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Meant To Happen In Order To

What’s Meant To Happen In Order To Move Forward

Life throws us curve balls and different things are meant to happen in order to to each of us. Gidday, my name is Susan Lewis. One day I finally realised what it meant to be helping people build Autistic Online and Loving it communities.

Susan_Lewis_001a-100x100 Meant To Happen In Order ToBeing on the Autism Spectrum is to say the least “Interesting”.  Being over fifty-five and ion the Autism Spectrum is like adding salt to a wound. knowing this the salt to the wound application sure effect’s the cleansing of an open cut.  One where people know the spectrum  as being largely invisible.  Yet in January 2014 the  verdict was “Susan you are female and over fifty”  These two things that I will not change were considered obstacles.

At that point there are two steps..  Break down and cry [ Not an option].  So now it meant find out what else [ other than scrubbing toilets] is out there.

So to was making a video!  Well this was one of the first slice and dice attempts.  New creative horizons were everywhere.

Ask What Is Meant To Happen In Order To Scale

Other challenges such as who was I now.  The children had grown up and moved away.  Oh I have there dogs and cats for company.  The fridge, toilet paper and other grocery shopping actually stayed within the house.  The petrol stayed in the car. And the car stayed in the driveway.  The divorce quietly finalized. Something was needed to fill in the “empty nest syndrome”.

Meant To Happen In Order To Find Yourself

Clear out the junk while you learn to work faster was meant to happen.  In order to find somewhere online it included open your email. That is when the invitation came through the email.

Mind you I then had to look through emails while clearing out rooms, cupboards and a shed full to overbrinning with stuff.  The children got their personal stuff.  The neighbourhood had fun emptying the boxes placed outside on the nature strip. I got to rearrange the house… several times since then. Each time shedding and biffing what now is junk from the past.

tapforresources Meant To Happen In Order To

As life became less cluttered there was less to clean.  Less to clean meant more time to pick up a hobby.  The hobbies too had gone out as people wanted the materials, tools and bits.  Kinda take one take the lot. Removing the rest of the books is the next task

Progress Is Meant To Happen In Order.  It is?

The western world is strange. Those with life experiences are no longer required.  Having learned enough online I wanted to spend more time online.  There was a need to develop a brand that the world wants to know about.
All I had to do was find what that brand was within me.  Then find a place that would work with you to define the principles. Translate them into a visual representation which would become a unique, authentic digital brand presence.  I found that place.  However there were other things to work on.

SusanLewisandLogo Meant To Happen In Order To  Underlying the empty nest syndrome was an added thing.  A brain injury from 1991 when a truck impacted through the vehicle let an invisible imprint.  One where there was a deep memory loss. So the need to write and to communicate came to the forefront. This has been achieved now.

Right here, right now as this post is written I wonder about you.  Have you find yourself in a similar situation? If so write a small note to me simply because I would love to help you through with a few resources that definitely helped me work smarter.  Thankfully I believe now that this process was meant to happen in order for us older ones to have the life that we want to create.