’s. And access to over six thousand courses to complete at your own pace.  The list just gets better.

Take a little extra motivation into this day with resources to come your way:

>>> register here <<<

Start Today. Head towards tomorrow with the simple Digital Business System.

Of course being on certain parts of the Autism Spectrum that were polar ends away from each other the need to definitely explore each and every bit…. all the way through lead to overwhelming meltdowns.  But there was something different.  There was a thread of recognition that turned into positive belief.  Heck having tried to take apart everything . Include create a mess with this site as listening to instructions meant trust factors…. which meant analyse which lead to procrastination…. and several years down the track .

The lesson learned was go with the gut instinct today. Head towards tomorrow each and every step of the way. 

we’ve got you covered with a tailored program choice

To be a part of this inspirational journey visualize how each step of the way we’ve got you covered with a tailored program choice education program.  In this post Susan opened the doors just a little, but enough for your to realise that each level is totally different, yet interlinked. As each level is a tailored program it itself it covers everything from in-depth marketing training to mindset shifting webinars to keep your head in the game.

All you need to do is chose which level, or combinations of levels best suit you so you too are here ready for action and to join the journey.  Please note that this is just a peek within and standing out here in the figurative hallway means that the depth, breadth, and scope of each level should to be experienced to be believed.  Hence the equivalent of a thirty day test drive on offer.

Visualize a house with several upper floors each with their own level of  tailored program. Ih and that once one of these levels has been purchased the key toi the door is within your hands … a lifetime key.

The Silver Level is a specially tailored program

First floor Silver level doors to move forward into this tailored program open up. Within we find the  Silver program is a proven path to full time self-employment.

Also at this level is the Import/ Expert program. Yes the Import/ Export is another tailored program.  Known as the place to be to gain the tools and skill sets necessary to build a strong foundation. One where once started on the realisation that they definitely are bringing you the knowledge, process and the tools is proven The end result is for you to  leverage your newfound skill sets to begin trading and build a successful business.

The trainings through the back office. The Silver training that leads a person into the Import/ Export business they will know how to have and gain further networking support.

Up we go to see the Gold Level Tailored program.

Open the Gold Level doors to move forward into the Second floor’s tailored program
Check out the Gold level as the vision is to give your online business serious muscle through 1-2-1 coaching. There’s the cutting edge training program that makes it easy to gain advanced marketing skills.

The Gold level where organising your presence is all there in the training, mentoring and coaching.

Enter right in and get active as there are training coaches  to help with marketing aspects, developmental and personal development that are tailored to assist when you are needed their skills and expertise.  These coaches are more than just text book academics.  Having been in the trenches they know their way about and happily share this information with other Gold level members.

Remember that  life time purchase.  That is once Gold the option is there to always have Gold under your belt.  As well as further exploring all the other levels as you move from

At Platinum level this tailored program has equal parts of the floor.

To experience the expertise with a fully tailored Platinum Level education program first the Platinum level door is entered and completed.  Then the Brand Incubator door may be opened.

The two congruent doors to move you forward at the  Platinum level:
Platinum is a brilliant level. Since the initial Platinum event attended this course has grown in impact. So much so the the Platinum level does help you discover a brand  that the world want to know about.  Infact as you progress through  its you that is found. That helps to develop a unique brand definitely that the world wants to know about.

The Platinum level of who I was, what I as a person reflected through my brand took some doing.  Purely because of a truck impact in 1991 through which there was a diagnosis of Deep Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome.  Basically there was  no past memory present.  It took from October 2014 to January 2018 to find the key that released the final major memory to that memory block. Now I get to apply again and redo what was deliberately unfinished. … as in out on hold.  Mean while the information that had been gained was utilized and I created my own branding as a temporary measure. So until then this is my ‘I amn Susan” and what  my brand is looking like.The difference now is I know the answer as to why is a professional brand important!

At this Platinum level the choices start with who are you.  Then a further step is taking that ‘YOU’ and branding your brand.This is the Brand Incubator.

Now the Black Level is fully tailored program to suit where you are at and where you are going to

Through the Black level door the realisation that all these other doors holding the tailored programmes have just begun preparing you for the full impact of the journey.   That the action of  opening the door  is “Only” a stepping stone to more doors of a lifetime of adventure.  One adventure after the other.

Experienced feedback tells us that at the Black Level this is where it is more than “what you see is what you get”. Indeed at Black level the option to monetize almost anything that interests you as a serious entrepreneur fascinates. To know that at this level you’ll be educated in advanced leadership so you can make a major impact on the world so ties in with everything offered before hand. To say the results seen through those on this level os quoted as “it’s amazing” is an understatement.

