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Today’s Toolbox E-Resource SEO Index

E-resource’s are a big part of SEO indexing

See in the revival of just writing the thoughts, in a blog post, and connecting these blog posts to the ever present emails.

In the age of social media and an abundance of content , why is the humble written word suddenly starting to thrive? We look at how these post are tackling different aspects of optimising more than just the words in blogs. We go further into how you can learn from the information within these posts.

Some of the e-resources in the SEO index

For Clarity And Support

Fully Utilize the link

How to promote your business freely

Make use of economic trends

Mobile Friendly Test

Online Strategies Looking For Gold Nuggets

Sales Campaign Ideas For Improving Search Engine Results

Search Engines Job 

To the rise of your posts

Using Link Juice Momentum

A new focus with these e-resources seo index has begun

Focus on the direction your life is going. If you are stuck the address that part of you as well things that need to be addressed.

    E-resources and SEO  index are two that actually go hand in hand.

Action starts with creating stepping stones that lead to a milestone. Onto achieving your goals and ticking these off each time they have been completed your goals and looking toward the future seem to merge.

There must be nothing stopping you, no more excuses, as with these indexed posts your SEO journey of understanding has already started.

What you want to see from this moment is: Action –> Reaction –> Satisfaction Only!

May your day be beautiful.  With your e-resource-seo-index marketing results following suit.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Today's Toolbox E-Resource SEO Index
Welcome .Today’s Toolbox e-resources is a priceless asset.

Brought to you by: Susan Lewis

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Affiliate Micro-business links

Affiliate Micro-Business Links – Make The Most Of The Affiliate Micro-Business Links

First to make the most out of any business, particularly one involving affiliate micro-business links what it is you are dealing with.

Broadly speaking anything affiliate means it is associated with something else. Affiliates commonly on sell someone else’s products and a monthly payout is received.

On another level a micro-business in Australia consists of nine, or less, people engaged in the business.  Initially a typical family based business community often falls into this business bracket.

Use these points with affiliate micro-business links
Susanlewis10 Affiliate Micro-business links

In this post Susan Lewis connects the loose affiliate description in a back up interwoven, everyday, traditional family business. The ‘mumma and puppa’ store where the speciality is everything under the sun.  Typically in the last century stacked high with shelves filled and small walkway space.  The ones where the big supermarkets moved into town and even though prices are lower the little one somehow remained open. That is until the internet  and rewards points became common with home purchased good and delivery service.

The intention of the post is to level out the affiliate micro-business links playing field. So the second thing to be very aware of know is what exactly is involved.

Typically what is involved for one person as against a small affiliate Micro-business links group is similar yet very different.  For instance a post is to be written. a video to me made, information researched even.  From that point on comes the syndication [ emails, automated sharing, scheduling] creation of various funnels…. the list goes on.

A group of like minded, similar interested people that trust the tools like simple trakk for the end results divisions, and thus the payouts are automated, work well together have formed a micro-business.  Two entrepreneurs joined together two different companies. End result…   time, energy, efficient while moving forward for all involved.  Now they could have just stayed  two people in different continents who worked closely on projects.   Aligning the campaigns would have worked as well.

However these two men had similar dream.    Common visions.  The area that was missing was help.   Having seen the power of the internet at work … yes several attempts were made at creating an affiliate business.  Now this company has radically grown.  How… the training has gone through the roof.  The next phase of entrepreneurial life was: open the doors through invitation only.  That allowed people in who aligned with th belief factors

With the Affiliate Micro-Business Links this is a must

micromanaging-is-200x128 Affiliate Micro-business links
Believe in the outcome of the affiliate micro-business links that are created to used. Know the combined vision, yet always leave room for individual growth.

The affiliate Micro-business links once out there in the internet community builds upon one another.  Once on the net… always on the net.  Especially so as the links have been shared everywhere possible. People have been attracted to them. Wanting the next edition.

Make the most out of any business conference

Whatever avenue you choose the Return On Investment is there. Built around the combined vision the outcomes have been seen to flourish.  Particularly so when meetups and momentum days are occur all around the globe. Like minded people meeting like minded souls. Trust is a major factor.  Especially where money is. Hence the a simple automated click through link.  First click to that landing page, Second person clicking through goes to the next landing page.

One thing all affiliate marketing relies on is the ability to push yourself into the internet.  Develop a pull factor where people are expecting to see what you have and are currently doing now.  Like a famous entertainer or a great leader, nothing is accomplished overnight.  It may seem like it though as the view to the success does not see the hours of sweat, tears and frustrations that go into building the list, the affiliate marketing as a micro-business reputation.

Nor the building of the online social media services and understanding of how this app or tool fits with that program to get the desired effec

tapforresources-200x101 Affiliate Micro-business links
Catch Up With These Resources . Tap The Phone Here.

Enjoy the outcomes as there are many Affiliate Micro-business fronts to work through.

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Communication Processing

Let’s Share The Communication Processing

The actual definition of communication processing is ” A communication disorder is an impairment in the ability to receive, send, process and comprehend concepts or verbal, nonverbal and graphic symbol systems. A communication disorder may be evident in the processing of hearing, language, and / or speach.”  Looking for something totally different this definition by the American Speech- Language- Hearing association appeared.

What happened to communication processing after impact

Taxi drivers in Australia need hearing tests just in case there is a hidden communication processing challenge. Twenty years after the truck impact  the result came back “Significant hearing loss equivalent to an explosion.” The question: Oh would that have been the truck hitting my van?  Answer: “That would do it.”  Finally there was medical proof that something significant had happened. Two sons and myself were in that van.  All of us have the “same explosion” equivalent statement.  Which would make sense as to the challenges each of us faced relearning to learn in my case.  Them just trying to stay afloat at school.Wondering how they will get along as adults in the work place.

whateverthemindcanconceiveandbelieveitcanachieve-Napoleon-Hill Communication Processing
Communication processes are significant

Over the last few years writing and communication processing  has become easier. These are priceless assets such as finding-self, redirecting focus, learning to relearn and braking through the Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome have resulted in a bucket list of Susan Lewis gradual updates as things get ticked off that bucket list.

Communication processing is an art to pass on

Arriving home, or where my head is laid, holds no fear.  Cooking is simple.  If tired eat fruit.  If entertaining go out.  If wanting a home cooked meal… make it.  Except I still cook for a table of six people and easily increase the cooking to over twenty.

Explaining something still takes time.  Everything is added.  Drives busy people bonkers. However, communication via the written word is another thing.  This took years of relearning to learn, active frustrations and just shear analysis, creating lists, and more lists, just to get to this level. Behind this is the

As seen in the writing of thoughts in this blog post.  The interconnection of one blog post parts through to the end.  learning these things from mentors within this community has meant lots of patience, and a ton of understanding, on their behalf.

Here’s to a Communication Process that is working

To know that your almost there through sheard dogginess, refusing to listen to the doubters, believing in the circle of influence from people who are leaders of leaders.  The community and the challenges.

Which reminds me… see the link.  You too are almost there.  At the beginning of a new journey forward.  Come be a part of this  community.

See for yourself where your communication process actually lie.