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Dance Just Out Of Reach

Gidday, my name is Susan Lewis and right now the steps between finishing one thing, and starting  another, are like they are in a dance, just out of reach.  A dance in the mists of time, a bit clouded.  Basically momentum was going in crazy circles. Ever thought all the learning that’s gone on in life has literally had the plug pulled and is swirling down the gurgler?  Very familiar with the feeling?  I sure was until a life line came my way.  A one simple sentence lifeline.

At the moment, I’m just having some down time. At the end of this week, I’ll be in Sydney attending the Inaugural 2014 Momentum day with The Six Figure Mentors [ SFM ] and the Digital Experts Academies [DEA] Jay Kubassack and Stuart Ross. Guy from SatoriPrime will be there. Along with Martyn Hickey, who will be running around and setting everything up.

New products were out.  Some of those ‘really’ creative new products.

Although I quickly glimpsed them I am taking the laptop up with me so that I can play around with them. Well, that’s the plan… on the proviso that I have finished with the Boot camp series of things. This is where the needed life line was thrown to me.

Apparently there are even more coming out very soon. Plus these that are already out.  Being a visual leaner having something like the GraphixCreator dance just out of reach while I finish the Bootcamp modules is a powerful draw card. The overwhelming need to make use of the GraphixCreator refocusing the mind to another stepping stone along the journey.. While the GraphixCreator looks absolutely fun there were nightmares as to which result was to be aimed for first.

Really wanting to have a go was propelling me to gain my focus. Get a grip on things. Finish what that one module of the Bootcamp.

That throw away comment was  ” Susan finish the Bootcamp and come out and play. Come and have some fun.”  Guess what! That is being done by the end of this week.

That’s one big focus. Oh well, maybe a lot of little stepping stones then a flying leap of faith!

As the time flew fast.  There was another comment. A throw away comment… ” We need Beta testers for these new products. See if you can break them.”  I did.  Re-modification occurred and so now they are working well.

Powerful refocusing words help the mind grapple with reaching goals as they are like a dance Just out of reach.

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