And there you have it.  The virtual upper floors of the tailored program that prepares you for your life time journey, literally gives the licence to drive.  Like a tailor may fit you out, creating a well suited set of clothes… you have to choose the accessories.  The tailor will show you which accessories go with what as the clothes are created.. A tailored program needs you to follow instructions, totally believe that the action has outcomes based upon you.

Constantly Looking Factor

Constantly Looking Factor

Internally every one of us is constantly looking. Factor in significant business beliefs that makes one wonder what happens with marketing ventures. When analysed the actual ‘aspects of any marketing campaigns’ show the health and wellness of the ‘push it out there and the pull of’ people wanting to hear from what you are putting out there.  A fine balance for sure; but do-able .

With insight the “How do I do  processes the marketing to do list”  with the comparison to marketing  strategies are gloriously overlooked.  Often the goods and services being marketed were time, approach and management. Quantitative aspects easily measured.  Marketing meant gather emails. Send emails.

What was learned was we had the people power.  Just the connection  between the people, their email address and interests were not made use of.

That Constantly ‘Looking’ Factor Held Us Back

Wanting perfection on instantaneous performance meant procrastination.  Looking back much of this was FEAR and Anxiety based   and driven. Constantly fighting off the external FEAR brought little a frustration response.  There were old fashioned guidelines not conducive with the emerging technology of the time.  How things have changed – thankfully.

Add to this mix the anxiety of the unknown responses as people were constantly looking. Factor in the management efficiency meant being ‘trained to take orders’.  Leadership of leaders meant training leaders to lead from behind.  Things were being sorted out.  Children and young adults were educated and encouraged to take on the communication via new  technology.  Quantifiably this aspect worked well. The results though definitely typically slow.  Some were even measurable.

Time moves forward constantly.  That Looking forward factor now turned inward

Time moved forward until there was time to fix myself. The big lessons learned  was there is always time to focus on the direction your life is going. There is time to fix any deficiency that needs to be addressed when you start now. There comes a time when your attention is in the future. Your sanity is in the future- develop it now. That the attention needs to be constantly looking forward.  So to the vision and the actions taken.

Looking back I would have stated “Take control of your life. Your future.” Why be the one to give away your soverentry every day of your life.  To gave, but not receive, it was explained was an insult to people around you.  Powerful words.  So change comes on many fronts. Sometimes all at once.

One is Constantly Looking. Factor the online solution in and aim to win.

If you have  the need of an online solution, why not give this a shot? It’s extremely easy.  By itself it’s one heck of a start up bundle. Better yet! rather than constantly looking  ‘choose and try the test drive ‘ that’s is included in the free 30 day trial ! Have a go for 30 days and see where you take it as you layout your future potential or try to find a significantly  better solution. Helped to share this with family and friends.

Better yet was the friendly competition of beating friends to find different things to do while taking advantage of the 30 day free trial. Only thing is it’s unknown how long this Free 30 Day Trial will be offered for.  So it’s now clear its a case of constantly looking to factor in a new pathway to take.

Solely to inform persuade

Solely to inform persuade and entertain

Public speaking is based on a premise which is solely to inform, persuade and entertain people in all walks of life, ages and cultural backdrops.  One may have all the time, money, affluence and freedoms out, yet why do even practiced entertainers, well educated business peoples, make a total muck up of this task sometimes.

Susan_Lewis_001a-200x200 Solely to inform persuadeSolely to inform persuade

Recognition of prior learning helped to skip over the Degree course need to enter a University with a post-graduate course wanted. In 2006 this meant blazing through University red tape and changing systems as the year past was all about gaining the strength and abilities to ‘head towards a new tomorrow.

Add that there was a desperate need to figure out what all the fuss was. After all it was only a certificate. Okay total misconnection to the levels of the course work requirements here.  And yet to my amazement, and to the others, what were my life experiences in the past, and well as the current time, came through. Result was a diverse set of practical experienced based experiences constantly challenging text book learned theory!

Solely to inform persuade

The final public presentation was solely to inform, persuade, and educate the assessors, lecturers, community members and fellow students.  As such that went smoothly. With a lot of ‘learning new technical things’ illuminated  cardboard and pens were actively used. Large font and hand printed lead to less confusion. Which lead to a clearly defined topic structured presentation.

micromanaging-is Solely to inform persuadeDrawing many years of experience with children the topic presented was in story format. Realising the merged abilities came from practical day to day experiences.  Practice in drawing the crowds into the spoken topic came from selling the balloons on markets. The finding out and gentle probing was from the nursing background. Accompanied by the sheer cheek and ‘whatever’ came from the taxis I had been driving. Added to by having gained practice in  commanding of that one persons, or a group of peoples attention was from the years of Girl Guide leadership. Add her and motherhood.

