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Avatar is the You Behind The Writing

For those of us who wrote blogs and are searching for what their avatar is the Avatar is the You.  Each write has a niche. That particular specialized selected group of people they aim to reach.  Yet how to best reach that niche is up to one factors.  In this post Susan touches on how to reach your Avatar.  In defence the avatar is as complex as you want it to be.  Or as simple as is presented.   Think of a clown and tin soldier competing to dance with a ballerina.  Unless there is a harmony the two are out of concordance.

The Avatar is the you: Choice is the You or Your Customer?

Support for an “Avatar is the You‘ connecting to a person in a way that is recognised by that person. Achieving this means you know specifically who that Avatar is. How to tailor what you put out there to reach and attract that ‘You”  onto your list.

That_Avatar_Is_A-Persona-400x200 Avatar is the You Behind The WritingTraditionally avatars manifest Hindu deities. Online an avatar became an icon that represents a particular person. Challenge is one word two meanings. Avatar… the targeted customer or Avatar the persona of the person who has targeted the customer. In this post the Avatar is the person who hunts the person with a pain point. That person who connects a known solution to a possible pain point. Connecting through similar views, life experiences,education, interests and belief systems are reflected in everything done.

KaziraOrphansGraceKyomugisha-120x200 Avatar is the You Behind The Writing

Grace Kyomigisha Kazira Orphanage.Look at Grace.  The Kazira Orphanage needed to teach the children computers.  Except they had only a few run down computers and the generator ran out of petrol friday.  People seeing and resonating with solutions tp put forward is one necessary skill to find, adapt and make use of to its fullest.Last heard the school has computers.  More children know how to wrote.  Office work is being completed. The community is growing as a whole town now has been coming together over the years.

Reconnect to Digital Skills Marketing Management basics

Gradually more people headed along another route towards the digital lifestyle. Which ever way chosen moved them forward with the ability to know the tools used . Realisation of this point was huge. Gaining the basic steps leading towards a knowledge basis for functioning tools builds the trust a person has within themselves. Each step building one upon the other. Tried, true methods. Inbuilt trust factors that worked as what Affiliate marketers need to use as a starting point towards building that desired lifestyle.

SusanLewisandLogo-200x200 Avatar is the You Behind The WritingOne of the keys to moving forward comes under the tag Trust Factors. Often a small thing overlooked. Knowing when that Avatar is the you that is reaching out helps.  Virtually being there as a person solve a pain point is a vital asset.

Finally when you are looking for solutions trust the emails we will send out to you.

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