Now Solely to Inform,  Persuade, Needs A Person’s Approval.
SusanLewisandLogo Solely to inform persuade
This way through to an online business system

When passing was the only option you put all you have into focusing one that one thing. When the one thing is relearning to learn you are more likely to totally appreciate and enjoy the fruits of your labour as well. So it is with learning things like social media syndication systems among the online education, upskilling and training course work.

Especially when what you’re looking for is included in your free 30 day test drive everything you want for your online marketing educational experience. Then when you’ve popped into the private community here.. we will catch up again

The resulting choices may even be in the form of a well-deserved rest and rejuvenation time. However, as long as there is access to great internet and an internet device you will probably be enjoying creating contact time with your many followers. Don’t forget to share this secret with your family and friends even when it is solely to inform, persuade and enjoy reaching out to others.

Relearn To Love

Let us all re-learn to love. 

To view the world through eyes that have sort to forgive we find the power focus to relearn to love. There may still be found a crumb of hurt. What is known as a ‘pain point’ that connects one set of pain point with other people’s pain point.

Maybe that someone ‘loved’ cares for another. Maybe they are lost within themselves.

Love is a simple emotion as when you truly love someone letting them go may still hurt.  However, the knowledge of love, and maybe for a moment of time, being loved back,  is there within you.

Results that show when people relearn to love

There are two ways measured as each of us relearn to love.

For some the ‘love’ they feel towards anything needs to bring qualitative results.  Others know the quantitative results are important as well. Maybe the roles have had to change.  Admittedly some people find it hard to love themselves.  Others mistake love for a whimish attitude.  Demanding within themselves the answers as to why the other person did not put themselves forward and make their love for them jump through circles, climb mountain passes, or dive to the deepest oceans, sail the cruelest waves.

Hurt_People_hurt_too Relearn To Love
Know that you are loveable!

There are some loves that are gentle.  There to guide others through their life’s experiences.  At times this may be viewed upon as ‘survivors love’  as when someone is deeply lost, hurt and in a terrible spot. As appreciation the ‘rescued’ is in love with the ‘rescuer’.  Which of course may get confusing if both are lost, yet both set about helping the other.

Still this is a way of life bridged with understanding, compassion and a lion’s heart.  Why a lion’s heart?  Simply because when one loves the other enough to allow that other to grow further, and they travel another pathway, the hurt is like childbirth.  The pain is replaced with a beautiful new life you helped create.

When its time to relearn to love there is always a choice.

The choice is now yours as you relearn to love.  To stand still for long is not the way of a healthy mind.  There is a life to live.   Go live that life.  Flutter like a lone Monarch butterfly frolicking in the sunshine.  But rejoin the community and get on with life. Go from inner strength to strength as there are other people to help.

Use those precious life experiences to assist others growth.

As a viable pain point our life experiences come through.  Other people hear the pain, associated with the pain, want to see, hear, know and understand how you overcame that pain point.

At this point their choice is made as the solution is seen. Maybe there is a specific business  level that takes your imagination. One that opens the mind to new adventures. where you can live a life full of joy.  And find the freedoms to step out and live life.

In this “let us all relearn to love”  post the invitation is to come, be part of an online community beyond the videos and introduction modules.

A community where someone is always awake. Pushing forward channelling their energy through the focus of upskilling, training and education.  Each person with their own challenges, some of which maybe to ‘relearn to love”

Connect the Avatar

Why Connect the Avatar to Pain Points?

Pain points are expressed about through the eyes of the person experiencing them so why connect the Avatar to these?  “A person who sees a problem is a human being, a person who sees a solution is a visionary, and the person who goes out and does something about it is an entrepreneur.” [Stuart Ross] Everything done that has influence potential uses some trait of marketing.

Marketing is influenced by past and current solutions of  writers and the reader . This post takes the reader through several reasons as to the importance of finding the Avatar is the you that will help a person over the bridge to a solution. Proposed solutions benefiting both people initially involved.

Essentially that Avatar is the ‘you’ you have put-out there. Meaning a person’s secondary, or alternate, personality that may become the readers intimate and trusted friend. Suggested pain point combined with healing points that  move into that call to action. Readers with the pain will ‘see’ the ‘truth’ being put to them behind the suggestion. Willingly go do the actions asked for.

Even so defining avatars is not a static action. Avatars change as a new persona emerges with possible niche targets available.

Examples of Pain Points Connect the Avatar

Use this site as an example of how to connect the Avatar to pain Points. Learning how to write a blog took time. Dyslexia had long created a fear level. A friend said here is something free to use.  I purchased the app.  A payout was then made to the referrer.  Marketing at it’s best.


People have reached the lifestyle they desired helping people online. How did they help? Bring open minded to online training and upskilling packages on line their abilities increased. Using these personal solutions and reaching out and simply sharing the socially valued solutions. Some quickly and others slowly figured how to market these solutions.

To Connect the Avatar there are three questions to remind yourself of:

Do you share examples of your pain points? Before asking people to sign up for are you connecting with the people in the niche? Does this seem to make a difference?

At the time you connect the avatar into your leadership there is a major impact on the world. Start to engage with your peers, gain confidence in your ideas and join forces on collaborations. Ultimately, write through the avatar. Reach out through the what your doing to be a true entrepreneur who can spot opportunities and grow them until they bear lucrative fruit. Yes literally connect the avatar and enjoy the journey of self discovery.

Ask a Coder to Adapt

Ask a Coder to Adapt

To ask a coder to adapt any part of the platform foundation rings alarm bells.  However to ask that same coder the adapt just your portion the task becomes easier.

In the age of people in the know twigging a bit of coding here and there, breaking out of the mould may mean asking someone, like a humble coder, to help create an atmosphere conducive to your working mindset means reaching out to them.  Communicating, and waiting a bit.

We look at how the change of a bit of code helped create a unique experience for both the email receiver, and the sender. The vertical banner placements affected the positioning of pictures.  Clashing with a mass organization challenge.   Visual placement mean harmonisation.  Harmonization means balance. Find the balance and move forward. Therefore  to ask a coder to adapt that piece of code to find it a couple of ‘cells’ brought through wonderful results.

A touch of color in the background added to the calm organised effect.

Ask a Coder to Adapt

Aweber personal kindly custom made a template. Then the coders adapted this as I changed some of the requirements. The aim was to create 100 automated response emails. Not stopping until that all was done. Well I’ve stopped… several times. Creatively experimented. Then got back to concentrating on what was meant to be happening.

Ask a Coder to Adapt
Effectivity when first thought to ask a coder to adapt the email cells the surprise  at how readily  the first two  were created, and wow at the third presented email template being just right was something more than special.

The processes of communication was occurring.  To come through a mental fog with years of miss communications seeing this beautiful place to work [ some call it play] was extremely satisfying. Now the shear pleasure that goes into the creation of the emails is pure bliss.

Typically life has it’s challenging moments. Compile emails in a virtual office and what you have suits you their is more achieved in a less amount of time.  When you come back, it’s there, that at home feeling is write there, where ever you write from.

Ask a Coder to Adapt and enjoy the journey you started

Ready to start on building your future through your autoresponder?

Enter your name and email address ……., and an opt-in email is on the way to you.

Remember to check your email box and opt-in that way. Oh and if your computer bots have misfiled the email… check in the trash bin please.

Incredible Journey Starts

The Incredible Journey Starts with that email!

Answering an email became a time where one incredible Journey Starts. A lifetime of experiences, along with sixteen years online lead to now. Even though in reality I actually knew nothing to have comparison  with the learning, action and momentum gathered here today.

With The Ability And Freedom To Choose


So the Incredible Journey Starts a few years ago

Choice Ignites as an incredible journey starts

Within choosing to start this incredible journey came a choice. The ability to choose this pathway, pushed forward pains to deal with. Deep hidden things long pushed down and thought to be under lock and key.

Deal with those to see many things now on the edge of fruition. It has been an interesting road to start along. The original destination was a ‘financial freedom’.  Okay still working theough to this fact.

Asked if I would do this all again? Was it all worth it?  The answer is YES.

That incredible journey starts with the first step…. to choose

The third step was involved a bucket list. Progress through the modules gradually changed as a  bucket list was created.

Fourth was that discovered dream. Included was the ‘simple’ methods of measurement‘  Researching developing communities adaptations while increasing an online presence. In itself this brought forward the need for Susan Lewis Marketing. Experience taught that there were better ways to reach an audience. But what was my audience!

Conformation that incredible journey starts

Know that that group of people had opened and actioned the required steps.  Simple ones such as watch this read this newsletter, video, complete this form. Send back this information. RSVPs even to events being planned, organised and catered for. Action starts with creating personal goals  and constantly looking forward to the future.

Action –> Reaction –> Satisfaction Only!

Your Life, your success, your fulfillment and happiness is your duty, your obligation, your responsibility and your privilege.

Taking this journey is still one of the most incredible decisions of my entire life.  Literally it started by pushing a banner as below. Watching the videos and making that action decision to press on through the modules.  Complete and finish all of the modules.

The  BANNER is  the ticket to an incredible journey Starts with the ability to choose to take a peek at the resources, then move through the modules and well say hello to each other once again on the other side.

trial-650x310 Incredible Journey Starts
Back to the top:  Incredible Journey Starts

SLMbanner-1-400x67 Incredible Journey Starts